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  1. Head or chest, yes. Any other place you will be going through allot of pellets. Catch them on the ground if possible or they will dig into the tree bark and you will waste allot more pellets trying to knock them out of the trees and the meat will be ruined.
  2. Sorry Mike but this doesn't reconcile it. Your explanation of peace and safety prior to wrath is contradictory to the seal judgements. Do the seal judgements describe peace and safety for anyone?? Doesn't it make much more sense to understand that the peace and safety puts the antichrist in power and occurs just prior to the rapture and start of the 7 years? Well anyway, just trying to understand how you could be adamant about it. I don't see it but maybe a little bit and the weight of evidence is against it IMO. No brethren I know are unaware of the times and seasons going on right now (the world is following the Bible end times to a tee). Anyway, we disagree just like last time so its not the end of the world (no pun intended).
  3. Dave makes a good point here for one Mike: I understand why these passages could be misinterpreted on the surface. What I don't understand is how you can reconcile Christ's teachings in the Gospels in regards to catching away. He makes it clear that all will be caught unaware (thief in the night) for one so your idea of a mid trib catching away makes no sense from this perspective since the very nature of the seals makes them overtly obvious to anyone saved and most tares I would imagine. All will be counting the days to 3.5 years is my point. Also, the fact that two will be in a bed and one taken, two in a field and one taken, two grinding at a mill and one taken would indicate business and life as usual and certainly not any indication of persecution of saints via the antichrist and the nature of the seals, whether Church age or tribulation. Christ made it abundantly clear that families will turn on each other, neighbors will report neighbors, etc...when the mark is refused. There will be no business as usual going on during these seals my friend. Anyway, food for thought
  4. Excellent point Alan.
  5. NP friend, I have enjoyed the conversation and you can't find a better Christian example than NN to discuss topics with.
  6. NN, just a thought to consider. Our Lord's conversation with Nicodemus continues well past verse 7 and in it please notice the context indicates our Lord was referring to the new birth in a near-future way and perhaps not as something that could happen at the time of His conversation with Nicodemus. In verses 13 and 14 of this context our Lord references His Ascension and His Crucifixion indicating to me that He was referring to an imminent event and not of one that could occur prior to His death, burial and resurrection. The context of the whole conversation indicate Jesus is tying the New Birth directly into His Gospel and that the former was fully dependent on the latter. Please note John 16:7. I think Bro Mike hits the nail on the head in his post. What the ranger fella is talking about does make allot of sense to me but if anyone recalls, Bro. Markle and I have gone round and round of this same subject on at least two occasions so this thread is veja-vu to me and the reason I haven't chimed in. Here is a link (I think) to the last time this topic came up. Ranger does come off as arrogant but to be fair, I can count on one hand the number of people on here who don't come off that way from time to time (and I am NOT one of the fingers on that hand). I do agree that it is not a good way to introduce yourself though. Ok, chiming out.......
  7. This is the perfect example of prideful intellectualism friend. This is why God hates it. Satan lures you into "theology" instead of worship. Once this occurs in a believer's mind, satan begins to sift you like wheat. The striving for theological one upmanship begins, grows worse and soon you have forgotten completely your purpose on earth. I have warned you repeatedly friend and will one last time. You are on the wrong road. This road you allowed your flesh to go down leads you to conclusions like this and now you don't trust God's Word anymore, now you think God's Word was authored by men. Now you have nothing to put your faith in. Luke 16:10 in context has absolutely nothing to do with questioning the inerrancy of God's Word. There is no passage of KJB Scripture that hints at questioning God's Word. Perhaps one of the other versions you cite may but not the real Word of God. One more time friend: All of the extra-Biblically information you post written by men is untrustworthy and unreliable. It is untrustworthy and unreliable because your sources are not inspired by God. Therefore they cannot be trusted to any real extent. And certainly not trusted OVER God's Word. If you read something that casts doubt in your mind over God's Word - burn it friend. You will be much happier. Listen to the Word of God and your faith will increase. Listen to men's agendas and your faith will decrease. It is as simple as that. If you are the type that requires external evidence to all you read in God's Word, you need to realize this second that without FAITH it is impossible to please God.
  8. You have not one time brought forth any "truth" my friend.
  9. The long answer is: I don't care about any of these questions friend. And I certainly will not take more than one minute of precious time looking into other versions to make comparisons. Still missing the point I see but if you would like to discuss important matters of salvation, assurance, eternal security, witnessing, etc I would be happy to participate........
  10. Oh no friend, this is from my time on earth and dealing with folks like you and worse. Have you provided a testimony yet? I may have missed it but hope to be addressing someone who claims salvation by Grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Like I said above these earlier editions contain God's Words but were tried by fire and found wanting (incomplete) by God and not men.
  11. You may possess copied excerpts from what are possibly the originals friend but that is it and that possibility is only based on the word you take from men as you read these books. Of course the originals were preserved up until the KJB. And yes, much of His Word is preserved in the earlier english Bibles but they are incomplete. The foundation of your folly is the massive waste of time God has given you on this earth in pursuit of everything but hearing and doing His Word. This is the point I make over your posts.
  12. I see from your declarations of "truth" in this thread about these books you study, they carry allot of weight with you and this is the problem friend. Believe half of what you see and much less what you read of men. I have said it before and say it again; I have personally been eyewitness to dozens of events over my lifetime that have been documented in newspapers, magazines and books. Not one single time did the writers get the details of these events straight in their documenting. I think most if they gave it thought would come to the same conclusion. Why waste precious time on the speculations and "histories" according to flawed men and their agendas? Chances are most of what you read in these books of men is inaccurate and even fabricated originally or over time. The Spirit will show you the way and the way will always be the KJB. His Word needs no caveat, or supplement, and certainly no documented history for those with seeing eyes to understand and believe it. And that is basically your goal here, is it not? A subtle attack vainly attempting to degrade faith in the KJB? The only "version" that has undergone constant attack from satan since its beginning. The world never minds the modern versions, nor do they mind Tyndale or Geneva. But satan's world has always hated the KJB. I wonder why?....think about it. So based on this admission, you sadly have no preserved Word of God. I am thankful that I do. Open your eyes to the Spirit and close them to the world's "wisdom" friend. You will do much better for the Lord when you do.
  13. Well put sir
  14. Aint' that something, or is it? Imagine if you actually believed the Bible was preserved? Then imagine if you were a doer of the Word instead of a hearer only. What a wonderful eternity you could have. Based on your posts, it appears you have nothing to add to this forum except the nonsense fed to you by someone's merchandise. Put your energy into the Word and drop the trivial, intellectual speculation you attempt to portray friend.
  15. Honesty though NN, I am guessing you don't feel Christ-like on this forum sometimes when having to re-explain things to Calvinists, etc.. but you come across as patient and kind and that is what counts. I myself, am still working on it with the Spirit