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  1. Someone shared this video on facebook and I thought it was interesting. I had not heard of the Caddisfly before, but apparently fly fishermen have! What I found interesting is that the Caddisfly larvae have the ability to build themselves a protective covering, binding it together with a sticky silk they produce. In the video they call it "evolution". However, when I looked these critters up on wikipedia, they've been found in fossil records that date back over '250 million years ago', with nary a change. My thought is, why did the Caddisfly larvae 'evolve' the ability to secrete sticky silk to bind together debris for protection, rather than 'evolve' a shell like a snail does, or steal an empty shell as the hermit crab does? Why hasn't the Caddisfly evolved any in the 250 million years it's been in existence? Has it reached perfection? We may never know. But isn't evolution wonderful?! Romans 1:20-21 "For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened."
  2. Very cute meatloafs! Great Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd mix, wow they're gonna be pretty big when they grow up! Are the parents working dogs, guarding your goats?
  3. That momma deer should take a lesson from this momma rabbit. She doesn't feed her babies in the middle of traffic, nay she simply buries them underground and feeds them modestly.
  4. I like animals. A lot. But I do not value their lives over a humans life. I deliberately stayed away from articles and especially comment sections because I knew what I would find there and it would disgust me to my core. People value animal life above humans all the time. I see this whenever a vicious dog mauls/kills a child. There is outrage if the dog is shot at the scene or euthanized later. There is a fight to save the dog (and succeeded, look up Mickey, the dog that tore off a childs face - the child lived) at all costs. They blame the child "...must have been provoked" "...was in it's territory" etc. They also blame the parent for raising such a "horrible" child. I figured I'd see these same comments concerning the gorilla. Apparently I was right judging by what you're saying here. When it comes to the untimely death of a vicious animal due to attack on a human, people behave just like the vicious animal, attacking the victims a second time. In my opinion, all gorilla enclosures should be enclosed the same way lions are. Gorillas are extremely dangerous animals and their enclosures should not be accessible to curious, energetic toddlers/young children who love to see animals close up. Way too often I hear of a child falling into enclosures like this, and it just tells me the zoo needs to close that enclosure off to the public until it's made safe.
  5. "There isn't really anything there, it's just the name of a guy." It's the same as H525, and he does pronounce that one.... apparently I've been pronouncing it wrong.
  6. Negotiating prices is pretty widespread among Americans as well. I first experienced this when I held a yard sale, I had painstakingly put stickers and prices on a bunch of stuff, and to the side had a "free" table with odds and ends. Everyone who stopped by tried negotiating, the ones who asked a fair price I let have for that amount, but otherwise I stuck to the sticker price and referred them to the free table if they wanted to argue about it. My younger sister experiences this when she sells some unwanted items on an online yard sale site, people just want to get that "good deal" and don't care that you're selling the stuff out of necessity in my case, or it's a person's livelihood. If you're not a physical store in the US, people will haggle for a good deal. I've seen it done at a farmers market that sold produce to raise money for a children's hospital! So, this haggling is not unique to certain countries.
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  8. The human version of the Klingon dish Gagh.... I don't know if it's a myth or true, but I heard that raw/live squid or octopi is not safe to eat because there is a chance the suckers could grab hold of the esophagus on the way down and choke a person to death. I dislike seafood in any form, but raw and wiggling...yuck.
