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  1. wretched added a post in a topic: Concerning "The Most High" in Daniel 9:24   

    More proof positive that the KJ english context beats the greek guessicon every single time..
  2. wretched added a post in a topic: Unworthily   

    ​I think one point MC is making is there are some believers who will not partake in the Lord's Supper out of confusion over sins of the mind committed even the day of. Particularly if they haven't had a chance to talk to the Lord and get them right thoroughly enough in their minds. I personally haven't seen anyone refused by the church to partake however. I am referencing the Christians themselves declining out of conscience.
    Based on the context of I Cor 5: 9-13 Jim mentioned are in keeping with outward sinful practices shamelessly among brethren and not hidden sins of the heart. Face it, we are all fornicators in the mind from time to time, more so covetous and idolaters. The context Scriptures surrounding these passages are of outward public displays of sinful practices.
  3. wretched added a post in a topic: Unworthily   

    Very clearly explained MC, thanks.
  4. wretched added a post in a topic: 11 Days 11 hours and 12 minutes!   

    ​Yeah you are right brother, apologies. It is not my business what others do or don't. I must have had a beam in my coffee that morning.
  5. wretched added a post in a topic: 11 Days 11 hours and 12 minutes!   

    I can't believe any reasonable man could waste God's time and money watching millionaires play a children's game when they should be floppin whoppers at burger king in all fairness- this goes even MORE for football except 90% of those players would be in prison and not burger king.
    Good clean fun....I suppose but make no mistake, the countless hours of precious time you waste watching this dribble will all be for naught in eternity and you will regret it.
    Hey but I guess you could be watching porn instead so enjoy.
  6. wretched added a post in a topic: Biblical Preppers   

    Now that is true preparation advice right there. Turn off the dribble on the discovery channel.
  7. wretched added a post in a topic: Holding wages overnight   

    ​? Why would you waste one breath preaching this on the street? Seems a waste to me that a man consecrated enough to regularly preach to strangers would preach sighted subjects to the blind. How would you expect them to understand anything in God's Word before the Gospel?
  8. wretched added a post in a topic: Holding wages overnight   

    Perhaps some present day illustrations to whatever the point is here would help and much less embellishment. 
    Who is it that you are referencing as being defrauded?
  9. wretched added a post in a topic: Killing Jesus [Movie]   

    These so called Bible based movies give me chills down my spine. I decided to try a couple like "Noah" and "Exodus" and they were as wrong as two boys kissing. I walked out of there feeling like I needed a shower. Satan loves him some roman paganism and hollywood.
  10. wretched added a post in a topic: Creflo's Scam Uncovered by the Greek Text   

    Unfortunately the vast majority of shyster's followers are female. Since Eve's deception it is obvious that no amount of picket signs/protests/marches for women's rights will change that gullability and satan preys on it constantly.
    The few men in these crowds throwing money at these charlitans are the henpecked husbands of these women. And yes olsteen is a shyster and no brother of mine and certainly this OP shyster isn't either, even worse.
    Show me a couple who follow these types and I will show you a house ruled by the woman in every aspect.
  11. wretched added a post in a topic: Creflo's Scam Uncovered by the Greek Text   

    HA, I doubt anyone needed strongs to figure out this shyster.
  12. wretched added a post in a topic: Left Alone   

    Makes sense
    ​I can see no mention of any type of human government in Scripture as endorsed by God. It is what man makes it to be and the Lord allows it all to run its course as with everything of the world. He endorses none and intervenes in none.
  13. wretched added a post in a topic: Debate Topics   

    Hate to rehash the same reproofs to Bible blending but anyway:  certainly we don't sacrifice animals to cover our sins or have rabbis wash our pots and pans or avoid eating shellfish, bacon, etc.
    Or if you prefer, certainly we don't feel the need to give all that we have to the poor and follow the Lord as the rich young ruler in order to be born again?
    2Tim3:16 is another passage frequently misinterpreted and misquoted as in this post. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
    Nowhere in this verse does the Lord even imply that all Scripture is for all peoples of all time periods to apply at all times to their lives. For our instruction-yes, for our application - hardly.
  14. wretched added a post in a topic: Do You Believe That Divorce And Remarriage Is Acceptable ?   

    Only your personal indoctrination is ridiculous in this chapter friend. Read it again carefully for yourself without your judgmental notions and you will see it clearly. God addresses virgins, married and the divorced in this chapter; ie, everyone.   Verses 25-30 is the gist of what I am conveying. Marriage matters zero to the born again Christian in God's eyes. It is a distraction at best and holds the believer back from following Christ at the worst. Whatever position you came to a saving knowledge in Christ was is what it should remain without the fleshly need to keep "improving" your lot in this physical life. If you came married stay, if you came divorced, stay; if you came a servant, be content in it: etc. Unfortunately most IFB churches place more emphasis on married couples/families than single which is definitely backwards from Scripture.   Your fixation on divorce makes little Scriptural sense, it tends to turn what could be a useful Christian for God into a bitter judge of your fellow Christians. Get over it and yourself and drive on for God. Fornication is always sin, marriage is not but will cause trouble in the flesh. Our Lord in the Gospels was speaking to the Jews on divorce and refuting their hypocritical attempts to live by the law as He always did during His ministry on earth.
  15. wretched added a post in a topic: Do You Believe That Divorce And Remarriage Is Acceptable ?   

    Personally I am convinced that divorce is acceptable if the conditions meet the Lord's very specific fornication criteria.
    BIG however though on the issue of remarriage, I don't see the same "go ahead" with remarriage (in the below context from the Gospels)
    Another issue to raise concerning this text: That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery. The reversed text dealing with the husband, reverses the roles in this scenario IMO.
    Heartstrings explanation of this text is one possible interpretation but contextually this text could be interpreted in at least 3 ways without a clearly defined way to rule out any of the 3.
    Could be the wife's fornication but I sincerely doubt it, I think that is the least likely of the 3. If it were her fornication she was already committing adultery so the last part of the text would then be irrelevant.
    Could be the safety and health issue Heartstrings mentioned, but I have a measure of doubt on that one too since at the time STDs were present most likely but undiscovered, defined or realized by anyone as were pretty much all medical prOBlems.
    Most likely IMO is that the fornication mentioned was committed by the husband in this scenario which explains why it is then acceptable for the divorced wife to remarry without committing adultery (wasn't any fault of hers). The whole trust and peace in marriage goes out the window when a dude gets caught, making his life misery in the flesh unless he does release her from the marriage.
    So, "if" this is the most reasonable interpretation then this does not give the offending husband any go ahead in remarriage.
    Now in the instructions to NT churches (you know, born again people who now have the Spirit abiding within them), particularly ICor 7 put all the hub bub about marrying into a real perscpective for us. IOW: it is basically a waste of time on earth to worry over it but since we are weak and can't live on our own apparently, God knows we will marry and divorce and marry and divorce and .....on marriage it does say that remarriage is not sin but trouble in the flesh and boy HOWDY is it.

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