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  1. Just a small comment on the Key Study Bible (Zodhiates) - they do change words in the KJB text to modern words. I don't remember the reference, but many years ago, while preaching (on the book of Daniel, I believe), a pastor of mine read a very familiar verse, and it didn't say what it was supposed to. We checked after the service, and he returned it to the store he just bought it from.
  2. What? Hypocrites don't need help? And where better to get help? Church services! Everybody needs help from the Lord, especially those who are his children. I tell'em hypocrites need the Lord more than most - that's why they all gather there.
  3. Thanks guys. You will notice in my previous comment that I neither agreed nor disagreed with the subject going on here. Lest you forgot - See? I was answering a question that obviously was not answered according to Rhonda's original question which no one was giving her. So no fellas, I have done neither of your 'thrilling' comments. Thanks anyway.
  4. Just a quick comment here - A church CAN lie in a street, Rhonda, for unless you have been taught contrary to sound Biblical teaching, a church is a body of believers - physical humans - not buildings.
  5. Yes. Like I said - "There is some Biblical proof that some of each tribe may have been in the land of Israel only during their time there as a nation or as a punished nation. But as the whole house of Israel? Nope."
  6. I highly recommend Malwarebites!!!
  7. Just as the Lord said that he would multiply Israel as the sand of the sea shore in multitude - and scatter them amongst the nations of the world - the land that was theirs, is no longer able to bare them if they would return. And since all the tribes have not returned that area is pretty safe and not in danger of tilting the Earth on its axis. There is some Biblical proof that some of each tribe may have been in the land of Israel only during their time there as a nation or as a punished nation. But as the whole house of Israel? Nope. That will only occur through Jesus Christ and his gospel of salvation. Just read your Bibles fellas. Bible history is very easy to see. God divorced the Northern tribes (10) and scattered them. Then he put away Judah, the Southern tribes (3). The Northern tribes never returned. The tribes making up Judah (Jews) returned. Those Southern tribes are what we know as the Jews in the Lord's days on the Earth. Easy Bible history 101.
  8. And you have a source for this last statement? Where are the tribes? You said the 10 tribes are now gathered with Judah...where do you get that idea? If you 'think' that true, then give me a source for that statement. I'm thinking you are 'hopeful' that this is true. But brother it is not. Well, not the way you mean.
  9. Um...Eric? Zephaniahs book was BEFORE the Babylonian captivity. And the Lord DID what he said already. Jerusalem was judged, as the word of God said it would be by the mouth of the Prophet Zephaniah. Wow! What a stretch Eric.
  10. So, Eric... after all the failures about the Shmita, and everything else about Mr. Cahn, with no real issue with the stock markets and our ability to function as a society, state, and country - how can you keep promoting it all as scriptural? It has affected Christianity zero %. What can you say? In asking this I mean no disrespect, I just think - if a 'prophet' says something, and it doesn't come to pass, he is a false prophet. How do you get past that fact? Can anything be salvaged from your thinking? How can anyone believe what you say now that nothing has happened that you said would happen? I had a fella at work who was pushing Cahns 'story'. I flat out told him the guy was as unscriptural as a lie. Afterwards he never speaks of it. And since I appreciate his fellowship I don't press the issue. So believe me, I do feel compassion for people who stick their neck out for 'the truth' - but what about when it falls flat? Do you feel any loss Eric? Do you doubt the veracity of your 'learning'? Is there something to gain by 'still pushing on'? (Just a personal note - took my time this past week (my vacation btw) and read through Zechariah - sure doesn't say what you keep saying it says either. The whole book, except the prophetic verses about the Lord Jesus, is speaking about the ending of the 70 years, and how the Lord was going to bless the remnant that did return to the land, and some of the rest of Israel from other countries, and how he would magnify them in the eyes of the world. I don't see this book relating to an 'end time scenario' at all. Besides, the prophecies about the Lord were about his coming as a human into the world in the NT gospels.) Thanks for 'listening'!
  11. So now I'm a Calvinist. You sure do put a lot of pressure on a guy to be sure and cross all his t's and dot all his I's. Your 'correct' way, anyway. I am not a Calvinist Dave. Neither do I promote it. I neither studied it nor desire to study it. I did buy the "Institutes" a few of years ago, but disagreed with so much of what little I read, I lost interest. One thing interesting - in the English translation by Beveridge, he used the KJV as his text to show Calvin's doctrines. Much of which is contrary to the GB. So no Dave. Me and Johnny Calvin are not buds.
  12. Um... I don't know what to say to that... Ok...where did Calvinism come in? I assume you don't think the Lord knows who will believe, before they are born? God isn't all knowing? Interesting Dave. Do you limit the abilities of the God who created us? I repeat, interesting. You might consider looking at John 17. The real Lords prayer. You know where Jesus Christ himself prayed for those who would believe in him.
  13. God supplied for the Israelites for all the time they were homeless. He will do much more for us - His Bride!!
  14. We live just like the Church always has Eric. One day at a time. Working with our hands whatever the Lord supplies for us to do to get our daily bread.
  15. No, Dave it is not for the benefit of unbelievers. It is for the benefit of those that WILL believe. Technicality? Yes. Yes the gospel saves the lost, but ONLY when they believe it. Then that means they are saved and no longer lost. Hence, behold - a child of God. So - when does the gospel benefit one who dies and goes to hell Dave? It doesn't. Yet when one becomes a believer, that same gospel DOES benefit them. But I sit here talking too much. The 7th Shmita is nothing Eric.