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  1. So far, Pennsylvania isn't doing it, but primarily because Jillenstein can't raise the 7 million for the recount there-but she isn't giving up! She's going to federal court to try to force them to do it. Meanwhile, I believe Wisconsin is doing a recount, which so far has only netted Hillary two more votes than before and Trump one more, so Hillary made i vote gain overall. Oddly Stein and johnson both picked up quite a few more, but I suspect anything they geain will be statistically meaningless. If i were from michigan, I'd be pretty mad, because they spent three weeks making sure of their count because it was so close, before they formalized their results, giving it to Trump by over 22,000 votes. So I am guessing they just about did a hand count to make sure of their numbers. To have doubt cast on them, after their work, would aggravate me if it were me.
  2. Let's see: The Bible, in Zechariah in the mornings and Romans, with my wife, in the evenings. 'The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People', and 'Darwinism and Creation', a Christian outline of the flaws of Darwinism, and the supremacy of biblical creation, written back in the 50's. Don't recall the author off the top of my head.
  3. We all do that, I suspect.
  4. What, exactly, are you looking for, seeing as how your question has apparently not been answered?
  5. While I agree with GP on this view, I also agree to the post being locked, as we have beat this horse till there is little left. The subject brings a lot of dissension and should probably not be again rehearsed here.
  6. Well, there is Rom 8, which deals with carnal mindedness and spirit mindedness-clearly there are many churches that are very carnally-minded and should be avoided. 2Cor 6:11-18, which is a clear warning against ecumenism. Amos 3:3, "Can two walk together, except they be agreed?" Of course, the difficult thing will be to convince them that the churches that teach wrong are, well, teaching wrong, and as such, need to be avioded.
  7. I dunno, God ordained a lot of ungodly men as king in Israel and Judah, and even the best ones, like David (murderer and adulterer) had problems. Voting for an unsaved man is not yoking with anyone-it is considering the best of the two, the one who will more likely uphold the laws of the land, (their job), and leave the final results to the Lord. Then, once someone is chosen, we are to follow them insofar as we are not told to walk outside the Bible's boundaries. The Lord ordains the powers that be.
  8. And this is the only post he has made thus far, so he may be a drive-by. However, that being said, I know even here in the states, there is a tendency to think among some IFB's that a pastor deserves some special things. Just as a 'F'rinstance' in my experience, some time back, a friend gave my wife and I some money to purchase her a vehicle-he was making very good money and wanted to be a blessing to us. So, we went and bought a second-hand, 10-year old Land Rover. When we drove it to a friend's church, the pstor quipped, "Well, brother, it's about time you got a vehicle you deserve!" Like, there was something wrong with my pick-up, which got me from here to there reliably, but now, a "luxury status-symbol" car, (which we didn't even realize, we just wanted a nice 4x4), was what we 'deserved'. This pastor himself was never driving anything but cadillacs, even if they were older and second hand. Personally I am happier with my Suburban and hope to get my 85 Bronco up and running soon, and then, maybe work on my 69 VW camper van
  9. And in America we have knuckleheads wearing Guy Fawkes masks as though he represents the little guy standing against big corruption, not knowing that he was working for the biggest corrupt organization on the planet at the time. Today I copied and pasted the first two posts here onto the 'Anonymous' Facebook page, since they use the Fawkes mask as their symbol, to try and educate them.
  10. The first one was done with my friend Harmen, who was the hymn director when I was first pastor there, and was my first friend there. He stuck with me over some difficult times, particularly when my wife (though not at the time) and I were accused of some ugly things by some folks there, including the old pastor and his wife, from listening to a person there that THEY had warned me against ever listening to (so I don't even know how that happened!). He is now living in Nevada near their kids as he and his wife are getting pretty old. Harmen recently got a call from the pastor of the church he attended while he and his wife were in Guam a couple years back, who told him that they had come across this video and played it for their church, which apparently they enjoyed immensely, so he had to let me know that we are now an international sensation, lol.
  11. Tonight, fried pork chops with fried taters from our own garden, and probably carrots, not from our own garden. Next year.
  12. I was asked for some more uke videos, so I thought I'd see about putting one or two up, maybe more later. Also, if anyonea music video to share, for those who hve some talent, feel free to share, as well. Not sure if I have put this one up or not, just one of my men and I singing together. An early one, the rythym is a bit odd, as I was still working out bugs in proper playing of Christian music on the uke. This was written by Dr. Herbert Tovey, who taught my parents in classical music, and also has written some hymns.
  13. May God have mercy on his wretched soul, for promoting the spirit of antichrist.
  14. Yes I teach that "Lifestyle Evangelism" is simply making evangelism your lifestyle-showing Christ in all things. That includes active evangelism, but also showing the light of Jesus in your life-otherwise, if you try to actively evangelize, but don't make Christ your life, the active rarely succeeds because people see you for the hypocrite you are, or that you appear to be.
  15. Welcome Michael, from another MIchael!