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  1. Aint' that something, or is it? Imagine if you actually believed the Bible was preserved? Then imagine if you were a doer of the Word instead of a hearer only. What a wonderful eternity you could have. Based on your posts, it appears you have nothing to add to this forum except the nonsense fed to you by someone's merchandise. Put your energy into the Word and drop the trivial, intellectual speculation you attempt to portray friend.
  2. Honesty though NN, I am guessing you don't feel Christ-like on this forum sometimes when having to re-explain things to Calvinists, etc.. but you come across as patient and kind and that is what counts. I myself, am still working on it with the Spirit
  3. Understood brother and your Christlike attitude is always a blessing!
  4. Please consider that the english word is more than sufficient (as always IMO). Ordained in any tense or usage requires a volunteer to agree to it. It never means nor implies against the will of an individual. God simply knows who all the voluntary believers are throughout history who are ordained to everlasting life. The same explanation goes for the Lord Jesus Christ who the Father always knew would willingly be our Savior.
  5. That is the gist of the calvin system: Man has no accountability in any area, lost or "saved".
  6. Speaking only logically through numbers. When it comes to proof texts for calvinism compared to proofs texts for free will in the NT, there are at least five times more on the free will side. Keeping that in mind could it be possible that proofs texts for calvinism have all along been about foreknowledge only and not selection since the overwhelming evidence sides with free will? Just trying to understand the allure of calvinism, It is the most unjust idea I can imagine and it is the exact opposite of God's Justice documented throughout Scripture. His Justice is always based on our choices (that ratio is at least 1000:1). It only appears different on the surface on a rare occasion or two and in those cases the people hardened their own hearts initially, God just knew their hearts and used them for His Glory. If you drill this idea of calvinism down it basically relieves man of all accountability for anything at the same time. Man is forced to believe and is unable to not persevere to perfection so no real accountability in any area. Lucifer is a genius IMO
  7. Triple LIKE
  8. Does not common sense tell us that all of men's historical records are uninspired, flawed and are written in the light of their own personal agendas. Religious history worst of all. If not bad enough and as cultural norms change, the revisionists come along and change that "clear" historical evidence even more to aid their most recent agendas. In these last days, they don't even wait, they present fake news the day of as authoritative. Put no stock in it apart from anecdotal or trivial information even then swallowed with a grain of salt. Easter is the word God wanted and that is the only reason it appears. The KJB is pure. Men's writing about it or about the translators of it will never be pure and at best agenda-driven speculation.
  9. I see that you are acting merely as a objective advocate or lawyer for calvin followers so I am addressing you in that way. Counselor and if it please the jury: The foreknowledge discussed in the Romans 8 should be interpreted as both informational and relational. God informatively foreknew all who would believe in Him. This type of true heart Belief in Him produces a relationship with Him as clearly demonstrated throughout the NT. If it does not produce this relationship than the belief was not from the heart which always produces action toward God via regeneration. This passage as with all other passages that your "clients" confuse themselves with are never referring to a hand picking selection of who will force-ably believe. Prosecution concludes their opening statement.
  10. New words is fun :) maybe I shall reform myself.....NOT It wouldn't surprise me a bit if your creatively invented words in this thread show up in the next reformed merchandise someone writes as new "doctrines" to intellectualize over.
  11. They do thrive on their made-up words and definitions don't they..hilarious. I am always curious to the answer because I have never heard of a reformer/calvinist who got saved in a reformed church. There maybe a case or two in history but I have never heard of it. In my experience, they are always "membership transfers". Then they claim to understand better how it all works after sincere Christians shared the Word of Life with them. Had these folks checked their pride of life and stayed, they could have actually grown in Grace instead of trivial intellectualism. There may be an exception here or there but by enlarge this is what I have seen of them. Strange bedfellow though... reformers all claim they are God's chosen people but had it not been for a sincere free will Christian caring for their souls, they would have never known they were God's special elect... It is quite ludicrous IMO.
  12. And God has granted all people this ability when He poured out His Spirit over all flesh at Pentecost. Acts 2:17 & John 16:8. It is never granted selectively my friend.
  13. Very well put!
  14. So then why would any rational person buy into calvin's heresy? It cannot be both irresistible and personal accountability at the same time. Look at it this way friend, if God will not force His saints to feed on His Word daily and lose our earthly ambitions completely to Him as saved people do you rationally think He forces anyone lost to believe to begin with? Why? So He can watch His own hand-picked "chosen" disobey His commands? Sadly this whole Calvinist concept is egregious error. Free will is all there is in God's Word, it is on every page of His Word: the choices of men and women and the consequences from their choices. In a few rare instances God has used the choices men have made to harden their own hearts to His Glory by increasing that hardness but any reasonable person would realize that they were beyond His Grace already from all Bible indications. He does know their hearts without manipulating them initially. Calvin must have been a democrat. The eternal destiny of every person is God's fault and has nothing to do with their choices. God says that "all are without excuse". Calvinism denies God and claims that most are WITH excuse.
  15. The omniscience of God is the answer you miss my friend. The overwhelming weight of Scripture from cover to cover clearly proves that all people were born with and all angels were created with total and complete free will. There would have never been the first sins in Heaven and on earth if God controlled everything. Please reread the passages you quoted only this time, reread them with the truth of God's foreknowledge of all things and not His manipulation of all things. If done honestly you will see the truth of this matter. He sees all time at all times and knows all but rarely does He intervene except for His higher purposes and there have been times where importunistic prayer has changed His mind and other times where He entertained negotiation from servants to change His mind. (Moses at Mount Sinai; Abraham at Sodem; Nineveh repented after God already said He would destroy them in 40 days without caveat; Hezekiah for his own life, etc.) All God has ever wanted of man and angels was to be loved, praised and obeyed voluntarily. Certainly you can see this throughout Scripture? Not even the crucifixion was orchestrated by God. He knew that when He sent Him, He would be slain by foreknowledge. Acts.2:23 Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slain: calvinists are not hand picked and manipulated into anything against your own will. If a calvinist is born again, it is only because they responded in faith to God's drawing of their own free will. 1Pet.1:2 Elect according to the foreknowledge of God the Father, through sanctification of the Spirit, unto obedience and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ: Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied. Please see that what you are claiming here is in fact making God's view of history your own view of history which is false and presumptuous. He knows exactly how much fruit we each will bring to perfection through obedience to God's commands to sow with tears and the power of His Spirit. However, if we cripple ourselves falsely from the start with this notion that God controls men's minds and hearts, we will never bear any fruit nor bring any to perfection. Any evangelism becomes merely academic, for show only and a stench in God's nose. Look at it this way friend, if God cannot force us to feed on His Word daily and lose our earthly ambitions completely to Him as saved people do you honestly think He forces anyone lost to believe to begin with? Why? So He can watch them disobey His commands again only now, the disobedience comes from HIS ELECT? Sadly this whole calvinite notion is ludicrous. Sounds like a broken record but I say it again x5. It seems telling to me that every calvin follower that I have run across follow men's writings more than God's Word. TULIP cannot be garnered from the Word, it can only be learned through men. The Scriptural proof texts given always confuse God's foreknowledge with His manipulation. stick with the Bible only, dump the heresies of men, start over again and let's saturate ourselves ONLY in the Word.