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  1. Pope and his minions-lol!
  2. For what its worth, I offerred to be interviewed, and contacted her by her email, but she has never responded. Not sure what's up-maybe she hit numerous Baptist sites and already found someone.
  3. At this point, as I understand, the Corps of Engineers is working on trying to close the breech in the emergency spillway, and they have gotten the lake level down by around 15', and want to get it down more before the next storm supposed to come in Thursday. They won't be able to do any actual repairs until the rainy season is over. Yes, I'd noticed that Trump went quickly from "Not California's President" to "Please help us, MR. President". If California wasn't wasting billions on a pointless bullet train that will probably obsolete once it is finally completed, they could have done repairs beforehand.
  4. I have been a part of this movement for a while; the primary issue is under-representation-we have all of 6 representatives, total, in the entire northern third of the state, as opposed to like 140 in the southern 2/3. Therefore, places like LA and San Francisco can vote to take from us up here and we have no say in the matter. An example recently, is the fire tax-in the northern rural parts of California, we have to pay an annual tax to fund CalFire for fighting fires in rural areas. Except, they don't do any fire-fighting in our area, or in most of the areas that pay the tax. AND, the money doen't go to the fire fighters, it goes to the offices down in LA. So, LA voted for US to pay THEM for a service WE don't receive. And they don't pay it there. This is another great example: LA and much of Southern and central California get a lot of their water from...Oroville! For years it has been know that there was damage to the main spillway, but it has never been repaired because, well, it had never needed to be used. So they ignored it until it has now become a problem. the main spillways is virtually destroyed, and the emergency spillway wasn't even designed with water spillage in mind-it just flowed right down onto a road built below it, and over the hillside, where it has quickly eroded away. They have pretty much killed their golden goose. The south and central taking the North for advantage-WE get to feel the pain of the administration's neglect. By the way, my daughter lives in Oroville in a house owned by my wife and I, her mother's house, who has passed on. So we have yet another stake in it. So prayer, yes, pray the dam gets repaired, pray the coming storm Wed or Thur may be diverted north or south by the hand of God and that mercy may be shown on those hurting with no way to do anything about it. And pray that Jefferson is accomplished and liberty can again be practiced, at least for a little while, and let the rest of the state do as it pleases if it will continue to kick against the pricks.
  5. Depends on where I am. I keep a KJV Bible at work in case I get an opportunity to share my faith or have a study here; it is a simple, unadorned Bible with no references or such. I have my KJV New Open Bible I normally use for my preaching and reaching Bible-it has a lot of extras-more of a study Bible, with notes and definitions, object lessons, a section on biblical archaeology, how to convert weights, measures, money, etc. They stopped printing them some time back which is a shame-I really like it.
  6. Personally, I don't know of any IFB churches that are 'insistent' of wanting to prove they are the "one true church." First of all, we are churchES, not A church-each is independent of one another and often have slightly varying positions on certain areas, which we would not consider 'fundamentals'. But clearly, as the Bible says, in the end days there will be very few true churches, simnce the church character of the age is Laodicean-that is, of course, not to say that there won't still be churches with a Philadelphian spirit, or others, but the overarching character is Laodicean and that's pretty clear to see to be true today, in the era of the rock n roll megachurch. So ANY churches that tow the line of doctrinal purity and biblical separation could be seen as the true churches, as people flock away from them enmasse, looking to have their ears scratched by wolves in $1000.00 white Armani sheepskins. as for being somehow in a contiunal line from the Apostles, I couldn't say, but since we ALL heard the gospel from SOMEONE saved, who heard from someone, etc, etc, etc, pretty much any true born-again believer is, in a sense, in a direct line from Christ and the Apostles. So in that way, any church began from one of these believers could be considered in a line from them, as well. I don't see a problem with that. But none of us has anything we didn't receive, so we have nothing whereof to boast.
  7. Some other weird LDS doctrines: Jesus appeared in the Americas after his resurrection to speak to the remnants of the Israelites living there. They have an old Egyptian papyrus that they call the Book of Abraham, which is actually a copy of a well-known document from the Egyptian Book of the Dead. They insist it is the writings of Abraham and the drawings in it illustrate things about his life, even though the document is well-known as desribes the supposed journey of the soul. To this day, even though it is clearly disproven, they still insist this is what it is, even declaring that while the WORDS may say one thing, the MEANING was given by God so that Smith understood it a different way. Jehovah has physical sex with Mary to produce Jesus, (ignoring the Bible's clear truth that it was the work of the Holy Ghost, a spiritual work, not physical.) And of course, that God the father dwells in a body of flesh, despite the clear teaching that God is a Spirit and has no physical body.
  8. Okay then, consider the great wickedness of Nineveh and the Assyrians-they were some of the absolute cruelest peoples of that area-they wouldn't just conquor a nation, they would take the men women and children and flay them alive and impale them, alive, on posts all over. They would cover posts with their skins. Then God sent Jonah to let them know they were going to all die for their wickedness. Mind you, NO option was given for them to repent and be forgiven, yet repent they did and they WERE forgiven. And Nineveh, if you're not sure, is NOT Israel and has no covenant standing with the Lord. God repsonds to repentance, regardless of where that repentance comes from. If America repents, or there are those who maintain a spirit of repentance, Like Sodom and Gomorrah, will God spare the wicked for the sake of the righteous? I see no reason why not.
