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  1. The beauty of creation

    Sunset from July, the sun was setting behind me.
  2. humor

    Strangely enough, I do believe the goats are a little smaller than the rabbits. But they stick together!
  3. There is no evidence that "planet x" exists. So, no. An unknown, unseen object is not a fearful sight, because we cannot see it. When the fearful sights from Heaven come, there will be no question about it, the whole world would see it with their own eyes. <- my opinion.
  4. Faithful Baptist college

    Thanks! :)
  5. Faithful Baptist college

    I did not attend there. But I'm curious, where is this college located? Do they have a website?
  6. The beauty of creation

    Beautiful photos! This cloud looks like a bunny!
  7. Making America Great Again

    Heartstrings - Its' not photoshopped, here's the context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2hGm00t0Xs
  8. The beauty of creation

    Awhile back, I was driving along at around sunset and noticed that some of the clouds were very colorful. By the time I had parked and taken my camera out, the colors had mostly faded, so I tried a few different settings to boost the color.
  9. The beauty of creation

    Nice photos, thanks for sharing! :) This is a Grey Treepie, a member of the crow family:
  10. The beauty of creation

    I enjoy taking photos of nature, whether scenery, insects, plants, animals, etc. I wanted to start a thread where anybody who wants can share a photo they took of something in nature. Psalm 19:1 The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.
  11. Hello its me

    Hello Jada, welcome to the forums! :)
  12. Farm fresh eggs ;)

    Skinks are a type of lizard, they're helpful because they eat insects and other bothersome little critters you don't like. If you look closely at Heartstrings photo, you can see the skink looking at her eggs, she's right under the blade of grass that is pointing towards the right. Here's a photo of a skink I took awhile back:
  13. Is the smile unique to humans?

    To answer the questions: No, a smile is not unique to humans. No, it is not an evolutionary response. No, a smile isn't universal (it isn't always friendly). You should've googled "wolf smile" instead of "wolf showing teeth", as there is a difference between an angry wolf snarling and a happy wolf with an open mouth. If you google "human angry" you get a lot of angry tooth showing humans. A human showing the teeth doesn't equal a friendly smile, you have to look at the entire facial expression and the body language. This is true with both animals and humans. One of the reasons people are bitten by domesticated pet dogs is because they ignore the facial expression and body language and just look at the wagging tail. Just as a smile doesn't always mean friendly/happy, a wagging tail doesn't always mean friendly/happy.
  14. Full Circle Linux

    Thank you, yes I did write it. I had written it here on OB a few years back and had included photos of a butterfly I had from a caterpillar, but the links for the photos are broken now. Also, thank you for your tips and advice for using Linux, they've been very helpful, and I appreciate it! :)
  15. Full Circle Linux

    Just testing PDF butterfly illustration.pdf