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  1. Repentance. Psalm 126:5-6. There is no joy without tears, and when was the last time you were in a church service where the members were completely broken over their sin, their coldness, their spiritual and intellectual arrogance and the refusal of the Holy Spirit to put His stamp of approval on their "correct" activity?
  2. Jim, I hope you didn't take that as a poke at you, my friend. I certainly didn't mean it as such. I was just communicating that I'm die-hard truth, morality and service, and when the Baptist church doesn't fit in those parameters, I'll go with what does, whatever they call themselves. And let's face it, there is a falling away going on in the Baptist church, even among the IFB. If not falling away in doctrine, then often in morality and standards, or in service. We are made up of people too, and are not quarantined from the prophesy regarding the church that Paul warned Timothy about. In the end, we will have to hold to scripture alone, it is all that will stand sure and unshaken.
  3. I would check out each church for what they teach and how they live, not what name they go by. If I couldn't find a sound Baptist Church in the area, I would actually look for a Nazareen Church and try them. Is everything perfect and straight with them? No, but the ones I know are actually straighter and better than maybe 75% of any Baptist church I've been to. For you die-hard Baptists on here, I'm sorry, but it's true. Or I would just lead my family at home until God opens a door and directs different. Myself? I would fellowship with a non-Baptist Christian that is a little fuzzy on eternal security any day over a Calvinistic Baptist. You can teach eternal security, but the Calvinist will burn you at the stake. Metaphorically speaking, of course.
  4. Frankly, there are IFB churches I would never attend either.
  5. As the father of seven children, I can't tell you how many good-natured chuckles the original post gave me.
  6. God has surely blessed you!

  7. In North Carolina spoiling the new grand baby :)

  8. If your brush got much broader, you couldn't pick it up. Romans 12:1-2 tells us to offer ourselves as a "living sacrifice". Sacrifices are offered on alters. The "alters" in a church are a metaphor for the place where a person can come to publicly offer themselves to Christ, either in salvation or in surrender to service. I myself don't often give alter calls. it's not required. It's prominence in this country was solidified by DL Moody after the great Chicago fire. To say that there is no alter in a true church is to say that if a church has an alter, i.e. a place to come pray and surrender to God, it is not a true church. Where does a believer's head have to be to even say something like that?!?
  9. 1000fps is plenty velocity. I've killed big, fat rabbits with one shooting at 880. Sight in the scope, always shoot off of a steady rest, be patient and pick your shots. And happy hunting!
  10. You can't fix stupid. Not even with duct tape.
  11. Welcome, Jake. Fellowship is why I joined as well, and there are some fine folks on here.
  12. Thank you all! My wife and I fly out this Saturday to go spend about 2 weeks with them. My wife says I can look at the baby from across the room, but I cant hold her. Once Gramma get's her, no one else need apply. (sigh). That's just a mean ol' woman right there, but I dasn't fight her. She might whip me.
  13. I believe I read The Scarlet Letter years ago. Of his short stories, "The Great Stone Face" is the only one I find to have any insight to it, and even that is probably not the insight he was trying to convey. After years of reading Kipling, O. Henry and London, few writers of short stories ever measure up. For me, Jack London's "To Build a Fire" is the standard for short stories by which all others are judged.
  14. I love the classics in general, but I find I don't care for Hawthorn in particular. Too shallow. He has nothing to say, although he says it very well. Huh? Anyway, my daughter bought me a new book by the Civil War historian Shelby Foote, so I will be starting that now.
  15. how far will the religious left go? To hell. They will go as far as hell.