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    Reading the scriptures, listening to sacred music, door to door evangelism, handing out gospel tracts, preaching,teaching others the word of God.
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    I was raised in a broken home, I never really went to churches at all growing up except for maybe 5 or 6 times at random churches when I was younger, I became hopelessly addicted to drugs in my teen years, My life was falling apart, I was miserable and without hope in this world, then I started going to a Baptist church with a friend, I heard the Gospel and I repented of my sins and turned to Jesus Christ to save me, My life has been incredible since the Lord came into my life. I go to Fairhaven Baptist College

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  1. Yes, but not for personal salvation, but unto national honor and a special place in God's program of revealing the scriptures and bringing the Messiah into the world. the argument in Romans 9 would be equivalent to an African who is mad at God or laying a charge at God that he is unjust because God chose for me to be born in America over him, in America there are certain blessings and privileges that Africans do not have, Just because God chose for me to have the privilege of being born in America does not mean that God chose and ordained for me to be saved over the African. However God did in his sovereignty and wisdom choose for me to be born as an American. The argument made in Romans 9 is not about God choosing salvation for specific people over others. but one of choosing certain privileges and gifts to bestow on one group over another. You will not get a Calvinistic doctrine of predestination from looking at Romans 9,10, and 11 as a whole. If Romans 9 was in fact teaching that God chooses certain people for salvation, Why then is not all of Israel saved? After all aren't you the one implying that God chose the Jews and somehow trying to equate that to meaning that God chooses individuals for salvation to the exclusion of others? Come on now...
  2. what is the context of Romans 9,10,and 11? Hint: It's not talking about the salvation of individuals.
  3. I also would like to point out that D-28 Player did not respond or aknowledge Pastor Markle's post where he laid out and defined Calvinism. Why do we even allow these type of people on this board? all it does is serve to distract us from having profitable and fruitful discussions, I do not like the spirit that I see manifested here thus far. probably the reason why I don't go on message boards as much as I use to.
  4. Calvinists will typically always accuse Non-Calvinists of misunderstanding or misrepresenting Calvinism.
  5. Hi all, Thank you for all who have prayed for me and given to help me get to Uganda this past summer. I would like to ask you all to pray for me that God would give wisdom, I am praying about going to Baptist Bible Translators Insitute in August, however finances are a problem right now. Basically their program is 9 months and you pay 200 a month to live in a house, only problem is that due to the nature of the program, you cannot work. So I have to have the money before going, also I have a loan payment that is about 160 a month, so I would need money for that as well, plus money for food. Basically I would really like to go and do this, and eventually go to Uganda, Will you please pray that if this is God's will that he would provide the funds? Also just please ask God to confirm his will for my life over the next few months and to lead me. Thank you all.
  6. Does anyone know why they call it "The" Crown college of the bible? is that suppose to mean like they are the top or best college?
  7. I usually just tell people that we are out talking to people about God and about where they will go when they die, and I will stress the reality that we are in fact going to die and I like to quote Hebrews 9:27. Typically then I ask people if they think the are good enough to go to heaven and I will run them through the 10 commandments and then preach the Gospel. the key in soul winning is to trust in God, be filled with the Spirit and use the sword of the Spirit which is the word of God.