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  1. Done.

    I came upon this site looking for fellowship with other followers of Our Lord and to learn.  It seemed like a good idea, so I joined. I question my decision and have for a number of weeks.   I have not been here long, less than a year.  Something has changed in that time.  To a non-IFBer, it has become like swimming with sharks while bleeding.  Some have made it apparent that I am not accepted as part of your family.  It is disappointing   One does not need to be IFB to be a member of Christ's Family.  It is His blood that determines.   I ask that you consider the individual, and his/her spiritual condition and needs before launching a righteous attack.  Please do not be so eager to pounce and devour, when it is OBvious someone does not understand.  Instruct.   Having said that, I do not intend this to be an unhappy rant.  Just something to consider. And with that, I bid you farväl.   Ed to ad:  I had planned to go quietly, but Genevanpreacher's thread caused me to rethink.  That, and this has absolutely nothing to do with those who moderate.  I think that they are doing the very best that they can and are underappreciated.
  2. Genevanpreacher Says Goodbye.

    Genevan-  I had decided to quietly walk away from this site and noticed this thread while sorting through my bookmarks.  Thought I would wish you well.   Perhaps we will cross paths again on the "Sypmosium site".
  3. An Open Letter To The Mods

      Fine. You also have my apology.   I give up.
  4. An Open Letter To The Mods

    Perhaps you have a point. I ought to have added so far to it. If I have offended, I apologize. I am beginning to find it difficult to avoid the 'us against them' mentality that is here. Though I have generally abstained from posting in theological discussions out of respect for the forum's rules, it has been made clear to me by some here that I am not welcome because I have not described myself as IFB. I should not let it get to me,
  5. An Open Letter To The Mods

    I hope that it was after the recent upheaval.
  6. An Open Letter To The Mods

    Seriously? Are you one of them?
  7. An Open Letter To The Mods

    Don't let them get to you. There's always someone who thinks that they can do a better jOB.
  8. An Open Letter To The Mods

    It is both sad and interesting that only three people who claim to be IFB approve of the OP...and two of them are mods.
  9. An Open Letter To The Mods

    Thanks for doing a thankless jOB.    
  10.   It is an eye-opener, especially the comments left by familiar names.  It is sad to read.
  11. What About Our 'own' Convictions?

    Again, I agree. It goes to simple respect of the rules of participation.
  12. What About Our 'own' Convictions?

      I have had a few here tell me that I ought not participate on this site because I do not consider myself IFB, though I generally avoid getting involved in theological discussions.     Frankly, it still leaves a bitter taste.
  13. In the short time that I have been on this site, every post of Covenanter's that I have read has been polite and respectful.  
  14. A banned individual can still post?
  15. Is A Mohawk Sin?

    Agree. I think some of the IFB standards pertaining to hairstyles are outside the scope of what is mentioned in Scripture. Not that the standards themselves are wrong, but labeling as Biblical what is not in it smells of adding to what is actually written.