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  1. "Then said Jesus to them again, Peace be unto you: as my Father hath sent me, even so send I you; And when he had said this, he breathed on them, and saith unto them, Receive ye the Holy Ghost:" John 20:21-22. Without the indwelling Holy Ghost, you cannot be truly born again. This is the first example of anyone receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, the first example of someone being born again. At this point the sin debt had been paid in full, the blood offering received by the Father. After this, which was before Pentecost, people could be born again/regenerated. There is no difference, both happen simultaneously, despite what Calvinism says.
  2. Well my work computer doesn't like the page and won't let me go there. I will look at them tonight. Thanks. I have also been looking at sites with instructions on how to rebind it myself, which is something I may try. I will practice on some non-KJV books first for practice and when I feel I am adept enough I will do my own. I will have to use one of my regular reading Bibles for a while for preaching until I get it done. Wow. Well, they must have needed one badly. Maybe the Lord will use it to convict them and they'll return it one day.
  3. What do you do to 'prep' the bales?
  4. I put this under King James Bible, because it concerns my Bible. So I have a Bible I have been using now for about 17 years. The exterior is still in pretty good shape, but my pages from around 1Timothy through most of revelation have detached and I have to fight to keep them in place so I don't lose them. It's not something I can really use duct tape for, and I am thinking about rebinding it. Anyone know of any reliable but affordable rebinding options? Most seem to want about $90 and up for it. of course, like most preachers, and probably others who have well-used a particular Bible, I have notes and such in it that I like, and it is a kind that is very hard to find, and the few I do find are hard back, and I don't want a hard back. Any thoughts or ideas? thanks
  5. If people don't truly love Jesus Christ, they will never truly change. Yes, they may be saved, because that is faith in Christ-it doesn't necessarily produce, automatically, love for Him. Affection, perhaps, Fear perhaps. But not love. How do we teach them to LOVE the Lord? We can show them the love of Christ day by day, in actions, in words, through scripture-how do we teach them to love Him back? This seems to be my struggle with our church-they kow Jesus, but few LOVE Him, else they would surely change.
  6. That I am aware of, God has yet to use anyone perfect to write, translate, preserve or preach His perfect word (save for Jesus Himself). Praise God, He has maintained it through His power and authority, and not through our imperfect ability. I have done some certain study on the subject but not nearly what has been done by many here. I have no qualm with Brother Tyndale's sstudy on the matter, nor his pointing out the problems with the KJV translators. Even those few who were not Church of England, but were of the Puritan persuasian, were themselves reformed. But again, bless God, He kept them all at least honest enough to keep out their issues of baptismal regeneration and reformed doctrines. I have even heard the rumors/accusations that King James was homosexual, and therefore the Bible he authorized was not reliable, yet if he was, he was honest enough to demand nothing allowing any kind of that behavior to be added in, either. I think, for all their flaws, they at least, (or for the most part) truly believed they were doing holy work and God's true word, not as the critics believe, who treat it as any book, to be changed or 'fixed' as they see fit. I don't think anyone holds up the translators as somehow more spiritual or godly than many others, though certainly their abilities in the ancient languages were masterful, they were, however, believers, and God used them well.
  7. Once again, the link just brings you back to this page.
  8. We are p[raying about obtaining the old LDS church building here in our town, to use for our building. In it, they have left tons of their own books, sunday school lessons, from the earliest to the oldest groups. I hope we can because I'd like to keep a copy of each to read from their own manuals what they actually teach today. And burn the rest. It drives me nuts, they only want $89,000 for the building, easily worth that much, but we just don't have it. The Lord would have to pretty much give it, or the money, to us, as we could afford payments or the utilities and insurance to keep it open, but not both. No, I'm not hinting at anything here, bby the way, I am quite certain that's not something anyone could do, anyways, lol.
  9. Regardless of whether they were Calvinists or not, they believed, to a man, as far as I can tell, that the work they were producing was the very word of God, and as such, not to be tampered with through their own thoughts and ideas. The KJV is a word for word translation, each part passing through numerous hands for verification that what had been translated from over 5,000 extant copies, manuscripts, unicals, etc, were correct and literal, while still beautiful and poetic, as it should be. No single man or group had total control over any part of the translation. This is proven out in the fact that the Bible clearly doesn't promote Calvinist doctrine. Otherwise, not only does God declare certain men to be irredeemable by His own choice, he also declares His own people to even commit murder (David, Moses), massive idolatry (Solomon and, gosh, the entire nation of Israel), to lie, (Jacob, Abraham, Isaac, et al), to backslide, (The church at Corinth), to worship incorrectly, (Nadab and Abihu), to disobey Him, (Moses). When you really consider the implications of a God who controls and directs every aspect of life of all people on earth, saved and unsaved, certainly comes across as either vastly unjust, or at least, incompetent, possibly wicked. As we see with Solomon, God directs His people through His word and commands, even, in Solomon's case, can give them the gre4atest amount of heavenly wisdom anyone can posess, and they can STILL fall to sin and ignore all they have been commaned. Wisdom just shows one what is sin and what is not, is doesn't keep them from sinning, they just sin knowingly. If God commanded Solomon to follow His commands, but then, forced him to fall into idolatry, seriously, who does that? If God commands all men everywhere to repent, but only ALLOWS a few to, how is this just? Will God command to do what He won't allow us to follow?
  10. Welcome to the forums. Enjoy your stay!
  11. “[God] devotes to destruction whom he pleases … they are predestinated to eternal death without any demerit of their own, merely by his sovereign will. … he orders all things by his counsel and decree in such a manner, that some men are born devoted from the womb to certain death, that his name be glorified in their destruction. ... God chooses whom he will as his children … while he rejects and reprobates others” (Institutes of the Christian Religion, Book III, chap. 23). Some interesting facts of the punishments meted out in Geneva under Calvin's reign:
  12. It is only slander if it is intentionally false. Since it is not false, it isn't slander. Besides, he said "Calvinism" not "Calvinists". Calvinism clearly does not believe in 'whosoever will', but 'whosoever God allows to will, by His will, and no will of their own."
  13. We have had good success with vine beans-we grew some purple beans and dragon beans one year. Not so much luck with bush beans, they just wouldn't thrive. We use pure composted manure from our own animals-mostly goat and rabbit, with some old chicken poop added, but carefully as it can be very hot. Also, be sure your soil has proper nutrients and minerals. Using some limestone dust can greatly enhance your soil's health, as it is chock full of minerals.
  14. FWIW, I believe he works with Lenox Baptist Church in Lenox AL, near his new property. I know he preaches there sometimes.
  15. My point wasn't that we have to keep the law, my point was that God based the law He gave to man upon His own sense of justice. It would seem odd that He would demand of us something He would not practice Himself in that respect. And as I said, it comes from a Calvinst preacher, not myself. I know, though, that there are many brands of 'Calvinism". You are just of a different brand than him, apparently.