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    My greatest desire in life is to see all three of my children accept the Lord as their personal Savior. To see them living for God, completely sold out, serving Him...Jeremiah 33:3
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    I was gloriously born again on July 23, 2001 at the age of 13. Since then I have fallen flat on my face more times than I'd like to recall! But He picks me up, wipes off my sin, puts me on my feet again. Yes, He loves me, small as I am.
    I am happily married to a wonderful man and a stay-at-home mother of three precious souls. I homeschool two of our children.
    I am also a huge animal lover and I love to do renovations. I love swinging a hammer, as crazy as that might sound. I grew up on a farm, so I guess that is where my love for hard work comes in? I am a Southern girl and proud of it!
    I believe in old time salvation, that the 1611 King James Bible is THE only Bible. I believe in living the way the Bible says we are to live, to be holy, separated from this world and the things that are in it. I believe in repentance from sin and turning from completely.

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