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  1. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Can A Divorced Man Become A Deacon, Pastor Or A Preacher?   

    Ow I don't hold on to the past but that's my reality. There are those who honestly believe that I will rot in hell if I get married again. 
  2. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Snake Salvation   

    I've enjoyed the show though I may not completely understand the reasoning behind it (the snake part). I'm connected with a couple of them on FB and they seem like really sincere folks who are passionate about Christ. Don't know them beyond that of course and the show only shows very little parts so you can't get a true idea of what they preach. 
    Other than that I've enjoyed it however I do think the mission of the channel is to show Christian's looking nuts which they seem to successfully do.
  3. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Can A Divorced Man Become A Deacon, Pastor Or A Preacher?   

    Interesting. Being a woman who is divorced it makes me wonder if Jesus feels I do not deserve a husband (remarriage/adultery) because I opted to leave. Maybe him putting a gun to my head wasn't a good enough reason to leave the marriage... I should have just let him kill me and the children.
    Where's the line? and who determines it? The scripture isn't detailed in that area from what I see. It just calls remarriage adultery.
  4. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: The Godly Way Women Are To Dress And Look   

    No one said it's your problem. It's just the reality of today.
  5. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: The Godly Way Women Are To Dress And Look   

    Of course you can't. However changes in society have changed us making submission a bad word.
  6. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: The Godly Way Women Are To Dress And Look   

    I'm only speaking from my own experience but most men I run into aren't men at all. They cannot and will not lead their family. I don't know if it's because men fear women or what but I've met very few men who have strong personalities. Men "allow" their wives, daughters do these things because they do not lead the home. They are not the patriarch of the family. We can give much if not all the thanks to the feminist for all this craziness. 
    It is very hard for women to be submissive to a man today. We have choices like we've never had before. I can easily choose to divorce now because I have a career making my own money. Money equals freedom. I don't rely on my husband like I would have pre-60's. I can choose to be a real pain in the rear and talk down to you because I really don't care. That freedom has provided me a choice to treat you like dirt. I have nothing to loose. I don't have to do anything because now I have a choice. I have the "out of here" option available that wasn't before.
    Believe me if a women's job is in the home caring for her husband and children there is nothing prompting her to have thoughts of leaving for a better life (or better man). Ever since the majority of women have been working outside the home we've seen a huge increase in one parent households. A man cannot rule over someone who has no motive to submit. G_d won't take priority to a working woman. However when she fulfills her role as a mother and wife it will come more naturally to submit to her husband and G_d.
    I speak from experience.
  7. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: The Wife Is Never Equal To The Husband   

    Sir, are you even married? 
  8. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Report Alleges Fox News Is Bowing To Gay Agenda   

    Interesting. Coming from Mormonism I can say that when Glenn Beck speaks about Christianity it's basically how all Mormon's speak about it. Just like any other Christian. Of course when you gear towards more of the evangelical and IFB there tends to be the charismatic excitement incorporated. I'm sure most of you have never attended a Mormon sacrament meeting (Sunday church service) it's like being at a funeral. I remember years ago when I first went to an IFB church my goodness I almost had a heart attack. It was the craziest thing I had ever seen but it definitely stirred the spirit in me to attend now and then over the years. 
    I guess I'm being bias because I have experience in the LDS community but I think most genuinely believe what they are saying when they speak about Christ and Christianity. All believe they are Christians just like everyone else and they don't view themselves as anything else. Sometimes when my IFB pastor or friends come over we go on for hours because they just don't see it how the LDS see it. The LDS don't see themselves as not being Christian.
    With that said Beck could be genuine in what he is saying because he believes it. Whether we believe it or not is an entirely different thing.
  9. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Forget Google, Yahoo, Lycos, And The Rest   

    I do a great deal of "data mining" for my business and I can tell you it's not all about getting data. It involves data yes but also what is behind it as well as what it all means when it comes together. This involves a great deal of "deep diving" for stuff that otherwise wouldn't be of interest to the normal web searcher. Though my purposes are in good intent it doesn't mean it's right. I justify much of it to if you don't want people to see it then don't put it out there. If I figure out how to find the info it's your own fault for putting it out there for me to find. All in all it's not the most honest work especially when you have request come in to access data on particular people. That's where you have to be careful and ask yourself a great deal of questions.
    As to why my ex and older son are convinced I work for the CIA and FBI lol. Seriously my ex said that in the court room AND the judge in all seriousness asked me if I did!! I just about fell off the stand laughing (but I didn't). Yes cause you know with all that free time I have I moonlight for the government... go figure
  10. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Intro From Wilmington   

    Welcome fellow NE neighbor
  11. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Snake-Handling Pentecostals Get Reality Tv Show   

    Yes! Forgot about the Duggers.
  12. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Snake-Handling Pentecostals Get Reality Tv Show   

    There certainly are many more Christian shows on TV lately. Some great and some terrible. Most are for the shock value and not realistic at all. Many times they cut these clips to look a great deal more dramatic than they really are. You’d be surprised at how you can manipulate clips of film to tell an entirely different story then intended.
    I’ve watched Amish Mafia and the other Amish show where they go to some big city. Amish Mafia is mostly people who call themselves Amish but they are not part of the “old order” Amish. A few are Mennonite as well. I live close to Lancaster and I do have an Amish friend so I’m speaking from that angle. People don’t realize (due to ignorance) that if these folks were really Amish the church would have long shunned them. This type of behavior even in the Mennonite community is unacceptable and not tolerated. It’s simply all drama and shock value driven.
    Years ago I had seen a documentary about the Pentecostal snake handlers in the Appalachians and found it fascinating. Admittedly I know absolutely nothing about these folks so I guess that’s what drew me in. I find it draws me in to see people in these small country towns just living their lives so I think that will draw me into this current NatGeo series. I do know what Pentecostals believe and such but don’t know much if anything about those who snake handle.
    There are a few really great shows such as Duck Dynasty which I love because I can actually watch it with my children. They are all about family and G_d. I think they are a positive example of Christians.
    Those shows about preachers in LA and such or the ones with the daughters are so over the top. Do pastor/preacher wives act so ridiculous as this? Overdone make up insecure husbands and catty arguments makes for an ill attempt to bring prime time drama into the Christian household reality. It’s just not reality. It shows what degree people will go to make money in a negative way.
    I would love to see a show where they show normal Christian families and their examples but that would just be too boring for most I guess.
  13. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Jail Ministry   

    Never knew you could be saved more than once.
  14. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Rodeo Association President Had No Role In Clown’S Anti-Obama Act, Attorney Says   

    I thought it was funny. Not sure why they are making it into a big deal... ow wait that's right he's black so it's obviously a racial issue. Not like any white presidents ever been mocked.
  15. 20JC12 added a post in a topic: Television   

    Having been a member of the LDS church I can say that they first of all have the money to do it. Also they have a great deal of an organization behind the scenes. I did some transcribing for the church over the years and there are thousands that volunteer 100's of hours each year to provide "service" to the church. We are to give of all of our talents to the church and this is taken very literally! I'm a very fast typist so my talent would go to the church first before anything else. The members are very dedicated and committed so the church relies heavily on the members to support all these public forums such as TV, Radio, and Internet.
    One thing about the IFB's is that they are not an "organized church' meaning they do not fall under an umbrella like other churches do. If the IFB wanted to do such a thing like coming together to support a TV station that would mean going against what they stand for and that is they are independent from each other. They would have no choice but to eventually unite under one umbrella to have not only the money but the man power to run something so large.
    Just my view point since I have experience in both churches