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  1. So, essentially, you're lying to the leadership of BOTH churches, in order to live this double live that would get you kicked out of both. You don't see something wrong with all this? Christianity is about ending mysteries, not adding to them. Ye cannot eat at the table of the Lord and the table of devils, yet this is what you're doing, and willingly, knowingly. You say you attend the mass-do you partake of the Eucahrist ceremony?
  2. yeah but the chickens LOOOVE them! And they come in other colors too, but the green ones, as big as they are, when they're on your plants, are almost invisible. I have stared five minutes at a plant before realizing that it was covered with them. But we also found that, with proper soil nutrition, the plants will actually repel the moths from laying their eggs in them, and we remain pest-free.
  3. Here is your tomato hornworm. They are from the sphinx moth. They prefer plants from the deadly nightshade family, tomatoes, potatoes, tobacco and the like. As you can see they're quite large and can do a lot of harm to your plants very quickly.
  4. I am blessed to be married to a fromer New Ager; my wife spent many years going through many different flavors of the New Age, even praying to a scroll in a box, weird stuff. She has been a great font of information and help to me and my ministry, but I have seen resistance, as well. Our former pastor of the church I pastor now, against whom I hold nothing personal, when I was first there, they had a Halloween party. The first year, wanting not to change too much too fast, we allowed a "harvest festival', which the church insisted upon, though no one came for; the next year, we invited a friend of my wife's, a Christian man who was involved in helping people escape from occultism, people involved for their entire lives, sometimes born into it. We invited him for the 'Halloween' service to explain the dangers of Halloween and the demonic and new age influences. the former pastor called us "Bapticostals", (even though pentecostals are some of the worst for Halloween keeping), and would have nothing to do with it. All because we wanted to warn of the dangers of those things. Some believers want to hold to very dangerous things sometimes. Another time, a Christian friend, an associate pastor from a church I had attended, (no names because we are dealing with unintentional error, no blatant false doctrines), his ministry was sort of a ministry to Christian professionals, how to be a godly business person. In one of his newsletters, he sent a recommendation of a book, I don't recall it now, and we could download the first ten pages to see if we wanted to buy it. Thanks to my wife, who had taught me of this stuff, right off the bat there was a problem: before even the book began, there was a quote positively given, attributed to Lao Tsu, the founder of Tao Buddhism. That was all I needed. Prayerfully, I contacted the pastor and informed him of the New Age danger the book might present and asked if he knew who Lao Tzu was. About 3 weeks later I got a reply, saying he was terribly sorry-he had actually not read the book, but had liked the author's former books so assumed this one was good also. He read the book, repudiated it, and contacted all the pastors on his email newsletter and staunchly apologized and told them to have nothing to do with the book. I was glads that time turned out better. We preachers have a big responsibility to try to be as correect as we can be. No shortcuts,
  5. Ultimately it went poorly, but that's because the Jews knew who he was and rejected him, but they had to lie about it to do so. P{aul actually ritually shaved his head to show himself purified, and even had TImothy do the same, so he (Paul), could go to the temple. Remember, he said, with the Jews he would be as a Jew so he might reach some of the Jews. So apparently there was some fruit. The difference with the Mormons, is that Judaism IS true-just passed away, while Mormonism is false from its inception, like Catholicism or JWs and they should be removed from immediately upon conversion to true Christianity.
  6. Well, they CAN be trained. But no, those guys don't have that much wool, as opposed to just before shearing. however, yes they can be trained to accept water, as can goats-they just don't like it by nature. I know ours run at the first drops of rain.
  7. Incorrect: the RCC worship[s a Jesus that is subservient to his mother-that is NOT the Jesus of the Bible. They worship a Jesus who abdicates his authority and power to a pope and priests. They worship a Jesus who is brought down by the priests in every congregation each week, or as often as they choose, to be crucified anew in an unbloody sacrifice, because His once for all sacrirfice is not, apparently, sufficient. They worship a Jesus who did not fully provide salvation for all at the cross, by grace through faith. Their Jesus is a false idol, a skinny, effeminate mama's boy always dying on a cross. And you need to repent and get out of their doctrine and their idolatry. A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump, and it sounds like their wicked, Nicolaitan leaven as you duped. It is bad enough when a believer accepts a little leaven, you're willingly remaining in the most corrupt bastardization of christianity that has ever existed.
