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  1. Billy Graham

    Well, I think anyone would agree that we all rejoice about the "good" done in his ministry... In my mind that is a given... But his teaching has not changed. False doctrine is to be rebuked. If I spouted false doctrine here you would rebuke me... you wouldn't ask how many people have been saved as a result of my preaching Christ. And then, even at that, you'd have to decide how many "salvations" it takes to "qualify" for non-rebuke. We have too many compromising pragmatists!
  2. Billy Graham

    And why is a preacher responsible for only the words he speaks in the pulpit?
  3. Billy Graham

    John, since it seems that there is no reason to believe what anyone says you might as well not reply to posts as I have no reason to believe that you believe what you say. Have a good day my friend.
  4. Billy Graham

    Below is from the book two posts above. That is not compromise? If not... please tell me what it is. That is merely one example of many many many. In 1993, Graham repeated this doctrine in an interview with David Frost. “And I think there is that hunger for God and people are living as best they know how according to the light that they have. Well, I think they’re in a separate category than people like Hitler and people who have just defied God, and shaken their fists at God. … I would say that God, being a God of mercy, we have to rest it right there, and say that God is a God of mercy and love, and how it happens, we don’t know” (The Charlotte Observer, Feb. 16, 1993).
  5. Billy Graham

    Other plain facts.. People Have Been led, Are Being led, and Will Be led into ecumenism by Billy Grahams own ecumenism... That is also fact. Ditto on his False Gospel teaching also...
  6. Billy Graham

    Free eBook... Billy Graham's Sad Disobedience.... available in pdf, mobi (Kindle) and ePub formats. Web page: https://www.wayoflife.org/free_ebooks/billy_grahams_disobedience.php Direct pdf link: http://www.wayoflife.org/free_ebooks/downloads/Billy_Grahams_Sad_Disobedience.pdf
  7. Please give the benefit of doubt here. They are most likely saying that they are keeping the lost low so that you may buy for yourself to give away. "Our Booklets are desinged to give away" they say.... not for them to give away to you. They say as much as 50% off (at quantities) so that makes less than a dollar each. You can't print much these days for less. I'm a little sensitive about this because I know for a fact that some ministries price and sell items below their cost (to produce them) just to get the info out there, yet some people still think they should give the stuff away for free. I know a ministry that produces a book for new believers and sells it for cost. Why? The author wants people to have and read the book. Yet, people often complain when it is excluded from site wide sales. So please don't be bugged.... give them the benefit of the doubt unless facts prove otherwise... (I don't know them personally... I'm just sayin'....)
  8. Paul Chappell - Hello world!

    Perhaps his staff made a mistake when testing something new.... Some people don't realize some services are setup to generate automatic RSS...
  9. Abram's Obedience Test

    All link you to the original, this one at ICR.org. The report from this feed was written by Henry Morris III. The only ones that are "broken" (Link doesn't work) seem to always come from Lighthouse Trails Research and you can most usually find the report there with a simple search. Or better yet... you can subscribe to their RSS with your own Reader and everything will work (at least it does for me). RSS is a great tool for keeping up....
  10. Firearms

    Kimber.... NICE! Very nice firearm!
  11. Brother Alan, In no way is the list hinting at any type of "fellowship." Bro. Cloud is not trying to create anything other than a list. It is simply a church directory which can be used or not used. I can tell you that he gets a LOT of communication from folks who appreciate the list. I can also tell you that a LOT of the churches do not conform to his "new" criteria for being listed. Sadly, he has no one to "research and edit" the list to find those that should be removed. It's all I can do (due to lack of time) to verify new ones and get them listed (at THEIR request). You say, "I felt that alhough I fill out doctrinal questionnaires from churches, I could not fill out a doctrinal questionnaire from an organization (the O timothy Magazine), that would check out, and either approve or disapprove, a local church." The questionnaire is not to "approve" or "disapprove" OF any church. It's simply a tool to help ascertain if the church is appropriate for the goals set for the directory. And surely you agree he has the freedom to list whomever he wants. After all, EVERY contact is initiated by the church itself. They are asking to be listed. Very similar to an opt-in mail list. We are happy to remove any church at any time and for any reason. You mentioned "filling out a doctrinal questionnaire from an organization." Please note that Way of Life Literature is a local church ministry. It is operated under the direction and authority of Bethel Baptist Church of London, Ontario. Wilbert Unger is founder and pastor of Bethel Baptist. Also please note that Bro. Cloud is a missionary in SE Asia. See "About" page. The directory is a "no win" situation really. People seem to want it... yet Bro. Cloud doesn't want to send people to churches that use CCM and such. But there is a flip side too. The churches are "emerging" so quickly! I wouldn't be surprised if the directory is gone in the next few years..... So no... Bro. Cloud is not trying to "build his own fellowship of churches." You say "I am still not of the opinion of filling out the questionnaire, nor joining the fellowship the Bro. Cloud has started." That's really good because there is nothing to join! I wouldn't know what to join you to even if you asked.... A church directory is not a fellowship. Please consider: There are like minded churches who would like to be in the directory so that when people are on vacation they can have a 50/50 chance of finding a like minded church to worship in. That's all the directory is. Thanks very much for your thoughts... I do enjoy all the views and discussion here! P.S. You referenced "O Timothy." That is simply a monthly publication and you can find free copies HERE. It has nothing to do with the directory.
  12. Way of Life:Friday Church News Notes

    Another example of what "soft separatism" leads to..... (the lead article). Challenge.... Make a note on your calendar and check where this church is 3-4 years from now. I pray I am wrong.
  13. Brother Markle... I don't agree 100% with Bro. Cloud on all points either. No one agrees with other's 100% and he always says that if you say you do you are not telling the truth. He also says that he does not agree with himself 100% of the time! Could we go email and discuss this further. I suspect you are fine to put on the directory (much closer to what he would want than most that are currently listed). But even if you don't care to be in the directory I would like to know more about your views. I'll send you my personal email address via PM.
  14. I'll check them all out (your books)... Well, small world! I do the website and mailings so I'm the one who posted that. But there is so much info I can't remember all the names and such. It's all I can do to keep up with Bro. Cloud. He doesn't waste one second of time. I see your church is not in the Way of Life church directory. You can fill out the questionnaire HERE if you are interested. But note that you must score perfect on the 30 questions to be listed (practically). He went really strict with the listings about two years ago. Most churches on the list wouldn't not qualify now.. We are trying to locate those and remove them but churches change faster that you can keep up. I am amazed at how many pastors outright lie on the questionnaire ust to get listed. (I catch their lie by checking their website and sometimes even Youtube videos, etc.) Do you happen to know Pastor Watson in Warren? I was there with Bro. Cloud a couple of years ago. Actually, I think I've been there twice.
  15. What's the title of your book? You got an eBook edition? -edit- ahh.... silly me! I see your "spirit of Revival" logo just purchased your Kindle edition..