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  1. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Getting rid of the 'bug' of nonsense, tip the bowl.   

  2. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Book The Harbinger Johnathan Cahn   

    John? I can't get any of these articles up on my computer. Says page can't be found.
  3. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Comment On Current Debate   

    Just so I don't misquote you Alan I quote your whole post.
    Question: Is this not a forum? Is this 'church'? I assemble in a different area of the country than most here, am I to treat each 'man of God' as if they were my elders?
    C'mon Alan, this is a place to talk and discuss, and sometimes get on each others nerves in our differences of 'scriptural interpretation', of which, it seems, there is no such thing as 'believing all the same'.
    Any disrespect shown to a 'man of God' on this forum has been subject to disrespect being shown first or in return. I too am a 'man of God', been preaching now for 25 years, having witnessed to hundreds of lost people in door to door over the years, and have studied the word of God for 28 years as a born again child of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    When does the respect start? Why do you and Bro. Scott treat me as a 'ignorant' ol' confused man?
    You are 62? You are older than me. I am 50. That makes me 7 years older than Scott.
    Why does he get all the respect from you?
    I have found that the reason we don't respect each other has nothing at all to do with age, but scriptural beliefs.
    So, it's not a personal thing, but based upon how much 'hooey' we think we know.
    And, no, I won't show respect for someone who, in my opinion, teaches the scriptures wrong. And I expect the same thing will be shown from you and Bro. Scott.
  4. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Comment On Current Debate   

    Yes Ian, focusing on silly questions seems to be characteristic of confusion.
  5. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Just Another Newbie   

    Come on aboard and enjoy the trip!
  6. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Also new here :)   

    Yes, welcome aboard and accept
  7. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Has God cast aside Israel?   

    No, and Paul was showing evidence, that whosoever believed that Jesus was the Christ could be saved. Not that Israel was going to be a kingdom again. But that salvation had come unto all men, including the whole house of Israel, where ever they may be.
  8. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Comment On Current Debate   

    That is not in the spirit either Brother. Proven by what theory? Your's?
    Having a differing view on Biblical beliefs is not being a liar nor a false teacher. Now if Jesus was being termed an alien from the planet Venus or something, that's a different thing, but prophecy disagreements?
  9. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Monumental   

    I watched the whole movie in 2 sittings. The first 1/2 with my wife, (who by the way has taught our homeschooled children History, amongst the rest of their school subjects, for about 15 years), the rest by myself. I listened intently, and neither of us noticed anything wrong with it as a 'documentary' type of movie. Yeah, it may not be fully detailed as a 'history lesson', but I saw no blatant untruths. Do you have any details you think were untrue? I do know a bit about history that some may not know, but I don't pretend to know it all. If there is 'colored' pretense here I don't see it.
  10. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Monumental   

    I didn't see any mention or scene in the movie with Glenn Beck. There is a youtube interview between him and Kirk.
    I thought the movie was excellent, and although I am considerably 'public school taught' in history, I may be wrong, but I thought accuracy was prime here.
  11. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Comment On Current Debate   

    Have you ever had a confirmation of anything? Like an Ebay order or dinner reservation or a 'fact' you have been studying about?
    Confirming something with someone does not necessitate anything negative in these verses but it does mean what it says. Those that receive this covenant will get a confirmation by fulfillment. Covenanter and Invicta have answered the timing many times on what the 7 years are.
    Reread their posts and you have your answer.
    However the 'consummation' (you termed 'end'.) you are so worried about, happened when Jerusalem was destroyed and made desolate. Jerusalem was emptied of it's resident people. Jerusalem ended for many generations.
    It was never talking about the end of time.
  12. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Comment On Current Debate   

    It doesn't say 'he' or 'it' shall cause the "overspreading of abominations" -
    27 And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.
    But 'he' will make it desolate, like in 70AD.
  13. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Comment On Current Debate   

    Not really understanding what you are talking about here, but Jesus has nothing to do with the 'abomination' that made the 'desolation' of Jerusalem, that was the sinful nature of the Jews themselves in believing in sacrifices and denying the Lord himself as Christ.
  14. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Comment On Current Debate   

    The need for obedience to perform sacrificing and oblations ceased to be of value after Jesus' death on the cross.
    The vail of the temple was rent in two, making a way into the holiest place for all mankind. Making the sacrificing and oblations no longer applicable.
    Hence the oblations and sacrifices were made to cease.
    If they did continue, it was not in obedience, but out of pride and rejection of the atonement of the sacrificial blood of Jesus the Christ.
  15. Genevanpreacher added a post in a topic Comment On Current Debate