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  1. You'll get shot quicker when you're running around naked with a sword! Lol. Seriously, though, no I know this verse, and believe me, I'm not anti-gun, nor against self-protection. I've just never been quite sure as to how to understand that verse, since, after saying this, they said to Jesus, "Here are two swords" and Jesus said It is enough. Two swords for twelve apostles? And then Peter was rebuked for drawing a sword against the army when they came for Jesus. Again, I am not disagreeing with you, not trying to imply somehow that I am more spiritual than you because I don't take a sidearm to go witnessing-each of us has to do as we believe best, especially knowing our own areas. If I had to witness in Chicago, I might just carry a weapon. Here I don't. But please don't think I am imlying anything.
  2. Perhaps, but I will place my trust in the Lord when I give the gospel. I'm not saying you're wrong to do what you do, but interestingly, these promises: "Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you." is done in context of witnessing for the Lord. So I believe that God will protect us as we go forth for Him.
  3. Hard to bring it down to a single verse as too often a verse is just part of a thought. So I think the most important passage would be : "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not." (John 1:1-5) Why? because here we see several vital, foundational truths: 1: God created all-He is above all, Creator, God and therefore all creation is responsible to Him. 2: Jesus, the Word, is God, and He, as God, is Creator 3: Jesus is Life and Light-therefore, apart from Him there is neither light or life. 4: Finally, knowing all this, we can safely know that it is to Him that we are to seek eternal life, for he created life, and IS life, and he alone can give life to the spirit. All truth is wrapped up in what is found in this passage.
  4. Indeed-much lays upon a literal interpretation of scripture, particularly the creation story. if you reject the basic foundation of truth, then, as Pilate said, "What is truth?" Once you ascribe Genesis to stories, myths, poetry, allegory, whatever interpretation you take, including gap/day-age/theistic evolution, then nothing is sacred from such re-interpretation. I suspect many who have rejected it never really studied it out, never came to an understanding of how chapters 1&2 are not only NOT different interpretations of creation, but work hand-in-hand to tell the complete story. And of course, today there is an amazing amount of scientific evidence to prove it out. I have, over the last couple months, been doing a series on Biblical Archaeology, and it is amazing how things like language and writing and civilizations prove out the literal biblical timeline.
  5. I will hold my Bible high up in the air and come in slow if I worry about it-usually then they either welcome me or just ask me to be on my way, but when they know that's why you're there and not a cop or out for trouble, they'll usually not feel threatened. I've not been threatened at this point, personally.
  6. We have some of each, with some in between. We have a small housing area, about 5 streets in parallel, maybe 150 houses, we can get them all in about an hour with 4 people, maybe less. Then we have an outlying area where there's a bit more space, and fewer houses, so we might get fifty in a few hours, then in the boonies we might drive 15-20 minutes between houses/trailers. And some may shoot at you, some may not. Some are out making meth, so you try to avoid them.
  7. Yes, putting the gospel tract/church invitation into the letterbox. However, that is actually illegal in some places, to use the letterbox for anything but mail. We do something like this when we do go out, but since we live in an RFD (rural free delivery) area, most have no mailboxes, so we have to put them on fences, into screen doors, tie it onto the barking pitbull's collar, wherever we can find a place to attach it.
  8. I started out as the pastor of the church with about 25 members, we now have maybe 8, all of whome have started since I came-none of the original people stayed-most left quickly-I suspect because the former pastor was really more Southern Baptist, while I am decidedly IFB. Some remained for quite a while. Many I lost over the last years, 2016, when I began to work toward getting us all doctrinally on the same page, which a lot of people didn't like, apparently. The ones with us now have all been born again under my ministry, so it is really the only doctrine they know.
  9. I will agree that we never had anyone come to our church, or actually get saved, from our door-knocking efforts here. I suspect, in Bible days, that visiting and the basic idea of hospitality was much more common than today. Like Orval said above, I live in a very rural area-the main part of town, if you want to call it that, is very small, maybe 500-800 people, then more live in a wider area on plots of land, like my wife and I: we live on an 80 acre farm about 4 miles out of town down 3 miles of bad road; we used to have some persistent JW's who would come by, mostly because they had been friends with my wife and she had done some Bible studies with them, and they hoped they could turn us to their way of thinking-no dice. But many here live like we do, and many have guns and prefer to be left alone. In town, pretty much everyone knows we are here and what we do. I work with many locals, and those who come, do so because I have made contact with them at work. Small town folks are suspicious folks and it can take years to get the trust of some enough that they will hear you. So we do what we can, though we are thinking about making the rounds again since it's been a while.