  9. "Also, we have to remember that we are in a day that God deals with individuals, not nations, per se." The entire New testament is written and directed to churches and individuals, not to nations. The OT, we see God continually dealing tih entire nations: Israel, Nineveh, Tyre and Sidon, etc. Their national sin brought about national judgment, as we saw in the five cities of the plains, and many others. The books were written with the nations in mind. Today we don't see that-this is a time of grace, when God is calling individuals to salvation. WHile certainly God dealt with individuals, as well, in the OT, the books were written to nations, to cities, to peoples, while the time of faith and grace is God working with individuals unto salvation. God cried to all Israel to be saved-today He calls for me to be saved, for you to be saved, and for each person to be in obedience. It seems a lot more focused on persons, rather than peoples. Does that make sense? I guess for some proof, outside of Israel some 2000 years ago, we haven't really seen God's wrath fall on any nations the way it fell on them in the Old Testament. Those cities were completely consumed, never again inhabited. I can't remember when God has judged a nation like that in the last many couple thousand years. or maybe I'm just missing something, because I think we can ALL think of some that sorely need it!
  10. Well, how many children did those of Israel murder at the hands of Moloch? But when the nation turned to Him, he forgave them. Even more so will he do now. Also, we have to remember that we are in a day that God deals with individuals, not nations, per se. Of course, having wicked rulers doesn't help, because they tend to pass wicked laws and cause sin to be considered alright. Having a leader who turns the other way, turns the laws to righteousness and outlaws sin, now we go back to specifically dealing with individuals still insisting on sinning. Trump can't change the minds of the people, but he can still do the right thing where he has power to do so.
  11. "Brother or sister". Now, I understand that every homeless person has a sign that says "God bless you", but I suspect they are not, generally-speaking, my brother or sister. I lived many years in Reno, NV, a place with a LOT of beggars. I don't say homeless, because, while there are some homeless, these are not who I am speaking of-I mean beggars, people with a car and a house and usually an addiction, be it to drugs, alcohol or gambling, and they beg to cover their addictions, OR, they beg so as not to work otherwise. I know-I worked security in a casino, and we knew these people very well. They come out, spread a blanket, with their dog sitting next to them wearing a little bandana, and a cup. And there they sit, all day, collecting up money. These people make upward of 85-100K per year, tax free, doing nothing. The Bible says, "If a man won't work, neither shall he eat" So no, I don't give to them. Last time I did, a guy gave me a story of how he was stuck there and needed money for gas, so I thought, 'Ah-ha! I will just offer to buy his gas.!" Smart, right? He says, "Okay", comes back two minutes later in a brand new 3/4 ton diesel pick-up truck, still with a temporary tag on it. No, I don't give. Better to give to organizations that help people who really need help. We aren't living in Israel 2,000 years ago-even then, they had to pretty much be known to be in need-now it is just fake vets and drug addicts looking to get money for their addictions.
  12. As people, as believers, we should do what we can to be good to others. But the most important thing we can give is the gospel unto salvation, otherwise all we are doing is making them comfortable in their lost state.
  13. Please understand, I am not frying you-you are clearly sincere, but sincerely wrong, scripturally and legally. The more the government has gotten their hands in things, the worse, ultimately, things have gotten in those areas.
  14. Well, certainly he can, but we need to be repenting and going the other way. Trump has actually made a good first move that way-remember, it took time for Hezekiah to clean out the idols from Israel, and never actually did it all the way, yet God blessed Israel under him for what he DID do. And, despite not really knowing his heart and the condition of his soul, he DID seek, at least in word, to honor God in his inauguration. Let us hope his actions continue in that way.
  15. Personally, I have moved more along the lines of thinking that the Beast will come as the 12th Imam-Islam has gained great strength and influence around the world today-there is an amazingly demonic influence in the world today in reference to Islam-how many crazy feminists and homosexuals are out there decrying 'Islamaphobia', upholding Sharia law, as though it will somehow better empower them, while at the same time, women who have been rescued from Islam speak frankly of the mistreatment of women at their hands-genital mutilation, honor killings, having acid thrown in their faces, raping them, then stoning them for adultery. Homosexuals are gleefully and publicly thrown from the tops of buildings and murdered in other ways. yet these very persecuted people are wanting desperately to embrace them. Christian groups, so-called' are doing the same thing, insisting the Muslims are no different than we, that Allah is the same as the God of the Bible, while they publicly and gleefully murder entire Christians churches and cities. How is this NOT the work of Satan? It seems the perfect set-up: The beast comes in the guise of the 12'th Imam, with "Jesus' tagging along as his prophet, (just as they say he will)-and the false prophet seems to be as well an imitation of Jesus, being said to have horns like a 'lamb'-so Jesus comes along, too. the beast declares an end to the hostilities against Jews and Christians, and of course, the Muslims will listen to the Imam, their messiah, while Jesus calms the hearts of the so-called Christians, insisting that it is all part of God's wonderful plan, heals some people, does some miracles, and everyone swoons. Except TRUE born-again believers, who I believe the Lord will give them the discernment to see through it. Then the beast authorizes the temple to be built in Jerusalem, (who else could get the cooperation between the Muslims and the Jews?), so the Jews declare him to be the Messiah, and the sacrifices begin again. until he walks in and declares himself God and demands sacrifice. But, this is all just a thought, Clearly I can't make it a set doctrine, but it makes sense. To me, anyways.