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  1. Thanks for the warm welcome and sharing your testimony.  Mine can be very long definitely a journry that is still in progress.  Only the Lord knows how it will end.

    Once I get it in print form. I will place it on the site.

    Thanks again.  Any links for materials,,audio, video, print  would be a big help.  (sites to visit)



    1. 1611mac


      Nice to have you on the forums.  I hadn't posted my testimony so when someone asked about testimonies I thought it was a good time to share mine...

      I am biased as to sites as I work for Bro. David Cloud's ministry.  www.wayoflife.org

      There is a lot of good information on the site but he is different in that he is not afraid to warn of well know people and show error.  The funny thing is, if you point out error in ONE ASPECT of someones ministry people think you hate someone and that simply isn't the case.