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    Seeker of God's wisdom.
  • Birthday 10/20/1964

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    Milan, IN
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    - Studying the scriptures in the 1560 edition of the Geneva Bible and other early versions before the KJB.
    - I am a Comic strip artist.
    - I love poetry, especially dialect poetry.
    - Collector of books, and reader of such books that may edify the mind of Christ or magnify my appreciation of others minds.
    - Loving my wife and children.
    - living the life the Lord has blessed me with.
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    Born in Cincy, OH. Moved from house to house most of my life. Went to multiple schools because of moving so much. Got saved at 22 years old - afterward getting a job and meeting the woman there who introduced me to my now wife of 28 years. Am happily married to her and we have 4 children. Surrendered to preach in 1990 and did until 2014. Now in a sabbatical situation right now.

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