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    Why does the way of the ungodly prosper, and all who deal treacherously flourish?
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    I have spent my life sampling the fruit of the world. I know it's all rotten! There is no man who repents of his vices, saying, "what have I done?"
  1. The Father, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are the three ways god sent himself to us ONE GOD. If u know one you know them all
  2. I did not tell you to leave your church. God will call the elect to separate from the church's. I will now answer your questions. please try to understand how frustrating this is for me. One sec getting the kids in bed
  3. I plainly stated I am not here to answer questions. I distinctly remember someone else being tested like this...
  4. To keep from speaking from your own hearts desire! God's ways are past our understanding!! We all fall into speaking from our own hearts I am here to tell you this is the main issue I struggle with.
  5. I am a sinner just like you. I am unsure why He came to me. I am nothing special God's ways are past our understanding.
  6. I fall into diverse temptations and speak from my own heart. I am not here to answer questions. I am learning that I fall into speaking from my own hearts desire so quickly. That I had better keep to speaking the prophecy. I can tell you about my walk if you would like but I have to train myself to speak only the words God brings to me.
  7. Those who have ears let them hear what the Lord of hosts says to the church's
  8. We must not offer clarification on things we don't understand without first going to the Father in prayer. (Prayer for hours not minutes)
  9. God's ways are past our understanding
  10. We must not offer clarification on things we don't fully understand without going to the Father for understnding
  11. You will soon see who speaks this prophecy to the church!
  12. I must learn like everyone else. Knowing comes with much heartache and constant groping for the right way to present the truth. We all have gifts mine comes with a great burden!
  13. I am about to give the answer in my next post
  14. LOL its coming.... Prepare yourself.
  15. If it is law I am thinking that it will be a huge issue to deny them the right to be married in a church.