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    My name is Scott Markle, and I have served the Lord my God and Savior in pastoral ministry since 1992. I have served as the pastor of Melvin Baptist Church, a small country church in the Thumb area of Michigan, since 1998. I have been joyfully married to my beloved wife Kerry since 1993; and we have been blessed of the Lord with two sons, Padraic and Westley.

    My life-verses are Philippians 3:8 and John 15:4-5. "Yea, doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom I have suffered the loss of all things, and do count them but dung, that I may win Christ." "Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine: no more can ye except ye abide in me. I am the vine, ye are the branches. He that abideth in, and I in him, the same bringeth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing." The burden of my life is to pursue "the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord" and to walk daily abiding in Christ, and Christ in me.

    Concerning all my ministry, it is the burden of my heart to exalt, not myself, but the name of Jesus Christ and the truth of God's Word. It is my burden that Christ must increase, while I must decrease. Therefore, I maintain the policy that my name, as the author of a book, must remain smaller, while the phrase, "For the Glory of the Lord," must stand larger above it. Thus far the Lord our God has graciously allowed me to self-publish three books and a three booklets, as well as to produce a line of Scripture memory cards, which all can be purchased at my website: In addition, I maintain a monthly Bible study blog at that website.

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  1. Brother Tyndale, It appears then that you and I would stand in basic unity with one another on theses matters. Having followed various of your postings on the subject, I am compelled to admit that you appear to be more studied on factual details than I am; however, our positioning on the texts and concerning the doctrine of preservation appears quite similar (if not, the same).
  2. WOW!!! I absolutely LOVE well-done WOOD products. I wish that my whole house d├ęcor could be done in finished wood (floor, walls, ceiling, everything). But as to the hair sticks, I do not have enough hair for them to be useful.
  3. Brother Tyndale, I do apologize. I intended my first posting above as a form of answer to your questions -- However, it appears that this response was not sufficient. Therefore allow me to be more precise with your individual questions -- I believe that God's Word teaches "word preservation." Indeed, I believe that God's Word teaches "jot and tittle" preservation, that is -- preservation unto the very letters and spellings. Furthermore, I believe that God's Word teaches generation preservation, such that God has promised to preserve His Scriptures from the time of their original giving for each and every generation of His people. By precise definition, "jot and tittle" preservation (as I hold) cannot precisely be applied unto anything other than "the original language words given by inspiration of God to the prophets and apostles." I do not believe that the doctrine of "translation" is equivalent to the doctrine of preservation; for the very moment that you change (translate) from one language to another, you are compelled to change the "jots and tittles." Rather, I believe that the doctrine of translation (which is more implied in God's Word, than precisely declared) should be primarily concerned with ACCURACY in a formal equivalence manner. As such, the doctrine of translation MUST also be concerned with the authenticity of the texts from which the translation is being taken (which is the reason that I asked my question concerning the texts or textual families unto which you held as "authentic"). I myself often wonder at this as well; however, I myself do NOT make such a claim. Rather, I hold that the King James TRANSLATION is a perfectly ACCURATE translation of that which the Lord our God preserved in the Hebrew and Greek. See my answer above. If someone does intend this, then they are being foolish. Furthermore, even if this description were a reality, it still would not fulfill the precise definition of "jot and tittle" preservation. Yes. No. These question are not really relevant to my position concerning the precise definition of "jot and tittle" preservation. Amen, and AMEN!!!!!!! You assume correctly. I am indeed aware of these facts. However, these facts do not actually reveal your personal position in relation to the question that I asked -- I am desiring to know if you hold to the same Masoretic and "Received" textual authority as stands behind the King James translation, or if you hold to the textual authority which was lifted up by Westcott and Hort and which has continued to be lifted by present day textual criticism. Indeed. Well, then it would appear that Brother D. A. Waite and I do not agree on this point.
  4. Brother Tyndale, Would you please answer the question that I posted earlier today?
  5. Brother Tyndale, A question if I may (indeed, an honest question for information) -- What Hebrew and Greek texts or textual families, do you believe, represent God's work of preserving "the exact, specific words" that proceeded out of His mouth "by inspiration to the prophets and apostles"?
  6. As for myself: 1. I believe that the Biblical doctrine of preservation teaches a perfect, generational, precise ("jot and tittle") preservation of the words and wordings which the Lord our God originally gave through the inspiration of His Holy Spirit. 2. I believe that the King James translation is, by our Lord God's wondrous providence, a perfectly accurate translation of that which He has preserved from generation to generation in a perfectly precise ("jot and tittle") manner. 3. As such, I believe that the King James translation carries the absolute authority of divine inspiration for the English reading peoples of our present day.
