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  1. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    And people sacrificed cattle before the law, as well. The tithing that Abraham did before the law was a voluntary thing, but the tithing we usually point to in scripture for use today is all of the law-had Abraham not given a tithe to Melchesidek, would he have been seen as 'robbing' God? No, he chose to give because he wanted to. Later, however, the Jews are told that they are robbing God of His tithe-thus, it was a mandatory giving of not money, but foodstuffs, even though people gave money for the use of the house of God at the same time, but always freewill offerings. So when a church teaches a tithe today, it is attaching a legality to it that doesn't exist in the churches today; nowhere can an idea of tithing be found anywhere in the New Testament, and in fact, we are specifically told that we don't give out of necessity. "But this I say, He wich soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully. Every man as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver." (2Cor 9:6,7) NOT of necessity. A tithe imples necessity, demand, law. And I have seen it practiced and taught as such before, many times, that our 10% tithe is expected, and anything about that is an offering. That isn't scripture.
  2. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    I didn't say YOU were silly, I said your assumption is silly, and you did, indeed, make the assumption, though it may not have been intentional, it is how it came across. You said "Don't you non-tithers see the absurdity of not tithing and giving to missions?" so you have said, in effect, if you don't believe in tithing, you don't give, (to you a tithe=giving), and we certainly don't give to missions. And that is completely incorrect, thus, it is silly. And it wasn't your analysis that was silly, it was your accusation that "non-tithers' don't give. Tithing is NOT the only means of giving, even in the OT, regardless of how you feel about it: there were freewill offerings of all sorts: the issue with the tith is that it was NOT freewill, it was mandatory-thus, you believe that tithing is a mandatory giving for all believers, but that is completely false, it is not to be found anywhere in New Testament scripture. And I don't speak this as a moderator, but as a member and a fellow believer. It just isn't there.
  3. And the ark rested......

    It has been speculated that the ark may have had a moonpool, which would replace the air regularly inside to keep it from getting too ripe. Just speculation, of course, but I am sure someone thought about the conditions of the air in an enclosed space full of animals for a year.
  4. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    But this, now, would be considered pragmatism. That would be fine if no other principle was taught. However, the OT taught clearly that a 'tithe' was of meat and crops, while a freewill offering could be those, but was also money. In the OT, look up the word 'tithes': every time it is mentioned, it is in context to grain, meat (crops), the fruit of the field, etc. Always. The New testament doesn't teach ANY tithe anywhere, just freewill giving, as one has been blessed, and as one loves the work and the Lord, so you give. Not of necessity. A tithe WAS a necessity. So we can't just all pray and see what God wants us to do when He has spoken already-though we Do each need to lok and see how much the Lord would have us give. You make the silly assumption that if we don't tithe, we don't give. If I believ in the Bible, then I give. If I love the Lord and His work, I give-THAT is the New Testament principle of giving. Your assumption sounds very much like an SDA who would say, "Oh, you don't keep the OT Law? then you are clearl lawless and are against God!", and of course, you would agree that is foolish-we keep to the many commands of the New Testament, but not the Old, as it is no longer in effect. So, the OT tithe is not in effect for believers, and never way-we practice New testament giving as we are given to. But either way, it is still giving.
  5. The Biblical Tithe: Cash or Crops?

    The point isn't in the tithing, it is in the giving. Nowhere in the New Testament (which does not include the 4 gospels as those were still OT under the law), is tithing ever endorsed. It is only mentioned in Hebrews a couple times, referring back to Abraham. If it was a biblical precept for the church, it surely would have been IN the letters to the church as a requirement. Yet it is completely missing-completely, 100% not there. Whatsoever. By saying, 'Well, it works for me!', you are making it pragmatic. If it works for you, it MUST be the biblical truth. Except you can't back it with scripture, and I thought that was where we IFB-types get our truths. Christians should not deal in pragmatism and teach it as truth. The point is, we are to be givers-free will, as the Lord gives, we should give again. As we are blessed, so we should bless. It is much more akin to the OT examples of when the temple was in need of repairs, and a box would be put out for people to give into, a freewill offering, or the freewill offerings they would give in sacrifices. They were separate from a tithe, as it was completely by choice-as you felt blessed by the Lord, so you gave. As you wished to help repair the house of God, so you gave, as you chose. Kind of like what the early church did when they sold their lands and properties and laid it at the feet of the Apostles-it was a freewill offering. THIS is what the New testament teaches, not a tithe. Some may say, 'Well, I don't see it as any different; I don't give because I think I HAVE to give, but because i WANT to give!' And that's very good, exactly as it should be! But in a church where a tithe is taught, stop giving for a while and you'll probably hear about it, because you haven't given "YOUR TITHE" (that was meant to sound like a deep, bass voice with heavy echos). If a tithe is taught, it is a requirement in the eyes of that church. If you are a pastor who teaches a tithe, but don't believe it is a requirement, then stop teaching a tithe and start teach a freewill offering. You might see your finances drop real quick when people know they don't HAVE to give. At least, this has been MY experience.
  6. And the ark rested......

