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  1. Since 'she' requested an email to her account, it may also be a way to return an email with a virus in it. BAd stuff.
  2. I teach that lifestyle IS evangelism, because if we don't live a life that shows Christ, those who know us will never hear the evangelism of the gospel. Lifestyle evangelis is evangelism, just not the only one.
  3. I see the logic there, but that's assuming that God has to use the same people to perform similar miracles. God can perform miracles through whomever He chooses. However, since scripture does say that Elijah will come to prepare the way before Christ's return, it would make sense that one of them was Elijah. I know that Jesus declared John the Baptist to have come in the spirit of Elijah, but I believe John was a type of Elijah, coming before Jesus' first incarnation, (for lack of a better term), but that Elijah will come before Jesus comes the second time. As for the second, I still see no reason it could not be Enoch, the only other person in scripture that never died, since it IS appointed unto men once to die, so he is due his death. But that doesn't mean it is necessarily the case, since those left for His coming won't die but be changed. But I, too believe it will be two literal people. I don't see any reason to hold to something else-I can see interpreting it differently, but the plain sense reading would be two people. And really, this is the difficulty of prophecy, one of the reasons there are few areas that I will be dogmatic in, because as we see in prophecies of the OT, they were chock full of symbols and allegories, while NT prophecies seem a bit more grounded in some areas, but because of the OT examples, we need to be careful, because prophecy tends to be allegory in many cases. I kind of look at much in Revelation as (possibly) being actual events, but since described from a spiritual, heavenly perspective, John may be describing the spiritual powers behind actual physical, and as such, how he sees it may not be how those on earth will see it. I mean, consider the locusts coming from the bottomless pit: how could ANYONE not see they are demonic creatures? Yet they seem to not be particularly fazed by it; that could be of course the delusion they are under, but who knows? I just don't like to rule out anything when it comes to prophecy, because we just don't really know.
  4. I will try as well. Speaking for myself and other IFB's I know and am familiar with what they do, we don't generally follow the Mosaic laws, though we DO consider them as worthy of study, and some aspects are even still good for today. For example: it is still as wrong for a man to wear that which pertaineth to a woman, and vice-verse-why? Because a man is to be man and a woman, a woman. In the NT we see the issue dealt with in hair length-a man is to have short hair, a woman, long hair, each indicative clearly for their sex. At the beginning God made them Male and female, and so we should conduct ourselves always as such, in dress, hair and manners. Example 2: homosexuality was forbidden in the OT, and repeated in the NT, for much the same reason as the last: created Male and female, the woman from the man, for each other. God's intent, our command. The issues of clean/unclean: don't sow your fields with differing seed; don't make garments of differing materials; eat these animals, but not those animals: These were all commanded to teach the issue of separation from sin. God wanted His people to behave in a manner differing from the pagan nations, so He taught them to do so by commanding them to do some things different. Even in their clothing there was given a difference, a ribband of blue and a fringe on the borders of their garments, so when they looked upon it they were reminded of God and His laws. So today, though we don't have the same specific things forbidden, through them we learn that God still expects ecclesiastical and moral separation from the lost and their ways. A for being an antinomian, I'm not sure, I've never nomian'd, so don't know if I'm anti or not. Lol. Seriously, we are to keep the law of Christ and the NT commandments, of which there are many, BUT we are not judged eternally for breaking them, as they were with the Mosaic laws, because today we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ: HE did the work start to finish, and no work we can do will make a difference in our salvation, for or against. However that doesn't mean we should just do as we please-the result of our salvation and our new nature should be to be in obedience to the things of God, and not think out liberty is licentiousness.
  5. Okay so I am all for expository preaching, but there is certainly a place for topic-driven preaching. Isn't that also called 'exhortive' preaching? Like exhortation? Jesus told lots of 'stories', also called parables, to give his doctrine life and context-so why is that wrong today? Not saying it is okay to just give a couple verses then launch off into the deep of stories and nothing else-I remember having the opportunity to hear one of the "Old-Time' preachers, (his name escapes me at the moment), at a conference, and all it turned out to be was a bunch of old man stories that had no point to the lesson and scripture. It was sad-I don't doubt his power earlier in life, but he was just a kindly old man who no longer really preached. THAT was sad. But, certainly, as long as it remains biblical, there is nothing wrong with using modern parables and stories, and preaching by topic, as well as expository preaching. Paul preached subjects, Jesus, Peter and others did, too.
