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  1. There probably is some deeper meaning, but I've always read that at face value. Lamech was 182 years old when Noah, his first child, was born. How long had he toiled on his land by himself or with little other help? When Noah was born, he probably felt relief at finally having someone who would be able to help him farm the land when he got old enough. Thus, Noah was a comfort to his parents, in the future they wouldn't have to struggle so hard working the ground with another hand helping. Of course after Noah, Lamech had other children, but as his first born, Noah was a comfort. Until the flood waters receded and the ground dried up and was back to normal, sure..... Noah was a comfort to "us" because he saved the human race.... Lamech on the other hand, wasn't thinking about a flood and drowning, or dying, unless he was a prophet he wouldn't have known Noah was destined to save the human race, and the Bible doesn't exactly say. Basically, my thoughts are, while we can read the deeper meaning, it's really just a new father happy he has a son to help him on the farm. ps sorry, I just noticed the new emoticons and they're really cute! couldn't resist including them.
  2. Prayed.
  3. I miss the emoticons. :'( Are emoticons biblical?
  4. I've been in the background and have rarely posted, but I visit this site frequently and do enjoy the lessons. Thank you for taking the time to provide us some thought provoking lessons.
  5. I've heard of the Mandela Effect before, was actually joking with my sister about it a few months ago because we 'remember' the wrong spelling for the Berenstain Bears, so we are obviously from an alternate universe and got stuck in this one accidentally. Of course to us it was nothing but a joke and something to poke fun at. But yeah, there are people out there who are completely serious about it. This is the first I've heard that people use this to try to discredit the KJV, though...strange. How/why do they say the Mandela Effect proves the KJV wrong?
  6. I like your new avatar. God bless!


  7. I just checked in again and have to revise my earlier comment. Now I cannot see the majority of avatars. Yours is one of a few left standing! haha!
  8. My issue is a bit different. Everything was fine until today I noticed a couple of people's avatars are missing, but instead of a little box with an x, their name appears where the avatar normally is. It's only a few people though, the rest of the avatars appear normally.
  9. Someone shared this video on facebook and I thought it was interesting. I had not heard of the Caddisfly before, but apparently fly fishermen have! What I found interesting is that the Caddisfly larvae have the ability to build themselves a protective covering, binding it together with a sticky silk they produce. In the video they call it "evolution". However, when I looked these critters up on wikipedia, they've been found in fossil records that date back over '250 million years ago', with nary a change. My thought is, why did the Caddisfly larvae 'evolve' the ability to secrete sticky silk to bind together debris for protection, rather than 'evolve' a shell like a snail does, or steal an empty shell as the hermit crab does? Why hasn't the Caddisfly evolved any in the 250 million years it's been in existence? Has it reached perfection? We may never know. But isn't evolution wonderful?! Romans 1:20-21 "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened."
  10. Very cute meatloafs! Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix, wow they're gonna be pretty big when they grow up! Are the parents working dogs, guarding your goats?
  11. That momma deer should take a lesson from this momma rabbit. She doesn't feed her babies in the middle of traffic, nay she simply buries them underground and feeds them modestly.
  12. I like animals. A lot. But I do not value their lives over a humans life. I deliberately stayed away from articles and especially comment sections because I knew what I would find there and it would disgust me to my core. People value animal life above humans all the time. I see this whenever a vicious dog mauls/kills a child. There is outrage if the dog is shot at the scene or euthanized later. There is a fight to save the dog (and succeeded, look up Mickey, the dog that tore off a childs face - the child lived) at all costs. They blame the child "...must have been provoked" "...was in it's territory" etc. They also blame the parent for raising such a "horrible" child. I figured I'd see these same comments concerning the gorilla. Apparently I was right judging by what you're saying here. When it comes to the untimely death of a vicious animal due to attack on a human, people behave just like the vicious animal, attacking the victims a second time. In my opinion, all gorilla enclosures should be enclosed the same way lions are. Gorillas are extremely dangerous animals and their enclosures should not be accessible to curious, energetic toddlers/young children who love to see animals close up. Way too often I hear of a child falling into enclosures like this, and it just tells me the zoo needs to close that enclosure off to the public until it's made safe.
  13. "There isn't really anything there, it's just the name of a guy." It's the same as H525, and he does pronounce that one.... apparently I've been pronouncing it wrong.
  14. Negotiating prices is pretty widespread among Americans as well. I first experienced this when I held a yard sale, I had painstakingly put stickers and prices on a bunch of stuff, and to the side had a "free" table with odds and ends. Everyone who stopped by tried negotiating, the ones who asked a fair price I let have for that amount, but otherwise I stuck to the sticker price and referred them to the free table if they wanted to argue about it. My younger sister experiences this when she sells some unwanted items on an online yard sale site, people just want to get that "good deal" and don't care that you're selling the stuff out of necessity in my case, or it's a person's livelihood. If you're not a physical store in the US, people will haggle for a good deal. I've seen it done at a farmers market that sold produce to raise money for a children's hospital! So, this haggling is not unique to certain countries.
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