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  1. WHY???

    I'm tired of it all. Maybe I'm in a bad place, but I'm tired of it all...extremely tired of it all. I miss people...especially fellow believers...being happy and joyful...enjoying the salvation that the Lord has given us. At one time, I thrived on debate and trying to prove others wrong...it took me a long time to realize how miserable I was. I've read things on here lately that makes me raise an eyebrow and go, "HUH?", but I've long since lost the desire to try to counter it. I'm sorry...I don't claim to be right...and if you look at some of my past postings, you'll see that I've said that quite often. I just don't have it in me any longer to try and continue on. I just need some time to love the Lord and be his child...I've lost that at some point in this journey. I no longer post in forums that have to do with anything of dire importance regarding scripture, theology, doctrine, or any other kind of important spiritual significance. I'm tired of the arguing. Of late, I've just been trying to have a little bit of fun in hope of bringing a smile to someone who may be having a bad day or a sad moment. I miss the days when I didn't know all of the crazy "theology" that I know now. Perhaps it's my fault for being where I am now, but I'm just tired of it. I long for the days when I was new to the faith, when I couldn't get enough of Jesus and the bible, and when I (mistakenly) thought that all Christians believed rightly. I'm tired, I'm worn out, and I'm depleted. Make of it what you will...and please pray for me...but I just can't take any more right now. Would to God that the blessed Lord Jesus would take us home right here...right now. I want to go home.
  2. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban Rosie for wanting to bludgeon fruit.
  3. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban Rosie, because our huge flowering pear tree is about to bloom, and though it's beautiful when it blooms, it sure does stink.
  4. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban Rosie for leaving me hanging.
  5. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban Rosie, because is she talking about the temperature, or did she travel back in time to the mid 80s?
  6. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban Omega for trying to take my title...
  7. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban Omega, because it was in the 70s today (in Georgia).
  8. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Some people like mountains, while others like sand. It just doesn't matter, because Omega is banned.
  9. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Some corn in their shuck. Some beans that were canned. All posters above me, Are officially banned.
  10. Whats for Supper...

    I think I'm gonna hurl...
  11. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban Omega for taking a siesta when we're not in Mexico. Ban Rosie for being able to see me being sneaky so soon after having eye surgery.
  12. "Ban The Person Above You" Game

    Ban Omega for being so nice while banning people. Ban Rosie for playing golf on the same day as her eye surgery.
  13. Whats for Supper...

    ...and they like beans.
  14. Whats for Supper...

    LOL! Reminds me of the time I opened a can of beans, poured them in the pot, and what appeared to be a Palmetto bug poured out with them. Yuck!
  15. The Never Ending Story...

    ...and that finally put an end to Covenanter's worms. ...or did it?