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  1. Never Too Late

    Excellent article IMO. What is upsetting is that most who witness these days use it as the only example of the new birth giving license to their unrepentant head acknowledgment sales pitches. The truth of the matter is that thief would have left all to follow Jesus had he survived just like the dozens of living examples of the new birth in the NT.
  2. Brother Cloud & RSS Feed

    I do not see a problem with anything you went through Salyan (barring the schism in church that is). It was good for you and a wake up call. I don't think the Bible supports childhood regeneration period. Raise up a child in the way that they should go and when they are old, they will not depart from it. Your childhood experience was seeds sown and watered only. Your repentance (not your exact words but sounds like it means repentance) from your own admittance here came as an adult. A child raised in a fundamental christian home has no other idea of God besides what the born again parents teach, what could you have possibly repented away from in your mind or heart? That fact applies to all children actually. Their beliefs, values and ideas all come from the parents until they hit that wonderful age called puberty. That is when they develop their own ideas and the parents ideas are quickly replaced by their own ideas. Caveat: I only know what I read so don't come back too indigent please. The schism issue at your church sounds like that small group of people had little understanding of what Cloud was teaching to be honest with you. Hardly Cloud's fault IMO.
  3. Brother Cloud & RSS Feed

    What is problematic about the repentance teachings in your opinion?
  4. Great Study Bible

    Well, I will say this and hope you can agree: Satan rarely if ever attacks the Hebrew vs English but we all who have been around awhile can attest to the continuous correction of the English with "Greek scholars". We don't have to wonder why satan would attack the NT so in these last days. What were the words of Billy Graham so many times: "this was a bad translation from the Greek" I reckon as long as noone attempts to correct the English with greek guesses I don't mind it as much. What do you think Bro Scott?
  5. Great Study Bible

    Thats fine with me Jordan and you can have it your way.
  6. Great Study Bible

    Never once that I can remember but I have been saved quite a while.
  7. Great Study Bible

    Well, the context of quicken gave the clue and the Spirit did the rest
  8. Great Study Bible

    You are missing the point friend. You gamble with guessing when using a modern greek lexicon of any publisher to obtain the meaning of "ancient" greek manuscript translations used by the KJB translators. That guessicon or excerpts from one you hold in your hand is not and cannot be accurate with any margin of certainty. You are far better off relying only on the Spirit to teach you God's Truth. These guessicons may have the words right in most cases. What they do not have right and cannot have right is what koine words actually translated to in English or even in modern greek back when originally penned. Pick a word, any word and then realize that the definition of that word you are reading in your modern lexicon could have very well changed 4 times since originally penned. That is an extreme example of course but please understand the point I am making. You are wasting your time with the greek. Modern greek will never give you any better understanding of the Word than the Spirit will. Sure it may make you sound smarter to babes and whatnot but it will not to anyone who knows better, quite the opposite really. Not to mention the pathetic displays given by men who correct the English with a greek GUESS. How sadly vain and/or misguided are those men. God passed the Word on to English with the TR, why waste time fooling with guesses?
  9. Great Study Bible

    Absolutely clear to me without any Hebrew reference, always has been. The context of the passages clears any English confusion. It will come with mileage. The more Bible mileage you get under your belt, the closer you will come to full circle on your previous "referring only to the English". Only next time when you abandon the 23 contradictory guessicons being currently published, you will understand the English yourself via the Spirit. I will hand it to you though, rarely do I see anyone referencing Hebrew to clear up the OT. It is by enlarge the greek of the NT that satan loves to confuse people with.
  10. America In The Bible

    Well, history according to men is always skewed by men's agendas. From what I have read it was 7 and that is confirmed by several other sources. But I have little doubt that other books or websites would say 10, 11 or whatever. IOWs: it is a junk-shoot which to believe. thanks
  11. America In The Bible

    Howdy Invicta, 7 barbaric tribes does not make 10 kings and it was a mercenary working for Rome who actually conquered Rome itself. Curious which kings you are referring to? Honest question....
  12. Whats for Supper...

    Well, it was funny when I wrote it. Not much now and I hate it when that happens
  13. Whats for Supper...

  14. America In The Bible

    Please do explain
  15. Why King James Only?

    I would have to contend with you on this John. But only from the standpoint of MVs, I am not referencing the Geneva in this. Having known, known of and witnessed to many members of "other Christian" denominational churches (several 100s or more) in multiple states, all who use MVs of one perversion or another, I conclude the polar opposite of what you are saying here. Not disputing your experience but I have to qualify your experience as incredibly rare. Matter of fact, you may know the only examples of this. All without exception that I have known or known of in witnessing and acquaintance are what we as fundamentalists would call babes, watered down and lacking any heart change, demonstrating no separation from the world and have little interest and nearly no urgency in trying to spare their own family circle or friends from hell. I believe the reason why they don't have concern or urgency in this is simply because they themselves have no idea what they were "saved" from. I know many of the modern popular "Christian" authors make claims like yours but that does not match my personal experience over 32 years in multiple areas. If folks can't seem to grasp anything beyond the free gift of God in salvation (post salvation is what the majority of the NT is all about) then why do we assume they have the Gospel right? If a clergy or minister will not teach Biblical discipleship to their people, why would we assume they are born again themselves? Seems fishy to me. Just saying....