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  1. rejoicing with you all LuAnne
  2. I will continue to pray for them... how is Eddie
  3. praise God he is improving. my neighbor had blood clots in her legs last year, she went to the pool each day and the doctor told her as long as she continues they won't come back. praying for you two....hugs
  4. welcome Brother...
  5. praise God he is home will continue to pray for you all...
  6. praise God that his heart rate is back to normal.. thanks for the updates will pray for Eddie too.. still praying for him
  7. praise God for this answer to prayer will continue to pray
  8. I just saw this, sure will pray for you all....hugs
  9. thank you for the update..I will continue to pray
  10. sure will continue to pray for these folks
  11. Hi

    welcome indeed
  12. I pray for them many times a day and will continue...
  13. that is beautiful
  14. I will pray too
  15. welcome back W W. How are things in Alaska