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    I got saved while I was in the ARMY. I now teach math in a public school. I have a BA in Mathematics from City College in New York, an MS in mathematics from Purdue Calumet. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife and 5 arrows in my quiver (children). If you read this far then I'll tell you that I spent a few years at Hyles Anderson College while Jack Hyles was still alive, drove for a bus route (including night bus sometimes), and have served in different capacities as a layman in different churches through the years. Right now I go on church visitation (soul winning) sometimes but don't do much else for my current church. I'm still thrilled to be born again and still want to do something big for God! (so keep me in your prayers, I need it)

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  1. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Dorightchristians - The Anon Church And Back Row Baptist   

    If "we" are going to discuss pretrib vs <whatever else> then why not post some scripture or link an old discussion? Pseudo-Ephraim is interesting but I didn't see too much Bible. I was meaning to lurk and when I got to the end of the thread all I recalled was a brief 2 Thess 1 comment by Covenanter. Is this a continuation of a discussion on another thread?
  2. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Dorightchristians - The Anon Church And Back Row Baptist   

    OLD fashioned preacher I noticed Salyan had said "... refrain from questioning mod decisions... " So I asked "Is that site policy?" hence, nothing to do with you. Salyan did not specify that it wasn't site policy but responded that it fell under " 8) Be nice to the Moderators"  since being nice and respectful is N OT explicit in that statement and I would be a little surprised if this site had a NO QUESTIONS/SILE NT OB EDIENCE policy then it seemed to me to be a misrepresentation to not be up front and let the members know about that (if it is the case). I apologize OLD fashioned preacher if I was not clear. On the other hand if Salyan thougt I was talking about something specific ...  it seems when I said "Is that site policy?" it should have been clear I was asking a general question. However, I apologize if i wasn't clear enough.
  3. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Dorightchristians - The Anon Church And Back Row Baptist   

    You don't think the rules ought to say what you mean then? Whether or not someone agrees or disagrees with the decision are we saying people don't have a right to ask if the decision was a right decision?
  4. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Dorightchristians - The Anon Church And Back Row Baptist   

    Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat we somehow get from ANY to EVERY . Good one.
  5. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Dorightchristians - The Anon Church And Back Row Baptist   

    So be nice now means people can't question any decision? ... to be honest that sounds like the way the supreme court has been interpreting the constitution
  6. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Dorightchristians - The Anon Church And Back Row Baptist   

    "... refrain from questioning mod decisions... " Is that site policy?
  7. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Dorightchristians - The Anon Church And Back Row Baptist   

    Wow, great article in the original post link! I admin several facebook groups and have recognized similarities in the accounts of people that later ended up being trolls. They often support people like James White and appear to vehemently hate KJ O people like Will Kinney. Some people no doubt think I am paranoid but your article definitely supports my contention that these types of accounts are showing up in various social media ... whether given the Jesuit or the Anon label ... the fact is, this is happening actively.
  8. 2T3:16 added a sermon entry in 2T3:16's Sermons & Devotionals   

    Repent Part 1: A Series Of Meditations On The Word
    June 26, 2014 at 9:50am
    Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

    People generally don't read really long articles so we will explore and discuss what it means to repent together, in parts.

    In the days after creation the number of people grew. Mankind was wicked and God was "angry" that the internal thoughts of man were constantly about doing hurt to other people. So the Bible says that "it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart."

    We see that the word repent in Genesis 6:6 has a primary feeling of REGRET and God has redecided, essentially changed his mind, about creating man.

    Now move the picture to Exodus. Moses and the Israelites are heading to the promised land. Moses is in the mountain in the presence of God. The people get impatient and make a golden calf and they begin to treat the golden calf as their deliverer from Egypt. God led them out of Egypt strongly and they are crediting a statue! They had a pagan style party and a celebration with the calf overlooking the festivities. In Exo 32:10 God says he is ready to "consume them." Moses intercedes and verse :14 "And the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people." The "evil" was not a sin but God was ready to kill those people.Then God changed his mind. In this case there is no regret (he is ready to consume them) but he decided not to do it.

    We now see in one verse repent is regret with a change in another it is strongly a change of mind. In none of these cases is it turning away from sin. Repent has a range of meanings. The semantic range will grow as you read all 109 verses the word appears in. I will link all the verses using repent at the end.

