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  1. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: They will make your cash illegal   

    I agree on gold-its metal, its only worth what someone is willing to give for it, in the long run. When the governments join, they will deicde what gold is worth, not any market-there will be no more market. Everything will be decided by those with the power. Even if I'm not right about the rapture timing, I suspect this country will be pretty-well down the tubes before it anyways, and the only thing worth stockpiling will be comodities, real things, like beans, rice, flour, sugar, coffee, and yes, if you want something to really trade well? Tobacco. Bartering with others who aren't willing to just 'go along' will be the only way to survive.
    Edit to add: And of cours, even that will only last for so long-those in power will come and take what they want, and if we resist, they'll not hesitate to kill those who are seen as a problem.
  2. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Why King James Only?   

    Another excellent book is Touch Not the Unclean Thing by David Sorenson. It gives as well a fairly exhaustive list of TR backed translations into hundreds of languages,including many native American languages, reaching back to the earlypart of the 2nd century with the Italic and Syriack, both very early TR texts, which shows that the TR New Testament was complete and common enough by that time to have it translated into other languages, in toto. Around 125AD, well before the council of NIcea, by the way, who many claim are the ones who set the canon of scripture, yet there were complete NT translations based off the TR well before it.
  3. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: They will make your cash illegal   

    Money isn't money anymore, anyways. Our currency has not been based on the gold standard in many decades. Its based on air, on the good faith and promise of the government, and we know how solid THAT is!
  4. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Posting and Reply   

    Ah yes, indeed, Thanks, brother Matt!
  5. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Bible Quiz   

    ​Yes, indeed, though I guess I was vague in what I wanted. "Ebenezer means, literally, "Stone of help". But we'll call it good.
    As for the unofficial question, the baptism was derived from the Jewish custom of tevilah where a convert to Judaism is completely immersed in a kosher mikveh. The point of the tevilah was to symbolize the person's total immersion into, and dedication to, the Jewish religion, entering the water a Gentile, and rising out as a Jew.  The symbolism is very similar to Christian Baptism, a symbol of the act of Christ as He died on the cross, and our joining with the local body. Both are a public profession of faith, though of course, John's baptism was a public profession of repentance.
    So, Alan, you're up!
  6. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Truth is not always popular   

    Unfortunately, we have a lot of 'right wing' radio types who will spend all day talking about how terrible the republicans are nowadays, and in the next breath declare that no third party candidate will ever have a chance of being elected. And so many listen to them, that in effect, they are the reason it won't happen. Rush like to talk about how his liteners are thinkers and self-motivators, and yet, he DOES have a vast influence on them. If Rush and Hannity and Savage and Pags and Ingrahm and LaVine would insist that a thrid-party candidate CAN be elected, and maybe got behind one, people would stop believing a lie and we might see an actual change. But the status quo MUST be held to.
  7. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Shut-up or else!   

    ​This reminds me of a short routine by a comedian.
      He is writing for a TV series, and in it, he says he uses the term "midget" in his script. Well, the producer is furious and says he cant say "Midget". The comedian asks why, and the producer tells him that its a terrible, demeaning word. Again, the comedian can't get it, says "Why is midget so bad?". The producer tells him, "Midget is as bad as the "N"-word!" To which the comedian replies, "No it isn't", and the producer says "Yes, it is!', and the comedian says, I know its not as bad-you know HOW I know?"  "How?" "because if it was as bad as the 'N' word, we wouldn't be saying 'midget'.
    The use of the phrase "N"-word, is a great example of how we are brainwashed. I get the term is bad, and there is no real good use for the word, but sometimes it can be used as an explanation of bad words not to use against people, and the like-I mean, It's not a word that if we say it, we're going to go to hell that instance-I can write here, "The word 'nigger', is a terrible word to use to describe anyone, and it shouldn't be used as such", and there is nothing wrong with that. Yet its gotten so bad that, as I recall some years back a fellow was called a racist for using the word 'niggardly', meaning stingy, and those who didn;'t understand it got horribly offended, and even when the word was explained, they decided it was still a horrible word to use, because it KINDA sounds like the other word.  We have been brainwashed into saying "N"-word, yet those to whom it once was used, use "nigger' regularly to describe themselves or others of that same skin tone.  Weird. But its all about social engineering.
  8. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Shut-up or else!   

