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  • Bio I was saved over 30 years ago and on the day that I got saved I ask the Lord to always be my guide from deception as a young christian when it came my way.and not once has my Savior let me down. though today many have been deceived. I stand firm upon Gods word and Gods truth. my feet are grounded firmly in it and no man can convince me otherwise. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife for the last 36 years and six children ( four sons and two daughters ) and four granddaughters. I have faced many trails in this life's journey. I have made many mistakes and suffered loss but I have never lost faith in the Lord Jesus. my past is not as important as what lies ahead of me "the kingdom of heaven" this what I lone for everyday.I hope to be able to share with the members here some of what God has taught me through my trails and for them to share the same as well so that we may all glorify God in all things good or bad. I love all my brothers and sisters in the Lord and enjoy their fellowship and sharing Gods word building up one another. I love the lost and my hearts desire is that all come to Gods saving grace. I hope that this bio gives you some understanding of who I am. the lord comes first in my life and then my family. my fellow saints and a great desire to reach out to the lost.

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  1. EKSmith added a post in a topic In God We Trust   

    the federal reserve prints money that's not ours or the peoples so in what god do they trust .
    good job heartstrings that's a better way to present in God we trust.
    God bless brother
  2. EKSmith added a post in a topic Book The Harbinger Johnathan Cahn   

    my opinion . I believe we all could write a book of some sort concerning America today and have people argue over it.
    it's a worthless waste of ones time spent when one should be reading and studying Gods word and in prayer allowing Him to reveal His truths to us.
    just my opinion though.
    God bless
  3. EKSmith added a post in a topic Crazy Week!   

    praying for you brother
  4. EKSmith added a post in a topic Billy Graham   

    a wolf in sheep skin even the devils. can preach Christ risen.
  5. EKSmith added an answer to a question New Evangelism   

    stay away from the purpose drivin life the icons and sents ,ccm music Mv's the false doctrine.
    I hope your church is not headed this way.
    God Bless
  6. EKSmith added a post in a topic Jeny Lyn's Dad   

    continuing to pray
    loving you and your family with the love of Jesus from my heart
  7. EKSmith added a post in a topic Please pray for the following:   

    in prayer
  8. EKSmith added a post in a topic Hey everyone   

  9. EKSmith added a post in a topic Divorce   

    to reconcile your marriage you would be the step to a new beginning . In prayer lifting this up to our Lord.
    GOd bless sister
  10. EKSmith added a post in a topic My Cousin Stella   

    In prayer for her salvation and health
  11. EKSmith added a topic in Prayer Requests   

    Need prayer for my friend Max
    My friend Max served in the Jordanian Army and served nine years in the U S Marines he left yesterday to return to Jordan .he has been called back to serve his home land again .Max loves this Nation and it was hard for to leave but he told me his people needs him as while as the 750,000 refugees trying enter into Jordan . Max and I prayed together the night before he left and i can only hope that he has trust in Jesus as his savior.also he has left his wife and 10 mth daughter here. Please pray for Max and his family .and please pray for the many refugees trying to enter Jordan for safety
    also please pray for Adoul I met him through Max and have been witnessing to him pray he will trust in Jesus as his Lord and savior.
    loving you with the love of Jesus from my heart. God bless.
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  12. EKSmith added a post in a topic Jeny Lyn's Dad   

  13. EKSmith added a post in a topic Magda - Arab World Ministries - cancer   

  14. EKSmith added a post in a topic My Dad Needs Prayer   

  15. EKSmith added a post in a topic Moohamadans get their just punishment!   

    In agreement brother