  8. Well, how many of us have heard about how stupid sheep are? That we're like sheep, stupid and would just kill ourselves if not protected by a shepherd? I can tell you, as one who has some sheep, they are not stupid. In fact, try going hunting for wild sheep: bighorn, or the many other wild sheep, you''ll find a challenge like no other-they are absolutely canny! The difference is, KEPT sheep, and goats, are not stupid, they are raised to be reliant upon the shepherd-my animals depend on me to feed, shelter and water and protect them. The point of still waters is, again, protection. A sheep will drink from running water, but like goats, they HATE water, hate rain, and if a sheep is drinking from a running river and falls in, their wool will drag them under quickly. So still waters are considerably safer for them, and a wise shepherd protects them in all ways possible.
  9. When applied properly, they aren't bad, or even false. Some follow the pattern of Paul: keeping the law, not for the sake of the law, but to better reach other Jews. Religious Jews, like in Paul's day, will often reject much contact with Christians because they are seen as unclean: our food, and drink, the same things in Christ's day; this is why the Lord first lifted the food restrictions when peter went to preach to Cornelius-it was a major wall of separation that even Peter got in trouble for by the other Jewish believers in Jerusalem, until he explained what the Lord did. But those who hold to such things still have that wall in place. So, like Paul, they are willing to maintain ceremonial and legalistic cleanliness, so as to reach their Jewish brethren in the flesh. Like Jews for Jesus-they seem to understand they need not keep the laws or feasts, but do so to be able to maintain an acceptable presence among the Jews, and thus, reach them with Christ.
  10. I have to agree with Invicta and Happy: the Bible is very clear that the followers of Christ are supposed to come out of false religions, and the Catholic organization, (I won't call it a church), is an idolatrous cult, whether you personall adhere to it or not. The offices of Pope, Bishop and priest, as the Catholics define them, are completely unscriptural; their baptism is unscriptural, as it the Lutheran's; their Table is a table of devils, not of God; their core teachings of mariolatry, adoration of saints and church-established sainthood are an abomination; their very long history or sanctioning the murder of those who disagree with them is an affront to ANY believer; their pedobaptism gives a false hope to many of some sort of salvation; and their insistence that to go to heaven one must be a practicing Catholic is taking the place of the work of Christ. frankly, there is not ONE good thing about the Catholic institution: they labored for centuries to deny man the word of God, murdering those who dared translate it to the vulgar tongue, or who dared own one of them. Tell me, what good is there in such a wicked and ungodly organization? Come out from among them and be ye separate, saith the Lord...
  11. Mine do okay so long as we don't lose them to the hornworms. But if we keep our soil properly balanced with all the necessary nutrition and minerals, the plants will actually discourage pests
  12. It IS true that Hitler sent a whole lot of Jews out on a ship to other countries to allow them to leave, but no country would take them, so back to Germany they went, and into captivity. But to deny the holocaust is crazy at this stage-my former father-in-law, passed away now, was part of the troops that first marched in to take Auschwitcz-he saw first hand the horrors of the holocaust. There is such a massive amount of evidence of what took place, and Hitler was hardly shy about admitting it. And in fact, it was so terrible and the nations of the earth were so filled with guilt at their unwillingness to help when they had a chance, that it was directly responsible for their return fof the land of Israel to them. Not because some zionists convinced the new UN, but because it was still fresh in their minds, the evidence still so new and evident. I doubt they would have been swayed by a few paid liars to completely turn an entire nation over to them. No, there was clear documentation, and as i said, the Nazis had no qualms about what they did, in fact, believing it was right and good to rid the world of the Jews, and the vatican was complicit in it; why they have never been made to answer for it is nuts.
  13. Gal 6:9 has pretty much become my life verse. Just keep doing what I know is right and trust the Lord with the results. of course, that's kind of the problem in a slowly dying town, or at least one that is so withered from it's original character, that it probably won't grow again. Not much to intice anyone to come live there.
  14. Already? Wow-we can't do it til sometime in Fall-they barely do much underground until the greens die above ground. Kale-bleah! Tastes like bug spray! I bought a can of Raid once and the can said, "Contains real kale." Even the chickens wouldn't eat it, and they eat their own dead!