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  • Bio I am a proud husband of a very sweet wife who has blessed me with our four children. We have been married 25 years this past year and are looking forward to eternity. Life without an end, wow! I heard the gospel of Christ, (finally!), in January of 1987, and became a believer in Jesus Christ, the Holy, Only-begotten, Son of God, and have not ever regretted following the Lord. Since 1990 I have been a minister of God, preaching and teaching to the people in our church, and in the nursing home in our area. I love the Lord and am a lover of his word. I preach and teach from the 1560 edition of the Geneva Bible, hence the name Genevan Baptist.

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  1. Appreciate your views, even when they are opposite of mine.


    1. wretched

      Thank you sir.

  2. Ever wonder who the first firemen were?

    That one's easy...the wisemen who came from the east looking for the King of the Jews ...they came from a far!     
  3. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    I guess you satisfied Scott, Invicta.
  4. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    You are correct about TH, and I sent her an apology. Thank you NN. I need correction every once in a while.
  5. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    Evidently I am here to do nothing but get chastised for what I believe and to be castigated for teaching and preaching contrary to people who like to replace Jesus Christ's Bride with a lost jewish population in eternity. Replacement theology is what you all teach in lifting up a lost bunch of jews as God's people and blaspheme God's word, just like your predecessors did before you. Lucky for planet earth, that teaching only goes back a few generations. Otherwise the world would have no hope of learning the truth - that Christians are God's only chosen people.
  6. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    Not replacement theology. Covenant theology. Getting that right is important. You are being mean spirited when you say that. Blasphemy? With all the errors you have spoken about particular verses, your record is not good enough to condemn my view.
  7. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    Yes. I see your point. So let me redo my previous statement. If you will allow? I believe what the scriptures say, along with what they teach, being lead by the Spirit of God using all the scriptures together. There, I hope that sounds better.  In the above statement I mean that I follow what the scriptures say, with the thought in mind that the scriptures do teach things they may state, in various places, with import on blending together the knowledge of God, leading me to the correlation of the whole set of scriptures, within the cover of my bible. In other words, every verse by itself is not clear doctrine alone, but the whole set of scriptures give the whole doctrinal picture for us to know what is right to believe. Hence, in the regeneration of the disciples, they rule by testimony, not literal thrones, based upon the whole set of scriptures. It is because of them testifying through their preaching and teaching, the gospel of Jesus Christ and his eternal kingdom, and writing of the scriptures that teach that.
  8. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    Maybe I should rethink this sentence for future statements of what I believe.
  9. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    Can you define regeneration? I am in it. Aren't you? Yet there are no 12 tribes being ruled by the disciples. Maybe another thing is being taught by the Lord? Yes. The disciples are 'ruling' over the saved and elect children of God as witnesses for all ages to see. You know, the Israel of God, that are all the saved? Sound silly to you? It doesn't to me.
  10. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    Correcting my attitude.
  11. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

  12. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    He will not have a throne. Neither will anyone else. Only God will. And Jesus Christ is the physical form of God. So Christ will rule from his throne like David did ages ago.
  13. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    Sounds like a question. Am I missing something? If or when Christ is on the throne of David, David is not.