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    Only a sinner saved by grace
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    Reading the scriptures, listening to sacred music, door to door evangelism, handing out gospel tracts, preaching,teaching others the word of God.
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    I was raised in a broken home, I never really went to churches at all growing up except for maybe 5 or 6 times at random churches when I was younger, I became hopelessly addicted to drugs in my teen years, My life was falling apart, I was miserable and without hope in this world, then I started going to a Baptist church with a friend, I heard the Gospel and I repented of my sins and turned to Jesus Christ to save me, My life has been incredible since the Lord came into my life. I go to Fairhaven Baptist College

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  1. Preaching Preference

    Sounds interesting Sounds interesting
  2. Missionary School

  3. the Nubi of Uganda

    http://www.peoplegroups.org/explore/GroupDetails.aspx?peid=15124 This is a unengaged and unreached people group in Uganda, they have no bible in their language and are 100% Islam, they happen to be geographically right in the same areas that one of my friends over there is working with the Lugbara tribe. I am praying about going to the Nubi people group. My training that I am receiving here at Baptist Bible Translators Institute equips me for such a task as going and starting a work like this. Pray for these people!
  4. New Evangelism Course

    Thank you for the kind words. all glory be to God
  5. 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Hua Lien, Taiwan

    sorry that "L" was a typo.
  6. 6.4 Magnitude Earthquake in Hua Lien, Taiwan

    Alan, it just dawned at me that you are on Taiwan. We have been studying Mandarin for Language Learning class here at BBTI. Li Hau Mah?
  7. Question about Bible College.

    Do you have a Bachelors or Master's Degree already?
  8. was Jesus the wrong name?

    the lack of discernment from big name Baptist preachers is disturbing to me.
  9. was Jesus the wrong name?

    The sad thing is that I believe that video clip was taken at the Baptist church pastored by Keith Gomez and they run Providence Baptist College. It’s ridiculous false teaching.
  10. was Jesus the wrong name?

    First off let me just say, I in no way support or agree with doctrines or teachings of Steven Anderson, however I am appalled that anyone, especially a Baptist preacher, could read the bible and come to the conclusion that this guy comes to, what are your thoughts on this? ,
  11. Soul winning class ideas

    I agree very much with point number 2.
  12. Soul winning class ideas

    I find the following articles helpful: http://revivalfocus.org/q1-assurance/ http://revivalfocus.org/q2-fruits-and-assurance/ http://revivalfocus.org/q13-repentance-evidence/ http://revivalfocus.org/q24-another-gospel/
  13. Soul winning class ideas

    Personally, I think we have to be real careful about giving "Assurance" to people. I don't really believe it is our job to give "assurance", Our job is to make sure they understand the Gospel clearly. I think when people really understand the Gospel and understand that they are saved by faith in the Gospel, then there will not be as many problems with assurance of salvation. The problem comes in my opinion from people emphasizing things like "asking Jesus into your heart" "Receiving Jesus as your Lord and Savior" or "Repent of all your sins" etc, I think we need to emphasis the Gospel and what it means to believe the Gospel and trust in Christ. P.S. I in no way am saying repentance is not a part of salvation, however the way some people present repentance almost seems like a work.
  14. Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    can you distinguish between the two and explain each position?
  15. Missionary School

    I appreciate your kind words and prayers my friend!