  10. Pope and his minions-lol!
  11. For what its worth, I offerred to be interviewed, and contacted her by her email, but she has never responded. Not sure what's up-maybe she hit numerous Baptist sites and already found someone.
  12. At this point, as I understand, the Corps of Engineers is working on trying to close the breech in the emergency spillway, and they have gotten the lake level down by around 15', and want to get it down more before the next storm supposed to come in Thursday. They won't be able to do any actual repairs until the rainy season is over. Yes, I'd noticed that Trump went quickly from "Not California's President" to "Please help us, MR. President". If California wasn't wasting billions on a pointless bullet train that will probably obsolete once it is finally completed, they could have done repairs beforehand.
  13. I have been a part of this movement for a while; the primary issue is under-representation-we have all of 6 representatives, total, in the entire northern third of the state, as opposed to like 140 in the southern 2/3. Therefore, places like LA and San Francisco can vote to take from us up here and we have no say in the matter. An example recently, is the fire tax-in the northern rural parts of California, we have to pay an annual tax to fund CalFire for fighting fires in rural areas. Except, they don't do any fire-fighting in our area, or in most of the areas that pay the tax. AND, the money doen't go to the fire fighters, it goes to the offices down in LA. So, LA voted for US to pay THEM for a service WE don't receive. And they don't pay it there. This is another great example: LA and much of Southern and central California get a lot of their water from...Oroville! For years it has been know that there was damage to the main spillway, but it has never been repaired because, well, it had never needed to be used. So they ignored it until it has now become a problem. the main spillways is virtually destroyed, and the emergency spillway wasn't even designed with water spillage in mind-it just flowed right down onto a road built below it, and over the hillside, where it has quickly eroded away. They have pretty much killed their golden goose. The south and central taking the North for advantage-WE get to feel the pain of the administration's neglect. By the way, my daughter lives in Oroville in a house owned by my wife and I, her mother's house, who has passed on. So we have yet another stake in it. So prayer, yes, pray the dam gets repaired, pray the coming storm Wed or Thur may be diverted north or south by the hand of God and that mercy may be shown on those hurting with no way to do anything about it. And pray that Jefferson is accomplished and liberty can again be practiced, at least for a little while, and let the rest of the state do as it pleases if it will continue to kick against the pricks.
  14. Depends on where I am. I keep a KJV Bible at work in case I get an opportunity to share my faith or have a study here; it is a simple, unadorned Bible with no references or such. I have my KJV New Open Bible I normally use for my preaching and reaching Bible-it has a lot of extras-more of a study Bible, with notes and definitions, object lessons, a section on biblical archaeology, how to convert weights, measures, money, etc. They stopped printing them some time back which is a shame-I really like it.
  15. Personally, I don't know of any IFB churches that are 'insistent' of wanting to prove they are the "one true church." First of all, we are churchES, not A church-each is independent of one another and often have slightly varying positions on certain areas, which we would not consider 'fundamentals'. But clearly, as the Bible says, in the end days there will be very few true churches, simnce the church character of the age is Laodicean-that is, of course, not to say that there won't still be churches with a Philadelphian spirit, or others, but the overarching character is Laodicean and that's pretty clear to see to be true today, in the era of the rock n roll megachurch. So ANY churches that tow the line of doctrinal purity and biblical separation could be seen as the true churches, as people flock away from them enmasse, looking to have their ears scratched by wolves in $1000.00 white Armani sheepskins. as for being somehow in a contiunal line from the Apostles, I couldn't say, but since we ALL heard the gospel from SOMEONE saved, who heard from someone, etc, etc, etc, pretty much any true born-again believer is, in a sense, in a direct line from Christ and the Apostles. So in that way, any church began from one of these believers could be considered in a line from them, as well. I don't see a problem with that. But none of us has anything we didn't receive, so we have nothing whereof to boast.