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  1. wretched added a post in a topic: Left Alone   

    Makes sense
    ​I can see no mention of any type of human government in Scripture as endorsed by God. It is what man makes it to be and the Lord allows it all to run its course as with everything of the world. He endorses none and intervenes in none.
  2. wretched added a post in a topic: Debate Topics   

    Hate to rehash the same reproofs to Bible blending but anyway:  certainly we don't sacrifice animals to cover our sins or have rabbis wash our pots and pans or avoid eating shellfish, bacon, etc.
    Or if you prefer, certainly we don't feel the need to give all that we have to the poor and follow the Lord as the rich young ruler in order to be born again?
    2Tim3:16 is another passage frequently misinterpreted and misquoted as in this post. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof , for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
    Nowhere in this verse does the Lord even imply that all Scripture is for all peoples of all time periods to apply at all times to their lives. For our instruction-yes, for our application - hardly.
  3. wretched added a post in a topic: Do You Believe That Divorce And Remarriage Is Acceptable ?   

    Only your personal indoctrination is ridiculous in this chapter friend. Read it again carefully for yourself without your judgmental notions and you will see it clearly. God addresses virgins, married and the divorced in this chapter; ie, everyone.   Verses 25-30 is the gist of what I am conveying. Marriage matters zero to the born again Christian in God's eyes. It is a distraction at best and holds the believer back from following Christ at the worst. Whatever position you came to a saving knowledge in Christ was is what it should remain without the fleshly need to keep "improving" your lot in this physical life. If you came married stay, if you came divorced, stay; if you came a servant, be content in it: etc. Unfortunately most IFB churches place more emphasis on married couples/families than single which is definitely backwards from Scripture.   Your fixation on divorce makes little Scriptural sense, it tends to turn what could be a useful Christian for God into a bitter judge of your fellow Christians. Get over it and yourself and drive on for God. Fornication is always sin, marriage is not but will cause trouble in the flesh. Our Lord in the Gospels was speaking to the Jews on divorce and refuting their hypocritical attempts to live by the law as He always did during His ministry on earth.
  4. wretched added a post in a topic: Do You Believe That Divorce And Remarriage Is Acceptable ?   

    Personally I am convinced that divorce is acceptable if the conditions meet the Lord's very specific fornication criteria.
    BIG however though on the issue of remarriage, I don't see the same "go ahead" with remarriage (in the below context from the Gospels)
    Another issue to raise concerning this text: That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication , causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery. The reversed text dealing with the husband, reverses the roles in this scenario IMO.
    Heartstrings explanation of this text is one possible interpretation but contextually this text could be interpreted in at least 3 ways without a clearly defined way to rule out any of the 3.
    Could be the wife's fornication but I sincerely doubt it, I think that is the least likely of the 3. If it were her fornication she was already committing adultery so the last part of the text would then be irrelevant.
    Could be the safety and health issue Heartstrings mentioned, but I have a measure of doubt on that one too since at the time STDs were present most likely but undiscovered, defined or realized by anyone as were pretty much all medical pr OB lems.
    Most likely IMO is that the fornication mentioned was committed by the husband in this scenario which explains why it is then acceptable for the divorced wife to remarry without committing adultery (wasn't any fault of hers). The whole trust and peace in marriage goes out the window when a dude gets caught, making his life misery in the flesh unless he does release her from the marriage.
    So, "if" this is the most reasonable interpretation then this does not give the offending husband any go ahead in remarriage.
    Now in the instructions to NT churches (you know, born again people who now have the Spirit abiding within them), particularly ICor 7 put all the hub bub about marrying into a real perscpective for us. IOW: it is basically a waste of time on earth to worry over it but since we are weak and can't live on our own apparently, God knows we will marry and divorce and marry and divorce and .....on marriage it does say that remarriage is not sin but trouble in the flesh and boy HOWDY is it.
  5. wretched added a post in a topic: A Supernatural Experience With Christ [Jesus]   

    Sincere congratulations to you. You have demonstrated more accurate Scriptural knowledge in some of your posts in this thread alone than any pope in history.
  6. wretched added a post in a topic: A Supernatural Experience With Christ [Jesus]   

    Not the way your imagination is protraying this "speaking" miss. It is Scripturally not possible. Emotional weakness lends to over imagination which leads to hysteria as demonstrated in many charismatic groups. None of which is Scriptural and none of which is of God.
    Those who tend to be overly emotional, fragile and wearing their feelings on their sleeves love this nonsense. Single and unchecked married women gravitate to this and yes, I have never met a charismatic married woman who was not unchecked by her husband.
    Satan loves the emotional drama in these groups, it renders them not just useless to God but also a fuels the mockery of God by His enemies.
    It is never a question of whether God "could" speak to us but He already said He would no longer except through His Perfect Word aided by the Spirit.
  7. wretched added a post in a topic: Do You Believe That Divorce And Remarriage Is Acceptable ?   

    Now that's good reading!
  8. wretched added a post in a topic: Grace Vs Faith, Salvation?   

    This is a great thread that has definitely demonstrated that repentance is a change of heart and mind about God and sin never to be changed back
  9. wretched added a post in a topic: Just How Many?   

    How many times I have heard of a good preaching Church or preacher, go to their site and read the statement of faith and see the vagueness of it and come to the end of their statement not really knowing what they believe.
    You can go to many rock n roll church sites and get the seemingly correct words and phrases of salvation but are they really?
    I think Pastor Markle was being very thorough in his descriptions for a reason and not that of works but that of understanding.
  10. wretched added a post in a topic: Do You Believe That Divorce And Remarriage Is Acceptable ?   

    Aint that the truth brother
  11. wretched added a post in a topic: How To Deal With Those Who Teach False Doctrine – According To Scripture   

    Any and all so called "clergy" like this are not of God and are simply filling a worldly occupation in these denominations.
    Of course it doesn't make the mole jokes appropriate though...wait a minute.....I just looked again and am offering my dremel free of charge.
  12. wretched added a post in a topic: A New Face   

    Not real missions pardner.
    I would no sooner read or hear her than I would the caliphate. I will keep my mind narrow, thank you very much.
  13. wretched added a post in a topic: A New Face   

    Belladonna mellanoma antipasto carcinoma is her jesuit name no doubt.
    Sorry, rolling, can't stop myself
  14. wretched added a post in a topic: A New Face   

    AH...a mole of satan, no doubt!
  15. wretched added a post in a topic: Famine Coming Soon   

    Although I will not store food for a possible EMP event, I can see the reasoning behind it. If the grid goes down prior to the Great Tribulation which is a possibility then all will be affected whether lost or saved and if you are unprepared then you will have to fight to feed your family.
    The Lord will provide through your action and not by a miracle folks. 
    If one has true faith, it is Spiritual and deals with eternity and you won't worry or care about stock piling food or shooting your neighbors. But not to worry, the end is not yet.
    There is an extreme site I stumbled on a few years ago that was huge and spoke of almost nothing but this EMP subject. It was a professing Christian site but i don't recall the name. Anyway, the guy who owned the site was adamant about stockpiling food, guns, ammo with the premediated intention of shooting anyone coming near his perimeter and I recall a large following of professing Christians on there.
    I don't know about you but I don't want to go home to the Lord with murders as my last acts on earth. I would prefer selfless giving of the Gospel and my food, uh thank you very much.
    The NT does teach to provide for your own but not in any way, shape or form are we to sin in order to do it. That is in direct contradiction to everything the Lord taught. As a matter of fact, we are to abandon our families for the Gospel if they will not follow the Lord also. Now if they follow, yes provide but if they don't, we are to love the Lord far more then spouses, kids, parents, etc.

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