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  • Bio I was saved over 30 years ago and on the day that I got saved I ask the Lord to always be my guide from deception as a young christian when it came my way.and not once has my Savior let me down. though today many have been deceived. I stand firm upon Gods word and Gods truth. my feet are grounded firmly in it and no man can convince me otherwise. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife for the last 36 years and six children ( four sons and two daughters ) and four granddaughters. I have faced many trails in this life's journey. I have made many mistakes and suffered loss but I have never lost faith in the Lord Jesus. my past is not as important as what lies ahead of me "the kingdom of heaven" this what I lone for everyday.I hope to be able to share with the members here some of what God has taught me through my trails and for them to share the same as well so that we may all glorify God in all things good or bad. I love all my brothers and sisters in the Lord and enjoy their fellowship and sharing Gods word building up one another. I love the lost and my hearts desire is that all come to Gods saving grace. I hope that this bio gives you some understanding of who I am. the lord comes first in my life and then my family. my fellow saints and a great desire to reach out to the lost.

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  1. EKSmith added a post in a topic: My Cousin Stella   

    In prayer for her salvation and health
  2. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Need prayer for my friend Max   

    My friend Max served in the Jordanian Army and served nine years in the U S Marines he left yesterday to return to Jordan .he has been called back to serve his home land again .Max loves this Nation and it was hard for to leave but he told me his people needs him as while as the 750,000 refugees trying enter into Jordan . Max and I prayed together the night before he left and i can only hope that he has trust in Jesus as his savior.also he has left his wife and 10 mth daughter here. Please pray for Max and his family .and please pray for the many refugees trying to enter Jordan for safety
    also please pray for Adoul I met him through Max and have been witnessing to him pray he will trust in Jesus as his Lord and savior.
    loving you with the love of Jesus from my heart. God bless.
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  6. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Moohamadans get their just punishment!   

    In agreement brother
  7. EKSmith added a post in a topic: I'm A New Member   

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  9. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Problem with Quoting   

    Thank you brother I did not know this , and I think maybe that's what I've doing , this is a great help 
    God bless and thank you 
  10. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Help! Sermon Recording X 3!   

    Google Old Geeks , these folks will be able to help you out, take caution not read much of their post though , Just ask and read their answers back to you is best to do, theses folks are very OS smart but very worldly.
    God Bless brother Garry
  11. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Problem with Quoting   

     I have a Acer Chromebook (Google OS)that I've used to visit OLB for the past couple of years which has done fine until lately, but now I'm having a problem when I try to quote to a post.
    I'll try to explain whats happening, in the Soul winning Form I started a Topic and when I have tried to Quote to Miss Rosie I'm seeing her post appear twice and brother Dan's(NN) post once(NN Said) alone with Her's, I've tried to quote to brother Dan's Post (Miss Rosie's appears with NN) and it does the same thing.when I try quote it appears that the one whom I"m trying quoting to is quoting to me (Miss Rosie : Said ) (NN Said) very confusing.
    This happened in another topic in which this occurred and it appeared I was using ill intent toward another poster when I tried to quote. (which was very confusing trying to explain because I wasn't seeing the post repeated on my pc)
    I would like to reply to my brothers and sisters in the Lord by using Quote, because it notifies them,   but I will not because I do not want  It to appear as I'm using a ill intent toward them.
    Praying this can be resolved 
    God Bless  
  12. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Praise , Prayer and Encouragement   

     I follow many Missionaries around the world and my heart is overcome with joy seeing the wonderful work God is doing through them and the many lost souls that are being saved, I keep in contact with as many as I can and fellowship with them when it's possible, It's a wonderful blessing one can have in one's heart to hear him give a testimony of how him or another labor in the Lord lead the loss sinner(s) to the Lord Jesus it ''Keeps me Praising the Lord Jesus " Keeps me in Prayer '' and Encourages me to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with the Lost sinner
    I love to share my testimonies with my brothers and sister's in the lord the same way our Brother Missionaries share theirs. '' Praising our Lord Jesus in all His Glory "
    If you have a Testimony of how you lead someone to the lord Jesus you would like to share Please do and help " Keep us Praising our Lord Jesus '' Keep us in Prayer " and Help Encourage others to do the Will of our lord God in Heaven.
    I love you All 
  13. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Prayer for Barb please   

  14. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.   

    ​Brother I'm following along with you in one accord with my bible open, being silent and allowing the word of God to speak to my heart.
    Continue on Brother,
    loving you with love of Jesus from my heart
  15. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Soulwinning Teens and Young people   

    ​honesty brother I had no idea that this was repeated this many times , and I have no idea about the account being hacked but I will tell you that I did not post this again 5 hours ago but i did try to post back (Quote) to you earlier, I thought maybe my computer may have been the cause of the problem,I was unsure, and even said that I was sorry, and as far as the post I ask brother John there was no Ill intent whatsoever, and I repent of the question even being asked. I thought maybe some would want to argue his post and I hoped he would reply with the use of scripture, In which Brother Dennis I did and I have tried to think him and to kindly think Brother John for his post as well ,I have no idea as why this happened. I am resolved and don't no what else I can say, other than I am truly sorry this has happen.
    Brother I feel that you saying I was acting like a bratty child and shouting at me was the wrong virtue used, and if you feel you have the desire to ban me then I'll not reject it knowing I have tried to do the right thing.
    God bless my friend