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  1. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Take a Little Wine...   

    Locked and unlocked again. Hmmpf.
  2. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: mike   

    Could be Obama.
  3. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Take a Little Wine...   

    Got locked again, and its unlocked again. Weird.
    Yes, my wife takes high amounts of B complex, and Niacin, as well as D, A and K. I do believe much is related to stress, a lot of it relating to never having been able to accomplish all she wanted to accomplish when she came here. 
    As for salt, my wife uses celtic salt. Haven't heard of the sole, but I know she stays away from the pink sea salts and some others from Asia because their waters tend to have higher amounts of natural flouride.
  4. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Can't be done. Right?   

    I work for the government, in a blue-collar warehouse job.
    A few years ago, congress made a big deal about freezing government wages, and everybody applauded. Yay! They are finally going to lead by example!
    Problem is, D.C. was never really touched by it. They get all kinds of financial benefits in their jobs, like cars, gas allotments, insurance, housing allowances, etc. Its not a shock that they tend to get rich while in office because they don;'t have to spend much of their own money. But it was people like me, the blue collar shlubs, who got no raises, no bonuses, no cost of living raises, nothing. When they finally lifted it, I got...wait for it...a $.23 per hr raise. that's less than 2 bits. When I was 16, I got more than that for a raise after my first three months working at Carl's Jr. (That's Hardee's for you easterners). So for three years, while gas and food prices rose, the politicians got their gas on our dime, and their food at the Capitol Cafeteria, we watched the value of our money shrink even more. In my job, I don't even get annual raises any more, unless they give us one for cost of living, because I am at my maximum for my grade. So they took what little we DID get, and acted as though they were making some great sacifice. And Obama played golf and flew his daughters to mexico for spiring break. Must be tough.
    You're right: the government doesn't ever lower their pay, or even really freeze it. Either side.
  5. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Take a Little Wine...   

    I have unlocked the thread, seeing as I am a mod, and while maybe its not important, I'd like to let whoever locked it know that's a bit rude, before the topic has even begun. I am not speaking of general drinking, as we often see argued here, it is, rather, a very specific question. So please, unless it gets out of hand, do not lock it. Thanks
    Some time back, actually, my wife did use apple cider vinegar, Braggs, in fact. At the time she was dealing with gallstones. She ran out the gallstones, but got a bleeding ulcer, which was pretty bad for a bit. One led to the other.
    basically, my wife's issues with her health began some years back when she began nursing school-to go, she ended up having to retake all of her childhood vaccines, because her mother had lost her records. Within a couple days, she got very sick, and while she has been up and down, she has, for the most part, remained sick, and it can be directly attributed to the vaccines. In reality, even after seeing doctors, no one really knows just what is causing her this issue. Nothing specific has been found. I suspect it is partially her health, but also, it seems to exacerbate when she gets under stress. If she doesn't get enough sleep for her job, her stomach will go-if we lose a goat, her stomach goes. All sorts of things can set it off. Maybe this is one reason why I looked at the wine thing-because alcohol, being a depressant, can reduce stress if used properly, not as just a beverage, but more like one would use cough syrup, (10-12% alcohol).
    So, it just ran through my head that since Paul recommneded wine, which may, indeed, be new wine, I thought I would throw out the topic to see what others had to say, and I appreciate your input.
    Another thing we are going to try, is that we know wine, in the Bible, even alcoholic wine, was not really the same wine we have today. In fact, it was probably 'fermented' using live bacteria, rather like leavening bread. It doesn't ferment in the same way standard wine does, and we are thinking about seeing if we can make this ourselves.
  6. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Take a Little Wine...   

    OKay, so, most will know here that I am N OT a drinker, nor do I believe in it, but there seems to be two times scripture gives for the use of wine or strong drink-once, when it is given to those who are perishing or are of a heavy heart, and once, when Paul tells Timothy to take a little wine for his stomach's sake and his oft infirmities. 
    Now, of course, this could be speaking of juice, new wine. I get it. But perhaps not. The reason I am putting this up, is to see what the views are here on this:
    My wife deals with a lot of stomach issues. Sometimes she's fine, but she will at times have a great amount of pain, which can put her out for the day, maybe two. Now, my wife has never drank-well, she once had a taste of Boones Farm, but that's it. Never had a desire to drink.  That having been said, when I mentioned this to her, we thought we would see what thoughts are out there: would this be the kind of situation where having a sip or two of wine when her stomach is bothering her fit this admonition by Paul? Would it be worse than using a medication of some sort? 
    Thoughts? By the way, I suspect if she did try it, she would probably hate it and try something else. 
  7. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Who lost what?   

