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    Miss Daisy got a reaction from Brother Stafford in Why The Hypocrisy?   
    Oh, I'm glad I'm not the reason. I got to agree with you, we've lost quite a few good members lately. But added more Calvinists who just agree with each other. Maybe you could start an only IFB forum? Don't leave we need your knowledge and input!
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    Miss Daisy got a reaction from BabeinChrist in Pervasive Occultism   
    Referring to the post about Christians reading their Bible, most churches you don't even BRING your Bible! A lot of churches have like a catholic missal (?) reading book with replies for each Sunday of the year. Also, a lot of churches the actual preaching (if  you can call it that) is all of 5 to 10 minutes. The rest of service is filled with special singers or anything to fill the time that should be used for real preaching and the Gospel!
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    Miss Daisy got a reaction from BabeinChrist in Pervasive Occultism   
    Most people see nothing wrong with reading their daily horoscope either. But little doors open bigger doors for the devil to get in! All the shows on TV now are about going to supposed "haunted houses". It's so easy for people to accept all that evil but impossible to believe in an Almighty God!
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    Miss Daisy reacted to John81 in Hagee's Haggle...   
    Considering the amount of money Hagee takes in each year if the prayer shawl were so important he could freely give one to all who ask so the poor wouldn't be deprived of the special times with God that he seems to claim can only come through use of the prayer shawl he's now selling.
    Sadly, I know several Christians who have some connection with Hagee based upon his support for Israel and attention to end times matters (which is always in conjunction with him selling more of his books).
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Alan in Hagee's Haggle...   
    Hagee, "a lover of fulthy lucre," the poster boy for deluded saints who have excess money to spend on false prophets.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to John81 in Hagee's Haggle...   
    For the sake of politics, popularity and power Hagee decided we shouldn't preach the Gospel to Jews because God is going to save them in a special way later. This, of course, was to appease Orthodox Jews and gain him access to powerful people within the pro-Israel lobby both in America and Israel.
    This teaching of his is, of course, contrary to Scripture which tells us clearly that Jews and Gentiles alike are saved through Christ.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to TheSword in Russia blocks world’s biggest porn site for endangering children   
    I read a ghastly quote from one of my textbooks on missions yesterday...it pointed out that America, the supposed most-Christianized country in the world, is the worlds largest producer of pornography. How indicting....
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Russia blocks world’s biggest porn site for endangering children   
    Romans 1:32 -- "Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them."
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    Miss Daisy reacted to John81 in Russia blocks world’s biggest porn site for endangering children   
    It's ironic, and perhaps something God is using to try and shame us, that Russia, a nation we (America) have long viewed as godless and immoral, in many areas are taking a higher moral stand (at times even appealing to God for their reasons) than are we.
    America not only legalizes homosexual "marriage", but flaunts it in the faces of the world while boasting about how tolerant we are and how intolerant and backwards those who don't are. Meanwhile, Russia has outlawed public displays of and promotion of homosexuality. America boasts at her progressiveness in allowing, even encouraging, homosexual adoption of children while Russia has outlawed such as immoral and called homosexuality an affront to God.
    America is the leading producer and world supplier of porn. America declares even the sickest aspects of porn to be a matter of "free speech" and a sign of freedom. The American porn industry has grown so large it takes in far more money each year than does Hollywood. Russia has been fighting this filth, with earlier restrictions in April and now this blocking of the worlds largest internet porn site. Russia rightly labels porn to be the filth and evil destroyer that it is.
    Russia taking the moral high ground while America dances in the sewer with cheers and invites the world to join them.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to John81 in Russia blocks world’s biggest porn site for endangering children   
    Russia blocks world’s biggest porn site for endangering children
    MOSCOW, September 15, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Russia blocked access to Pornhub – the world’s biggest porn site – as well as 10 other pornography sites this week after a court ruled the sites were breaking the law.
    The Russian government’s communication watchdog Roskomnadzor announced Monday that a court in the city of Krasnodar ruled that the websites had violated federal laws protecting children from “harmful information.”
    The court also ruled the adult sites illegally produced and distributed pornography, although it’s uncertain what precise content brought about the ban, according to The Verge.
    Pornhub has acknowledged the ban. “We can confirm that Roskomnadzor has blacklisted Pornhub in Russia and we are currently investigating and considering available means to reinstate our website in Russia,” a spokesperson stated in an email.
    Roskomnadzor’s statement warned that distributing illegal pornography online carries a prison sentence of two to six years on conviction.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to John81 in 103-year-old Georgia woman banned from her church   
    We can hope that church will drop the Baptist name but these days many churches are choosing to keep the name and thereby the meaning of "Baptist church" is changed instead.
