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  1. Four Principles for Building a Church

    Good post and timely. Sunday I am preaching a lesson on Hezekiah, particularly when he opened the doors of the temple, and called on Judah and Manasseh and the others of the southern kingdom to come to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover, and to humble themselves before the Lord, after 16 years of his wicked father building up paganism and idolatry. And how, even though it was the command of the king to do that which God commanded, yet many who read the message mocked and scorned the very idea. I will bring this around to how many good, godly churches, teaching the truth of God and just wanting to Honor and obey Him, are often more and more emptying out, as people become 'seekers' seeking entertainment, and distraction and programs. We have grown pretty small, and inevitable, someone looks around and says, "Is this all today?" It can be discouraging, but my point it, right is still right, and even a minority of people doing God's will, is still the right thing to do, and with the Lord, we are never the minority, and we WILL be blessed if we continue to do well, though so few might want to. Building a church is tough-so is maintaining it. Solomon built the temple, and later kings kept shutting it down and turning the people to idolatry, and then another king would have to start from scratch. I'm celebrating 14 years as pastor and we are running about 7 right now. One person is a mess-he wants to raise his hands during prayer, just to do it because someone, sometime, ONE time said to him that it was what Christians do in church. Now, last Sunday, during a song, he put his book down and laid prostrate on the floor until the song was over. Apparently he saw or heard something about that. And of course, we had a guest family, who I suspect we won't see again. And while it is a small disturbance, it's not really anything WRONG I can point to, but I suspect he doesn't help anyone want to be here. Not like open sin or rebellion that I can send him out for. Sorry, starting to complain. God lesson above. Thanks
  2. Instruction Contrary to Knowledge

    For what it is worth, Darwin, while having a degree in theology, and preparing to become an Anglican priest, did not really believe. He was heavily influenced in evolutionary thinking by his grandfather, Erasmus Darwin. It was into science young Darwin desired to work, but there was little money to be made, so at the behest of his father, himself an Anglican priest, he began into the ministry, because it would afford him a life of ease and respect, with great pay. I have read, however, the he apparently believed enough that his own evolutionist beliefs and writings brought him great stress and concern, even causing him, at times, physical illness. Apparently he really wasn't sure about rejecting God altogether, and suffered from doubts his entire life.
  3. Yeah, and we're quickly following suit in this foolishness. It is good to see states standing against this idiocy of our federal government, even to the point of refusing federal funds-I believe when states stop bowing to the whims of the feds, and cease groveling at their table for their financial scraps, it will be difficult at first, as is leaving any addiction, but there will be found freedom within. Sometimes I wish the Lord hadn't sent me to one of the worst liberal states for the work, but certainly even libs need the Lord. All I can hope for is that the Lord will grant our northern California area the gift of becoming the State of Jefferson and breaking away to form a more conservative 51st state.
  4. Why King James Only?

    As I understand, Tyndale not only knew about the Vaticanus, but he read it and rejected it as being to different from all other available books. Tischendorf didn't exactly 'discover' it. As for Sinaiticus, a contemporary of Tischendorf claimed to have been the writer of it, that he had made it as a gift for the Czar of Russia, using old papyrus, not to be a forgery, but just to look old. I don't recall his name off the top of my head, but apparently he DID have the chops to make it. Interestingly, to this day, no part of the Sinaiticus has been tested for authenticity, not paper or ink. So its possible, even probably it didn't even exist in the 17th century. Okay his name was Constantine Simonides was the man who said he wrote it. You can read about him here:
  5. The Mimic Octopus - Fascinating!

    I was just reading an article yesterday that cephalopods are massing in larger numbers as the oceans are changing some. Sadly, instead of talking about their amazing ability to adapt, the article just referred to them as the 'weeds of the ocean'. Yet they are such a diverse group of animals with amazing abilities and intelligence, despite seeming so alien in appearance.
  6. Whats for Supper...

    I think we're having bunny tonight. Alive this morning, crockpot stew tonight! Mmmmthat's good bunny!
  7. Yes. The preaching is still top notch, as far as I know-I haven't seen any updates to their sermons on podcasts-used to download them all the time to listen to. And I don't know what happened with the change-up in the music director; Brother Jordan had been there for years-I think when Brother Fisher took over as pastor after, well, less-than-ideal circumstances, I believe Brother Jordan was the first person he called to help him. I very much miss the conferences-after I became a pastor way out here where IFB's are few and far between, (and now about non-existent, any I would visit anyways, since my old pastor and another pastor friend passed on), those conferences were a great opportunity to get some concentrated preaching, good music and spiritual feeding with like-minded, godly people. But if the music goes south, I don't know that I want to trust going back, should it get worse.
  8. Once some have begun down such a path, it seems rare that they are willing to hear they may be wrong. My old church, Lighthouse Baptist in San Diego, has begun using the altered contemporary music, the rock beat toned down, but the music being popular CCM songs. I don't know how prevalent it is, but I caught a couple songs on You Tube they performed for their Leadership Conference in 2015 or 2014. I emailed the music leader, who emailed me back and told me he was no longer the music leader, so I emailed the guy who was the new leader and he never acknowledged me. The sad thing is, the new director was their orchestra leader, who used to be the leader of the Marine Corps Band, so this is a guy who knows music and I would think he would know better. I don't know if they have continued the practice, but it is a shame to mail someone with an honest concern, and of course I acknowledged that I don't presume to have any authority over them, that I was just concerned as a former member and one who has attended some of the leadership conferences, and receive nothing at all. But it is between them and the Lord what they do, but I WILL let people know so they can make an informed decision as to whether or not to attend their conferences anymore.
  9. Brother Cloud & RSS Feed