    Good post. I had always bought into the whole 'dumb sheep' thing, until I married a lady with sheep and goats, and realized they aren't stupid at all. Both sheep and goats will search out a weakness in a fence and will exploit it until they get through. And, as that video you shared showed, they are quite tough when necessary. I would honestly pity the poor dog, no matter the breed, that ended up on the wrong end of a serious butt.
    We had a couple wethered goats that had lost their fear of dogs, and at their new home, they actually worked as watch-goats, and fearlessly chased dogs off the property.
    Also, for anyone who ever hunted wild sheep or goats, (like antelope), they are some of the hardest prey to hunt down because they are very canny.
    However, what sheep and goats ARE, if they are kept in a home heard, is needy-they need the shepherd to meet their needs, food, water and protection. And bottle-fed? Man, they are the most needy-they want to be with you all the time. I have a couple bottle-fed bucks, both full-sized, but whenever I am in their pen, they follow me, and demand to be petted and scratched and loved on. Just like puppies. And I think this is ideally the kind of sheep the Lord wants us to be, like bottle babies, not only needing Him, but WA NT ING Him.
  8. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: New to the site   

    Welcome Brandon. And thanks for your willingness to stand firm in a dangerous place, so in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Glad to have you with us.
  9. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Who Is Your Favorite Pastor Among John Piper, John Macarthur, Max Lucado, Joshua Harris, Aiden Tozer, And Charles Spurgeon. Why?   

    ​Yes, the 'Been to Heaven/Hell' book are very popular. I just remind people of what Paul said, that when he went, the things he heard there were not lawful for a man to speak-basically, he wasn't allowed to tell what he had seen and heard there. I also suspect that, what we were to see there, we here in this life have no context for understanding it. Look at Revelation-John's writings have been available for us for 2,000 years, and we're STILL arguing over what it all means. Intelligent, godly men, who still can't come to an agreement about it. because we have so little context to understand it all. Is it literal? Allegory?  Six of one, 1/2 dozen of the other? Is John describing things from a spiritual perspective, which we will see differently here, physically?
    So all these book that describe heaven according to very earthly descriptions, from the books you mention, to the writings of Ellen G. White, are clearly seen as fakes-Paul wasn't allowed to speak of it, and John's writings, as well as those of Ezekiel and Isaiah, make very little, or no sense, from an earthly perspective. Yet these other people go and talk about flowers and birds and little flying children and this and that. No, not buying it.
  10. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: It ain't funny no more.   

    Well, they DID just legalize pot for recreational use in DC, sooo......
  11. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Baptist Bride   

    Well, I wholeheartedly agree with number 1-this is the only requirement to be a Christian and gain eternal life.
    Number 2, well, in a sense I agree with this as an act of obedience, but not for salvation. I would say, in some cases, a Baptist would be best, but really, it is the mode that is important, by immersion, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, according to Jesus' command, And it must be done by a pastor, OR someone who has been ordained the authority to do so. We see no other example in scripture. Why would I generally agree with a Baptist? Because some others will baptize by sprinkling, and some will immerse, but add baptism to salvation, rather than an act of obedience AFTER salvation. Generally, IFB 's baptize correctly.
    As for the Baptist Briders, a big one that I am aware of are the MIssionary Baptists, who tend toward briderism. As a 30 year IFB , I have never been part of one that believed such. 
    Universal church-I do believe that there is clearly taught a universal church, made up of all believers of all times, but it can't rightly be considered a church yet, as a church is only a church when they are assembled together-thus, the universal church will be fully realized not until ALL who are to be saved are gathered. Otherwise, 99% of the references to a 'church' in the BIble refer to the local New Testament church.
  12. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Who Is Your Favorite Pastor Among John Piper, John Macarthur, Max Lucado, Joshua Harris, Aiden Tozer, And Charles Spurgeon. Why?   

    Surpried no one mentioned Piper and his Christian Hedonism heresy, or the fact that he counts such heretics as CS Lewis among his great influences.
    I read early on in this that it was this person's pastor's wife that was recommending these books to people, and it reminded me of when I was visiting a church some years back, and the pastor's wife  there was gushing about how wonderful the Shack was-I had not heard of it at that point, so looked it up, and was shocked at what a mess it was, and how badly a prreacher's wife could fall for such claptrap.  My wife recommends a lot of books to people in our church, and in fact, we buy books for people here, but I always reveiw them. I trust my wife's judgment, but ultimately it falls on me what goes to others in this church. I think only once did I have to reject one, and it was because a very good book shared the same title with a bad one, (Bones of Contention), and she accidentally bought the bad one.
  13. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: Prayer Need   

    At this point, I never found out what happened. Need to call her. But I have heard they are moving out of the area to Redding CA, I guess to be nearer doctors, and somewhere that it doesn't snow.
  14. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: They have one job   

    Both my wife and I cook. Fortunately my wife is an excellent cook, always from scratch. Right now with issues with our water in the trailer and an oven that doesn't work, we are limited, but once we get those things ironed out we'll be doing great.
  15. Ukulelemike added a post in a topic: The Green Thing   

    I run my whole farm on solar, not because its 'green', or to 'save the environment', but because it would cost $40,000.00 to get power lines brought to my property, and then a monthly bill on top of it, for use of a grid that goes out waaay too often. I use solar because its getting cheaper, and more efficient, and with a bank of back-up batteries, I can use power late enough that I haven't stayed up late enough yet to lose my power after dark.
    I will probably add some wind at some point, because we get a L OT of wind, but I will probably build my own windmill, because the commercial ones are only about 25% efficient. BUt not to be green.

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