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  1. Hey, it's Alan's Birthday

    Happy birthday!
  2. What are you thankful for?

    The American celebration of Thanksgiving is this month. It's usually a time when we reflect on the blessings we've received, and so I thought a thread dedicated to sharing those blessings would be a good idea. For me, after five years on the mission field I didn't have a proper oven, and now I do. And I'm so thankful for it that I did the unthinkable and signed up to cook a turkey for my church's Thanksgiving banquet! I'm also thankful for the safety God has given me while traveling. There has been two clear instances when I know God had been protecting me, and I'm sure many more I'll never know about. I'm thankful for my Pastor helping me find a cell phone that works even out in the middle of nowhere. I'm thankful that I turned the porch light on and looked out before I opened the door and stepped on the skunk.
  3. Activity on Online Baptist

    I've been lurking amongst the threads, but haven't posted much. Since this forum is more active when there's controversy, here's something controversial for you. The dreaded "selfie"!! *gasp*
  4. The beauty of creation

    Cows aren't the most majestic creatures to photograph (although Highland cattle are adorable), but combined with early morning fog, I thought they looked striking. Also took a picture of a weed. Even pesky plants can look beautiful.
  5. The beauty of creation

    Another early morning.
  6. The beauty of creation

    It's almost worthwhile to get up at sunrise when living in the country.
  7. The beauty of creation

    Tussock caterpillars are everywhere, these two are from Taiwan: Sunset against a smokey sky a few weeks ago, near Spokane, WA.
  8. Emoticons

  9. The beauty of creation

    Sunset from July, the sun was setting behind me.
  10. humor

    Strangely enough, I do believe the goats are a little smaller than the rabbits. But they stick together!
  11. There is no evidence that "planet x" exists. So, no. An unknown, unseen object is not a fearful sight, because we cannot see it. When the fearful sights from Heaven come, there will be no question about it, the whole world would see it with their own eyes. <- my opinion.
  12. Faithful Baptist college

    Thanks! :)
  13. Faithful Baptist college

    I did not attend there. But I'm curious, where is this college located? Do they have a website?
  14. The beauty of creation

    Beautiful photos! This cloud looks like a bunny!
  15. Making America Great Again

    Heartstrings - Its' not photoshopped, here's the context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2hGm00t0Xs