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  1. I didn't see anything about a reproduction license or anything like that.. but in thinking about it - it is probably due to people buying a single copy and then illegally duplicating the files for a class. I know that's pretty common. I create/convert ebooks for pastors and ministries and their primary concern is the stealing of their materials via duplicated pdf files. That's a shame for people who want a single personal copy as would be my choice. I'm converting all of my personal library to eBook format (epub.)
  2. Sure. I thought maybe you were referring to something in particular. Thanks for the info. Pricing is strange. $64 for the 4 print books but $215 for pdf downloads????? That makes no sense!
  3. Could you elaborate a bit more on the BBF comment?
  4. Anyone familiar with the Bible Baptist Church (Oak Harbor, WA) "Bible Institute" Curriculum? The Pastor and writer of most of the material is Pastor Robert Sargent. Here's the site
  5. I agree... thanks.
  6. But you do believe that the scattering and "going" was ordained of God, right? Did they "scatter" from fear of persecution or did they "scatter" feeling that God was leading them to "go and preach."? Surely they felt that God was leading them....
  7. Here's some thoughts that have come into my mind.... We know from Scripture that things are only going to get worse. More and more "falling away" and more and more apostasy. Thus, fewer and fewer "true" local churches that stick to the word without compromise. So.... where is the Lord going to be working? There are so many FEW churches today that are sticking to the truth and so FEW that practice separation, discipline, etc, etc, is it possible that God will work more and more through individuals as we get closer to His coming? Make no mistake! I am a "local church" doctrine believer. God works through the church and it is His body. So please don't mis-understand.... But when I see the poor shape that the local church is in... surely God is very grieved.... And yet he said "The gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Thus, I guess my faith in the "local church" is NOT mis-placed.
  8. Good discussion. Thanks to all!
  9. Not sure what you mean here. Phillip was one of the seven deacons and then sent to Samaria be a "missionary/evangelist" where many came to a saving knowledge of Christ. God then sent him to the Ethiopian who believed and was baptized. So what local church was baptizing the Ethiopian? Since Phillip was first a deacon at Jerusalem was the Ethiopian now a member of the Jerusalem church? Was Phillip acting under the authority of God, the Jerusalem church, both? I could be mistaken on this (and thus my questions) but I think that some churches today (who are extremely "local church") would say that this was an "alien" baptism of some sort because it was not done by the pastor of a "true" Baptist church amongst the local assembly.
  10. The Brider (and some others) would say the "one body" referred to a local church" The Universalist would say it's the "universal church." That's the issue. Each claims to hold the "truth." It somewhat akin the "Arminian" vs "Calvinism" - I'm not a Calvinist but I certainly don't fit the Arminian view either. Thus, I think there is some "wriggle room" between views, including this one between "strict" local church vs. "universal church" views. Hope some of these comments make sense.
  11. I'm doing a study on the local church, it's authority, "alien baptism", and some other "controversial" items. I've always been taught that the Ethiopian (Acts 8) understood that he was being baptized under the authority of the Jerusalem church but frankly, I see no hint of that in the text. As for Paul... I completely understand that his calling came directly from God but I'm trying to reconcile how a Baptist Brider who would not accept "alien baptism" would handle this text. (I'm not a Brider but I am doing some studies on their teachings...)
  12. Was there a "local church" in Damascus when Paul was baptized? We know that Paul was ordained by God, but wouldn't his baptism come under the authority of a local church?
  13. I'm new here but I'd like to respond to the quoted statement above. It shows a lack of knowledge by the op and the attitude of too many who think they know who Mr. Cloud is. Just another internet ministry? Are you Kidding? I am not a defender of David Cloud or anyone else. Believe of him what you will. But I respectfully point out that he certainly is not "just another internet ministry". His Way of Life postings are a very small percentage of his total ministry. Do you not know that he is a missionary in S.E. Asia planting good fundamental Baptist churches? Do you not know that he and his wife planted one of very first IFB churches (if not THE first) in Nepal? Do you not know that he has written a Bible Dictionary, and dozens of other Study Books and Commentaries, and Sunday School Materials all of which would be a help to you if you bothered to read them. His web postings and his "warning ministry" is just a fraction of his work. Check the bookstore on his website.... Look at the amount of material which he has produced.... Why do "see" only the "warning" material? I respect that you disagree with him. I agree that his warning ministry is not for all. But please.... he is not just a "blogger" or "just another internet ministry." By saying such you show your complete lack of knowledge about him and his ministry. You might want to read his story on his site's "About" page....