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  1. wretched added a post in a topic What to do with an unrepentant adulterer spouse   

    Well you ain't the only person who disagrees Sword, HA but I stand by it and think the weight of Scripture supports the view I present more than yours. BTW there are many references in the NT to support the definition of adultery I present. Even your verse quoted presents both terms separately. Had they meant the same, it would not be written so.
  2. wretched added a post in a topic What to do with an unrepentant adulterer spouse   

    Grace and Mercy is male according to his profile.
    Hopefully you are giving the whole story. I recommend you give both sides as best and honestly as you can if you expect a serious, Scriptural answer. I know the OP seems cut and dry but these things absolutely never are and besides I am not 100% sure of what the OP is saying, whether in code or just typos.
    So, this is not necessarily directed at you but it does seem folks just want an echo to what they have already decided or want to hear and not real Scriptural guidance.
    Fornication and adultery are not the same thing in Scripture. Even Matt 5:32 addresses them as presented and defined separate from each other. We can commit adultery against God. Scripture defines adultery as a turning away of the heart, not a sexual thing. Now fornication can lead to adultery and adultery can lead to fornication so there is a connection between the two obviously but they are not the same thing.
    Men can commit fornication all day long with numberous women without their heart ever turning away from their wife. A woman however is wired very different and if fornication has occured, she most likely has turned her heart away from her husband already.
    In my experience men fall into bed but decide to love. I have never in my life met a man who has decided to love two women HA!
    Women are the opposite: they fall in love but decide to bed. We are polar opposites emotionnally in most cases unless the dude is effeminate.
  3. wretched added a post in a topic R.C. Sproul's Dispensationalist View...   

    Wow, what rubbish. The exact opposite is true in Scripture. I don't call myself anything but born again but I certainly believe there are differences in how God dealt with man through the History written in the Bible. Since Pentecost in Acts believers are sealed by the Spirit making it impossible to ever again repent from the true God. Prior to that there is no indication anywhere in Scripture of regeneration, renewing or sealing of the Spirit. IMO it is evident throughout the OT that Israel could turn away from the true God and worship idols. They had no Spirit living in them or sealing them.
    Sure they sinned all over the place because they were never born again. As soon as the signs, wonders, miracles, visions, dreams, etc. stopped for a while, what did Israel do? They plunged deep back into sin and idol worship. So did pretty much every man and woman God used back then. Now we have a constant battle internally between the flesh and the Spirit.
    The key here is not so much sins but idolatry and adultery against the true God. It is impossible for a born again believer to ever turn away from the true God and become a catholic or muslim or hindu or humanist. HAPPENED all the time in the OT, they could not keep their faith in the true God without constant signs, wonders, miracles, etc..
    This sproul fella has it backward completely.
  4. wretched added a post in a topic Happy Dominion Day   

    Here Here to the 54th state,
    puerto rico, gwam and mexico being 51, 52, and 53
  5. wretched added a post in a topic Vatican Scientists Co-Host Conference In Arizona Seeking Alien Life In Universe   

    And don't forget them mooselimbs; they have to fit in there somewhere.
  6. wretched added a post in a topic U.S and the Prophets   

    I know this part isnt really relevant to your point but could you elaborate a little?
  7. wretched added a post in a topic Moohamadans get their just punishment!   

    Unfortunately Bob doesn't get it. He thinks if someone is predestined and elected, no matter how the Gospel is presented, they will be saved.
    Funny though after 30 years of hearing testimonies hard to number, I have never heard of anyone getting saved with the methods he and his "man-idols" spew out.
  8. wretched added a post in a topic Catch John81!!!   

    You think? Thanks I will keep it up then
  9. wretched added a post in a topic Catch John81!!!   

    you'll carpel your tunnels trying!
  10. wretched added a post in a topic Reverend?   

    ​Hardly guy.
    Our Lord's example of compassion for the lost is clearly displayed in the Gospels. It appears the Scripture references your revered and esteemed and great muttenheads gave you to quote are Old Testament attempting to justify your self righteous view of sinners just like you.
  11. wretched added a post in a topic Reverend?   

    It would be helpful if you refrained from the explicatives our Holy God uses to describe sin and realize your sinful state saved only by Grace. You are simply a "Satanist" saved by Grace.
    Be thankful that some former Satanist had mercy on your sorry satanist self and shared the Gospel with you.  Let your thankfulness translate into true compassion for the lost as our Lord has and try harder to conform yourself into His image instead of this prideful (soon to fall hard) holier than thou you portray yourself as.
    Our Lord was harsh only with the false religious devils (jury is still out but the evidence is piling up against you to include you with these devils) and never with the common sinners, read your Bible and stop following morons.
  12. wretched added a post in a topic Reverend?   

    ​Sounds kinda like a mormon compound and I am guessing most your membership were lured away from real Churches with the promise of NOT having to witness and win souls. "What a relief, sure we'll join up" cause they follow calvin, not Jesus.
  13. wretched added a post in a topic Reverend?   

    ​That is the bottom of your problems Bob. You revere men and have been indoctrinated into their interpretations of Scripture.
    Get away from these dudes and into the Book and you will see far more clearly. You use terms like esteemed and great in describing dudes who wrote books I suppose making merchandise of God and those became your bible, setting aside God's Word to learn the words of muttenheads (perhaps you specifically didn't but generally speaking that is usually what happens when dudes put dudes above other dudes) they seek their interpretations instead of the Spirit.
    Reverend is a worldly term used primarily by the lost to identify religious hirelings. It is not a term God gave for his preachers and teachers. I have no interest in what any reverend says about any subject and neither should anyone (lost or saved)
  14. wretched added a post in a topic for those who are married   

    ​Very good point!
  15. wretched added a post in a topic for those who are married   

    Great generalities laid out by Heartstrings, too many to quote. Unfortunately I don't see any directions for choosing a wife in there anywhere.
    Good advice from others if Jordan can read minds, hearts and see the future. Unfortunately he can't so her testimony is all he's got.
    If she is born again and you want her, go for it, plain and simple. Sounds like the Lord already put you together if she has equal interest in you. I guess that is the question you really need answered.