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  1. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Creeds and Confessions   

    I confess that my primary creed is just Christ and Him crucified, risen and coming again.
    Seriously, basic fundamentalist position: salvation by grace through faith, not works, and eternal security of that salvation; the deity of Jesus Christ; virgin birth, death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ; literal return of Christ to rule and reign 1000 years on earth, and then a new heaven and new earth, to last forever. Literal 6-day creation as recorded in Genesis.
  2. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Billy Graham   

    Boy, Graham is a tough nut to deal with. Our church tends to draw in believers who have come from other denominations, I guess because we're such a small community. Some never fully embrace fundamentalism. One gent in our church is a really decent guy-give you the shirt off his back-but when he wanted to teach a Bible study using one of Graham's books, I had to disallow it, and he fought that, and fought all I had to tell him about Graham. he comes from a SBC background, and I think tends to see some doctrines as not terribly important, and he follows the idea of giving all your time and money for the unsaved, while kind of complaining about the needs of young believers, like he's put out by helping them, but will buy a car for an unsaved alcoholic who cares nothing for the gospel.
    Not always easy getting truth across to some folks, I'm afraid. But he's slowing working his way there. He has a good heart, just a little off course. Like the guy who wanted the church to start a soup kitchen for the homeless, even though in our tiny town, there ARE no homeless, because there are no services for homeless.
  3. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic the Days of Creation   

    This is similar to what I am told by Gap theorists, that to accept the 'unscientific' idea of a very old earth is a stumbling block to the unsaved. Well, I can tell you that if one isn't going to accept that God created in six days, which is what the Bible SAYS, he's going to quickly see the ideas of day/age or gap theory as a cheap invention to try to answer what now they believe even more to be unanswerable.
    By the way, a day as a thousand years/a thousand years as a day has often been inserted into this discussion for years, and each time I must insist that it has nothing to do with the subject. Contextually, that is referring to prophecy, and to God's timing in what he WILL do. In context, people are complaining that God STILL *sigh* hasn't come...Where is the promise of His coming? Man gets impatient, because for us, we dwell on this timeline where we can't see tomorrow, nor affect yesterday anymore, and in our short, momentary, vapor-like lives, we get impatient. But Peter reminds us that for God, time means nothing, a day to Him is no different than a thousand years, and vice-versa. He will come when He comes. Prophecy.   But at creation, God created time, because what He created, He created with US in mind, and WE are subject to time. So the first thing He created, day one, was the concept of time-He settled it on day one, so there could BE a day one, a first day. He did it even before He created what would be the eventual light sources, because He doesn't need any other source than Himself. But WE would need something, something that would be for times and signs and seasons, so He gave us the sun and moon and stars, all working in perfect concert with one another and with the earth, so all would conform to God's set time and life He placed here. And He interwove all things perfectly to prove it could not be done another way-plants need sun, plants need insects, insects need plants, etc. They could not survive without one another. It HAD to be literal, 24hr days, otherwise God, for no good reason, had to maintain through direct intervention, all the parts and pieces of creation He put here over thousands or millions of years, until everything was in place to work together, as He designed them to do. That would not seem like a very efficient God: He created these things to rely upon one another, INCLUDING the earth to need man as a steward to properly use it, so He placed everything in its place in six short days.
  4. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Crazy Week!   

    Thanks, all. She was very happy to be back in church after about three weeks where she just didn't have the strength. And of course, as my wife, its tough to come and be a pillar as a pastor to others when a part of yourself can't be there. Praise God though, through it all I didn't miss a service, and didn't have to neglect her.
    God is truly good.
  5. Ukulelemike added a topic in The Lounge   