    The decision the SCOTUS makes concerning same-sex marriage will have a lot to do with what happens to free speech, very shortly, not to mention freedom of religion. SSM cannot co-exist with some other constitutional rights, so we can guess which ones will win out and which will be quietly shunted aside.
    Good=evil, evil=good
  9. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Getting rid of the 'bug' of nonsense, tip the bowl.   

    Always remember this since I was a kid:

  10. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Is it just me?   

  11. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Truth is not always popular   

    Good article, except for the continued use of the term "neocon", as if to lay it firly at the feet of conservatives. in fact, the liberals (neolibs?) have continued the mess unabated for the last 6 years under Obama, and have in fact expanded it. It is very clear that the two are, as has often been said, two sides of the same coin.  Its always been a fact that war is a great money-maker-just not for the common man-just for the industries that play both sides.
    America is, no doubt, a mess. Nothing unamerican about telling the truth-if the truth is not told, there is no chance to fix the mess. It just won't get fixed with any of the players on the field now.
  12. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Silly Women   

    ​To take the verse to mean, "If anyone disagrees, its not important", is to miss all of what Paul previously wrote, and to ignore the fact that things spelled out clearly in the Bible, like this, are not generally left up to people's personal feelings about it.
    Its important to take this entire passage about headcoverings in it's context, which can be found at the beginning of Chapter 7: "Now, concerning the things whereof ye wrote unto me..." Apparently, the church in Corinth had written a letter to Paul, asking him about various subjects. Consider how, over the next few chapters, how Paul bounces from subject to subject, many totally unrelated. Even in Chapter 11, he speaks goes quickly from the subject of headcoverings/hair then immediately to the observance of the Lord's Supper, without skipping a beat. This goes back to 7:1-the letter. From this, as we go through the various subjects, we can ascertain what the questions were-in this case, (and history backs it up), women of the Roman culture, thus, all the areas where Rome held sway, which would include Corinth, had stopped wearing headcoverings, and were instead inventing new and complicated styles of wearing their hair, which had been previously covered up. The women were competing with each other in hairstyles. So, I suppose, from hisory and the answer Paul gives here, the question would have been akin to "As women are ceasing wearing headcoverings, are our women allowed to stop wearing them as well, or must a woman stay covered?", or something to that effect. Again, by his answer, we see it was something like that-Paul goes on to talk about the importance of a woman being covered-it represents her head, man, and the man is to be covered, which the man, whose head is Christ, is to remain uncovered, lest he cover the glory of God, being made in His image. There is no doubt left that a woman SHOULD be covered, and a man should NOT be covered, and to do otherwise is to make both parties unfit to pray or prophecy, and that would inlcude ANY prayer, not just within the context of the assembly.
    Then, Paul continues by likening the hair to the covering-a man's hair should be short, hence, he is then uncovered if his hair is short. A woman's hair should be long, hence she is covered by her long hair, which God gave her FOR a covering. Hence, a woman should not have short hair, and a man should not have long hair.
    Paul's wrap-up comment, then does not say we don't have to be covered, its not important, because he just spent a lot of time and space to emphasise that it IS important. Rather, it goes back to the original question: the WEARING of a piece of cloth as a cover, and THAT, the church has no custom of. In fact, that is so true that we don't even ever see it as an issue spoken of in the Old testament.-it was always purely cultural in the entire region, not a sign of Judaism. The hair was ALWAYS the covering, even from Eden.
    By the way, blad is not uncovered-bald is an extreme-even the Jews were told not to shave their heads, because that was how many of the heathen nations wore their hair-uncovered is merely 'short', covered is 'long'. We could get into an argument about what constitutes long and short, but seriously, that's picking at nits, it's a way to disregard what the Bible clearly says. Its easy really: if the hair is too short to wear as a 'veil' or a 'cover', then it's short. If it's long enough to wear as such, then its long. Paul gives the answer by how he likens them. So, if there's a question that it MIGHT be too long for a man, the cut it. If there's a question that it MIGHT be too short, for a woman, then grow it out. Its not hard, not brain surgery. Common sense really does fix the problem.
    As for how certain people of different faiths wear it, that means nothing but a hill of beans-its what the Bible SAYS that matters. If Fundamentalist women disobey the Bible by wearing short hair, that doesn't make the word of God of no effect. If Charismatic women wear their hair long enough, that doesn't make it of no effect, either.
  13. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Silly Women   