    So much wrong going on there with a Baptist church choosing such a pastor, apparently most of the congregation going along with this, the willingness and seeming ease with which these people are willing to so poorly treat this elderly woman who has served the church for so many years in the past, to the point of kicking her out by letter and calling the police on her for attending a church service!
    And, it seems mostly women running the church and yet they are willing to treat a woman who is surely each of their elders, in such a disrespectful, dishonorable manner. Shame!
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    Miss Daisy reacted to 2bLikeJesus in 103-year-old Georgia woman banned from her church   
    I notice of the 11 officer signatures on the letter only 2 are male.  Just an interesting note about women usurping church leadership positions. 
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Ukulelemike in 103-year-old Georgia woman banned from her church   
    A great example of how those who have borne the heat of the day, and labored faithfully for the Lord, in her case for almost a century, are being laid aside by those seeking to be more 'relevant' and 'youth-oriented". Doesn't say the age of the pastor, but shame on a Baptist church for bringing in Pentecostal preachers to pastor. Unless he changed his style to appeal to a larger crowd. I see it only took ten to vote her out-one, the writing looks like a 7-year-old. And all but one a woman.
    Isn't this the location of the Georgia Guidestone Monument? There is a wicked spirit over that place.
    I looked them up. No website, but a comment on a different site-they are a transitional church, with a choir AND a band, so they are moving from traditional to contemporary. I suspect the bad press this gets them will also spur them to the inevitable removal of 'Baptist' from their name.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to heartstrings in 103-year-old Georgia woman banned from her church   
    The good "reverend" called the law on a church member for a civil offense?(1 Corinthians 6:1-8) A 103yo woman was a danger only to his pride and his power.
    Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD. Jeremiah 23:1
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    Miss Daisy reacted to John81 in No need to Go To Prison___Gay Wedding Vows   
    For the most part in our society today oaths are meaningless, often not even recognized as such. Most people seem to view wedding vows as nothing more than words. It's very often that one or both partners enter the marriage with the idea already in their head that if things don't work out the way they want them to they will just get a divorce and try again. That is, of course, a very bad way to begin a marriage and a main reason so many end in divorce.
    Our wedding plans were drastically changed when things regarding our jobs and planned move to our new home together suddenly took off quickly. I was unwilling to live together, even for a short time while we arranged a wedding at our new location and she wasn't going to start out living in our new home by herself. So we ended up having a quick wedding with the Justice of the Peace. We were both very pleased, and surprised, when he spoke the name of Jesus after saying this wedding was being conducted before both God and man. He ended the "service" by asking that Jesus bless our marriage and we live in holy matrimony in Jesus name. Very quick and informal, yet such a holy service and I took the words of my wedding vows seriously (and still do!).
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Ukulelemike in Right and Wrong   
    I think you should push it with the manufacturers, and let them know if there is not satisfactory compensation made for your rework of their shoddy product, you will both cease using them for your business, and also pass on to all your church-related associates not to use them, as they are unreliable.  And do it in writing, by mail or email so you can keep a copy. The workman is worthy of his hire.
    I once bought a $700.00 Kyocera laser printer/copier. When it arrived, the copies all would have a big black spot in the middle of the page. I figured it was the cartridge, so I bought a new cartridge and it kept doing it. I opened the unit and found the rubber imager had a big hole punched in it. I contacted Kyocera about it, and was told, 'Sorry, the part is not under the warranty, as it is a part that goes with normal wear." I told them that it was a brand new unit, but they said, 'Sorry, can't help.' So, I sent an email to the company and told them in no uncertain terms, politely, though, that I was shocked at how poorly I was treated, that I had always had great success with Kyocera products, (the truth), and that because they would not take responsibility for their NEW unit, I would no longer be using their products and would tell all my fellow preachers, (yeah, I know about 5!) not to use their items either. Yeah. Took about three hours and I received a phone call from high management apologizing, and they sent me paperwork so I could take it to a local repair place and have it fixed for free.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to heartstrings in The Perfect Pastor---Humor or Reality?   
    The "perfect" pastor would be one who realizes that he himself is NOT perfect and keeps himself mindful of that when dealing with others.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Ukulelemike in The Perfect Pastor---Humor or Reality?   
    You forgot about having a wife who is kind, patient, perfectly dressed and quoiffed(?) even at midnight, loves children and works with them, doen't work outside the home, and has an open door policy at their home, always ready to receive visitors in her perfectly cleaned and santized home. She is young and beautiful but is also older and mature, and has no opinion save her husband's.
    Edited to add: She also bakes homemade cookies every Sunday morning!
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Ronda in The Perfect Pastor---Humor or Reality?   
    Those same people with the unreasonable expectations are likely the same people who are quick to pick out others sins but supposedly have none themselves, lol.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Ronda in Bible Fellowship Study A Ecumenical Movement?   
