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  1. Man-made DNA

    Please consider this sir: As it was in the days of Noah clearly indicate the world's condition prior to the flood and prior to the catching away before God's judgment and reclaiming of the earth again. Using that Bible passage to prove your post actually negates it. The devil/human hybrids would then have to exist PRIOR to the tribulation in order to use "as it was in the days of Noah". Now unless you are referring to the bruce jenners of the world, I see no hybrids running around  
  2. Children in Heaven

    Unfortunately I am not in the Spirit enough to know but I want to be.
  3. Children in Heaven

    My dental implants
  4. Hebrews 6

    Don't you go stepping on our party yet please. I am curious what the answers are. Then you can get ganged up on
  5. Children in Heaven

    Yes sir, that is me. I needed my chick-lets cleaned so I took the picture down temporarily  
  6. Hebrews 6

    I will wait for him to respond then. In the meantime, how could any jew at Pentecost be alive during the tribulation or is he referring to the race? So many questions...so little mind....

    Ok, I must ask: Where does this passage claim that God was also present in this mountain? Or are you simply assuming this? Honest question!
  8. Hebrews 6

    Ok gents, As they say in Canadia, what's this all aboot?
  9. The Blind Beggar

    You misunderstand Rhonda. You have my word that I am not sharpshooting anyone. The OP is extremely well thought out and your post to it is also. My post was just a reminder to all of us to make sure we preach condemnation and hell along with Heaven or the cross is of none effect.    
  10. The Blind Beggar

    You bring up really good points Rhonda so I am quoting you just to make a general plea. To paraphrase what you said about this passage: The despised and base of this world need less Scripture and conviction to realize they are. The Graham crusades fathered the emerging church hell-less gospel movement IMO. This downward spiral satan has used for some 40-50 years now to deceive millions into head belief (and hell) of the historical facts concerning Jesus' death on the cross. Please remember that God poured out His Spirit over all flesh to convict the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment to come. Make double sure that Scripture on sin, judgment and hell are clearly presented or the Spirit cannot work and the cross will mean little to them. The Spirit must work with those Scriptures or else we will continue to produce more head believers who never regenerated. Without a Spirit broken heart, then is no salvation. Will this produce as many "professions", absolutely not; will it produce more real fruit that remains, absolutely yes. Just a friendly admonition.  
  11. The One, True Gospel & God's Saving Grace

    I recall you posting his initial post some weeks ago and I recall him saying that he was a Christian whom later became agnostic (but I may be recalling it incorrectly), then I believe Heb 6: 4-6 comes into play making that sequence of salvation, then adultery against God impossible. Maybe he could elaborate? flabbergasted is a fine word BTW: Does that make a sound when it happens, it sounds like it would make 2 distinct noises in succession?  
  12. The Kingdom

    Another good point and in addition: For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. It is logical to believe that angels were created individually and not through procreation as indicated in Matt 22:30 and Mark. Without procreation it would be logical to believe there would be no need of genitals, hormones or sex. Fallen angels may be different but there is no indication of this in Scripture. There is just too many clues against the devil/human hybrid theory. Although it is strangely fascinating to imagine, it makes the least Scriptural sense among theories IMO.   

    Very true and in all honesty I wasn't joking around necessarily to you. I think there are some mysteries being discussed in this thread that cannot be explained with certainly on any side of the argument. All sides are interesting and food for thought.  

    Not at all, I get it, very thorough brother and thanks

    This does raise a significant mystery however. If God cast him down prior to Adam's fall which He must have. How then could satan's fall weaken any nations? There were none at that time. Perhaps He was speaking in the present and future tenses at the same time but the phrase is worded in the past tense...pretty interesting. What think you?