    I think just seeing the many false churches virtually run by women today, or with a very strong feminine presence, as an example that this is already well underway. I can't tell you how hard it is to get acoss to 'Christian' women who base their theology upon their emotions and feelings. Particularly in areas of dress, modesty and hair. Sound afmiliar?
    Lady: "I am thinking about cutting my hair into this really cute, pixie cut!" 
    Pastor: "Well, the Bible says that a woman's long hair is a glory to her because it is given her for a covering."
    Lady/Husband/Friends/Family: "Oh, that's not for today! That was just cultural for the time. God doesn't care about hairstyles! I am fine with my wife/daughter having short hair; its none of your business. Get out of being under the law!"
    We have a young lady in the church,immature yet, but she likes to wear failry revealing clothes, and whwn we talk to her, she always has some excuse. Again,it all comes down to self and emotions. BUt we're working on her,praying for her. 
  14. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: JW Pushing My Buttons   

    So, sometimes, when we think we have a particular aspect of life well in hand, the Loes allows someone to remind us that it may not necessarily be so.
    There is, in our church, two young couples, one, the husband was saved about 4 months back, (wife was saved), the other, just a couple weeks ago and baptized last Sunday. I pick these kids up for service as they don't have a vehicle yet. 
    They have a neighbor, a fellow my wife and I have known for many years, and dealt with many times-he is a Jehovah's (false) Witness, he and his family. Well, he is a piece of work-dishonest, will lie when he can't use his doctrine to get out of being wrong in debate, is a cheat in business, etc, along with, of course, following a false religion.
    So the two young men have been working for this guy, though I advised them not to, helping cut down brush and such, and of course,the entire time, he is prostelytizing them the whole time, (they have stood strong, bless God). So I went to pick one of them up there for church and the JW, (Doug), leans on my car window, on the passenger side, where the wife of one of the boys is sitting, and, with his beer breath, half-lit, he begins to chastize her because she swore in front of him.  Of course, its clear what he's doing-acting indignant about her front of her pastor. So I accused him of gossiping to make sure she looked bad in front of me, and he denies. So I told him that it was hypocritical of him to do that with his beer breath, obviously half-drunk, and now he's getting mad and tells me, "You dont have any right to tell me anything on my property!" and I said, "So get off my car and I won't be on your property". And he doesn't, he just leans in a bit further and tries to get into the 'Jesus made wine' argument. But I have church and I an not in the mood, so I told him to get off my car again so we could go to church, and he says, "So get out of the car."
       Now, understand, I CAN fight, but I don't. At 350 pounds, a former powerlifter and martial artist, currently work a farm, I am more than capable of handling myself if necessary. But I don't. I haven't a violent bone in my body. But right then, I admit, I believe the Lord reminded me that I have at least ONE violent bone in my body, because had I been alone, I might have taken him up on it, because he was really pushing my last button. BUt I had the kids with me, and well, I'm not a fighting person, so I told Doug, "No, you really don't want me to do that.) and I began to back out, so he pulled his arm out and we went on my way.
    I found that, after all these years, I can still be pushed into at least considering taking a poke at an obnoxious person. I have witnessed to this fellow many times, dealt with his irritating personality, but this is the first time I could have just popped him. SO I am glad the Lord reminded me that I am still weak even in this area, and cause me to rely on Him even a bit more.
  15. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Bible Quiz   

    ​That's half right, but it is more closely associated with something else in Jewish tradition. 1/2 point.
    ​  It has a more specific of a memorial meaning. Also, need the specific meaning-scripture does indicate it, though you need to see it in context. I think it's mentioned three times in scripture, but only once is it specified. 1/2 point.