    I often wonder why non-Baptist people come here and become members.  Could it be they want to cause contention and chaos? What good work are they doing for the Lord by doing this? NONE that I can see.  Is that a Christian thing to do? Is Calvinism am IFB doctrine? Nope. Why try to throw in a reference to non-IFB beliefs in every other forum topic?  ? Why doesn't the non-IFB member go start their own site and their own forums for their own denomination/beliefs? Could it be that mayb they weren't "predestined" to start their own forum/site??? lol 
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Alan in Bible Fellowship Study A Ecumenical Movement?   
    I would like for everybody to read the above statement very carfully as it was miss-interpreted by Invicta to say something it did not say. And Invicta claimed I calledour Calvinistic and Reformed Theology brethren, "cults."
    I clearly said, "The NIV is a perversion of the scriptures and Reformed Theology is unsound doctrine. Because Reformed theology, Calvinistic churches, cults, and folks who are unsound in their doctrine do not go soul-winning they use Bible studies such as this to make disciples and take away people from good IFB churches."
    1. I did not say Reformed Churches or Calvinistic churches are cultic, or a cult. I completely seperated the types of people who do these nefaraious  Bible studies in order to take good saints out of good IFB churches and indictrinate them into unsound doctrine. I clearly stated that all of the groups mentioned were, "...unsound in their doctrine..." I did not say they were cults. A saved person can be unsound in their doctrine.
    2. "...do not go soul-winning..." I have been in the ministry for over 40 years and I have not seen members, or pastors, of Calvinistic or Reformed churches, out soul-winning. I know Calvinistic missonaires here on Taiwan and they do not go soul-winning and they have  Bible studies to get their converts and steal sheep from other churches. I have personal friends in the States that were once soul-winners, became Calvinistic, and now they do not go soul-winning and now they call me ignorant.
    The issue of this thread, and my post, is our generation and not past generations. I did not mention any past history at all but instead dwelt on the current issue. Invicta changed the whole subject matter to miss-interpret my post. 
    3. As I deliberately inserted, "The NIV is a perversion of the scriptures..." it is very obvious that this can only refer to our generation and is not applicable to other generations such as Spurgeon or Whitfield.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Sarah70 in Bible Fellowship Study A Ecumenical Movement?   
    Thank-you all for your input. I won't be attending. I am disheartened though knowing that many young are.....I will pray for counsel on if I should approach them and how to do so.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Jim_Alaska in Bible Fellowship Study A Ecumenical Movement?   
    There is no church at all in the small community I am in now. But if there was and it was not IFB, I would not attend. In that case I would and have held my own services. I now drive an hour and a half to get to church, I do it three times per week. Most people would not drive that far.
    Before I found my present church there was no IFB church within 100 miles of me. Once I found this church I attend it every time the doors are opened. An hour and a half going and the same coming back, but you know what, it is worth it because that is where God has made a place for me.
    I get to fill in for the Pastor at times when he has to be away, I get to preach special meetings....good 'nuff.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Jim_Alaska in Bible Fellowship Study A Ecumenical Movement?   
    John, with all due respect I disagree about a church having to be large to provide for everyone's spiritual needs. To me this is like saying that God is not able.
    I was saved in a mission work started in the pastors house in a small "end of the road" community in Alaska. Attendance grew from about six people. We had to build another place to worship, then it grew more and we had to build anew.
    Through all of this there was only the missionary pastor and one adult Sunday School teacher. There were two children's Sunday School teachers.
    In the thirty five years I attended this church I saw God work through its pastor and teachers. The pastor, and older man, was one of the most dedicated, spiritual and able men of God I have ever known. The needs of the congregation were always met through sound, knowledgeable preaching and teaching.
    I surrendered to preach at this church and since that time five other men have done the same. They are either pastoring or doing over seas missionary work even to this day.
    This church was used of the Lord to put two missionary families on the mission field of Far East Russia when the Iron Curtain came down. Our church membership was never over forty, but was blessed in being able to put the first missionaries in Far East Russia and doubly blessed in being able to fully support them without the assistance of any mission board or convention. I never underestimate the ability of God to work miracles through his local church, no matter how small it is.
    So in closing I would have to submit that while having members that can teach and preach is a great blessing, a good, dedicated pastor and/or teacher can supply all the needs of a small church.
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    Miss Daisy reacted to Jim_Alaska in Bible Fellowship Study A Ecumenical Movement?   
    If you belong to a good, bible believing Baptist Church there is no reason to go outside of it for study. Your church should be providing all of your spiritual needs.
    To mix different denominational teaching into any bible study is a recipe for disaster. 
     2Cor. 6:14 Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness? 
    Now I know that someone will pop up and say that there are believers in other denominations, I agree. But there is only one truth and it is only found through the preaching and teaching of His church. The only thing to be had through Interdenominational teaching is confusion and God is not the author of confusion.
     1Tim. 3:15 But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.