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  1. Hello Jada, welcome to the forums! :)
  2. Skinks are a type of lizard, they're helpful because they eat insects and other bothersome little critters you don't like. If you look closely at Heartstrings photo, you can see the skink looking at her eggs, she's right under the blade of grass that is pointing towards the right. Here's a photo of a skink I took awhile back:
  3. To answer the questions: No, a smile is not unique to humans. No, it is not an evolutionary response. No, a smile isn't universal (it isn't always friendly). You should've googled "wolf smile" instead of "wolf showing teeth", as there is a difference between an angry wolf snarling and a happy wolf with an open mouth. If you google "human angry" you get a lot of angry tooth showing humans. A human showing the teeth doesn't equal a friendly smile, you have to look at the entire facial expression and the body language. This is true with both animals and humans. One of the reasons people are bitten by domesticated pet dogs is because they ignore the facial expression and body language and just look at the wagging tail. Just as a smile doesn't always mean friendly/happy, a wagging tail doesn't always mean friendly/happy.
  4. Thank you, yes I did write it. I had written it here on OB a few years back and had included photos of a butterfly I had from a caterpillar, but the links for the photos are broken now. Also, thank you for your tips and advice for using Linux, they've been very helpful, and I appreciate it! :)
  5. Just testing PDF butterfly illustration.pdf
  6. Are these new gas cans State specific or nation-wide? They don't sound very safe.
  7. I don't know how old my computer is, I forgot what year I bought it, so it's probably in between 6-8 years old. Some of the issues aren't due to Linux, as they were present before it was switched from Windows 7 to Linux. Two common issues are: sometimes it won't turn on, and I have to unplug and try again; and occasional random slowness/freeze whether on internet or not. A major issue is I can't find a simple movie maker program that works well with Linux and simple to use. I finally found one that's usable, but I don't like it due to how complicated it is and I have to relearn things every time I need to use it. The one that came with Windows 7 was so simple and easy to use, I miss it. The Office programs also don't have exactly what I need for some of my writings/lessons that I have plans for. I have ideas for work arounds when I come to those bridges, but it takes up so much time that I don't have. It would be wonderful if Linux was as user friendly as Windows, then it would be the perfect operating system! Alas, we can't have everything! ;) Processors - 4 RAM - total: 5533 used: 2426 free: 3106
  8. In elementary/middle school, we learned about seed life cycles by planting beans. The teachers used regular beans from a store bought bag, so I always thought it was well-known that the dried beans from the grocery store could be used.
  9. I don't have any of those things, and I have bars on some of the windows, so if there's a fire I'm out of luck.
  10. You get half a cookie for guessing it was a Greek word. ;)
  11. It is indeed Greek. It's made up of five different words strung together to form the word that means: The fear of long words.
  12. You think that's a long word to define the shortening of a word, just take a guess at what the meaning of this word is: hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia
  13. They smell with their antennae of course. As for your first question with the turtle:
  14. No. They have no noses for which to sneeze out of, nor do they have lungs.