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  1. is surrender required for salvation?

    Surrender or surrendered is not a biblical word. As such it is a made up word meant to justify a made up doctrine. Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Seems pretty clear to me.
  2. Missionaries

    OK, next installment regarding missions and mission work. There came a time in the early 1980’s when a Russian couple came to our little community to visit one of our church’s families. Of course while they were here they were invited to attend our church by this family, which they did. The Russian couple was visiting for about two weeks, so they got to come to services each time we met. They seemed very interested in both the church and the messages preached. Before they left for Russia they spoke to the pastor about some meetings that were being held in their home city of Magadan, which is in Far East Russia, in what we know as Siberia. It seems that the meetings that were being held were for the purpose of studying the bible. The problem as they told it was that there was really no one there that knew much about the bible, but they had an interest, so they met in an apartment of one of the interested families. They politely asked if our church might be interested in sending someone from the church to help teach about the bible. Even though the Cold War had ended and Russian rules and regulations were somewhat relaxed, anyone wanting to visit Russia had to have a Russian sponsor. This couple offered to sponsor anyone interested in coming to help. Our pastor presented this request to the church during a business meeting and the church agreed to consider what to do and how to do it. This couple had to return to Russia before any kind of decision was made by the church. We had an address for them in their home city and had promised to contact them by mail if and when we could come to some decision. In the interim our church was in much prayer and discussion regarding this request. This went on for about a month when one of our members announced that he and his family had been praying about this situation and they felt led of The Lord to answer this Macedonian call. Shortly after this another man testified that he and his family had also been in prayer and discussion about this situation. They and the first family got together and decided that they would team up and both families would go to Russia together to see the situation first hand and attempt to get some real church services going. Together they presented their burden to the church and the church agreed to sponsor their Russian missionary endeavor. They planned on staying and holding services for three months. This was assuming that they would be allowed to do this by Russian authorities and that they could secure housing for that time. This was to be no small endeavor since both families had under age children. In all, the two families numbered twelve people. In the end they decided that the husband and wife of each family would go, while leaving their children with family members for the time they were gone. They then contacted the Russian couple that had visited and asked them to sponsor them with the Russian government. This was done and the Russian couple also began efforts to secure housing. In Magadan housing took the form of apartments because there were no houses to be had as we know them. Apartments there have to be secured through the government. It took a couple of months to get everything ready for our missionaries departure, but at last the day they had been waiting for came and they boarded a plane for Russia. This post is beginning to get too long so I will break it off here and post again with their arrival in Russia.
  3. Missionaries

    This is a follow up of my post regarding mission work and my experiences with it in my first church, which was itself a mission work. I would like to begin by recounting an instance that I experienced early in my Christian life. As I said in my previous post on this subject, when I first attended this mission work there were only about six people attending that were not actually a part of the original people that started the work. So that made six people that were from the community. This made a total of seventeen people attending when also counting the two missionary families. One of these people was a lady that had been contacted by the missionaries and started attending. Her husband was very anti-church and refused all attempts by his wife and others to get him to attend. This went on for a number of years until one evening at his wife’s request he decided to come with her. It was not very long after that evening that he was saved. Now this was one of those people that everybody thought was hopeless as far as his ever attending church or getting saved. And that is why I recount this happening; it is to show that no one is beyond the reach of The Gospel. To take this story one step further I would like to tell you of another miracle regarding this man. He is now the pastor of that church. This is the same man that no one ever thought would darken the door of a church. With God all things are possible. This post will be extremely long if I recount all the wonderful things that I experienced in this church in Alaska. Looking back on this church’s history I would just like to say that over the years many missionaries and “preacher boys” came to visit and help out with the work, whether it was with actual building or helping with the ministry of our church. This was in large part because our mission was sponsored by Rodgers Baptist Church in Garland Texas. This church was responsible for sending out many missionaries and supporting many more, so it was well known for mission work. They were also a part of the Ministry of Independent Baptist College. So, many of the men that had surrendered to preach and were attending that church or college got to hear about our mission work in Alaska. The result of this was that some of these men felt God’s call to start their ministry in Alaska. Four of these men either started missions of their own in later years or went on to pastor one of the four Independent Churches in our area. The best part is yet to come, but I think it best if I end this post here and continue it in a separate post. It has been my experience that many times when we try to post a long message it either will not post or it gets cut off. I don’t want to type a lot of text just to have it not post.
  4. Can we count to 50 before a Mod posts?

    That question was asked some time ago, Omega. BroMatt said no, you could not post twice in a row.
  5. Can we count to 50 before a Mod posts?

    You may have Omega, BroMatt allowed it once in 2009.
  6. I have often wondered where this was ....

    See Dave, you have confirmed a long held belief that phones are for talking to people. Some people, my wife included, think that phone are for writing letters, taking pictures, GPS positioning, and keeping a record of life's happenings and serving as an alarm clock. My phone does one thing, it is a flip phone and I can only receive and send actual phone calls on it. Your pictures prove my point, phones are not cameras, nor should they be!
  7. Whats for Supper...

