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  1. The Widow's Mites

  2. I heard from a man about Psalm 83 being found in a Scottish marsh of some sort, pointing to a 'conspiracy' about Islam or some sort trying to kill Jews or something. Turned out the scroll found was not really opened to the Psalm 83 that we know, but since that scroll was from a different line of manuscripts, it's Psalm 83 was actually our Psalm 84, thus destroying any connection 'conspiratorially'. Silly folk.
  3. I like fried baloney! 
  4. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    The comment on the title page to Hebrews in my Geneva Bible originally printed in 1560 - Forasmuch as divers, both of the Greek writers and Latins witness, that the writer of this Epistle for just causes would not have his name known, it were curiosity of our part to labour much therein. For seeing the Spirit of God is the author thereof, it diminisheth nothing the authority, although we know not with what pen he wrote it. Whether it were Paul (as it is not like) or Luke, or Barnabas, or Clement, or some other, his chief purpose is to persuade unto the Hebrews (whereby he principally meaneth them that abode at Jerusalem, and under them all the rest of the Jews) that Christ Jesus was not only the redeemer, but also that at his coming all ceremonies must have an end: forasmuch as his doctrine was the conclusion of all the prophecies, and therefore not only Moses was inferior to him, but also the Angels: for they all were servants, and he the Lord, but so Lord, that he hath also taken our flesh, and is made our brother to assure us of our salvation through himself: for he is that eternal Priest, whereof all the Levitical Priests were but shadows, and therefore at his coming they ought to cease, and all sacrifices for sin to be abolished, as he proveth from the seventh chapter verse 11, unto the 12 chapter verse 18. Also he was that Prophet of whom all the Prophets in time past witnessed, as is declared from the 12 chapter, verse 18, to the twenty fifth verse of the same chapter: yea, and is the King to whom all things are subject, as appeareth from that verse 25, to the beginning of the last chapter. Wherefore according to the examples of the old fathers we must constantly believe in him, that being sanctified by his justice, taught by his wisdom, and governed by his power, we may steadfastly, and courageously persevere even to the end in hope of that joy that is set before our eyes, occupying ourselves in Christian exercises that we may both be thankful to God, and dutiful to our neighbour.
  5. The Widow's Mites

    I am sorry you think that, but you are allowed to believe what you want. By the way, I went to college to learn anImatIon - which has nothing to do with the teachings of the bible - and was never taught from anyone what I believe. Nobody in my life believed the way I believe about PTR or the return of Israel to their land or much of anything. I was saved in a KJVO Independent Baptist Church in SE Indiana. Was taught PTR 1000 year reign of Christ and ALL the corruptions of the MV's. So you can't blame anyone for my supposed errors Bro. I did not read books on doctrine nor listened to preachers on the type of preaching that I do. I just happened to find this path on my own, (through my own personal studying of God's word), by my own God given convictions. I doubt many here can say the same.
  6. The Widow's Mites

    Yeah...I know. I am not "goading", just speaking what everyone already knows.
  7. The Widow's Mites

    Invicta, I don't know why anyone would think any different. Dispensationalism is a dangerous false teaching. Period. Just watch the responses to this and you will notice how unbrotherly-like it gets here. I know I get attacked over this, it makes me go willy! Just imagine what dispy's go through.
  8. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    Let me just do one more thing here and see if I can redeem myself. *Change the above to read - "My view is that this is in reference to what we are to 'come to': and that is 'heaven' - where all the aforementioned things, are what we will see." I am more than sure, that this will make NO difference to you Scott. Oh well, I do have other friends.
  9. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

     LIke I said, nothing I say will match up to your understanding. So there, be right, and understood by whoever can understand you. I give up.
  10. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    synonyms for "come" - advance, approach, near, nigh. synonyms for "coming" - approaching, forthcoming,imminent, impending, nearing,oncoming, pending, proximate,upcoming. Don't see why the concern. If it's just because it is not 'accurate wording from scripture' to explain a thought from a mere humans mouth, you are losing the battle to witness with your own human mouth. 'Giving sense to scripture' does not make a person in error when not using exact wording from the Bible. Your explanations leave no room for humans to speak about the word of God. The  four Gospels themselves are replete with variations on the 'facts' about the Lord and his ministry.
  11. Saved but not redeemed...yet.

    I agree wholeheartedly Uke! The fact of one not losing their salvation, in this life, was my purpose of pointing out that eternity doesn't start til after our life here ends. We are not in control of our salvation, as per se, and hence we cannot 'let go' or 'lose it'. We are secured or sealed forever til death and then redeemed to live eternally.
  12. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    Good point. But useless again. You will never be satisfied from anyone's wording of how they view a subject, unless they say it perfect.
  13. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    *Useless points. I was not quoting. Thanks anyway.
  14. Saved but not redeemed...yet.

    Some have the opinion that I am wrong in my view of eternal security. Here is one post I stated - "Hold on here fellas. Eternal life starts at death. We don't get eternal life while here, so we can't lose it! It is the promise of eternal life that Christ purchased through his death burial and resurrection. That promise is fulfilled in each one that believes in Jesus Christ with all their heart. When someone believes with all their heart, they don't just one day choose not to. That is not the type of creature we are after salvation. The scriptures say we are a NEW creature! Not the old. Yes we can choose to disobey and do ungodly things, for a while, or even til we die, yet our souls are sealed til the day of redemption. (Ephesians 4:30 - And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.) Even when someone 'fell away' in in the eyes of Paul, the word of God says that they were given over to Satan, and the spirit would be saved in the day of the Lord. 1 Cor. 5 - 5 To deliver such an one unto Satan for the destruction of the flesh, that the spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus."   The one disagreeing -   Standing Firm In Christ "gp is wrong.  We have eternal life the moment we trust Christ.  Jesus said, "He that believeth hath eternal life".  He did not say we will one day be given eternal life, He said we have it,... present tense.  he said we are passed from death unto life, (past tense) and He promised that those who have eternal life (present tense) shall not come into condemnation. (Future tense) It appears that neither of you want to accept Jesus' words as truth in the matter of eternal life."   If he would read Ephesians 1:14, like Linda quoted, he would've understood what I was meaning. “Which is the earnest of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession, unto the praise of his glory.”    We receive eternal life at the time of our 'end', where we will be changed from 'mortal' to immortal'. And that is reality. I do not believe ANYONE who is saved can lose their salvation, and NEVER said such. If anyone thinks that I do, you are misreading my words or I am mis-stating my meanings.        
  15. Jesus' coming Kingdom on land.

    So Bro. Scott, is it your opinion (since you say this is talking about people alive on the earth at the time of the writing of Hebrews), that the Lord God and the Lord Jesus are on earth 'alive' then too? And maybe the angels also? My view is that this is in reference to what we are 'coming to': and that is 'heaven' - where all the aforementioned things, are what we will see. That is all. I don't think your 'depth' of a supposed study is a necessary 'depth' to view. Of course that is my opinion.