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  1. A lot of getting used to using a pick is holding it properly. Most people don't, which will work if you start with a pick; but if you're switching to using a pick, you want to hold it properly.
  2. I went with the vanilla for the fact that it was liquid.
  3. I made a chicken stir-fry for me and my girls (my wife was at a birthday get together for one of the ladies in our church). Halfway through making the sauce, I realized I didn't have any honey. I needed some sweet to balance out the vinegar and soy sauce, so I grabbed some vanilla. It was good, but it just didn't seem right in stir-fry. Next time I'll just stick to extra sugar.
  4. First let me say that I haven't been around much of late. We just started an addictions program for our church, and it has been taking a great portion of my time. I've been very busy in the work, and all my spare time is spent with my family. That being said, I believe that there is always a parallel between love and truth throughout the entire Bible. Jesus said, "If ye love me, keep my commandments." The results of love is obedience to the truth. The result of walking in truth is love for God and his children. 1. "The elder unto the elect lady and her children, whom I love in the truth;" - When we look at this, it seems that John is saying not only that it was true that he loved them, but that the truth bore out that he loved them; that is, his actions (1 John 3:18). Also, that, he loved them in THE truth which has to do with the circumstances and reasoning behind his love being centered around the Word of God. 2. "and not I only, but also all they that have known the truth;" - Here we see an affirmation to the afore mentioned: The result of walking in truth is love for God and his children. I deal with this a lot, where people seem to think that if I love everybody then I'm spiritual, and that if you will just love God's children then God will love you and you'll be a good Christian. The fact is, God wants you to walk in truth; if you will do that, you will love his children (1 Peter 1:22). It seems like a bold statement but I believe it with all my heart. This could also be looked at as those who knew the truth about them, loved them. 3."Grace be with you, mercy, and peace, from God the Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love." - Because it will be dealt with later, I'm going to refrain from approaching the question of which phrase this modifies, however, looking strictly at the phrase in truth and love, I again refer to the fact that there is always a direct parallel between truth and love. God is love, and God is truth. Without him there is neither. Looking back on my life before I was a Christian, I see that I lacked both of these things in my life. Today, when I draw away from God and live life my way, it is a direct result of these two things. I'm drawn away of my own lust and enticed (James 4) because I love myself. I chose to commit sin because I ignore the truth.
  5. Truth is such a rarity anymore. It's hard to believe anything people say. "Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight." (Proverbs 12:22) How can we expect the world to believe the Gospel if they can't believe anything else we say? Christians ought to be ashamed.
  6. You guys should try explaining to 15 teenagers why its not good to aimlessly browse around YouTube, that gets interesting. I guess I don't get the prize for the cool Youth Pastor, (sigh.....).
  7. A few years back I wrote this in the back of my Bible. "How Pharisaical we are when we criticize Jonah for having pity on the gourd, yet often we love our pets more than our brothers and sisters in Christ!" God loves those people, why can't you?
  8. Interesting thought. To be sure our churches need to be united. I grow weary of hearing of back-biting, contention, and even hatred amongst church members. These things ought not so to be.
  9. It's not necessarily everyone's job to rebuke everyone. A lot of it has to do with how long you've been saved, how old you are, what your position in the church is, the individual situation, etc, etc.
  10. I believe that, in raising our children for success, we set them up for failure. Until the parents can get their priorities straight, the children never will.
  11. It's sad to see that so many churches are populated mostly by women (though we thank God for those women). Where are the Fathers? It's no wonder why we don't keep the children.
  12. I very highly recommend the little booklet by J.C. Ryle entitled The Duties Of Parents. One of the things that he stresses in there is that parents need to pray with and for their children. Look at what he says about it: "This, remember, is the first step in religion which a child is able to take. Long before he can read, you can teach him to kneel by his mother’s side, and repeat the simple words of prayer and praise which she puts in his mouth. And as the first steps in any undertaking are always the most important, so is the manner in which your children’s prayers are prayed, a point which deserves your closest attention. Few seem to know how much depends on this. You must beware lest they get into a way of saying them in a hasty, careless, and irreverent manner. You must beware of giving up the oversight of this matter to servants and nurses, or of trusting too much to your children doing it when left to themselves. I cannot praise that mother who never looks after this most important part of her child’s daily life herself. Surely if there be any habit which your own hand and eye should help in forming, it is the habit of prayer. Believe me, if you never hear your children pray yourself, you are much to blame. You are little wiser than the bird described in Job, 'which leaveth her eggs in the earth, and warmeth them in the dust, and forgetteth that the foot may crush them, or that the wild beast may break them. She is hardened against her young ones, as though they were not hers: her labour is in vain without fear' (Job 39:14-16)."
  13. I understand Bro. Markle, I too am dealing with a situation in our church, and was at a out of town meeting for a week. I did want to say thank you for this study, it has been a blessing thus far.
  14. So here we see that, to be conformed to his image as we were predestined to be, we are to not be conformed to the world, we are to behold the glory of the Lord (it won't happen without seeking him), and it is by the Spirit of the Lord.
  15. Elect to Be Like Jesus (Conformed to His Image) Using again: Romans 8:29 - "For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren." In Contrast to: Romans 12:2 - "And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God."