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    Saved at age of 17. 4 years U.S. Marine Corps. 2 years of Bible college at Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College San Dimas, CA. (now Heartland Baptist College in Oklahoma City) 4 children, one deceased. Unmarried for the last 19 years. Active in ministry as sound/video man, door-to-door soul winning, janitorial, and youth ministry aid.

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  1. Bible College

    I went to Pacific Coast Baptist Bible College (1980 - 1982) which became Heartland Baptist College when it moved from San Dimas, CA. When I went to school it was Baptist Bible Fellowship school. Not sure if Heartland is associated with the BBF. Bro. Garry
  2. Whats for Supper...

    We are celebrating me getting a new job at the VA Hospital so it is Elk Backstrap from our hunt this year! Having it with delicata squash (some call it peanut squash) from our garden and Yukon Gold potatoes also from the garden.
  3. "Cat" is the first word in CATastrophe

    I would be rich right now if I had caught that on video and submitted it to America's Funniest Video's.
  4. "Cat" is the first word in CATastrophe

    The following is a true story about my long gone but beloved cat named "Fuzzface". It was Christmas time and as usual I had received a steady stream of boxes from family with gifts. One box was large with several individually wrapped gifts inside all packed in white styrofoam peanuts. I was sitting on the living room floor pulling out the individual boxes and of course styrofoam peanuts were getting all over the floor. My cat was in the other room laying down in a laundry basket full of nice warm, fresh from the dryer, clothes (bad kitty). When shooed from the laundry basket he came running into the living room and then...CATastrophe! There was so much static electricity built up in his fur from laying on those dryer clothes that the styrofoam peanuts LEAPED off the floor and attacked him, sticking all over his fur. Having a hundred small creatures leaping at him did NOT impress my cat and to make it worse, every time he would bat one off it would fly 6 inches and then come right back! My cat totally lost it then and started running around the room in a full panic howling at the top of his lungs! I knew I had to do something before he hurt himself or the neighbors called the SPCA to report I was torturing a cat in my apartment. I knew I had to kill the static electricity on my cats fur and I spotted the spray water bottle on the ironing board. I grabbed it and started chasing my cat around the room squirting him with water. This did NOT impress my cat either, but thankfully it worked and the peanuts fell off. Afterwards, my cat was forever terrified of styrofoam peanuts, being scarred for life. This fear though actually turned out to have one huge advantage. My cat was a nightmare every Christmas because he simply could not leave the Christmas tree bulbs alone. All night he would bat them off the tree and chase them around the house. Then I thought to put "snow" under the tree using white styrofoam peanuts! Problem solved! My cat not only wouldn't get near the tree, he wouldn't even come into the same room as the tree ever again! Bro. Garry