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  • Bio I was saved over 30 years ago and on the day that I got saved I ask the Lord to always be my guide from deception as a young christian when it came my way.and not once has my Savior let me down. though today many have been deceived. I stand firm upon Gods word and Gods truth. my feet are grounded firmly in it and no man can convince me otherwise. God has blessed me with a wonderful wife for the last 36 years and six children ( four sons and two daughters ) and four granddaughters. I have faced many trails in this life's journey. I have made many mistakes and suffered loss but I have never lost faith in the Lord Jesus. my past is not as important as what lies ahead of me "the kingdom of heaven" this what I lone for everyday.I hope to be able to share with the members here some of what God has taught me through my trails and for them to share the same as well so that we may all glorify God in all things good or bad. I love all my brothers and sisters in the Lord and enjoy their fellowship and sharing Gods word building up one another. I love the lost and my hearts desire is that all come to Gods saving grace. I hope that this bio gives you some understanding of who I am. the lord comes first in my life and then my family. my fellow saints and a great desire to reach out to the lost.

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  1. EKSmith added a post in a topic Video or Audio Messages?   

    Thank you brother i'll check this out
    God bless
  2. EKSmith added a post in a topic Sold!   

    Its good to hear that God is blessing your hard labor brother,
    Praying for you brother that you'll not have to do business with the Muslims
    God bless brother
  3. EKSmith added a post in a topic Writing a commentary   

    May the Lord continue to lead you brother Jordan ,as proven here .
    In prayer
    God Bless
  4. EKSmith added a post in a topic Jeny Lyn's Dad   

    thank you Sister for the update on your Dad , continuing in Prayer for your Dads salvation.
    Theres no greater love then the love of Jesus our Savior may you rest in His wonderful peace.
    loving you sister with the love of Jesus from my heart
    God bless
  5. EKSmith added a post in a topic Video or Audio Messages?   

    I have a set of 25 cassettes of Oliver B Green the set is a ministry lession collection my Dad gave them to me when I had spoke with him about God calling me into the ministry,Dad thought I had been called to pastor the church he misunderstood that God had called me into the youth ministry, though I did use them often when I was studying under my pastor, I've had these tapes for over 30 years and their still in good shape the set is out of print and can't be got on cd , if anyone knows how or what equipment I would need to put them on disc I would be greatly thankful for any help.
    God bless
  6. EKSmith added a post in a topic The 7th Shemita is here   

    I got an email yesterday from a feller telling me I needed to prepare the 7th shemitah was going to take place on September 3 2015 he said that the bible clearly proves this an quoted " for six years sow your fields and six years prune your vineyards and gather their crops, but in the seventh year the land is to a year of Sabbath rest a Sabbath to the Lord. I don't think he knew he was quoting Lev 25:3, he stated that no preacher or anyone could figure out what it really means, read 25:1-18 it reveals alot. He said that I needed to know how to prepare or ill not make it, and he was going to show me how, "" for a price " well I returned his email to let him no I was prepared and would like to help him prepare for free, I told him God had a free gift for him in which I shared the gospel with him, I've not heard back yet but praying I will .
    God bless.
  7. EKSmith added a post in a topic Picture of your Bible.   

    Brings to heart the young man caught reading it whom was burned at the stake, thanks for sharing brother.
    God bless
  8. EKSmith added a post in a topic Picture of your Bible.   

    Lots of beautiful Bibles there, I have one in the house that's never closed, I leave it open because God Word convicts the heart and many times has it done so in my life. The best bible that I have is my Dads its not real fancy but my Dad read it to me when I was a kid ,Dad didn't write in it but its full of little notes just as it was over 20 years ago when the Lord called Dad home, one of those notes is for my salvation, Dad lived to see that day and the prayers and tears he had lifted up to the Lord turn to tears of joy I was the last of his four children to get saved. Thank you for sharing your bibles if I can I'll try an post Dads.
    God bless
  9. EKSmith added a post in a topic New Guy   

    welcome, looking forward to hearing from you.
    God bless brother
  10. EKSmith added a post in a topic How Strong is a Donkey's Back?   

