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  1. Thank you, yes I did write it. I had written it here on OB a few years back and had included photos of a butterfly I had from a caterpillar, but the links for the photos are broken now. Also, thank you for your tips and advice for using Linux, they've been very helpful, and I appreciate it! :)
  2. Just testing PDF butterfly illustration.pdf
  3. Are these new gas cans State specific or nation-wide? They don't sound very safe.
  4. I don't know how old my computer is, I forgot what year I bought it, so it's probably in between 6-8 years old. Some of the issues aren't due to Linux, as they were present before it was switched from Windows 7 to Linux. Two common issues are: sometimes it won't turn on, and I have to unplug and try again; and occasional random slowness/freeze whether on internet or not. A major issue is I can't find a simple movie maker program that works well with Linux and simple to use. I finally found one that's usable, but I don't like it due to how complicated it is and I have to relearn things every time I need to use it. The one that came with Windows 7 was so simple and easy to use, I miss it. The Office programs also don't have exactly what I need for some of my writings/lessons that I have plans for. I have ideas for work arounds when I come to those bridges, but it takes up so much time that I don't have. It would be wonderful if Linux was as user friendly as Windows, then it would be the perfect operating system! Alas, we can't have everything! ;) Processors - 4 RAM - total: 5533 used: 2426 free: 3106
  5. In elementary/middle school, we learned about seed life cycles by planting beans. The teachers used regular beans from a store bought bag, so I always thought it was well-known that the dried beans from the grocery store could be used.
  6. I don't have any of those things, and I have bars on some of the windows, so if there's a fire I'm out of luck.
  7. You get half a cookie for guessing it was a Greek word. ;)
  8. It is indeed Greek. It's made up of five different words strung together to form the word that means: The fear of long words.
  9. You think that's a long word to define the shortening of a word, just take a guess at what the meaning of this word is: hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
  10. They smell with their antennae of course. As for your first question with the turtle:
  11. No. They have no noses for which to sneeze out of, nor do they have lungs.
  12. It's the same for me and I'm on a computer not a phone.
  13. I like the "Homesteading" suggestion, or maybe "Farm and Garden", in case someone wants suggestions on raising farm animals (would that have to be a separate section?).
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