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  1. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Prayer Need   

    At this point, I never found out what happened. Need to call her. But I have heard they are moving out of the area to Redding CA, I guess to be nearer doctors, and somewhere that it doesn't snow.
  2. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: They have one job   

    Both my wife and I cook. Fortunately my wife is an excellent cook, always from scratch. Right now with issues with our water in the trailer and an oven that doesn't work, we are limited, but once we get those things ironed out we'll be doing great.
  3. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: The Green Thing   

    I run my whole farm on solar, not because its 'green', or to 'save the environment', but because it would cost $40,000.00 to get power lines brought to my property, and then a monthly bill on top of it, for use of a grid that goes out waaay too often. I use solar because its getting cheaper, and more efficient, and with a bank of back-up batteries, I can use power late enough that I haven't stayed up late enough yet to lose my power after dark.
    I will probably add some wind at some point, because we get a LOT of wind, but I will probably build my own windmill, because the commercial ones are only about 25% efficient. BUt not to be green.
  4. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Why King James Only?   

    ​Oh Boy, Let's not get into THAT again, LOL. We have had some spirited discussion on it, and I think it is because of this very statement, not found in the BIble.
    Unless we WA NT to get into it, I don't mind.
  5. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Why King James Only?   

    There are certainly interesting things to read in the apocryphal books, but except in the Catholic church, no one has ever considered them as canon or trustworthy. They certainly add strange doctrines, as well as some areas that are blatantly in opposition to Bible doctrine.
    As I understand, the book of Judith is about a prophet during the time of Jeremiah, who is supposedly given direction from God to tell the people that they are to stand and fight the invading Babylonian armies, while we know that Jeremiah told them to stand down and surrender and accept God's discipline, and He would protect them and the land and the temple, and bring them back. So Judith was telling them just the opposite of what Jeremiah was telling them. One is wrong.
    So they are interesting, but dubious, at best, outright false at worse.
  6. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Thoughts on the New Format   

    ​Thanks, Matt. Just after I posted this, I found the new content and recent feed, so, I jumped the gun. Still, thanks.
  7. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Thoughts on the New Format   

    Don't know about anyone else, bt not feeling it for the new format. Maybe I'm not picking it up, but I miss the easy listing of the most recent posts, and the threads I have posted to, which seems to be missing. It seems like there's more work and searchng to find what I want to post in and read.
    BUt maybe its just me. Anyone else have thoughts on the format?

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  1. Ukulelemike

    Took a nice walk across my property today with my dogs-first time since I've had it. 80 acres is big!

  2. Salyan » Ukulelemike

    Okay, now I'm really confused. Are you Mr. Green, Batman, or Superman? :frog:

    1. Ukulelemike

      Haha! I must keep you guessing? No, I liked this picture, because its OBviously Superman messing with Batman by wearing his cape and cowl. Just found it humorous.

  3. Ukulelemike

    Great day today, with unexpected showers bringing the temp down nicely!

  4. Ukulelemike

    I eat my peas with honey. I've done it all my life. I admit that they taste funny, but it keeps them on my knife.

    1. Eric Stahl

      The best use for peas is to eat pork chops and mashed potaetos and gravy.

    2. Ukulelemike

      Actually, I despise peas-this is just a little poem my father used to say, prOBably because I hated peas. Odd, never thought of that before.