    Crazy Week!
    What a week we've had.
      On Monday night, June 30, (my wife's birthday), I was woken up about midnight to her going in to use the restroom. Half-asleep, I watched as she walked unsteadily, stopped at the door to the hall, and fall face first to the ground. I jumped up and called to her, with no response. I lifted her partway and she said calmly, "I chipped a tooth, and I have to poop." (she actually lost the entire front tooth, which is good because its a clean loss, not broken). I helped her up and tried to get her to the bathroom, but she couldn't walk at all, she was totally limp, so I brought her back to the bed, laid some pads under her and told her to do what she needed, as I looked her over and kept her talking to figure out what had happened. Then she began to pour blood, from where I won't say, but the context should tell you. Lots of blood.
    I can't really recount my emotions at that point, it was more like, Just gotta figure out what's happening, and get some help, so I cleaned her up, got her dressed and called 911. Eventually, once I led them in, since we live in the boonies, they got her out, and took her about 3 miles to the small local airport, where she was taken by  helicopter to a Reno hospital.
    Long story short, she had a bleeding duodenum ulcer, about 3.5cm diameter, which had apparetly been bleeding a little and giving her some pain which had kept her pretty sick for a few weeks. We had been to the doctor a couple times but they never found anything, and she had begun to drink aloe vera juice because it eased the pain; problem is, apparently aloe vera is a blood thinner, so it heightened the bleeding and it all let loose at once after building up in her intestines.
    Well, we're home now-she got out Thurday night and we stayed a couple days in town with my parents to be near the hospital, just in case. And today, a good day to come home because it finally cooled off, we came home, and she is almost her old self.
    God is good. Had we not caused the horrible reaction from the aloe vera, she might have continued trying to treat an unknown pain and maybe had worse problems, so all things do work together for good to them that love the Lord.   Now I will be tryig to convince myself of that when the bills for the airlift and hospital stay arrive, since we had no insurance-she had to quit her job about a month ago due to the pain and I haven't been able to get it started with my work. But God is still good.
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  6. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic the Days of Creation   

    It is absolutely contextually in reference to our 24 hour day, because it is the first of seven days given in the context, the foundation upon which they are all based. Regardless of whether the light sources were made or not, the fact that God made the light, which He called day ad separated it from the dark, called Night, tells me that He set the boundaries for the days from the beginning. He didn't need a sun moon or stars yet. Also, in context, He made the plant life before He made the sun, by which the plants grow, and before the bugs, by which the plants are pollenated. So you are suggesting that the plants lived for, who knows HOW long before the sun was there to nourish them and the insects to cause them to reproduce? I am sorry that you can't wrap your head around a God that can created a 24hr day before He creates the sun and moon, but its what the Bible says He did, and I have no problem with it.
  7. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Divorce   

    You love him and he loves you...what's the problem? He's not a believer?
  8. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic U.S and the Prophets   

    Though not the first, nor possibly the last, America certainly shows similarities to Israel: greatly blessed of God at the start, in some cases virtually handed the land by God as He destroyed many of the inhabitants shortly before their arrival here; a desire to follow the Lord in what we did, and then, over time, slowly moving away as each man did according to his own heart. Now we are about where Israel was when the warnings began of coming judgment-though we are in a time of grace, yet judgment will come in God's time. 
  9. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic Ye Chosen Seed of Israel's Race........   

    Or., it could be referring to both those redeemed of Israel AND the gentile nations?
  10. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic the Days of Creation   

    Old Pilgrim, again, you're trying to read too much into it. You say it CAN'T be a literal 14-hour, 7-day week. By what basis can you say that? The plain, clear reading insists it must be that.
    What was the light created on day 1? Was it the showing forth of God's light? Maybe, but I don't think so. What did we have present at that point? God, the earth, which was water, or at least, only water showing, and darkness. It has been shown that when water is subjected to certain sound waves, it will produce light. For all we know, the light came from the sound of God's voice, saying "Let there be light", causing the water to literally glow. For God to separate that light, from whatever source, from the dark, and create a day/night cycle, is not problem for a God who can do all else He does. He is a God of order, and the first order of business was to create the basis for time, to which all else of His physical creation would be subject. Not seeing the problem here.
    It really seems like you are fighting and struggling to find some other way to interpret the creation, as though because so many believe it to be literal and a young earth, somehow that means its wrong. Its so simple, so plainly written, that to deny it would mean to stretch.
    I have dealt at length with some gap theorists recently, and what I found to be their main focus was a re-interpretation of a single verse in Hebrews, and insistence that while they consider themselves KJV-only, yet ALL the English translations have gotten two tiny details in gen 1 wrong, and somehow, from these tiny, insignificant examples of what they claim to be wrong in translation, this proves that Lucifer ruled a pre-Adamic world for millions of years, and that his sin brought death into the world, not Adam's.  no real scriptural proof. And you provide no proof for your stand, you just seem like you just...don't want to accept it.
  11. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic There she goes/ Supreme Court ruling   

