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  1. CharlesSpurgeonJr added a post in a topic Dorightchristians - Jack Schaap Appeals Case?   

    Some had dreamed to see him back in the pulpit as soon as his sentence was over...
  2. CharlesSpurgeonJr added a post in a topic New Jesus Book 'zealot'   

    According to this article at Way of Life it seems that even Pastors have endorsed The Shack among them a number of SBC (I know... lost to The Cause) pastors.
    The problem with Reza Aslan is that he is presented to the world as a "scholar" in religious studies which he is not. You can read HERE what someone who has known him very well has to say about the Fox News interview and Reza Aslan.
  3. CharlesSpurgeonJr added a post in a topic Two Muslims Behead British Soldier In South-East London   


    Drummer Lee Rigby (MoD)
    Murdered Wednesday, May 22, 2013
    married to Rebecca METCALFE in October 2007
    father of Jack, aged 2
  4. CharlesSpurgeonJr added a topic in Current Events / News   

    Two Muslims Behead British Soldier In South-East London
    On Wenesday May 22 ca. 2:30 P.M. two muslim terrorists ran over a British soldier just meters away from his barrack in south-east London. Once on the floor they beheaded him and continued stabbing him at least 17 times after taking his body in the middle of the street. The whole action punctuated by "allah akhbar" and call to the many absolutely horrified witnesses (among them young school children) to take pictures and filming the scene.
    My question : how long will our only true and living God allow such demonic demonstrations !
    Read more here : The Daily Telegraph

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  5. CharlesSpurgeonJr added a post in a topic Ccm Being Used By Temple Baptist Church Powell, Tn (Pastor Clarence Sexton)   

    It is so sad to see such a Church (conducted by a godly-man) using such garbage !
    What's the point behind that ? Gaining two lost people and loosing dozen of born-again, bible followers ?
    I really don't understand such attitude !
  6. CharlesSpurgeonJr added a post in a topic Affairs Claim Orlando Pastors   

    As a matter of fact I am not really shocked by such story when it concerns a so-called "seeker-driven", "emergent" church where everything is done to entertain people not disciple them. On the contrary I am appalled when it touches IFB churches i.e. in recent months : First Baptist Church of Hammond and Cornerstone Baptist Church. In both cases I was even more dismayed that I listened quite regularly to the teachings of both pastors. I ever thought the personality of Schapp to be borderline and his conduct during a youth meeting was just way over board ! But regarding David Downs I was simply devastated. How could a man of God do what he did... and preach Sundays after Sundays as if everything was fine !? I simply can't get it.
  7. CharlesSpurgeonJr added a post in a topic Prophet Of Jesus Christ   

    Are you aware of what happens to false prophet ?