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  1. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Republicans For Obama   

    ​Sad, very few Christians share your beliefs.  It seems they put more faith in who the president will be and his abilities to fix today's problems then the amount of faith they put in the Creator.
    No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of [this] life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier... II Timothy 2:4
  2. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Nfl Starts Tonight.   

  3. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Anyone Remember When   

    I never thought this would happen in church....I was asked by the youth leader to speak to the children for 10 minutes at the beginning of the service.  It was a Wednesday night and she would have different men of the church give lessons.  I was in the small chapel downstairs, behind the pulpit, so I wore a button down shirt and tie.  When I was done, I went upstairs to Bible study.  I never had so many wierd looks.  I thought I had something on me or my zipper was down.  But after the service I had quite a few people make comments to me about the way I was dressed such as "whats the special occassion?"  "are you lost?"  "who you dressed up for?" and the one that blew my mind..."we don't dress like that on Wednesdays!"..  I wasn't even wearing a suit coat, just a tie.  I never thought I would be too dressed up for church!  I remember when all the men wore ties to church.
  4. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Wow, God Is Really Serious About This   

    16All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
    17That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.   II Timothy 3:16
    Is it directed doctrinally to Israel or can I use it?  There is alot directed historically to Israel but we would not be doing ourselves much good to ignore.
  5. robmac68 added a post in a topic: My Job   

    I was just replying to a thread about pastors I enjoy lisenting to.  I noticed I stated I listened to a preacher for several hours at work yesterday.  I just want to praise God for my jOB!!  I believe with all my heart that this jOB is solely from His blessing on my life.  I back slid for years and my fellow employees at my last jOB saw many bad sides and sin that I did. I had friends there and we would get into all sorts of sinful things.  When my daughter was born, I looked at my life and realized I am not the Christian witness my daughter needed me to be.  I wanted my children to be dedicated to God and if I wasn't myself, how could they be?  So I started back to church.  I really started relying on God to direct my life.  I knew I had to quit my old jOB just because I knew I ruined any testimony I ever hoped to have and also I had to separate from my old lifestyle.  It would be hard to do if I was working with all my buddies I would hang out with.  I prayed and prayed and it took a few months and a healthy paycut, but I put my faith in the Lord and He took care of me.  I have the best jOB where I can spend hours reading and studying God's Word.  I have great benefits. I have an absolutely wonderful schedule.  I am just now at the rate of pay I was at when I left my old jOB 8 years ago, but I do not miss the money.  God has been providing and I just praise Him and praise Him.  I can't praise Him enough for all the blessings in my life.  And I praise Him for the struggles in life, too. 
  6. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Hip-Hop Church Opens In North Carolina   

    Saturday at 5.  Perfect!  go to church get their groove on and get all freshin' up and head straight to the clubs afterwards.  Man, this guy gottit goin' on, don't he??  what a cool dude! 
    ...and I thought my church had issues
  7. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Don't Call This An Independent Baptist Forum   

    short of getting out the crayons and coloring you a picture to see if you understand, I will try to make this easy enough for you to understand my point.  The reason I am sounding a bit condescending is only because I can not believe how you missed my point in my first posting to this thread.  I am just dont did you miss it???  
    OK, here goes...a man is in the emergency room with a gun shot.  he is also having a heart attack.  he has a broken arm.  and he has an ingrown toe nail.  All of this is truth.  The staff is tring to get his heart going.  Others are putting gauze in the bullet wound so he doesn't bleed to death when his heart starts pumping again.  They restrained his broken arm from flopping around while they work on him.  And here you are in the back of the E.R. demanding they take care of the ingrown toe nail.  You are not only demanding, you are banging on the garbage can, you have a bull horn, you are calling for friends to help you yell, you are letting off fireworks trying to get their attention.  "Take care of his tow nail!!!" you are yelling.  Yes, it is true he has an ingrown toe nail.
    SFiC, I am not accusing you of being wrong.  With all the trouble in today's world and the need for the gospel to be spread and so many other issues at hand, you are using all your valuable God-given time to warn about the tithe.  You are worried about the toe nail.  If there was anything I wanted to accuse you of, it would be that you are not being a good steward with God's time he gave you.  Do you really believe that you are correct in this endeavor in "the eyes of God"? 
    BTW, the verse you used...I do not revile you nor am I speaking evil against you falsley and I am certainly not going to persecute you.  So hold off on that reward you were already counting. 
  8. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Don't Call This An Independent Baptist Forum   

    ????  Who said I believe you to be wrong??   Who accused you of being wrong??  What is the false accusations I am being accused of making towards you??  What false doctrine am I spreading??? 
  9. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Don't Call This An Independent Baptist Forum   

    I chuckled at you posting this verse.  Telling the truth is one thing.  Taking us by the neck, knocking us over the head, shoving words against the tithe in our mouths and ears.  Shoving them in our hats.  Cutiing us open and cleaning us out so you can shove words against the tithe in our bodies and then sewing us back up and shoving the words in our clothing.  Then hanging us on a pole in a field so if any unsuspecting Christian should fly by, they will be forewarned that "preaching positive about the tithe is heresy and any idiot should know that fact"!  Having your status updates about the tithe.  Having your own website/forum about the tithe.  Is that what you really consider telling us the truth????????? 
  10. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Can We Reclaim This Dress Standard?   

    Really???  you are saying "again" and "views" as plural, so I am not referring to what I don't know (the plural).  But OBviously her view on pants is one you disagree with and are using to judge her IFB status.  Her point is clothing styles change and as long as nakedness is covered and don't dress like harlots, you are modest (summary??).  Your view seems to be that you have to dress like ladies did 50 or so years ago to be modest and an IFB.  If you personally are not dressing like NT times, you are a hypocrite.  If you ARE dressing the way ladies dressed 50-70 years ago, you have just aknowledged that dress standards do change.  If you believe dress standards change, how can you judge anybody on this issue??  Who says you get to draw the line on what era of clothing is modest or woman's style or acceptable IFB attire?  Take it back 50 years? 100 years?  500 years? 
  11. robmac68 added a post in a topic: What Is A Good Pastor For Todays New Standards   

    Wow, how'd I guess this was your thread??
  12. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Homosexual Marriage State-By-State – Interactive Map   

    There is an advertisement above the topic of this thread for "Gay Games August 9-16 GG9, Cleveland. Join In"  I guess if we are going to have ads for the gay agenda it should be in a topic talking about gay marriage. 
  13. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Are You Odd?   

    You're not ODD, Bro. Larry, you're conformed to Christ! 
  14. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Marriage, Remarriage, Divorce   

    I just thought of something reading another thread about fornication and adultery, anyway, is adultery sin? 
    Moses, because of the hardness of hearts, was allowed by God to let the people divorce.  If divorce is spiritual adultery because their no longer connected spiritually, and adultery is sin, then God allowed people to sin.  I don't think so.  God allowed divorce.  When does God allow sin?  If the adultery happens at the time of divorce, then God either allows sin or adultery specifically refers to physical relations with someone other than the spouse. 
  15. robmac68 added a post in a topic: Marriage, Remarriage, Divorce   

    If it is the act of getting remarried that is adultery, then that would make 3 ways to commit adultery and then it would be alot easier to understand the ability to ask forgiveness for getting remarried and it actually be forgiven.  That would destroy the arguement of perpetual adultery.  I will have to study up on it and also find that part in Deuteronomy.  Thanks.