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  1. Is A Mohawk Sin?

    My 5 year old son wanted a mohawk. My wife and I are not lovers of the hairstyle. We have 2 girls and 2 boys. While they are living at home, we are rearing the girls to have long hair and the boys short hair. The mohawk is definately short. We wanted to say no, but didn't. Why didn't we? Our children are very good at hearing the word "no" and obeying with very little whining. The problem is, we say "no" alot. Just going to Wal-mart, our children see alot of the "world" and we have to frequently say "no" and usually give an explaination. So when it came to the mohawk, we didn't just blurt out a "no" because I wanted a Biblical explanation as to why I was saying no. The only thing I could come up with was separation from the world. Just one problem, my world and my children's world doesn't have any mohawks. Two years ago, my neice's hubby got a mohawk and kept it for a couple months. He lives 4 hours away and is supposedly a Christian so I didn't feel this fell under worldly separation. That is the only place I can think of that my son has even seen a mohawk. He is not trying to fit into a group. He is homeschooled and there aren't any mohawks at church. So my 5 yo has a mohawk. Problem. My parents saw this and immediately told him they didn't like his hair; they were quite blunt. The other night, my dad said it was sad my son had a mohawk since he didn't have any choice in the matter. My dad thinks I wanted my son to have this mohawk and that it is sad I am forcing such a "worldly" haircut on him??? This is the same man that pokes fun at me because we live so conservatively, in his eyes we might as well be Amish. So now both my parents think I am pushing worldliness on my son. Now I am wondering if I should cut my sons hair because it might be a stumbling block for my parents. Isn't "falsely accusing" me of pushing worldliness on my son, when I am not, a sin? Do I need to cut my son's hair because I am causing my parents to sin? If I tell him he is going to have to get rid of the mohawk, I want my Bible in hand to explain it to him. Do I need to do this and how do I do this? Any thoughts??