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  1. Cold cheese sandwich and an orange.
  2. This can be answered by understanding who 'the nations', (separated as sheep and goats), are. I believe this correlates to Zechariah 14:16- "And it shall come to pass, that every one that is left of all the nations which came against Jerusalem shall even go up from year to year to worship the King, the LORD of hosts, and to keep the feast of tabernacles." Someone, during the 1000 year reign of Christ, will be alive, in the flesh, keeping the feast of Tabernacles-and not all will be saved. These of the nations left from those who attacked Jerusalem, are those who were not part of the military, but lived in those nations, really, ALL nations. And those who remain after Christ returns will be separated, according to how they treated and cared for, and about, the people of God during the tribulation time-those who hated them and were pleased by their tribulation and deaths, will be cast away into hell, the goats. Those who cared, who sought to help, who had compassion on them, even at risk of their own lives, will be allowed to enter into the milennial kingdom, though in the flesh. And assumably they will still have to receive Christ by faith, because their works don't save, just preserves them into the kingdom. Mercy for those who showed mercy.
  3. So, a question to the other mods and admins: Ever tempted to post something here, then close the thread off? Maybe it is time to start a new one?
  4. And the false flag folks are out in force about it, citing an Islamic bomber attack drill a mere 12 days earlier, also in Manchester, with a venuse somewhat similar in layout to the concert hall lobby-ie, a set of stairs about the same style and width. Almost as if to practice. However, I haven't seen enough on it to make a statement one way or another on that front. I DO believe there are false-flag 'attacks', where there is no attack. Still believe Newtown was one, and believe me, it took a lot of convincing. But here, it would make sense to me that an insulted Muslim would blow up a target in the name of Islam, in the same city that dared insult his beloved Islam by suggesting they would blow something up in the name of Islam. Yeah, it's just that weird, isn't it? "You say Muslims are terrorists who blow things up in the name of Allah! Why, I will blow you up in the name of Allah for that great insult! ALLAHU ADMIRAL AKBAR!"
  5. My point exactly. I hope I made that clear-I will have to re-read my post. It appears so.
  6. Well, certainly God CHOSE Israel, in fact, He created Israel, taking a Gentile, Abraham, and declaring him to be the beginning of His own people, which later becamse known as Israel, and even later, Jews, They are only different from gentiles because the Lord declard them to be different by His choosing. However, as we look at that nation, we see clearly that they rejected Him time and again-though it was His spoken will that none perish of Israel, yet time and again, they chose to perish by worshiping false idols and rejecting His graciousness and mercy towards them. The father, their God, sent His Son, Jesus, their Messiah, to them, to begin through them to reconcile to world to Himself, yet as a nation, they rejected Christ, and the gospel went forth from there to all the Gentile nations. So, clearly, God chose them, clearly they rejected Him, many times, and ultimately, while a few will be saved, a remnant, yet it will come when they see Him return and finally understand who He is. So Jesus died for the sin of the entire world, and in fact is the Saviour of all men, but specially of them who believe (1Tim 4:10). He died for all, specially of the elect, but it doesn't change the fact that His sacrifice is efficacious for ALL sin of ALL men of ALL time. He chose us through His foreknowledge (For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren). He knew from the start who would follow, and them He predestinated. As a country, we only elect those who seek to be elected-so God's election does not work outside our will-He knows who will seek to be of the elect, and them He elects.
  7. A very good article, written by those seeking a true godly church and finding naught but compromise after compromise, in the name of 'reaching more'. When will pastors learn that we preach the truth and the Lord will reach through the truth. Too many are falling to deep compromise. One hint is so many of these books being used by churches are being written by female authors. That isnt to say that a woman cannot write good, godly books or prepare good lessons, but more and more, the women's teachings are taking over the churches. I have no problem listening to a woman who is knowledgable, personally, but it isn't to be used in the church-it is usurping the man's authority and essentially these women, through their writings, are running these churches.
  8. As I understand, when it is time to empty it, they somehow shift the position of the wax which opens the cells and the honey flows out. I don't know all the ends and outs, but you can go to their site and there is a lot more information.
  9. And even the scular rock musicians, (or maybe they're country, I'm not sure anymore), like to throw in biblical-sounding terms. I hear it a lot at work from people who blast their music. There's one where the lyrics in the chorus are "Holy, holy, holy, holy, I'm hiiiigh on loving you, hiiiigh on loving you..." They like to throw in a lot of hallelujas and hosannas and the like, with a context not at all about the Lord. They try to put on a aire of worship without even know the God to whom all worship is to be directed.
  10. There is a newer type of hive being manufactured now by an Australian group, called the Flow Hive. Here's a video of it. It is less stressful on the bees when removing honey.
  11. Feh, you could write a book!
  12. Yes, I completely remove the cap and fill-spout-thing, and use a long funnel. I also poke a hole at the back of the handle and plug it when it is being moved full, open it to let it vent and pour smoothly. You'll be an hour emptying five gallons the 'approved' way.
  13. I do. But the main reason some don't is that it is pretty much all of the same cloth. Country is different in origin, but it is still bad, and nowadays is pretty much identical as pop and rock music. Rock n Roll is still very much alive, and has really become sort of a general term to cover a lot of different styles.
  14. As I understand it, there are types and styles of music that originated with specifically secular, sensual and often sexual music and venues. For instance, I believe it was Paul McCartney who said, about the beatles music, that their intention, with their music, was to destroy some of the conventions in America, like obedience to parents and authority. There was an intention in the music, not just of theirs, but of all 'popular' music styles, most coming directly from old blues and jazz,, to incite attitueds of rebellion in the youth. Rock music virtually brought about the 'youth culture', the idea of the 'teenager', and the generation gap that came with it. Those old enough to remember may recall a time when youth were treated as basically young adults-they had chores, were expected to act mature, and polite and respectful. With the music cultures came the youth cultures and rebellion against authority of all kinds. As far baclk as the 50's, the music of such tame musicians as Bill Haley and the Comets wrought violence in the streets by the youth attending the concerts. That was intentional and the music was the primary tool to bring it about. Since, the music that has come from those roots, including rock of all stripes, rap, goth, pop, etc, etc, actively and openly promote fornication, violence, murder, drugs, abuse, spiritualism, worship of devils AND the performers, and rebellion in general. So the point it, this type of music has an intention behind it, and this kind of filthy and profane music should never, ever be mixed with the things of God. Biblical lyrics mixed with profane music styles profanes our holy and sanctified God and Saviour, and such should not be. And the only reason it began to be used was to bring in numbers and make people comfortable-it changed the proper use of godly music, which is primarily to praise God or, secondarily, edify the believer, and made it to tickle the ears and raise the emotions. It has become about the listeners and performers, and is only about God for a pretense. The musical style used generally in hymns as we know them for 500+ years, is a style that has developed primarily FOR hymns. Yes, ocasionally someone has snuck in profane tunes, but I would even today say to reject such. Just because someone puts it in a hymnal doesn't mean it's any good. As for instruments, I have no problem with almost any instruments, depending on how they are used. Drums, except when used to accentuate a song, as seen in classical music, I reject because they are designed in their use, to bring a form of hypnosis through the beat. Drums are used in some cultures to summon devils, such as voodoo rituals and some african religions. New Agers use them in their drumming circles to bring a kind of hypnosis to all involved, opening one to posession. Drums I would shun.