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  1. wretched added a post in a topic Bible College   

    They kicked me out....my head kept falling off and I really hate it when it does that.
  2. wretched added a post in a topic Bible College   

    HA! good one, I will use it....
  3. wretched added a post in a topic Bible College   

    Got me a BA and a BS (born again and been saved).
  4. wretched added a post in a topic The Sovereignty of God   

    He knows all and it is impossible to surprise Him...
    The problem with people who harp on this type of idea is that they think His knowledge applies to them in some way alleviating their sole purpose after salvation which is to the preach the Gospel to every person and to CEASE NOT daily.
    He knows everything friend, you and I know jack squat and jack already left town. Lets get busy winning the lost and stop wasting our lives.
  5. wretched added a post in a topic saved with questions and concerns   

    Sounds to me that you are just the right person God can use.
  6. wretched added a post in a topic Question About Preterism   

    Can't argue with apostates folks. Read their posts carefully
  7. wretched added a post in a topic Titus   

    Very interesting and seems very reasonable IMO. I am not sure of the history of why IFBs stay away from the term Bishop. I suppose the catholic association but ? There is certainly a difference between the two in Scripture.
  8. wretched added a post in a topic Free Will   

    Can't argue Scriptural interpretation with apostates friends, it is the meaning of the word. They worship a lost writer named calvin, come out from among them and be ye separate saith the Lord.
    Why would the only theme of the NT be to suffer for Christ in the spreading of the Gospel if the calvin robot idea had an ounce of merit?
  9. wretched added a post in a topic Donald Trumps Everyone Else . . . . Not   

    I for one appreciate greatly the information in this thread. I have been wondering lately whether I should bother with voting at all.
  10. wretched added a post in a topic It Is Time   

    The problem is faith in God's Word as being complete and timeless. unbound by regional environment, culture or time period. To even imagine that the Word was influenced by those factors is blasphemy IMO and carries a heavy judgement at the Great White Throne.
    Whether a date setter or a preterist, both are by sight and not by faith and neither idea is of God. I call none brethren who believe either way. These types believe what can be "proven" to them by sight or other resource. That is no belief (faith) at all.
    It is sad to imagine it but I wonder if these types belief in the finished work of Christ is also dependent on outside corroboration? Well if parts of God's Word is dependent on outside corroboration then it is reasonable to assume that all of IT is. Without faith in God's Word, their is no faith at all.
    Strange how the lost have more belief in the Divinity of the Bible than intellectual christians do.
  11. wretched added a post in a topic It Is Time   

    Here are the issues I see and I appreciate the run down I really do, that clears up some things and confuses others at the same time.
    1. You seem to bring down the Bible to a base form as if it written by the whims and environments of the men God chose to write it. Especially Revelation
    2. You feel the need to validate Scripture by the writings of men after it was completed. This may be the worst in my opinion.
    3. You can't prove your points with the Bible alone, you seem to place equal weight on the writings and history recordings of men.
    Without faith it is impossible to please God. Intellectualism (pride/self-glory) is the exact opposite of faith. I fear you have allowed the sin of intellectualism to steal your faith in God's Word as written.
    This is where all the whacky ideas come from and it is always of the flesh....ALWAYS
  12. wretched added a post in a topic It Is Time   

    Wow, fascinating..I doubt I have ever witnessed Scripture reduced to hearsay and rumor so well. Early church writers, huh? I would ask who but the proper question is who cares?
  13. wretched added a post in a topic It Is Time   

    This is a part of the point I make John. Discipleship to us is "here read this dude and that dude and I will see you back in church next week"
  14. wretched added a post in a topic It Is Time   

    The solution is quite simple but certainly will not occur. We are in the free fall portion of the falling away IMO so don't expect any change for the better.
    All discipleship, training, mentoring, encouragement, giving, edification and service is to be done in, through and out of the local church. No one should be writing books and/or making movies. God isn't leading them in any of that. He said in His Word what a pastor, deacon, evangelist is to be and a big shot author is nowhere in there. Because all leading by God occurs through His Word and by no other venue. Every single thing we do and decision we make and work for God we do is supposed to be done with and through the local NT Church as it was exampled in Acts
    It is this devilish universal mentality that has muddied the waters so badly here in these last days. Believers think they can be in God's will as free agents, doing and NOT DOING whatever they want apart from the church. They ignore their own pastors because they prefer some "big shot for God's" book on the subject or their blog, or website. HOW SAD WE ARE IN THESE DAYS. All we can do to help fix it - is to fix ourselves individually and stop this satanic free agency nonsense.
    All this universal free agency really means is to NOT serve the Lord and to not give and to not grow but our flesh sure loves it and will defend it vehemently.
  15. wretched added a post in a topic "Forced to Watch"   

    I stated it as opinion with an understanding of Scripture as a whole. No one verse but many overall that point to it.
    Happy go lucky, mind-erased bliss is indicated absolutely no where in Scripture. That way of thinking motivates one to do nothing for the Lord and certainly never to lose your life, pick up your cross and follow Jesus.
    Do you really think you will be mindless? Everything that made up your soul will be erased? Yes a new body but never a new soul, what are you thinking with this??
    This even smacks of calvin worship but in a different way. So we have no mind or free will in Heaven but we do here on earth or both? The Bible teaches NEITHER.