  9. I hate politics, but unfortunately I had to dive into that cesspool to learn about the candidates who wish to be the leader of my country. Why are so many people wanting to vote for Trump? Besides the reasons listed, I think it's also because his ugly mug is everywhere. Whether someone is plastering his face on the news, web page, blog page, baptist forum, etc, it doesn't matter if they hate him or support him, they are promoting him. All I see are articles/posts/memes about why Trump is going to destroy America or save America. Where are the posts about all the other candidates to balance this out? I rarely hear about the other Republican/Other candidates, for or against, where are their ugly mugs, where are their articles, where are their forum/blog posts? There is no balance on these candidates, anywhere. Not just in the media, but everywhere. People complain about bias in the media, but then turn around and do the same things. When I first started doing research into the candidates, I was honestly shocked that there were so many people running for President, I hadn't even heard of most of them. Just out of curiosity, I just now checked my facebook home page and looked at the first five political posts that popped up, whether article, personal feelings, or meme. 1. Trump vs. Hilary - article, only two candidates mentioned 2. Marco Rubio vs Trump - article only two candidates mentioned 3. Meme "If you don't vote, don't complain" - doesn't count, no candidate mentioned 3. Trump - Meme, how evil Trump is, no mention of other candidates 4. Trump - personal post, how evil he is, no mention of other candidates 5. Trump vs Cruz - Meme, compared the two, no mention of other candidates I almost made the mistake of listing some dude because I was surprised to read a politics article that wasn't about a big-name candidate, but it turned out to be a sports article, good thing I read it first! ha! But seriously that was only the first five that popped up in my feed...whether people realize they're doing so or not, if they post articles or memes about the candidate they hate and rarely or never mention the candidate they endorse, they are helping to spread the unwanted candidates name/infamy. Well, since I mentioned Trump, and went on a rant about equality, the other lesser/equal/greater jerks have to be listed, but since February 1st, a bunch of people have dropped out of the race, but these are the candidates that are still running that I know of: Republicans: John Kasich, Trump, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz Democrats: Hilary and Sanders Other: Jill Stein and Gary Johnson okay, just checked my facebook again, and had to share this latest one (are the other candidates undeserving of their own sockets in which to insert a knife? I think not!)
  10. I would be interested in such a Bible study thread, thank you! The book of I John might be a good short book to begin with. If you went with OT, the books of Ruth or Esther are some shorter books that would be interesting to study.
  11. I wonder why, if this widow was genuinely being robbed, why did Jesus just sit back and use her as an object lesson? Why didn't he either go up to her privately before she put her money in, and quietly explain to her why she should not do so? Or why didn't he put a stop to everything the way he did when he drove out the money changers (who were robbing people - "den of thieves")? Why this? Why that? But nope. He used her as an object lesson and we don't know what happens to her after this account. Wouldn't sitting back and doing nothing when you know someone is being robbed be just as bad as the one doing the robbing? (I personally think Jesus didn't do anything because the Temple wasn't in the wrong for accepting money from the laypeople. And because of her motives. Her heart was right with God. The money didn't mean a thing. Her giving the money didn't mean a thing. It was her heart. Her motives. Those Pharisees Jesus also used as object lessons could've dumped their entire fortunes to the last penny into the Temple until they were destitute on the street and it wouldn't have changed what Jesus said. Because their motives were wrong. Their hearts were not right with God.) There is no command for the New Testament saints that says : Thou shalt tithe to the New Testament church! But there is also no: Thou shalt NOT tithe to the New Testament church! What there is, is verse upon verse upon verse telling us what our attitudes/motives should be like when we do give. If a person decides they want to tithe and they are poor as a church mouse, it's still their decision. It is just as wrong for us to discourage tithing, shame those who do tithe, preach against tithing, and teach against tithing as it is to preach for an exact 10% tithe, shame those who are tithing, encourage forced tithing (fear tithing: God will punish you if you don't, etc). Both are wrong. There isn't a verse for or against the practice in the New Testament, but there are commands concerning our attitude/motives of giving. What is your motive for preaching for tithing? What is your motive for preaching against tithing? Whatever ones motive is for preaching for or against a thing, you really need to make sure your heart is right with God first, before you start trying to convince others what God wants them to do with their money. (the above is all general 'you' , it's not aimed at anyone in particular) As a side note, this is why I rarely post here anymore, it really saddens me when I see topics like this that end up with Christians at each others throats and taking sides. There should only be one 'side', and that is God's side. For some reason, tithing discussions arguments seem to always end up really volatile and full of venom.... and they shouldn't be, it's a topic that needs to be discussed in a level headed way, because it truly is an important topic.
  12. backwards
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