  6. Technically, a cubit is the length from the tip of the longest finger to the end of the elbow, so I guess it would change from person to person, though eventually it was standardized at appx 18". But if, like some suppose, Noah and his sons were much taller, due to a longer lifespan, who knows WHAT their cubit might have been! What is the cubit of someone 7' tall? 8'? What would a cubit have been for Goliath at 9'9"?
  7. I have hemochromatosis, basically the production of too much blood and iron. Currently, as long as I have my blood taken every three months I am fine, but I know people who have to have a pint removed on a weekly basis. I found out I had it when I began having pretty sever chest pains, and of course at my age I was worried I was having small heart attacks. It only affected me when I was walking, like a normal pace, and stopped when I walked slower. When my wife and I spoke to a friend in the medical field, she asked if I regularly gave blood, and I said I did, but I had missed two cycles due to work. She said go immediately and give a pint, so I did, and I swear to you all, when I walked out of the blood mobile I felt ten years younger and 50 pounds lighter! So while I haven't had an actual medical diagnosis, by experience I know this is what it is, so I get the blood drawn every cycle and am fine. SO I guess I have bloodletting performed on me, in a sense. No leeches, please.
  8. I saw from the dimensions that they used the Egyptian cubit to measure it, and not the Hebrew cubit. If the 'ark' found in Turkey, which the Turkish government has officially endorsed as the Ark, is really it, as I understand, it does fit those dimensions, at least length and width, height being difficult to tell since it is collapsed.
  9. NO Christians aren't Nazarites, however, we ARE priests, and according to the Lord, priests were forbidden to drink while in their duties as priests, because alcohol and strong drink would pervert judgment. And since we are always on duty, in season and out of season, we should find that same prohibition for the same reason. Alcohol still perverts judgment, so being NT priests, we need to remain sober and ready at all times to preach the gospel.
  10. Wow. I'm 52 and was taught evolution the whole way through. Wish I'd has the knowledge I have now; as it was, I assimilated the information but still believed in creation, (as much as I knew about it), and later as I began to consider such things in retrospect, it took some time for me to get straightened out. This is one of the reasons I am still a big Kent Hovind supporter, because even though he has a few weird things going on, (which he admits are just personal and in no way makes a complete endorsement of them), he creation teachings are still second to none in making it easily understandable and common sense. I have since discovered some other good creation teachers; one is even a 7th day Adventist, and if you steer clear of his SDA stuff, his creation teachings are spot-on, (though I would only recommend him for the advanced believer who can discern, just in case), as well as some David Cloud stuff.
  11. Calvary Chapel, just for general info for those who don't know, they grew out of the Jesus People hippy movement, where hippies were encouraged to come, never change, and use the same music they played for fun and entertainment, but to make changes to make it 'for Jesus'. They are the birthing place of the Contemporary Christian Music movement. One of the early leaders was one Lonnie Frisbee, a hippy who's testimony of salvation was meeting Jesus while high on LSD, baptized himself, and began travelling around telling other hippies about Jesus, getting stoned for Him and baptizing them. He later fell deeply into homosexuality and was removed from his position as a leader. So needless to say, Calvary Chapel has some serious issues from its foundation, which was not in Christ, but drugs and worldliness. As for witnessing to your Mormon friend, it can be tough since his family are Mormon, so it will give him a natural desire to seek into where his family is. However, it really all depends on whether or not your friend is really seeking truth, or just seeking reformation. People who are really looking for the truth will hear the truth and nothing else will satisfy them. I saw that with my wife who spent years seeking the true God, with nothing personally to go on, and went through many different 'spiritual' practices, mostly New Age, but was never satisfied until she was led to the Lord by a friend, but that took a while, as she had a lot of garbage to remove. And even then she began as a Pentecostal and really liked their spirit of prayerfulness, but thought their teachings were light and frivolous, until, by her own admission, she heard me preach as an IFB and knew this was where she belonged. We married much later after that, so it wasn't that she was swayed by my personal awesomeness, (lol).
  12. Not sure what you mean by "this way". I tried going back through posts to decipher it, but not seeing it well enough to understand it.
  13. Nebuchadnezzar, Balaam, Pharaoh, (a few of them), Darius, God has spoken to those who were not His children, many times, sometimes directly, sometimes through His prophets.
  14. So does the Bible, itself.
  15. You gotta say this for many of the Catholic/Catholic Lite religions-they have some great hats!