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  • Bio I was saved over 30 years ago and on the day that I got saved I ask the Lord to always be my guide from deception as a young christian when it came my way.and not once has my Savior let me down. though today many have been deceived. I stand firm upon Gods word and Gods truth. my feet are grounded firmly in it and no man can convince me otherwise. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife for the last 36 years and six children ( four sons and two daughters ) and four granddaughters. I have faced many trails in this life's journey. I have made many mistakes and suffered loss but I have never lost faith in the Lord Jesus. my past is not as important as what lies ahead of me "the kingdom of heaven" this what I lone for everyday.I hope to be able to share with the members here some of what God has taught me through my trails and for them to share the same as well so that we may all glorify God in all things good or bad. I love all my brothers and sisters in the Lord and enjoy their fellowship and sharing Gods word building up one another. I love the lost and my hearts desire is that all come to Gods saving grace. I hope that this bio gives you some understanding of who I am. the lord comes first in my life and then my family. my fellow saints and a great desire to reach out to the lost.

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  1. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Asking For Prayer For My Friend Joe   

    I'm very sorry that I haven't giving an update but I came back home with the flu,
    I got a call this morning from my brother that he was picking Joe up to come home from the hospital " praising the Lord " he is able to come home this soon.
    My brother an I spoke with him with and prayed with him while I was there but he was unable to talk much with all the tubes but I feel in my heart he's ready to except the lord Jesus into his heart trusting in him as his savior
    when Dan took him home today he ask if he could come back later tonight and he agreed with Dan to bring his pastor with him.
    for 35 years my heart has cried out to the lord that my friend be saved and right now I feel the tears of rejoicing very close and Gods answer to many prayers
    I'm in prayer that soon we can all rejoice with the angels giving glory and praise to our father in heaven for Joe's salvation
    Thank each one of you for your Prayers
    I love you with the love Jesus from my heart 
  2. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Asking For Prayer For My Friend Joe   

     Joe and I met when we were 5 we grew up together and have always been very close just like brothers  but when I was saved we drifted apart and Joe chose alcohol to control his life, I've tried many times leading him to the lord but his rejection has been the hardest I've ever faced I have prayed for many years lifting him up to God that he would send someone he could not reject leading him to the Lord.
    last night my brother called and said that Joe was in the hospital he had called his sister an told her he was vomiting blood, she called EMS and when they got him to the ER he was taken into surgery, he had a large hole in his stomach and most of his vital organs was posioned and not functioning , he came through the surgery well but his condition is critical.
    I'm leaving early this morning to visit him but before I leave I have come here to ask for prayer for Joe and I as well
    please pray that the lord speak through me to my friend of 53 years whom I love very much that he will not reject the lord but will trust in Jesus as his savior.
    I've not slept much tonight and ask for prayer that I'll make the 4 hr. trip safely
    Loving you with the love of Jesus from my heart
    Thank you 
  3. EKSmith added a post in a topic: They Are Keeping Us Safe, Aren't They?   

    Could this have anything to do with all the coffins I've heard about being shipped by railroad to certain city's throughout the U.S and the UN Camps being built ????
    they got to act fast 2016 is just around the corner
  4. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Can We Help Someone?   

      thank you brother Larry I'm a softy to, so very heart felt
    God bless Brother
  5. EKSmith added a post in a topic: The Real And The Unreal World   

    brother you are in my prayers lifting you up to the lord
    Loving you with the love of Jesus in my heart
  6. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Opportunity Or Not   

    brother John I 'm not trying to change the topic but when speaking of movies and there influence on the Mind this came to thought , I was listening to a radio talk show a few years ago and the subject was about science fiction movies one thing that was very interesting was that all the calls coming into the show was from people (adults) whom believed in this fiction many whom believed that Jesus would come back in a space ship along with the other Gods in the universe to save mankind from destroying themselves. Wo!
    I recently watched a clip of Clint Eastwood taking about preserving the old movie films before they are all lost in this clip he made a statement that'' Movies are apart of our lives and the development of one s thoughts and imagination '' and these films need to be preserved to keep up the spirit and love we have for them. Wo!
    I was still in the youth ministry when the  first left behind movie came out , a brother from the church and I went to see the movie after setting through it twice taking note of every word and action and then afterwards seeing the awl in which many where caught up in after seeing the movie, I refused to entertain the minds of the youth to such false teachings that perverted the Word of God. as a youth pastor I was NOT to entertain the hearts and minds of the youth but to teach discipleship to the youth building them up in the word of God to go out unto the lost of this world this I believed in doing so until the day I retired.
    Yet I was shocked when the pastor made the announcement one Sunday morning encouraging the Adults to see the movie left behind, my thoughts was how could one encourage the hearts and minds of the adults to see a movie not inline with the word of God even though they haven't even seen the movie and are going along with what they have read or heard about the movie  Wo! 
    of course they were all adults and their minds could not be subjected to such imaginations or perversions  it's just entertainment. ''Very Not True ''
    God bless Brother 
  7. EKSmith added a post in a topic: The Never Ending Story...   

    while pondering upon the three sided cube I heard the voice of the lord saying Joel Olsteen  
  8. EKSmith added a post in a topic: random fact game   

    Brother John has posted 60,491 times  " wow " he  may hold the record for the most post on OB
     keep on posting brother
    God bless brother John
  9. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Hypocrisy Left And Right   

    I second you brother Larry
  10. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Obama To United Nations: ‘The U.s. Is Not At War With Islam; Islam Teaches Peace’ – Calls For “Interfaith Alliance”   

    Praising the Lord Miss Rosie "Now that's encouragement " we need to hear this kind of News everyday
    God Bless
  11. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Eric Holder Has Resigned!   

    God bless and thanks brother I knew it. I was just looking to see what kind answers I would get sort of like testing the water before jumping in.
    God bless brother
  12. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Eric Holder Has Resigned!   

    Praising the Lord that he's gone , but beware he knows what's coming and stepping out for his replacement to do more damage it's the way these evil people work.
    Thanks Brother John for putting this in your post   " just how far America has fallen " 
    We here this about every day but it appears that no one can explain how America got to this point was it Eric Holder, OBama, Harry Reid, Pelosi, or a hundred other names. 
    Can anyone give an answer to who's the Blame
    Before you answer please ponder upon this '' Gods judgement must first begin at His House "
    Thanks for the shout  Praising the Lord  " I am Chief " 
    God bless
  13. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Maple Tea   

    when I was a kid I got the nick name Butterhead because I loved to churn the butter and help my mom and my aunt make buttermilk I was the first to get a glass of butter milk  " real buttermilk " what you buy in the stores is full of junk and taste nothing like real butter, I agree with bro Larry Yuk' 
     brother Garry's recipe sounds good , though I am wondering if goatmillk will work in the recipe ?  anyway thanks bro Garry for the recipe I'm gonna give it a try.
    as for Maple Syrup I love it when I can find the real Syrup if not I prefer real Honey.
    God bless
  14. EKSmith added a post in a topic: Opportunity Or Not   

    Brother John Thank you for posting this thread I often just read and wait to see which way the thread heads and mostly don't post for this reason .this is a good topic but just as many others it can go bad very quick and it appears to be headed that way 
    I would like to share in fellowship Gods word on this Topic but I'm reading for now and pray others will have respect toward you and the topic you've begun.  most of all uplifting the Lord Jesus our savior.
    God bless brother