    The Israelites are in the promised land. The people start doing what they think is right instead of what God says is right. The Israelites also failed to drive out all the inhabitants of the land. So God stirs up the inhabitants against the dis OB edient Israelites. We will recall the Philistines were one of the peoples that gave the Israelites trouble in the book of Judges. The Israelites groaned and complained about all the inhabitants of the land giving them trouble. God's response is, in Judges 2:18, to give the people leaders called judges, to lead and help them and "delivered them out of the hand of their enemies all the days of the judge: for it repented the LORD because of their groanings by reason of them that oppressed them and vexed them" In this case we see there is a temporary change of mind about allowing the oppression of the Israelites (the judges weren't permanent) and there was only some regret (the oppressors were not fully dealt with).

    We now see here that repent is some change of mind and some regret. In another repent was mostly to regret. In another repent was strongly a change of mind.

    Now, one day a man (Levite) and his "wife" are traveling. It is late and they arrive at a city in the tribe of Benjamin's territory. There is no place to stay but an old man is kind and helps the travelers out. Soon a loud banging is heard where the Levite is staying with his "concubine." The Benjamites forced the stranger to give his "wife" and they abused her all the night long. The nation of Israel is angered and gathers an army and asks for the wicked men that abused the woman. Benjamin refused to turn the men over and Israel goes to war with Benjamin. Nearly the entire tribe of Benjamin is wiped out in the war. When the israelites finally realize the degree of the slaughter they exclaim in Judges 21:6 "And the children of Israel repented them for Benjamin their brother, and said, There is one tribe cut off from Israel this day." Primarily this is regret a "what did I do! I can't believe we wiped them out!." They certainly did not change their mind about the war but they regretted the degree to which they defeated the Benjamites. You can say they reconsidered wiping out the Benjamites. But again we see the degree of "change of mind" and "regret" implied by the word "repent" is different.

    One more illustration. The Judges situation isn't working and the Israelites want someone more permanent. People like Samson were just a temporary solution. God gives them a king instead of judges like Samson. God chooses Saul to be king. Saul messes up and the Bible says (1 Sam 15:35) "the LORD repented that he had made Saul king over Israel" Now, the primary meaning here is regret but includes a change of mind.

    NOW, BASED ON WHAT WE READ FAST FORWARD TO A VOICE CRYING "Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand"

    Interpreting the above words in light of what the word repent means in our study so far:
    In this case "for" is a way of saying "because." Also, KINGdom indicates the system and rules and regulations coming under the just and good rule of Jesus Christ. So that verse currently interprets as "change your mind about the system and regulations of this world, possibly regret you even live under the world system, and point yourself to the kingdom under the Lord Jesus Christ". Based on what we studied so far the is no way to get repent of your sins out of that word. Stay tuned as I plan to develop the definition of the word repent with further installments of this meditation on the word repent.
    reference: https://www.facebook.com/notes/damon-lee-gang/every-verse-containing-repent-in-some-english-form/10152556451589357
  9. 2T3:16 added a sermon entry in 2T3:16's Sermons & Devotionals   

