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  1. Who Is Your Favorite Pastor And Why?

    Joe Arthur, Steven Dagenhart
  2. Bible Dictionary

    I paid 12$, found it on ebay!
  3. Bible Dictionary

    I got a vines, it looks pretty good. Thanks everyone!
  4. Biking

    Im looking for a comfortable bike to ride around town, i live in the downtown area of my town. Id like to cruise around on warm days and get some excersize to.
  5. Tips For Using Tracts?

    You all have given me some great ideas on places to put some tracts and how to use them. Thank you. :goodpost:
  6. Prayers Needed

    Thank you all
  7. Bible Dictionary

    Thank you!!!
  8. Which Strong's concordance to use?

    Good posting, I just ordered the strongest strongs concordance, hope I like it! :goodpost:
  9. Wooooow, thats actually kind of funny! I couldnt find it until I read the description telling me where to look.
  10. Which part of America you're from?

    Im in the promised land, ALABAMA. LOL
  11. Joel Osteen

    Just trying to figure it out? Does he a backbone at all?
  12. Come on's

    Thats hilarious, thats a good one!! :ROFL:
  13. Just something im interested in knowing, Do you think you need to spend more time than you are now?
  14. The pets we own!

    Ive got a Pug named Abby