    Something I brought up in my sermon yesterday, is that, until fairly recently, even many non-Christians tended to have at least a sympathetic view of believers, particularly those being oppressed and persecuted. Just common decency. True, not all, but many.  But now, homosexuality has become the 'cool' thing: many youth play with it, declaring at 12 or 13 that they are gay or lesbian, (more the girls, I think, than the boys), its cool and trendy to 'be gay'. As such, with same-sex 'marriage' not all the rage, and everyone on Facebook changing their avatars to have rainbows on them, its not only trendy and cool, its seen as enlightened and possibly the next step in human evolution. So now, to be a Christians who stands against it, means you are standing against love, against progress, against enlightenment, against all supposed good things that will make society a better place, (they believe), so now, standing against, even persecuting Christians is going to be seen as a great help to society, which cant possibly soar with the majestic New Age eagles if they are being weighed down by the Neandertals (sic) who believe in creation, God, absolute truth and hell.  Who would have thought they could actually make persecution of Christians cool and trendy?  
    Also, prepare to see the new Popester begin a shift of official church position on same sex marriage. 
  12. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic [Video] Addams Family Spoof -The Homeschool Family   

    Brotherly kindness, now, folks. Right is right, wrong is wrong, but brotherly kindness in all-God has called us to peace.
  13. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic the Days of Creation   

    I think far too many way overthink this, trying to see in it what just isn't there.
    The Bible gives us the first day, which consisted of light and dark, and evening and a morning, the first day. That the word 'day', yom in the Hebrew, CAN refer to something other than a literal day, the fact that it is contextually tied to light and dark, and evening and morning, makes it very easily understandable as referring to a literal, 24 hour day, THE FIRST DAY. It could hardly be any plainer, except that man wants so badly to change what it plain. Like, oh, its just TOO plain. 
    So yes, I believe it can be dogmatically held to a literal 6-day, 24 hour interpretation. The very establishment of time, in hours, days, weeks, months and years is founded upon the six-day interpretation, otherwise it is all just man-made and really has no meaning, save for what we choose to make of it. Why do we have a 7-day week, 12 month year? Why not just cut it up some other way? Because its how God created it. 
    As for the vision of evening and morning, I suspect that refers literally to the times the vision was given, not reference to the content of the vision. 
  14. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic The Stars and Bars   

    I agree-we hold so dearly to the temporal symbols of this life and world, things that will really mean absolutely nothing in the world to come. When we stand and have judged what we built on the foundation of Jesus Christ, all the time wasted on temporal, worldly symbols will be burned away as wood, hay and stubble. Anything that can stand above our Christian faith and brotherhood should be done away with, at least in our hearts. I don't even like flags in our church, though being in a rented hall, we have no real choice.
    Just today as the Army depot where I work, I preached the quarterly prayer breakfast; they don't asked often, because I preach, I don't come in and give a feel good homily like most preachers at these things do. Today I preached on 2Chron 7, on praying for the nation, and laid out God's way that we must pray, if we would ask God to bless America. And really, we want God to bless America, but most aren't willing to ask in a way that God will answer. Its just a phrase that, by declaring it, we think it happens.
    I have respect for the American flag, for what it represents, and I treat it respectfully, because its not just cloth, its symbolic of what is good and right about America, or what was and should be. But in the end, America is just another nation that will fall and bow to the Lord Jesus Christ. My citizenship is Heaven first, and that flag is much better. 
  15. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic [Video] Addams Family Spoof -The Homeschool Family   

    Very cool-had to share on Facebook.