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  1. will pray we need rain too
  2. thank you I'll check it out
  3. Dave, I checked this out.. Is this an Aussie web site? InVicta, I don't have internet on my phone and my phone plan doesn't cover it...there are towers near me and lots of them i am at the bottom of a hill with alot of trees all around me which is the problem...
  4. Jim are you telling me that your wife had poor service with her phone with Verizon and since she got a trac phone her service is better as in getting a better signal and not dropping calls
  5. thank you JIm for your help.. Verizon and my neighbors have suggested the booster, but 250 is alot of money, know what I mean...
  6. welcome
  7. thats what I am afraid of N N... of having worse service Dave we all have been thru the works with them... nothing works..
  8. there are 3 or 4 towers near me and Verizon won't build anymore as they say its sufficient.. it may be but i have trees all around me and i live at the bottom of a hill.... i have Verizon and know they have the best service, so if i switch i may be in trouble... i appreicate all of your help i will look into your suggestions..Verizon wants me to buy at $250.00 booster. not going to happen.. they should send me one free because of their poor service.. everyone here has the same problem...
  9. sorry to hear this Jim.. will pray for you.. praise God Merri...
  10. thank you for your help I will check these out. my problem is i live in a dead zone.. my service is extremely poor.. so I'm not sure if i will do better with a trac phone or worse
  11. Do any of you have one.. Do you like it. How is the coverage..what company do you have
  12. will pray
  13. chicken salad on a crousant loaded potato soup and frozen yogurt
  14. welcome back Jim