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  1. The Tithe, for the Church or not?

    Sure buddy, easy for you to say. Nobody taxes Godzilla without representation.
  2. Heads or Tails?

    Silver Eagles are bullion and not tender. Silver coins are minted for bullion investment and not as currency since 1963. Strangely the year of my birth, I wonder if you could make one in size 7.5, one in 11 and 2 in size 12 and how much would that be shipped to Maryland (gigglesnort). Don't let the gigglesnort fool you, I am serious. I may purchase several more and think this is a great gift idea. You would be able to sell quite a bit on ebay I am guessing but I am sure it takes quite some effort and time to form them.
  3. The Tithe, for the Church or not?

    I guess the big conundrum is how on earth do men allegedly called of God to Pastor, who claim to be worthy of their hire because they labor in the Word and Doctrine, who claim to be worthy of double honor, don't understand this rudimentary difference. It is so obvious in Scripture that a babe could see it. Makes me wonder sometimes just who are these pastors, really? Are they what they claim to be? Do they really want you mediating in God's Word day and night? I don't think so......I wonder if they prefer the tares over the real thing? The tares will never question unScriptural claims or practices (IMO a tare is a religious lost person who looks, acts and talks like a born again believer but worries over their pastor's and other members opinion of them more than God's) What God thinks rarely if ever enters their mind and our IFBs are full of them. You know the types, they surround you in services. They will do no work, nor speak of God nor pray unless someone down here is looking. It is about what people see them do or say but their hearts are empty sepulchers and when no one is looking all that enters their minds are the trappings and entertainments of the world. No, I am not referring to babes in Christ. They should and will seek the guidance, correction and approval of those discipling them. BUT there always comes a reasonable time (if they are real) when they are eating the meat of the Word and they no longer care what you think of them; they are all about what God thinks from that point on and they will correct others if they display Scriptural retardation. Any pastor who reads this thread and gets mad instead of getting convicted is suspect IMO. I think fraud like this is only the tip of the iceberg still in some IFB circles. I used to think satan destroyed those huge IFB churches in the recent past but I wonder sometimes if it was God who destroyed them because they were LOADED down with tares worshipping the creature rather than the Creator who is God Blessed Forever.
  4. The Tithe, for the Church or not?

    Very well explained except that last line. "Confusion" never said anything, the fortune cookie only credits him, it is the poor sweat shop laborer printing the cookie slips who actually said it.    
  5. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    I used to be able to do things like this when I was 185 lbs of solid steel and curb appeal. Unfortunately now I am 210 lbs of chewed bubble gum with a jello center
  6. The Widow's Mites

    Fraudsters is the correct label and brother, ain't that the truth on helping the poor WITHIN your church and without as you witness. The religious lost love those rules and these fraudsters love them rich tares. Love em so much, they ignore half the NT in their sermons refusing to lose them. But that aint the only fraud going on in IFB churchs, OH NO SIR, I could write a big, angry, make you feel violent piece of some of these yahoos. But I want to practice charity more.    
  7. Helping Kids Adjust

    I guess nobody ever played daddy's hat with their kids? My oldest many years ago (she is 33 now) had a similar issue in a new move to a new town and church. She was about that age but perhaps a little older. Anyway, she would get so nervous she would throw up once I tossed her in the nursery. An elderly couple recommending wearing her as a hat. IOW: tell the preacher what the deal was and let her into the adult service in the front row (not the back) and let her sit on your shoulders. The embarrassment overcame the nervousness and within ten minutes wanted to go into the nursery. No more vomit, problem solved.
  8. Helping Kids Adjust

    Wear him as a hat in big church, he will love it. Mine all did.
  9. Errors of Calvanism

    Interesting passages Invicta. Sadly though you pre-text them with this little quote that cannot be found in Scripture anywhere. This is the issue with all false teaching. It is based on a predisposed notion APART from Scripture and then Scripture is twisted around to conform to the predisposed false notion. You have heard the term cart before the horse. Your adopted idea in this post places the horse in the cart, therefore the cart goes nowhere. Sorry dude, you are false in this.
  10. Appreciate your views, even when they are opposite of mine.


    1. wretched

      Thank you sir.

  11. Not respecting God’s Word

    Hi Rhonda, take a look at your post carefully. This is exactly what 2Tim is saying. We adjust TO the Word, not the other way around. Leave out one word from a phrase or sentence and its changes the meaning, in a case like this, you reversed the meaning without realizing it by overlooking one word.
  12. Errors of Calvanism

    Well, you are misinterpreting your own Oxford dictionary. The majority of the OP's argument is against the position with anecdotal comments about the source reinforcing the argument against the position. In issues of God and His Truth, the source must be Spiritually evaluated. I John 4 is pretty clear on trying the spirits to see whether they be of God. Allot of spirits out there sound real close but this ain't a game of horseshoes. Satan comes you tonight with his new ideas about God, I would hope you would consider the source before you dove into the new religion. If a woman pastor writes a book about how to run a church, I would hope you would consider the source before you bought the book, etc....  
  13. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    Sure buddy, easy for you to say. Godzilla never needed a gun unless he was going up against King Kong.  
  14. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    There is little to no evidence of this Invicta apart from putin's rhetoric. I hope we can all distinguish between news and rhetoric. What issues the old soviet block nations has with resident muslims is whitewash IMO and nothing related clearly to any of the 3 major terrorists groups outside of the old block. 
  15. All Preachers Should Have A Conceal Weapon Permit

    Absolutely some may have killed some of the sand fleas. I know I would have given it my all had I been there. My relatives on my mother's side are all from France. I just spoke with my Aunt and Uncle this morning and even though they are 200 miles from Paris, they are worried and have very good reason to be. I think Putin with China started the air raids in Syria just for the purpose of flooding Europe with terrorists. They started the air raids as a ruse to confuse the world and hide their direct alliances with the sand fleas. The media simply serves satan as does the entire socio-economic culture of the world. The time is getting much closer as this is just another indication. Many more attacks throughout Europe will occur, this is simply the beginning. None of this changes any Scripture however. If Christ's Kingdom had begun at His Cruxificion as a tiny handful of rogue Christians have been deceived into believing, then His servants would fight but Christ was clear when He stated, His Kingdom is not of this world and not yet. Our time to fight may come at the end of the 7 year tribulation and then again at the end of the 1000 year reign when satan is loosed again and deceives the nations again (if we are allowed to accompany Him-which I sincerely believe we will). Then we shall fight but it will be hopelessly one sided against satan's deceived in both instances. Oh and make no mistake folks, when those times come WE WILL HAVE NO FEAR, none whatsoever.