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  1. Some look at this as at least a model, the 10 economic regions established by the UN:
  2. I didn't really think you were, just joking. I doubt anyone here is a Hillary person, but I understand why many don't care for Trump, either. No harm, no foul. Agreed-we got a little off point there-easy to do whenever politics are involved. Or religion. Which is why it seems common here, lol. I agree he should be applauded, but also, if he has taken government money, let it be a lesson for us all, ANYTHING we get from the government as a church, including 501C3 status, always comes with, not so much strings, as steel cables.
  3. However, he believes it should be a state issue. not federal, and that makes a lot of difference.
  4. This is why all those libs who hate Trump keep saying they want to move to Canada if he wins. They love this junk!
  5. Last Sunday we had three kids from the neighborhood, 8-10, attend. None of them knew the music, but I noticed that at least one of them picked it up quick and followed the tune very well. The singing was noticably enhanced, but one child, at least. Hoping we can keep them in. They claim to have been saved, but of course at that age we don't take it for granted, but would like to be able to foster the talent. I am afraid that no one is hardly taught music as kids anymore, hence they grow up with no ability to keep time or hear the notes. When I was a kid they taught us the basics of music early on, including rythym. I remember as far back as fifth grade having to play the triangle and the various tapping things, which taught rythym and beat, and singing in choirs. Now so many schools are removing music as unnecessary. And most churches anymore just blare lousy rock and roll and never teach people to use hymnals and to follow music. It is mostly performance, not participation.
  6. Sounds very nice. In our church I am also the music director. Sadly, with one past exception while I have been the pastor, (and except for my wife, who can sing well but doesn't believe me) no one else can carry a tune in a bucket. So for 14 years I've been the music director.
  7. I use Audacity, but I have found that it can distort the music when the speed is changed. We only use a couple sites, that we have had good history with. One is an IFB pastor who plays their entire hymnal, and I think they must have the same as ours because he includes some that I don;t see anywhere else. True, however, when we seek to use the temple worship as our example, we must consider that only very few select people could be involved, ALL of them had to be Levites, and only a few specific instruments were allowed. It was really nothing like what churches do today. We work according to the New Testament model, not the Old Testament temple worship-very different things.
  8. I realize that. It started because I had made a comment about an evolution post, he argued a bit, I just answered his questions, didn't even have a chance to get to the gospel part. I did, however, deal with the issue of salvation in the conversation, but he left. it was online.
  9. I was discussing creation/evolution yeaterday with a fellow, and he came back with "Well, saying someone has to believe in jesus or they'll spend eternity in hell is very divisive! Do you agree?" I suspect he was shocked when I said, "I absolutely agree! The truth is always divisive!" and I went on to quote him much of what we have in this thread. I think he didn't know what to make of it and excused himself from the conversation.
  10. Since we don't have a pianist, nor a piano, for that matter, our morning hymns are accompanied by music from a computer-there are lots of sites out there with very good piano and even organ music, if that's what you like, that will do all the verses. I don't like them all-some are way too slow, and some are too fast, and personally I don't prefer the loss of that control, but we get what we can and are appreciative of it. In evening services I accompany the music on the ukulele. Back when we were a little bigger, a friend and I used to sing together with the uke for the occasional special song. But that's about as far as it goes. I'm not against instruments, but they should not be, as bro. Staffaord says above, figeted with, using prayer time as an opportunity to get ready. We don't need an orchestra, as it were, to seem to magically appear after prayer, lol. It isn't a performance, we don't need to be worried about 'optics' so much. If that's such a concern, let them stay in their seats during the service, as well. I do understand the issue of pride in the performer. Having grown up in a musical family, with professionally trained parents, and all of us sang, covering all the parts, there was a point where I found myself, rather than being edified by a singer or group, instead critiquing them as they sang. My heart was pricked and consequently I stopped singing at all, outside of congregational hymns, completely for years. My wife still thinks I should sing more than I do, but even now I find myself not wanting to feel like the center of attention in a church setting. Now, hand me my uke in a room of people at a secualr event and I can bust out the tunes, but that IS performing, I know the difference. We used to attend a 'fifth-Sunday sing' with some other churches from our general area, but I no longer do for a few reasons. Particularly, two: 1-they stopped being congregational hymn singing with an occasional special number, to a lot of special numbers with an occasional congregational hymn, and 2-they stopped being hymns and went to contemporary junk and 'body worship'. I used to enjoy playing with their little gospel bluegrass group, and even they were used less and less.
  11. Sadly, even in churches where the CCM has not begun to creep in, and the music is still 'good' music, it can often become overblown and too much. A morning service, with a choir intro, 2 hymns, announcements, 2 hymns, a choir special, a couple special music songs, maybe an orchestral song, another hymn, the sermon, then an invitational hymns, repeated as many time as necessary, ad infiniteum. Even with good songs and hymns, it is just too much, I believe. Of course each church must do as they feel right before the Lord and I don't judge them, but in our church, we have a hymn to start, (all verses sung), prayer, announcements, Psalm reading, another hymn, all verses, prayer requests and prayer, and the sermon. And we STILL go pretty long. It just seems to me, going from really how little music is mentioned in the New Testament, and even less in relation to the assembly, that we put a huge emphasis on it. Again, not saying any church is wrong in that, since we don;t have a specific guide so we apparently have some freedom in who much or little we use it, just seems like so much to me. But that's me. As long as a good word is preached and not neglected for the sake of the music, it is probably fine.
  12. Maybe the reason so many people thought it was 'Berenstein", is because 'Bearenstain' is way too close to 'bear stain' and who wants to think about bear stains? Who knows what is in a bear stain? Doesn't it just sound unpleasant? "Bear Stain"? Maybe we just as a society have a common distrust and dislike for 'bear stains' so our minds reject it unconsciously. What have those bears been eating, anyways?
  13. So what you're saying then, having never heard of the Mandela effect, is that people ascribe their own ignorance or, dare I say it, stupidity, not on themselves understanding something wrong, but on an alternate universe where what they remember incorrectly is actually...correct? So you're saying then, that all those times I 'remember' putting my keys where they belonged, I really DID, just in an alternate universe? Wow. It explains everything! Thank you all for giving me a all-inclusive excuse for my errors to my wife. "No honey, I really DID wash the cat, but it must have been in an ALTERNATE DIMENSION!"
  14. I think another issue to consider is the issue of separation of a church from a sinning brother-this command is clearly given to a local church body, because it would be very hard to enforce outside of that.