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  1. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Question About Preterism   

    Actually, they believe either Caesar or Gen Titus (?) who destroyed Jerusalem and the temple, was the Antichrist. They believe that the calling out of the believers in 1Thes 4 took place in 70AD, and the new heaven and earth began after the destruction of Jerusalem, so, yeah, this is apparently as good as it will get, according to them.
  2. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Free Will   

    So, those he predestined, he also predestined? The context fits the meaning 'foreknew'. Look right where you put, "To have knowledge before hand; to foreknow". See, you even wrote it-did you not look at what you wrote? he foreknew, THEN He predestinated those He foreknew. Its not that hard.
    I writes it as I sees it. And that's what it SAYS. If its not what you see, then thats more an issue with your eyes, not the words.
  3. Ukulelemike added a topic in Biblical Issues   

    Question About Preterism
    I know there are some here who are either partial or full preterists. I have a question
    I have been doing some study on it, since there seems to be a lot of differing views on it. One thing that I don't understand. Full preterism says that all was fulfilled in 70AD, and that, with the ending of the temple and the Jewish sacrifice, began the new heaven and new earth. So then, what now? Really, then we have absolutely no scripture to deal with AFTER the new heaven and new earth-the Bile just ends. DO we have anything to look forward to? No sun, no moon, what does that mean? For such is said to be the condition of the new earth, no sun nor moon to light it. Will things just kind of go on and on and on with no end?
    What of those in Hell? No Lake of Fire for Satan and his followers, just eternally in hell? It just seems nothing is wrapped up/ What about the first resurrection? Of the saved if this is the new heaven and new earth now, when is the general resurrection of the saved, since scripture says it comes just BEFORE the return of Christ to reign 1000 years, which by Preterism is symbolic and He never actually comes. It just doesnt make sense to me.
    Here's the thing: this is all very serious-I am not making light of it, rather it is my true desire to seek into all things to make sure that I am understanding it correctly. But it seems so, I don't know, endless, no closure, I guess-we just go on and on, the good and the wicked together for all time. Somehow the Bible picutres the kingdom age a lot better than what we have seen the last 2000 years, with the rule of the Catholic church and their murderous ways-doesn't seem like the peace promised.
    So, how do we see these things? Seriously.
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  4. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Free Will   

    "For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom he did predestinate, them he also called: and whom he called, them he also justified: and whom he justified, them he also glorified." (Rom 8:29, 30)
    You cannot fully understand the verses you gave in Ephesians without considering them according to these verses in Romans. Predestination is true, but it is according to foreknowledge. In other words, those He foreknew, he also predestinated to the adoption of children by Jesus Christ, just as He predestined us to be conformed  to the image of His Son. And THAT is the good pleasure of His will, to predestine those He foreknew. When we consider such a things as predestination, we have to check all the verses concerning such. Predestination works with foreknowledge.
  5. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Free Will   

    Really? What does the word, "Declared" mean? If you would go by Strongs, it means:
    to be conspicuous, tell, make known(Hiphil) to tell, declare
    to tell, announce, report 2. to declare, make known, expound 3. to inform of 4. to publish, declare, proclaim 5. to avow, acknowledge, confess
    messenger (participle)(Hophal) to be told, be announced, be reported
    In no way does it infer to make it occur, or to produce it, just to make it known, to tell it.  So in what way am I making the scripture say what I want them to? That God will have compassion and mercy on whom He will doesn't preclude salvation being freely available for whoever will call upon the name of the Lord. Jesus draws all and lightens all, God is NOT willing that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance. Yet clearly, there are those called who reject, like Israel, who Jesus said he would have protected under His wing as a mother hen her chicks, yet THEY WOULD NOT-their will in rejecting Him prevailed.
    When Jesus went into His own country, Nazareth, the Bible says this:" And they were offended in him. But Jesus said unto them, A prophet is not without honour, save in his own country, and in his own house. And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief." Matt 13:57, 58.  Apparently Jesus' will was to do many mighty works there, to perform the great works and miracles He had done in other places, yet their offense, their will to reject Him, was such that it prevailed against Him and he didn't do as he had wanted.
    Why did Jesus wait to save the one thief on the cross next to Him, until that thief sought salvation from Him, if Jesus knew already he would? Because the thief had to act his own will to seek it. Why doesn't God just automatically save at birth everyone He knows is going to be saved at some point? because He allows them the point of epiphany and humility in asking for forgiveness of sin.
  6. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Free Will   

