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  1. The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11

    Excellent point BTW MC. I think most realize that Elijah will be one of the witnesses, no doubt. The second IMO will be Moses most likely. This is based on the types of miracles God performs through them during the Trib which match the miracles God worked through them in the OT.
  2. Following the Law

    I suspect Google has been "on fire" over this one! It was for me.
  3. The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11

    Well this is a meaningless point in the context of the discussion. Any reasonably thinking Christian would use their God given common sense to know this passage is not talking about a pair of churches. 2 witnesses and or 2 Prophets which they are referred to in the same context does not translate to "churches" period.....ever.
  4. Soul Mates versus Arranged Marriages

    IMO you are pretty much dead on with what you know already. Go with your idea.
  5. The 7th Shemita is here

    A lack of discernment is displayed in this post. Discernment includes common sense and awareness of current events. It is obvious to the whole world that Israel is a nation again as of many years ago and has spent decades gathering back Jews from all over the world. Whether the gathering of the ten tribes is advertised is irrelevant, what is relevant is that common sense tells anyone that decades of gathering from the four corners would most certainly gather all ten tribes in numbers I wonder the more I read these posts if this is a "bad gene" in the minds of histor-a-cists (those who twist history to match their misconceptions of Scripture)? Is it a lack of accurate knowledge of current events or below average common sense or a combination of both? Whatever it is, it is a flaw of the souls and not of the Spirit
  6. Neither Wine nor Strong Drink

    I am guessing there is allot more to this story than that church board wants us to know. Drinking is advocated in these mega social clubs so a drinking issue is hardly this guy's issue with them. They just don't want the truth out which I suspect is far more egregious even for this group. Had it been just drinking they would be overly accommodating to get this guy rehab and to show "mercy", It is a bait and switch with cover up as the objective. What they are covering up only time will tell, but it will come out sooner or later.
  7. Billy Graham

    Crusade is the catholic word for jihad.
  8. Newbie

    What did I tell you about your meds!!!!
  9. Guidance needed

    Should I assume you are attempting to quote me? Please reread my post carefully friend, you are simply paraphrasing me with this post. thanks
  10. Guidance needed

    You have your assurance in the passage you sight brother. Take a look again but read it from a different perspective. This passage is not addressing sin it is addressing unbelief. It is saying that it is impossible for one born again to fall away from their belief in Christ else if they had truly fallen away how could they be saved again? They would have to crucify Christ again. Once born again you cannot turn away from the truth of it. IMO you have demonstrated quite well in your posts that you believe it with your heart and have not stopped believing in Christ's salvation. You are letting satan hold you down with mental doubts. Belief is all there is. Heart belief makes one anguish against doubt, which you are obviously doing.
  11. Have you heard about the Burlington revival?

    I am praying for it now. Sure reads real but I don't have personal knowledge of it. Sounds like Luke 11 praying has been going on there for a long time.
  12. All truly born again are presented white as snow and spotless to God, all inquity wiped away from the second of salvation for all eternity. You still misinterpret most passages you present friend. You think the religious lost and tares are saved. Only a lost religious tare will have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. They believe with their lips but their hearts are far from Him. Interesting theory though I will admit but i googled your ideas and see that they are not that imaginative. Apparently the church of Christ came up with this idea first so I assume you come out of that group rejecting their emotional "faith" but still clinging to some of their teachings. This would also explain your disdain for their following seducing spirits and your being careful not to join a group like that again. Another hole in your church of Christ theory is the vast majority of "christians" you think will go through the tribulation. According to Revelation the only witnessing that will occur during the tribulation will come from the 144K male jewish virgins and the 2 major witnesses come down from God and those heathen untold millions who have never heard the clear Gospel all over the world who do believe the witnesses and lose their heads or hide. The biggest gapped hole your theory presents is how on earth could any born again believers with the Spirit indwelling be left behind when the Spirit will not remain on earth. He is on earth now only in flesh (believers) hearts. He takes the whole lot of us out at the rapture (IF Biblically BORN AGAIN, not your version of born again). I have no doubt 100s of millions of "mental assent christians" will be left behind and will be deluded to believe the lie, but no Biblically born again Christians will. I suspect most of your old church of Christ folks will be among them along with most protestants, catholics, the emerging rick warren/ graham rock n rollers, and even many IFB tares.
  13. Can you quantify this please. It is an interesting theory but what would be the level of sin or point of no return or cutoff of iniquity for a true believer to be certified as dishonorable to the Lord. While you are chewing on this also answer the similar question of what types of sin would a believer need to commit to become dishonorable and also does the typical believer pass from honorable to dishonorable repeatedly during their physical life down here? thanks
  14. I understand Mike but IMO a better question would be: who else could it be talking about in its context other than the HS? Any other line of thought would be wild speculation. If the sealing of the Spirit believers received now were the same type as described in Revelation it would say so Mike. The Revelation description is akin to and counterfeited by Satan with his mark so it is rational to believe this seal is to show definitively who is the Lord's without a shadow of doubt. IOW: my speculation is better than yours
  15. What makes a Church IFB?

    Try to search the forum friend, I have not mentioned one time a turning from sin. The preached Word and the Spirit work together to regenerate the lost, the Spirit's job to reprove the world of sin, righteousness and judgment to come. There must be heartfelt conviction or there is no new birth. When a person truly believes with their heart they will receive the Savior and will become a new creature, old things are pasted away and all things become new. IOW: they will be interested in growth and the things of God at a baby's level and they will believe the Scriptures as they learn them and they will be concerned for the lost (starting with their own families). IF NOT, it was not real belief in their hearts. I challenge you to demonstrate one example of the new birth in the NT which resulted in the person calling on the Lord to save them and then they forget all about it and go along their sinful way. Reread the passages you post and ask God for understanding because you clearly do not have it yet. I would love to help but just don't have the time to stay on here of late. Since you are new, you will find most on here will not keep reproving new people on the same subject over and over unless they have the earnest desire to learn. A couple of years ago I would take the time to reprove you but time is short these days and like I keep mentioning others like you have come and gone and I among many others took the time and demonstrated their incorrect stands (all of which is captured on this site and accessible with the search feature). If you want to find answers search this forum, there are tons of them. These topics have come up and down a hundred times with some threads 10 pages or more. Now if you want to simply be the big shot who is never wrong then be my guest. You will find little agreement or fellowship on here with that attitude though. I am sensing you have this delusion of being God's man with all the answers come to set everyone straight but I got news for you friend, this is no ministry, this is a discussion forum. I doubt if any two people on here agree on every subject There are a number of members on here who are born again soldier hard and have lived for the Lord several decades none of which are dummies so open your heart a little, you might learn some things differently than you have been taught.