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  1. that was excellent, your playing is excellent
  2. that was great, thank you
  3. Sure I'd like to hear it...
  4. wow what a find i took lessons for a couple of years. I can play the medley but can't strum, never could get the hang of it
  5. Pot roast cooked in apple cider, onions, carrots potatoe casserole, brocolli salad, fruit salad, dinner rolls,pineapple delight, cole slaw, pumpkin pie ala cool whip
  6. and a nice time together.. we usually turkey or ham with all of the trimming..
  7. OFP what is flatpicking
  8. Have a blessed day with your family and friends
  9. only the King James Bible.. author..God
  10. I've never seen one like that.. the ones I have are kind of heart shaped. I do have a felt one some where.. it is rectangular shape.. it doesn't make that plastic sound on the strings.. I went to just using my fingers when I quit taking lessons... my teacher was right, if you ever stop using a pick you will never go back to one..
  11. Hi Andi you came to the right place.. welcome
  12. thank you for these answers.. and the lessons on lambs.. I did learn alot about them... and the meaning of rod and staff... you all are so helpful and I appreciate it
  13. I appreciate all of these answers so much and I have learned alot of about the rod and staff but what I really want to know is what rod and staff mean in Psalm 23:4...
  14. thank you all so much for your answers. I enjoyed them so much and now I have what I need to finish my study,,,
  15. thank you Jim!! yes Merri please do