    what mountains you from, I like you user name its a good one, as for me I'm from the blue ridge mountains ,raised up in a small valley , miss those good folks there they all got roosters and no one complains when they crow, just Gods bird making music.
    God bless brother
  11. EKSmith added a post in a topic How Strong is a Donkey's Back?   

    maybe you could use some of these folks that has now surround us my rooster crowed about 5 min and got I got fined no warning just fined,they said I should have known it was illegal in the city to own a rooster ,2 weeks before I lived in the county? I told my wife I'm done with island living she agreed ,I got a friend putting our place up for sale we got 4ac that wont be hard to sale you could put maybe 10 of these mini hotels (houses) being built all around us,besides I got a good reason to move back to the mountains, we are looking and praying to be gone at least before we get fined for having a garden.as for the rooster my wife fried him for supper wasn't a total loss but with 12 hens we sure could use him, laying mash is had to find here and its expensive . I don't how this will post I'm on my windows phone and appears to be going crazy on me again. God bless brother
  12. EKSmith added a post in a topic How Strong is a Donkey's Back?   

    Wilburs looking fine there brother you know he's a smaller version of the mule the ultimate four wheel drive and can haul a heavy load , I had feller offer to give a jenny last week but I don't have room for her plus the codes say I can't keep her on my property???? Had to fight them just to keep my chickens I got fined for my rooster crowing to early and had to get rid of him,now using laying mash, thanks to our liberal mayor we are now zoned city whom says we are bunch of hillbilly rednecks,duh I live on a island ? Sorry for the ranting brother, thanks for the picture you got a nice family there ,Wilbur included .
    God bless Brother
  13. EKSmith added a post in a topic How to defend against a sheep   

    yep brother that works never had goats but have few hard head horses whom like kick and stomp ya,but that big stick can really help in changing their mind, I had a mare so mean she would kick and rare up on you when she saw you with a bucket of feed and when I tried to brush her she would kick you try to stomp ya, learned to tie her head up with rope and it worked very well but she kept her eye on that stick also.
    God bless brother
  14. EKSmith added a post in a topic Godliness VS Worldliness   

    Brother could to further explain what you mean by heretical teachings of Gods grace which is not Gods Grace at All.I know not of any teachings of this in the IB church here
    as far as bugs bunny I haven't had a TV in 20 years and when I had one it collected dust . God took me behind the woodshied when I was but a young Christian and in doing so put me on a path for 35 years in which at times I have faltered yet not once has God faltered in changing me and at 64 He continues to do so and will until he calls me home,amen
    God bless brother
  15. EKSmith added a post in a topic Godliness VS Worldliness   

    brother Mike your wife may be right the lord may have you right where he He plans on using you and when the time does come His blessings will follow ,it may easy for me to say this because I'm not you but I have been in the very same condition before lve had to learn to serve on very little with 6 children many times not eating so my children could it seemed the harder I worked the harder it would get many times I tried to figure why these things continued to happen my faith in the lord was completely on Him yet I did not realize just how the Lord was working on my family and I until 2000 when I was in a accident rendering me disabled I knew God was preparing our family for the Storm ahead of us ,which indeed it came hard as I was unable to care for my wife and children this time,yet my faith in the Lord was totally upon Him ,my faith never faltered though it seemed as though the battle had overcome me a much needed time of rest.not long after this storm came a hurricane ,i had received a large amount of money from the accident , in which we where able to buy a house and replace a lot off what we had lost ,one morning my wife went the bank and there was no money in our account we where broke , brother this was the most hardest thing i had to ever face ,even now it hurts , it was not the loss of our money but in the way which we lost it , i was in shook when a police officer came to our home and told us that our pastor had been arrested for this crime as well as taking money from the church , today he is in prison and we have never recoverd our loss, but in my heart he has been forgiven ,i pray for him and his family each day. right now I'm resting un our Lords peace and continue in His work .brother i know that the Lord has made me whom i am today he has given me something far greater than money or material things his unending love and mercy has prepared me for what we may have to face before He returns ,brother how blessed we are to suffer for our Savior Jesus,you are in my prayers that the Lord may give you a time of rest
    We are to pray,to support, to help our brothers and sisters in the lord when storms come, and when we fail to do so, we have not the love of Jesus in our hearts
    Loving you my brother with the love of Jesus from my heart.