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  1. The Forum of brotherly/sisterly love

    I understand why you can't distinguish the difference Swath.
  2. Motivation of example #3 wood-hay-stubble?

    #1 realistically is how we witness to loved ones. Few Christians will have this type of loving care to see it through all the way with strangers (all of the great commission), although they may claim this is so but it most likely is not the case. One would have to spend quality time with the lost and perhaps poor strangers to make sure they get enough Scripture for the Spirit's conviction, all the while, they may have physical needs and financial, etc.. I have only known a handful of Christians who display that level of charity. #2 unfortunately is the most common among IFBs accustomed to reporting high numbers, when most of these supposed conversions are fake products of 4 verses out of Romans and "all you have to do is repeat this quick prayer" and you are born again see cause it says so right here. They never count seeds sown and watered in importunistic prayer; it is all about their own increases in the flesh with a crafty quick sales pitch to get a meaningless head prayer. **I know, slightly different subject but it is related because this type of activity is all about who is the better "soulwinner"; so they publicly report their "souls" saved. Of course, noone ever hears from or sees any of these "souls" saved. #3 is not necessarily a burnt reward at all. Jesus on more than one occasion commanded us to give up all aspects of the world to earn treasure in Heaven. Set your sights on things above where rust and moth doth not corrupt, nor thieves break through to steal. The primary motivation for all of us is to follow His command to teach all things He commanded us. Not just the witness, but to beg God in prayer repeatedly for souls and get them baptized and disciple them. If all we are doing is witnessing in the flesh, we are failing the Lord and that incomplete work is wood, hay and stubble also IMO.
  3. The Forum of brotherly/sisterly love

    No Swath, she is right. Read the context of this: 2Ti 2:24 and then read the context of this: Tit 3:10. If you really think someone is a heretic, give them the proper Scriptures in context twice, if still nothing then stop arguing. And if you really think they are unsaved, we do not justice to the Gospel by calling them names. The real problem is that few on here have any clue what the Scriptural definition of a heretic is. The name calling has nothing to do with our contending for the faith. It is all about pride and egos. I know, easy to say and hard to do but following the Lord is the hardest thing any flesh can attempt. Now if we are walking in the Spirit, however, the Scriptures I just gave will not be hard to follow.
  4. The Forum of brotherly/sisterly love

    Points very well taken Rhonda, thanks for posting it.
  5. Man-made DNA

    Please consider this sir: As it was in the days of Noah clearly indicate the world's condition prior to the flood and prior to the catching away before God's judgment and reclaiming of the earth again. Using that Bible passage to prove your post actually negates it. The devil/human hybrids would then have to exist PRIOR to the tribulation in order to use "as it was in the days of Noah". Now unless you are referring to the bruce jenners of the world, I see no hybrids running around  
  6. Children in Heaven

    Unfortunately I am not in the Spirit enough to know but I want to be.
  7. Children in Heaven

    My dental implants
  8. Hebrews 6

    Don't you go stepping on our party yet please. I am curious what the answers are. Then you can get ganged up on
  9. Children in Heaven

    Yes sir, that is me. I needed my chick-lets cleaned so I took the picture down temporarily  
  10. Hebrews 6

    I will wait for him to respond then. In the meantime, how could any jew at Pentecost be alive during the tribulation or is he referring to the race? So many questions...so little mind....

    Ok, I must ask: Where does this passage claim that God was also present in this mountain? Or are you simply assuming this? Honest question!
  12. Hebrews 6

    Ok gents, As they say in Canadia, what's this all aboot?
  13. The Blind Beggar

    You misunderstand Rhonda. You have my word that I am not sharpshooting anyone. The OP is extremely well thought out and your post to it is also. My post was just a reminder to all of us to make sure we preach condemnation and hell along with Heaven or the cross is of none effect.    
  14. The Blind Beggar

    You bring up really good points Rhonda so I am quoting you just to make a general plea. To paraphrase what you said about this passage: The despised and base of this world need less Scripture and conviction to realize they are. The Graham crusades fathered the emerging church hell-less gospel movement IMO. This downward spiral satan has used for some 40-50 years now to deceive millions into head belief (and hell) of the historical facts concerning Jesus' death on the cross. Please remember that God poured out His Spirit over all flesh to convict the world of sin and of righteousness and of judgment to come. Make double sure that Scripture on sin, judgment and hell are clearly presented or the Spirit cannot work and the cross will mean little to them. The Spirit must work with those Scriptures or else we will continue to produce more head believers who never regenerated. Without a Spirit broken heart, then is no salvation. Will this produce as many "professions", absolutely not; will it produce more real fruit that remains, absolutely yes. Just a friendly admonition.  
  15. The One, True Gospel & God's Saving Grace

    I recall you posting his initial post some weeks ago and I recall him saying that he was a Christian whom later became agnostic (but I may be recalling it incorrectly), then I believe Heb 6: 4-6 comes into play making that sequence of salvation, then adultery against God impossible. Maybe he could elaborate? flabbergasted is a fine word BTW: Does that make a sound when it happens, it sounds like it would make 2 distinct noises in succession?