    Man WON'T reject God if he has foreknowledge of His salvation.
    Let me ask you this: God as given the revelation that Satan will one day be cast into the lake of fire for all eternity. Can Satan then somehow turn and repent and God will NOT cast Him into the lake of fire? of course not-the very fact that God has revealed it means before Him it is already done. You have to cease from trying to think of God as being locked to time as we are. He declares the end from the beginning because He is IN the end AND the beginning-they are one for Him. he KNOWS it because he SEES it, and thus He declares it.
  7. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Free Will   

    Leonard, read the scripture again: "Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:"  To declare means to make it known, not do direct every facet of it. God knows all from beginning to end, declares it, (in prophecies and revelation) and directs human activites to bring about the desired end, but it doesn't mean He wills everything that we do, unless He is willing us into sin. God does not tempt, by His own words, so He cannot will us to sin, BUT, nkowing our sin, He works, (worked?) around it, in spite of it, even WITH it, to make His ultimate will be done.
    God doesn't 'wait around' for people to be saved-He IS, there is no waiting around. God knows the end from the beginning because He IS at beginning and end-there is no time. All things work in their time. Jesus calls and enlightens, and we follow or reject, but in God's eyes, its all a done deal. The Bible declares we who are His are already sitting in heavenly places with Christ, though we are living in this sinful flesh, and have not yet received our inheritance. But for the Lord, its done and finished. God doesn't MAKE us get saved, He allows it and desires it and knows if we will, but He doesn't MAKE us. But if we ARE to be saved, He has predestined us to be conformed to His Son Jesus Christ.
  8. Ukulelemike added an answer to a question My personal life   

    I would add something, as well.
      Concerning the hair, it is 'broided', a slight difference from 'braided.'  Broided does, indeed, mean braided, but it is a more extensive, fancy way of doing it.   Think:

    The word does refer to a basket weave, as well as a braid. Excessiveness. Having done a study on the issue of hair, when I was researching a thesis on the headcovering, I found that, areound the time Paul dealt with hair and covering in 1Cor 11, women in the Roman and Greek cultures were leaving behind covering their heads, and thus, found they wanted to do something with their hair. So some of the wealthier women began to have contests to see who could have the most ornate, excessive hairstyles. This is where the broiding and plaiting warnings come from. Sometimes they would take 8-10 hours working on their hair, and would not wash it for months, to preserve it, even making special neck holders for when they slept, so their hair would not touch the bed. It was excessive and attention-drawing, and this was what Paul was trying to warn about. A woman can have an attractive hairstyle, and can wear jewelry and even a little make-up just fine, but it is excessiveness that Paul sought to teach against, because that is an aspect of modesty.
    As for marriage, I agree with Covenanter. However, do you know that, if you have a Bible with a record of marriage in the front, you can use that in place of a license. Have the pastor/officiant, bride, groom and witnesses sign it, take it to the courthouse and have them copy it and record it, and it is a legal, binding document.
  9. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Gas Prices   

    Really? Wow, we're still over $3.00 here. of course, the further east you go, the less it tends to be.
  10. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Explaining John's Revelation   

    I hope this was a joke, I really do. If not, son, you need to really re-read the Bible, the KJV, and get right.
  11. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic The 7th Shemita is here   

    Shemita...sounds like a bad car name!

  12. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Source of Doctrine   

    Hard to get people to open their Bibles and study.
  13. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Two news items for today   

    They have, in fact, been knighted as french Knights.
  14. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Free Will   

    Because the Bible ALSO says, "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." (Jn 2 12:32), and  "That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." (Jn 1:9).  See, it is not in and of ourselves-rather, Christ has both called and lighted EVERY man in the world. ALL have been called and drawn to Him-but many reject. And those who see and follow that light and drawing, even though there may be no many specifically that does it, if they follow it, they WILL find Christ. Not because of themselves, but because they responded to the drawing and the light. Just as in the act of the new birth: Jesus has called and we, in reponse, ask for the promised salvation and forgiveness of sins. We have to call, to ask, but it is not a work WE do, but a response we make to the work that has been done.
    COnsider the opposite. If geace is irresistable, then how is it that Jesus said to Jerusalem, "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, how often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not!." God calls, and many reject. But so also some respond and are saved-not of their own work or efforts, but out of response and obedience to the gospel drawing..
    THis needs to be understood that this was done because of their unbelief. God called and called, but they rejected and rejcted, so God disallowed them from hearing. God will only allow direct rejection and disobedience so much before they have committed a sin that merits no prayers.
  15. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Greetings from Ireland   

    Welcome to the group.