  7. My father-in-law travels a bit for his job, and often needs some form of recommendation for a church to attend. He has certainly found that it is no all that easy to find a Biblically sound, worldly separated church in various parts of the country. Thus he asks my wife to track down what recommendations that she can for the given area where he will be, and Brother Cloud's list is one of those that she uses. (By the way -- Yes, my in-laws ARE members of the church unto which I been called to pastor -- my father and mother in-law, my wife's sister and her husband, and their daughter, my niece, and her husband. Please, PLEASE, pray for me!!! :) Actually, it is NOT that bad. Indeed, I have a great relationship with my in-laws. It is a wonderful blessing.)
  8. Brother Schneck, I have read over the questionnaire a number of times over the last few years, and have found myself at the same difficulty every time. I am aware that I do not hold precisely to the same position on repentance for salvation as Brother Cloud's position. I do strongly believe that repentance IS necessary. I do strongly believe that true repentance will result in a change of direction. However, I am aware that Brother Cloud and I have a different "definition" as to what the "change in direction" will be with regard to eternal salvation. I could probably mark his question on the matter with the approved answer; however, knowing my difference with Brother Cloud on the matter, I believe that this would be dishonest. Thus I have not pursued an attempt at the questionnaire. In addition, I am aware that Brother Cloud and I have a very, VERY slight difference concerning the matter of "adapting" music. I would oppose a very large percentage of so doing, and I am very grieved at what I see within various "large" fundamentalist ministries concerning the matter. However, I am not yet convinced that it is 100% sinful in 100% of the cases. Thus these two questions in the questionnaire prevent me from seeking to join. I do not desire to be one of those dishonest pastors about which you spoke above. Concerning Pastor Watson in Warren -- I am not familiar with him.
  9. Actually, my first book is on the subject of marriage - "God's Wisdom for Marriage & The Home" (450 pgs.). Brother Cloud recently purchased it from the book table of Evangelist Rick Flanders (who is a friend and who carries my marriage book and revival book on his book table) at a venue completely unknown to myself. After reading the book, Brother Cloud sent me an email message to express his appreciation (which is the only reason that I even knew that he had made the purchase). Then he proceeded to recommend my marriage book in one of his Friday postings and in his Oh Timothy magazine (earlier this year). I am compelled to express significant appreciation for his public recommendation, for it has generated a significant number of sales since. (Note: I recognize that sales are most definitely NOT everything; however, when another helps sales through public recommendation, I believe that appreciation is in order.) My second book is the one that you see in my logo - "The Spirit of Revival: A Contrite and Humble Spirit" (200 pgs.) My third book is - "The Tender Mercies of the Lord" (127 pages). Yes, all three books can be acquired as e-books through Amazon. Three more books are presently in production: 1. Thou Shalt Do These Things: A Study of the Commands in the New Testament 2. In the World Not of the World: The Believer's Relationship to the World 3. The Basis of Revival: Foundational Truths of Revival The first two of these I expect to be in publication before the year ends. The third I am not so certain.
  10. Yeah, and then I write my first book to be 450 pages long. What exactly was I thinkin'? Yet in truth I knew exactly what I was doing when I did it, and I knew how many would respond unto such a large book. Fundamentalist believers rarely study and rarely read. However, I have simply decided to allow the Lord my God to do the selling. Books of Biblical substance are desperately needed from the Fundamental Baptist perspective. Thus I have decided to write with the Biblical substance that our Lord has graciously granted to me, and I have decided to trust Him to do with it as He sees fit. (Note: I have NO expectations of ever making any substantial money off this endeavor, and indeed it can be discouraging at times.)
  11. What an utter shame and sin!!! 1 Timothy 4:15-16 -- "Meditate on these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all. Take heed unto thyself and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee." With conviction I am a Fundamentalist - specifically because I believe in the fundamental authority of God's Holy Word for all belief and behavior. However, much that I find in fundamentalism grieves my heart (which then moves me to consider how much I myself do grieve the heart of God my heavenly Father, Jesus Christ my Savior, and the indwelling Holy Spirit).
  12. Indeed. And one the great reasons for this is that many Independent Baptist pastors are NOT real Bible students. Far too many put forth more effort to study the "movement" than to study the Word.
  13. I wish to express my agreement with Brother "Wretched" on this point.
  14. Brother Wayne, My posting as follows: Was given in relation to my earlier posting as follows: There is no doubt that a Calvinist will use the King James translation's usage of the English word "foreordained" in 1 Peter 1:20 as a translation for the Greek verb "proginosko" to argue that the Greek verb "proginosko" (which is also that found in Romans 8:29) CAN mean "predestinated; pre-chosen." So then, how do we non-Calvinist's respond with Biblical validity unto this argument?
  15. Yet the English word "foreordained" (found in the King James translation ONLY in 1 Peter 1:20, as the translation for the Greek verb "proginosko") DOES indeed mean -- "to ordain beforehand; predestinate." And the English word "ordain" means -- "1) to put in order, arrange, prepare; 2.a) to decree, order, establish, enact; 2.b) to predetermine, predestinate; 3) to invest with the functions or office of a minister, priest, or rabbi." So then, CAN the Greek verb "proginosko" mean "to foreordain," that is -- "to before arrange; to before decree; to predetermine; to predestinate"?