    My biggest issue is that it is built more as a boat, than an 'ark', which is a box, a chest or coffer. Not a boat. It didn't need a bow or stern, because it wasn't 'going' anywhere, just had to float. Not to speak ill of the hard work done, but God didn't tell Noah to build a boat, but an ark. But that's just my thoughts. Still would go see it if I was in the area, but I wouldn't travel to see it. I still think they found the real one in Turkey, but not sure there, either, of course.
  7. The Amazing Cell

    Oddly, he later did a video saying that mathematics prove the existence of God. Haven't watched that one yet. Accepting the truth of God, and trusting Him as Saviour are two different things.
  8. The Amazing Cell

    I believe this is the video on creation being an energy free event:
  9. The Amazing Cell

    Yes I remember, I think Micio Kaku talking about how a Big Bang is a zero-energy event, that it takes no energy for something to expand at multiple-times the speed of light and expand to create the univers-zero energy, of course, trying to overcome the laws of Thermodynamics. The theoretical physicists sometimes crack me up, if they didn't take themelves so seriously, and people didn't take them as experts in actual physics. They just literally make stuff up and call it science. And of course, since science considers a theory the same as a fact, (why they don't just call it is fact is beyond me), well, that just gives them more reputability.
  10. The Amazing Cell

    What I thought was amazing was how the scientists and biologists can explain, more or less,the mechanics of how everything happens, but can't begin to say WHY or HOW they do, how there can be such perfect...synchronicity, for lack of a better work, how everything can know exactly it's job, how everything can be so completely ordered and in place, like a city, with power plants, (the mitochondria) and a capitol (the nucleus), roadways (tubules), Factories to process DNA to usable proteins (Ribosomes), and so forth. If everything doesn't do exactly it's job, each time, in the exact place and way, the cell will cease to function, and mitosis can't occur. As well, no part of a cell exists anywhere outside the cell-so where did they come from to assemble into a cell? How could they assemble and automatically know how to perform each precise function immediately and perfectly from the very first cell? That would be like hiring 1,000 or so people off the street, throwing them into a car factory with no training or knowledge of what they were supposed to do, yet each one goes automatically to the station they need to be at and begin to do their job exactly as needed, and immediately begin to produce perfect cars. And honestly, THAT would be easier than a cell being evolved, because at least the humans have brains and can think-the parts of a cell have their jobs pre-programmed to do exactly what they must.
  11. The Amazing Cell

    Darwin once said that if anything was found that could not possibly be formed by gradual change and evolving, it would destroy the theory of evolution. Of course, that's not a direct quote, but the spirit of it is there. Well, in Darwin's time, the cell was a locked box, a black box that could be discerned, but not clearly viewed, so it was considered a simple structure; the term, "Simple, singe-celled organism' came to refer to the least complicated form of life known. Of course, since then, the cell has been quite well investigated, and what has been found is not only NOT simple, it is amazingly complex and organized, with multiple activities occurring simultaneously and continually, and each activity works with the others to produce energy, and more cells.It is so organized and precise, that it is irreducibly complex, and it defies the possibility of evolution. ' I have attached an amazing video if you have never seen it, called the Inner Life of the Cell. Its about 7 minutes long, but it is an amazing piece of animation showing what takes place in the cell all the time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzcTgrxMzZk&t=197s
  12. Christian

    Hi, Rochelle. First, the full armor of God is simply a person being fully protected and immersed in their salvation, and living that salvation. Some parts we receive once we are saved, others are what we put on daily as we live as believers: The Breastplate of Righteousness-we are made righteous through Christ's sacrifice and it's application to us when we are born again. The helmet of salvation-of course, we receive the helmet AT the moment of salvation. Loins girt with truth: of course, truth is the everlasting word of God, through which we both come to knowledge of Christ, and it is that by which we live every day, which is why it is important to have a correct Bible, (KJV) Feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace-this is a daily thing, daily we must be prepared to go wherever the Lord would send us with His gospel that others might be saved. The Sword of the Spirit, is of course, God's word-the rest of the armor is defensive, but the Sword is our only offensive weapon, which we must pick up daily, and keep sharp through regular study. We use it to stand against Satan and his lies, by knowing and studying the truth. Question 2: Can a beliver date a non-Christian? No. The Bible is clear that a believer is not to be yoked together with an unbeliever. It is not God's will that a believer knowingly and intentionally date or marry an unbeliever-it will place you out of balance and God won't bless it. Find a godly Christian man.
  13. The beauty of creation

    Where is that at?
  14. The beauty of creation

    Sunrise in Herlong, taken looking Southeast from my road, while heading to work one morning recently. The water there is the very end of the recently re-formed Honey Lake, a shallow lake that has been empty for the last ten years, and filled up this last wet winter. Our property sits just at the edge of it.
  15. Origin of the Bible

    Another fact, that can be clearly discovered, is that as early as the middle to the end of the second century, before there was a Catholic church to canonize anything, the entire New testament scriptures, all the books, without an Apocrypha, had already been translated in full into Syricak and Itala, and was being translated into other languages. This tells us that it was complete and recgnized as such well before the Nicea council did anything. As far as i can tell, the point of what the Council did, was to clear up the confusion being made by the many so-called 'Gnostic' books that were popping up in the 2nd and 3rd centuries, that claimed authorship by the Apostles and those close to them-I believe the point of the coincil was to determine, through all these book, which were truly scripture and which were false. All they ultimately did was to recognize the scriptures already being used, as the canon of scripture. Everyone else alr4eady had-the waters were just muddied by the false writings claiming authenticity.