    Every Verse That Has The Word Repent In English
    from my facebook note: https://www.facebook.com/notes/damon-lee-gang/every-verse-containing-repent-in-some-english-form/10152556451589357
    Every Verse Containing Repent In Some English Form
    June 25, 2014 at 7:14pm
    (please report any missing verses)
    Words: Repent, Repented, Repentance, Repenteth, Repenting, Repentest, Repentings
    Genesis 6:6-7 Exodus 13:17, 32:12, 32:14 Leviticus NONE Numbers 23:19 Deuteronomy 32:36 Joshua NONE Judges 2:18, 21:6, 21:15 Ruth NONE 1 Samuel 15:11, 29, 35 2 Samuel 24:16 1 Kings 8:47 2 Kings NONE 1 Chronicles 21:15 2 Chronicles NONE Ezra NONE Nehemiah NONE Esther NONE J OB 42:6 Psalm 90:13, 110:4, 106:45, 135:14 Proverbs NONE Ecclesiastes NONE Song of Solomon NONE Isaiah NONE Jeremiah 4:28, 8:6, 15:6, 18:8,10, 20:16, 26:3,13,19 , 31:19, 42:10 Lamentations NONE Ezekiel 14:6, 18:30, 24:14 Daniel NONE Hosea 11:8, 13:14 Joel 2:13-14 Amos 7:3,6 OB adiah NONE Jonah 3:10, 4:2 Micah NONE Nahum NONE Habakkuk NONE Zephaniah NONE Haggai NONE Zechariah 8:14 Malachi NONE Matthew 3:2,8,11, 4:17, 9:13, 11:20-21, 12:41, 21:29,32, 27:3 Mark 1:4,15, 2:17, 6:12, Luke 3:3,8, 5:32, 10:13, 11:32, 13:3,5 , 15:7,10, 16:30, 17:3-4, 24:47 John NONE Acts 2:38, 3:19, 5:31, 8:22, 17:30, 11:18, 13:24, 19:4, 20:21, 26:20 Romans 2:4, 11:29, 1 Corinthians NONE 2 Corinthians 7:8-10, 12:21 Galatians NONE Ephesians NONE Philippians NONE Colossians NONE 1 Thessalonians NONE 2 Thessalonians NONE 1 Timothy NONE 2 Timothy 2:25 Titus NONE Philemon NONE Hebrews 6;1-6, 7:21, 12:17 James NONE 1 Peter NONE 2 Peter 3:9 1 John NONE 2 John NONE 3 John NONE Jude NONE Revelation 2:5,16,21,22, 3:3,19, 9:20-21, 16:9,11,
  10. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: My Idea Of A Good Night Out   

    Went out soulwinngin/visiting:
    (1) some people wouldn't talk at all (guy with black tatoos and no shirt said church people are hypocrites and pointed to a tatoo of a cross and said "this is my religion" and told us to go ... my partner talked to him for a while more)
    (2) found a house with old bus riders so the bus captain over that area will get an address with about 5 kids that the mother said used to come ... the mother wrote down the address phone and names of the kids
    (3) several dogs running around the middle of the street ... dogs everywhere
    (4) spoke with and prayed with some people
    (5) I told m y parter there is "a spirit" on the street" ... he said "what spirit" (I thought "not the good kind" ... I just said to him "take the dogs for example ... everyone has dogs")
    (6) we still had 10 planned minutes after finishing the street and as we were discussing how we were going to spend the next 10 minutes a bicycler comes along and I waved her down with a tract
    (7) after about 10 minutes the bicycler trusted Jesus Christ as her Saviour right there in the street ... she warned us that the street we had just finished on was a bad street (it confirmed my thoughts) ... one saved, people talked to/tracts with the gospel given out, "lost" bus riders located ... a "possessed" street got visited with the gospel and prayer, a good night out
  11. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Question Regarding What Runs When We Access Ob   

    good j OB , just apis.google.com and av1611.com according to Privacy Badger
  12. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Memorizing The New Testament   

    here is a video I made on a way to go about writing out the bible one book at a time:
  13. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Anyone Else Getting Pm's From Preacherofrighteousness?   

    Would you like to play a game? If you admin a website that has subscribers ... lets see if you can stop me/ block me without stopping all new subscribers. By God's grace I am not malicious but I think cryptography and anonymity methods are important, or will be important/useful, for christians in hostile/censored countries.
  14. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Anyone Else Getting Pm's From Preacherofrighteousness?   

  15. 2T3:16 added a post in a topic: Anyone Else Getting Pm's From Preacherofrighteousness?   

    I am in my 40's ... I have dealt with Microsoft on and off for years ... incompatible upgrades (I started when it was called DOS and not Windows), fees for technical help, difficulty getting replacement disks when an operating system is corrupted, ... people don't realize there is another way. I can get ALL my old computers that are outdated to run on linux distributions. The pr OB lem is not just the viruses, it is also the mammon serving companies like Microsoft and the pc sellers. Linux distros are open source and I can easily replace the operating system whenever I want and the Linux community is more knowledgeable than the help at Microsoft and I don't have to wait on the phone ... the natural immunity to viruses is only one aspect. By the way TOR can circu MV ent blockers by the use of bridges and the program uses different addresses each time it goes on the internet. You have merely to click "get a new identity" ... and it's addresses gets updated and changed periodically.


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