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  1. We've been working a series on biblcal archaeology on our mid-week services over the lasy couple months. Very fascinating stuff there-going over various Bible locations that, not long back, were considered mytholigical locations, until they were discovered. Assyria, Ur of the Chaldees, Ceasarea Maritima, Sodom and Gomorrah, Nineveh discovering the many, many extra-biblcal accounts of biblical events. There especially seems to be a LOT on King Hezekiah. When you see pictures of the places, the locations, even in some cases, picture of what the Israelites looked like and dressed like, it really brings those things to life in a way just words can't-and I believe the Lord is using archaeology to increase faith, and to give unbelievers less ability to claim ignorance.
  2. That's what the generator was for. I think it needs a new voltage regulator.
  3. Tonight we had cheese. Just...cheese.Our generator, which we use to cook on at night, went on the fritz, and all we had was some cheese. Some nights, it's just about the fuel.
  4. No one seems to consider that God, Himself, Jesus Christ, PERSONALLY walked the earth and preached the truth and called many to Himself for years, but in the end only 120 responded positively. So I guess Jesus was just playing with them and didn't really mean it. Also consider to your statement the rich young ruler, who willingly chose his riches over Jesus. A clear invitation was made, and a clear willing rejection.
  5. I believe one of the biggest issues that Calvinists reject or ignore, or just argue pointlessly against, is the drawing of God. Jesus said that only those who the father draws can come to Him. Okay, I get that and believe it. But who is drawn? Well, Jesus said, "And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto me." Now, if we believe that Jesus IS God, the Everlasting Father, then His drawing is sufficient to draw whoever He draws, and in His own word, He draws ALL men, (no qualifying statement to say that 'all' only means a certain number or group of 'all') unto Himself. So, literally, everyone is drawn. Someone tried to argue that this speaks of being drawn directly through the giving of the gospel-okay, then if that's the case, according to Calvinism, EVERYONE who ever hears the gospel is drawn, therefore has no choice but to receive. But this is clearly false-most who hear the gospel reject the gospel. So, while all are drawn, not ALL who are drawn are saved-ergo, some MUST have the bility to accept or reject that drawing. Another point is, in John 1:9 we see Jesus is the light of the world who lightens every man THAT COMETH INTO THE WORLD. Every. Man. That qualifying statement means, literally, everyone. Everyone is enlightened to the truth, given the ability to receive the truth of the gospel. yet according to Calvinism, they are NOT all given the ability to receive it. But since we see here that they ARE all lighteth by Christ, that means some can clearly reject Him. I get that faith is of God-I believe this is what it speaks of in John 1:9-that Jesus gives to all men faith to be able te receive Him. But clearly not all do. So either Jesus gives ALL faith and draws ALL, then porposely REJECTS some from being able to act upon those things, and then casts them to hell for doing what He didi not enable them to do, which I do not believe, or he gives all faith, draws all, and in His sovereignty, gives us the ABILITY to receive Him or reject Him. A free gift is just that: a free gift-a forced gift is not free, and a gift held out but yanked away, is no gift at all.
  6. There is a fellow named Bill Schnoebelen who was apparently, by his own testimony, a practicing high level witch who practiced vampirism, and a high level Mason. He reached a point, (apparently through the influence of some Christiand praying fervently for his salvation), where he wanted out. He had heard that the best way to get out was through the Mormons, (probably since they were just as bad anyways), so he became a Mormon. He found that, due to his Masonic past, he was able to be inducted into the temple mysteries very quickly, and advanced fast. While there, he began to study the KJV very seriously, and chose to avoid the other LDS books, much to the chagrin of the Mormon leadership. It was through study of the KJV Bible that he became convinced the LDS were wrong as well, and got saved and got out. Now he teaches a lot on the evils of Masonry and witchcraft and mormonism. Supposedly, again according to his testimony, his hair and beard are white due to a ritual he performed while a witch where he encountered a devil and the experience turned his hair white, and his son, who was performing the ritual with him..disappeared-he never saw him again after the ritual. I don't know how much of what he says is true, but it is interesting nonetheless.
  7. We keep a certain number of firearms, but mostly for the standard farm purposes: coyotes, the occasional mountain lion, badgers, ravens, for butchering a goat, or an animal need to be put down. Most of the predator issues are taken care of by our livestock guardian dogs, but should they fail, we have the firearms. There IS the occasional human threat, living way out where we do, so they are also kept for such emergencies-where we live a lot of people like to go out and shoot at cans and such, but if they are too close, a high warning shot usually gets them doing the right thing. I only carried a weapon once when I thought there might be a reason to have it, but I ended up witnessing to him the gospel and he left of his own accord. Suddenly there was something more important than to be hanging around the farm with no purpose. Never had to even show it. The Sword worked better than the gun.
  8. Here's an old one: Why do you drive over an underpass, and under an overpass? Why do we drive on the parkway, but park in the driveway?
  9. None of these people were sinners due to the ukulele. Every known instrument can be associated with wicked people-Elton John, Jerry Lee Lewis and Paul McCartney play a mean piano, yet pianos remain one of the most accepted instruments in churches. And for what it's worth, (and this is not an endorsement of his), Tiny Tim wasn't bisexual-he was extremely Aspergers-his effeminate mannerism were due to his childhood-as a child he was rather ignored by his parents-watching a lot of movies and listening to music, he somehow caught on the idea that Shirley Temple got a LOT of attention, so if acted like her, so would he. That kind of stuck in his life. He was, otherwise, generous to a fault, and there is evicdence that he may have gotten saved toward the end of his life. But time will tell, These in no way disregard his faults in marriage, though his aspergers would explain why women didn't stay with him. As for ukulele in general, I'm not trying to defend it-it was the instrument I taught myself, having no instrumental background, shortly before becoming a pastor, because I didn't know if I was going to be part of a church that had a musician or not, or even statrting a new work. I thought guitar first, but I have fat stubby fingers and so chose the uke, since it has a smaller fret measurement and 2 less strings, thus easier to play. And over the years I have better learned to control the rythyms and such to make it simpler and less jazzy, with a proper 1/3 rather than 2/4. It took time and care because the natural tendency is 2/4. BUt, all that being said, I respect your position on it and thanks for your words.
  10. So you don't figure ukulele is a proper instrument for singing hymns with? And no, I'm not offended if you do, just curious, or is it my playing? Because I am always interested in honest, constructive criticism. Otherwise we never grow.
  11. You mean this kind of music?
  12. Town is 60 miles away-we don't go much. Besides, I would miss the chickens chasing bugs!
  13. Brother Stafford, ever make ukuleles? I would love to try but I have no shop, nor money to build one at this point-my goats eat everything, all my green. I have some slabs of purple heart wood I wanted to use but of course, no tools to cut that hard stuff.
  14. Never seen chickens play with anything. They are happiest out chasing bugs and digging in the dirt to eat.
  15. Those are great, especially Elvis, though he should have had a lot more leather squeak