    Well, Paul at least a couple times went to Jerusalem for clarification and edification on some issues, both for himself and for other churches. While our local church ought to be our primary place for such, we also have our personal Bible reading and study, family devotions, many attend conferences at other local churches, and when the Bible says to Study to shew thyself approved unto God, it doesn't say JUST study the Bible, (or at that time, the epistles and the OT)-I think it is open to studying ALL good writings. Certainly no man is always right, and when we go outside our local church, we ought to be very careful. But also consider, say, the pastor-he doesn't get to hear preaching at the local church, he IS the preaching at the local church-Bible study is great and the most important, but as you know, even he needs edification from outside, as well.
  10. Amen Kirk.

    A big problem in such abusive relationships, is that, probably 90% of the time, the relationship from the beginning shows signs that it will, or might, be that way. When people are still dating/courting, and there are loud angry arguments, when the man is already a jerk at times, well it isn't going to get better. yet too often, women figure that true love will overcome all and he will change. Nope, generally doesn't happen. And men can do the same thing, go into a relationship with a loud, angry woman, thinking it will change in marriage-nope, doesn't happen-in both situations it WILL get worse. And if one is that way and claims to be born again, that should send up a red flag that maybe they're not what they say they are. The point of dating is to find a mate, someone that is who and what you believe you need in your life. Sadly I think we adults haven't done a good job teaching our kids to look successfully for a spouse, probably because we didn't learn til later in life what would be the best way. Now, with young people in our church, I tell them, Make a list, write it down, of the things you are looking for in a wife/husband. Make a section of non-negatiables, and a section of 'would prefer but can live without'. And stick to your list when you date. If they don't fit the non-negotiables, don't extend the relationship. And always ALWAYS find someone who loves the Lord and goes to church without having to be cajoled.
  11. Brother Cloud & RSS Feed

    I dunno-I thought his teaching was pretty cut and dry: At salvation, one has a general heart repentance, basically in admitting you're a sinner, one turns in their heart to an attitude of repentance, of turning from that path, to the path of obedience. It is an attitude, an understanding, but nothing more. Once one is saved, then repentance becomes active- because at salvation a person doesn't know all they are to repent of-so as one matures as a believer and learns right from wrong, good from evil, then we actively turn from sin and to good works. So one is an attitude, of the heart, while the other is active, learning to live for Christ. The first of the heart, the second involving heart and body and mind. In fact I think it's harder to put into words than to believe, which is maybe where the problem lies. as I write about it, it even seems a bit convoluted. But that's the way I understand it is taught.
  12. Brother Cloud & RSS Feed

    Repentance is taught numerous times in the New Testament: "Repent" 24 times; "Repentance" 25 times; "Repented " 15 times. So as Wretched said, "What is problematic about the repentance teachings?"
  13. Amen Kirk.

    Teaching submission/honor of parents is a difficult thing these days when so many parents are so messed up. I have a young couple in our church, both recently saved and really wanting to serve God, but their parents are SO messed up, how does one teach them to honor their parents, while at the same time teaching them to have boundaries against those who are dangers to them? The husband was molested for a long time by his brother, and when he came forward with it, his mother disowned him and told him he was a liar. To this day she wants nothing to do with him. How does one honor that? The wife's mother is manipulative, has multiple husbands, (and by that I don't mean divorced and remarried, but married, then leaves him with no divorce, and married again, three times over), insists that SHE is to be more important to her than her husband. She wants to keep her daughter on psych meds, even though since she's been off them she has improved vastly-basically she made it clear that SHE is to be the ruler of their lives-she's profane, cuts off anyone who she disagrees with and thinks I am leading a cult because I won't back her on everything. She accuses all men of either wanting her, or, if not, of being thieves and stealing from her. She called Adult protective Services on them when they went and got their own place-she said it was to 'help them', but in some texts she accidentally sent me, she made it clear it was to harm them and get them put under mental care. So again, how does one teach a person to honor that? We have tried reconciliation, but the mother won't respect any marital boundaries, and won't take any instruction from me. It is very difficult. So these kids are basically castaways from family, and my wife and I seem to have had to take over the parenting role, trying to model good Christian behavior before them.
  14. Great Study Bible

    I agree there are times it is good to go back and look into the original languages. Clearly, there are no 'original texts' we can reliably look into, else it would be worth it even more. But, since the Hebrew part of scripture is of the Masoretic text and I believe there are some of them, (though I would have to study into that) AND we have texts that are over 2000 years old in the Dead Sea Scrolls, at least we have some things pretty reliable and of certain antiquity into which we might enquire. Of course, being always very careful that it doesn't change what we know. It is good for clarification-but many try to use it to change or question what is clear.
  15. Words that give me a nervous jerkdown...

    Meme....... 'Nuff said