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  1. It is also a logical conclusion to believe that there will be levels of condemnation for the lost at the Great White Throne Judgment, just as there will be levels of reward for His saints at the Judgement Seat. Else why would God judge all the lost according to their works. If condemnation were equal then the Judgment would not be according to their works, it would be solely based on their rejection of Him and His salvation. The word judgment in itself indicates levels of either reward or punishment and both the lost and the saved will be judged; every man (male or female)
  2. Ah yes, context, context, context Invicta. If you reformation folks could just pay attention to that; you would see things much differently. The context in blue you mention is exactly the same thing as one judgment for all lost and one judgment for all saved. It remains one judgment regardless. Also if you folks would in take Revelation seriously you would see the vast difference in the descriptive of each judgment.
  3. Absolutely Context Invicta. That is another word for rightly dividing.
  4. All born again believers
  5. No problem Jim, Let's see, to summarize: From God's perspective: The Bride or Body or Church is every regenerated believer. In addition He created the local NT church for our perspective. From our perspective: There is only the local NT church Or something like that.
  6. I think I am getting it, thanks
  7. Good points here friend. I do question why your past fornications with 50 women would be a stumblingblock issue with anyone if you were to marry however. Unless you wear a tshirt that reads that, who or why would anyone know what you did 14 plus years ago?
  8. I Cor 7: 27 Art thou bound unto a wife? seek not to be loosed. Art thou loosed from a wife? seek not a wife. 28 But and if thou marry, thou hast not sinned; and if a virgin marry, she hath not sinned. Nevertheless such shall have trouble in the flesh: but I spare you. It is simple English. As with every other seemingly contradictory issue, this one only seems contradictory when timing, audience and context are ignored.
  9. Bro. Scott, Perhaps I am confused in what exactly we are contending about. The main point of disagreement I have had is the belief that OT believers were born again by the regenerating and renewing power of the Spirit. I have in past and still do agree that the Holy Spirit did indwell some believers and even some non believers temporarily prior to Pentecost but only for God's own special purposes and glory. These same believers prior to Pentecost were not "born again" as we know it. They were not regenerated, permanently indwelt nor sealed by the Spirit. So I do agree with you that the two works of the Spirit can be separated. I do believe as the OT Scriptures indicate that the Spirit did work by the temporary indwelling in certain men and women for certain purposes up until Pentecost. This however does not include any of the original Apostles and I arrive at this conclusion because of the lack of mention prior to our Lord's crucifixion for one, the actions taken by the Apostles at our Lord's crucifixion for two and mostly because of our Lord's own Words in regards to the Spirit. In regards to the word convert. I believe and agree that every reference in the Word to convert deals with repentance whether by self will sparked by signs, wonders, miracles, visions, voices, etc. prior to Pentecost. or by the supernatural and permanent work of the Spirit post Pentecost. Perhaps I have not been thorough enough in explanation to which I do apologize.
  10. I gotta say bro Scott, if you honestly feel like the Scriptures you quoted are related to this subject or nearly as clear as the ones I quoted and could somehow counter them then I guess there can be no arguing with you over it. Here they are again just to be sure: Read John 14: 13-19 & 25,26; then read John 15:25, 26; then John 16: 7-12; then Luke 22:31-35
  11. Although you post does smack hard of replacement theology through its hostility towards Israel, it still does not address the question. So I can assume as I already did anyway that you have no Scriptural basis for any part of your argument. is what you are saying patriotic...sure; conservative republican....yes; neo-nazi...close; but Scriptural...No. The vast majority of patriotic, conservative republicans are lost religious. I wouldn't hazard to say as much as 95% of them. So don't confuse them with God's real children truly born again that the Lord does hear and will honor their sacrifices and service.
  12. Well thanks friend, but this answer is apples to oranges and has little to do with the question. Provide some Scripture that refutes Israel's blessing from God as a nation throughout the ages and the Lord's guarantee of cursing to all nations who curse Israel. I know the OP question is hypothetical but the last 8 years indicates a dangerous trend for the U.S. Matter of fact, after the last 8 years, it is useless to even imagine the U.S. not being destroyed utterly by the Lord at His Second Coming. This country is increasingly anti-Israel which will culminate in this IMO.
  13. Understood and good points
  14. Question: Why would attacking a muslim-lead america be evil?? Because that is what we are now and will continue to be muslim-lead through indirect sympathy if Trump isn't elected. If hilarious makes it, we will see scores more muslim cabinet member and political appointees at all levels of government. So make sure you all vote. I think America is no better than the Amorites, Hittites or any other OT "ites" at this point in History. Thanks primarily to the muslim obamanation in office for the last 8 years. These last 8 years have taken 100s of years off our "mercy" meter with the Lord IMO. In addition do you really think Romans 13:4 applies to nations? I can see how Jordan's passage does. I think the Romans passage is applicable to individuals more so, a reap what you sow type of warning. In addition a warning that even though a real NT Christian, we are not above man's laws. We are to be subject to God instituted human government until it steps on the Bible, worship and witnessing (but nothing else really unless related or tied directly to those three areas). Don't get me wrong I do understand what you are saying brother. I just wouldn't apply it to nations initially.