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  1. While I view this nonsense with great concern, I am at the same time troubled about the loosely used term, "the church" in connection with things of this nature. There is no way that this can be attributed to "the church", as the institution that Jesus built. This article is about Charismatics, their so called "churches and so called pastors. I would suggest that instead of this being touted as any sort of "revival, it should be seen as the great apostasy of the last days.
  2. Thanks for his update Luanne. I will certainly be in prayer for Randy's situation and will continue in prayer until we get another update.
  3. Alan, there is no new news in our cases, but the Trump administration has already taken on the plight of miners in the coal industry. I have petitioned The head of EPA as well as Ryan Zinke, head of the Dept of Agriculture in regard to the illegal actions of the state of California's ban on a federally protected right to mine. Whether that will go anywhere is yet to be seen, but for now we think our best chance of winning is at the Supreme Court level. We are still waiting to see if they agree to hear the case. Once you get the the Supreme Court level things move even slower than at lower levels.
  4. This observation is right on. The remedy is very timely and correct. As in most cases "church related", the remedy always begins with "ME". As the old hymn encourages, "send a revival, start the work in me".
  5. I go to and administer many different forums. Password problems are by far the most common problems. Sometimes it is due to a particular forum's programming, but by far the most common problem is user error in typing in their password. Many times there are subtle things regarding passwords like; a "space" that the user does not see or know about; and "underscore or hyphen" that is not taken into account; a "misspelling". These can all be eliminated by two simple remedies. 1. When you receive your password always copy and paste it into a password file on your computer. Never type it in, always copy and paste it. This way you always have it in proper format and can easily paste it into a log in box. 2. Simply do not log out of any forum, just leave the forum. The forum will recognize you each time you revisit. Rarely will you ever be automatically logged out, but if you are it is simple to copy and paste your saved password in. This second option is one I use all the time and almost never have any log in problems.
  6. Thank you for your thoughts in this excellent devotional Alan. I find it extremely interesting that Joseph's brothers could not overcome their envy and hatred even when family and brotherly love should have intervened. And so it is with the Christian; the world will hate the truth and the bearer of that truth. The truth has cost millions of Christians their very lives in the past, and will do so again during the persecutions of the tribulation period. xie xie again Bro. Alan, a very thought provoking devotional. May God richly bless you as you serve Him in that far away land.
  7. Lenticular Clouds on MT. Shasta in Northern California. This mountain can be clearly seen from my church building. Here is another picture without clouds that I put on our church web page. The two pictures look different because one was taken from the south and the other from the north.
  8. Excellent short devotional. Well done.
  9. I have also had this happen with posts Swath. It is very frustrating. I have even spent hours rewriting and shortening posts so that the forum would accept it. I find that there may be two factors contributing to this problem. One is formatting in any copy and paste, the other is a post that is too long because of multiple quotes from other members included in my post or reply. Ultimately the only way I could make a long post work is to shorten it and break it into numerous different replies. Sorry I can't fix this problem, It must have something to do with the actual forum software, which is coded by Invision Power Services, Inc. They only give administrators and board owners limited ability to make changes.
  10. I travel 49 miles from home to church three times per week over mountain roads. It takes me an hour and fifteen minutes each way.
  11. Makes me wonder if the scene is any different outfront.
  12. I never met a chicken that I didn't like.
  13. Animation is not proof of anything.
  14. This makes me wonder what these creatures eat in the wild, where there may be no gardens to raid.
  15. Now that's a downright nasty looking critter Bro. Mike.