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  1. Rebecca added a post in a topic Warning . . . . Blond Joke   

    Blond jokes are funnier when told by bunnies.  

  2. Rebecca added a post in a topic Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.   

    I think the Ezekiel/John comparison is interesting. I've not compared the two before, so I'm curious if John saw the same "wheels" as Ezekiel did and chose to describe other things, or didn't see them. I know everything John described was directly related to prophecies and such, but I don't think everything Ezekiel described was related to anything or not? It seems Ezekiel was just so fascinated by the things he saw and so described them in great detail, but didn't really have a lot of correlation to the prophecies? Or did I miss it?
  3. Rebecca added a post in a topic Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.   

    Thank you for posting these Bible studies. I appreciate learning more about the book of Revelation.
  4. Rebecca added a post in a topic Bible Quiz   

    I added these new rules to the first page, but I thought I'd add it here as well, just in case.
    Revised rules:
    * All questions must come from the KJV Bible and be supported by scripture.
    * All questions must be answered with a scripture verse included. If your question can't be answered with a scripture verse or two, try to re-word it or ask a different question.
    * If someone answers a question but the person who asked the question doesn't return to say whether or not it's correct by the end of one week(or if no one else disputes the answer), the person who answered may begin a new post and ask their question.
  5. Rebecca added a post in a topic Reverend?   

    I think you meant Romans 5:6 Salyan.    And yes, the word "ungodly" used in that passage would include satanists, or any other enemies of God (Romans 5:10).
  6. Rebecca added a post in a topic Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.   

    My thoughts on this are similar. I think by the time the rapture rolls around, most Christians (especially in countries very hostile to Christianity) will probably be hiding the fact that they're Christians, to keep themselves and their family safe from persecution. So when the rapture does take place, most won't put 2 and 2 together and think "Whoa, all the Christians have disappeared! The Bible was true after all!" No, I think that link won't be realized, plus the lie from the anti-Christ will be so believable that any who do link the two together will be laughed off as crazy conspiracy theorists.
    Plus, as skewered as Christianity is becoming, who can even recognize someone on the street as a true Christian even today? It doesn't take much 'persecution' to embarrass most Christians into mumbling "I'm not that kind of Christian!" When asked about soul winning or the fundamentals of Baptist Church doctrines...
  7. Rebecca added a post in a topic New Member   

  8. Rebecca added a post in a topic Bible Quiz   

    That is correct!  Your turn to post a question!
  9. Rebecca added a post in a topic Bible Quiz   

    It's been two weeks, so I'll ask another question.
    What is the pride of the leviathan? 
  10. Rebecca added a post in a topic Witnessing to Mormon missionaries   

    I know only one ex-Mormon personally. When he left Mormonism, he also rejected all forms of religion and is an atheist. 
    There are Mormon missionaries here, and for awhile there were two guys and two girls who were working in my area of the city. I saw them several times and chatted with them a bit, once with my dad in front of our church, once while passing out tracts, and the rest while walking my dog. They were friendly and I took a page out of my dad's book, when they offer me their literature, I offer them a tract in return, and they do take it (whether they have read it, I don't know). I have not gotten into a deep conversation with one yet. I haven't seen them in a long while so they have either moved on to another part of the city or their time here was up and they have returned to the States. 
  11. Rebecca added a post in a topic Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.   

    Maybe I'm just jaded and skeptical, but I tend to disbelieve the majority of videos I see on the internet about things like this and generally think "hoax" before "truth".  Starting with the video linked above, I have been watching various videos concerning the different sounds people are hearing in the atmosphere, mostly before a storm, and some seem interesting. However, most of the trumpet sounds are more than likely faked, one person linked to a video with a clip from a movie (a vile, rotten movie about a doomsday "preacher" judging from the short clip I watched) called Red State in which there is a "trumpet sound from heaven" and sounds exactly like the majority of the videos people are passing off as real. Some videos even sounded like the alien tripods from the modern War of the Worlds movie...
    That said, I think there are real videos of actual interesting sounds coming from the atmosphere, the ocean depths, and the earth. I do believe the winds and the earth can make some really interesting sounds. (actually the sun, other planets, and even outer space have sounds emanating from them, those were fun videos) Whether or not these sounds have anything to do with prophecy, I don't really think so. I think these are just natural sounds that have been happening since the beginning, but people are paying closer attention to them and recording/sharing/talking about it more when it does happen, so it appears to be a sudden event and happening more often.
    In light of Romans 8:19-23, I think it's speaking of the natural disasters, which are a constant reminder to us that even the earth itself is suffering from the decision of one man to disobey God.  
    But, some of the sounds are beautiful, so I'm not sure they all fit this passage, but rather passages about nature and the earth praising God. Psalm 148
  12. Rebecca added a post in a topic Soulwinning Teens and Young people   

    Potatochip and others who have offered testimony of your Biblical witness to young people, thank you. You are setting a good Christian example for the people around you and to us through your testimony.  
    Also it's too bad this thread got so derailed into yet another fruitless discussion  argument about Calvinism. And I sincerely apologize for my part in it. 
  13. Rebecca added a post in a topic Soulwinning Teens and Young people   

    ​John 3:16 - "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." These words of Jesus Christ are nonsense?! This borders on blasphemy. Jesus never scared people into getting saved. He usually sat them down and taught them in a loving way(as He was doing with Nicodemus when Jesus said those words you dislike) because love is not nonsense. Jesus did not die on the cross because He hated sin. He died on the cross because He loved us so much He was willing to become sin for us. 
  14. Rebecca added a post in a topic Hello   

  15. Rebecca added a post in a topic Bible Quiz   

    You're correct!