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  1. Hi Everybody! I'm still around, always praying for you, just been out of the community for a while (guess you need that sometimes)

    1. Gabrielle A

      Gabrielle A

      Glad that you are back hisstrength!

  2. Urgent Prayers For Me.. Thanks

  3. Unspoken

  4. G'day From New Zealand

    Welcome Rowan
  5. Soulmate

    Praying for you.
  6. Hello To All

    Hi Jonathan, Welcome to the forums.
  7. Whats for Supper...

    Chili's Chicken Enchilada soup and chili cheese dip
  8. Hello From Sc....

    Hi and welcome to the forums. God bless you in your venture.
  9. I Need A Job

    I am praying for you, I may not always respond to posts, but I always pray for all of my Online Baptist Friends. God bless you.
  10. Backslidden

    Praying for him
  11. Whats for Supper...

    Roast Beef and veggie fried rice
  12. I'm New Around These Here Parts

    Welcome Brandon!
  13. Whats for Supper...

    Went to Olive Garden, had the soup and salad
  14. Introduction

    Welcome to the forums.
  15. Alpha And Charlie Companies