    I am originally from a small historical fishing town named Gloucester, Mass. Haddock is a staple there and always used for either baked fish or for fried fish. Until I left there I never knew that Cod was used for anything other than chowder. It is interesting how different fish is used in different places. On the west coast where I am now, there is no Haddock at all unless you go to a store and buy a pre-breaded package of fillets to fry, which interestingly enough is caught and processed in Gloucester, Mass. There is no Haddock in west coast waters.
  8. Can we count to 50 before a Mod posts?

    Hmmmm. A year and a half since a post. Just think, someone may have made the 50.
  9. Whats for Supper...

    LOL WW I can identify with the "some vegetable I wont eat" part. Generally speaking, I don't like veggies, I'm a meat and potatoes guy. I do give in and eat veggies at times. I guess it is just certain veggies I don't like and it is a chore to eat them. Interestingly enough, I tend to like the stronger tasting veggies, like cabbage, spinach, kale, asparagus. I am partial to corn though. Last night I had "something", I don't know what to call it, but it consisted of pleasantly spiced hamburg served over home made noodles. It was enjoyable. I haven't been privy to tonight's menu yet.
  10. Whats for Supper...

    Alaskan Pollock is a good eating white fish. It s probably inexpensive because it is plentiful. Many prepared fish products use Pollock. MacDonald's uses it for their fish sandwich.
  11. My computer is hacked again

    Sorry for your problems Rosie. This sounds more like a virus than a hack. I can't imagine why a hacker would bother to hack an elderly woman's computer. There can't be anything of any importance on it to interest a hacker. If it were actually a hacker he would be stealing things like passwords and bank account or credit card numbers. For a genuine hacker to mess with inconsequential things like removing a battery icon makes no sense. Of course I reserve the right to be wrong, but this sounds more like either a virus or a computer glitch. If you reboot the computer does the icon appear, or is it still gone?
  12. If You Died Today....

    Perhaps my experience is different from others. When I hear the words, "If you died today are you 100% sure you would go to heaven?" I always equate this with the easy believism crowd. This is exactly how the so-called "soul winners" I have seen begin their presentation. And it is a presentation, a very structured presentation that has been rehearsed again and again. It makes no provision for natural conversational situations, nor does it allow for differences in people or lifestyle situations. Our job, if you will, is to simply present the Gospel, not try to convince people of anything. We present the Gospel and God does the rest, plain and simple. The 123 repeat after me crowd thinks that it is their responsibility to convince people to repeat a prayer. If a person will repeat the prayer they are saved. (so they say) I have heard supposed soul winners get all discouraged when they talk to a person at the door, but the person will not repeat the prayer. This discouragement is as much vanity and pride on the part of the soul winner as it is when someone will repeat the prayer. There is nowhere in the Bible that we are told to get people to say a made up prayer, this is a device of man, not Bible instruction. So, right or wrong, when I hear this particular phrase I categorize the person that said it as being in the "easy believism crowd."
  13. Missionaries

    Posting about the first mission church I was saved at brought back so many memories of those wonderful days in the first few years after I was saved. It was a wonderful time of being newly saved and seeing God work in ways that I had never even dreamed of. At some time I may post some of the instances that happened in our church as a mission and maybe some of the experiences we had as a sending church as well as a supporting church to missions world-wide. Our's was a very small church, but what God accomplished was nothing short of miraculous for a church of its size.
  14. Missionaries

    My first church in Alaska, where I was saved, was a mission work sponsored and supported by Rodger's Baptist Church out of Garland Texas. Even as a mission we were taught mission support and supported three or four missionaries even as a mission ourselves. Our missionary pastor answered a call to far away Alaska from his home in Colorado. He and his family, as well as two other families started this mission work. They traveled to Alaska, bought three parcels of land, cut trees for building material and used a loaned sawmill to mill lumber for building. They had the advantage of six teen aged boys to help with the building. They helped each other build three houses while camping out in tents in summer. They began meeting in the pastors house. On Sundays and Thursdays people would arrive early, move all the furniture in the living room and set up folding chairs. There were only about six people attending when I went for the first time. I had never been in any kind of church before other than a Roman Catholic Church as a small boy. Although I knew these religious nuts were there, I never went near them. I went the night I was saved at the invitation of a man that did attend this mission work. I went more to get him off of my back as far as his incessant "witnessing" was concerned. (But God had a much more serious reason for my attending) After a couple of years our small mission had saved enough money to build a small 24X24 foot building to meet in. Some of the members were tradesmen, so the labor was provided by the mission. We never went into debt for any construction, even when we remodeled to make the building larger, which we did in another couple of years. I hope I don't drag this thread off topic by writing so much, but it does speak directly to mission work and what can be accomplished by God in even the most unlikely of places. In the beginning this was an extremely small community with only a few houses scattered along a road that dead ended 50 miles from the nearest town. The following is a picture of my first missionary pastor and his wife, who have both gone to be with The Lord quite a few years ago. But their work still remains and the work of other missionaries we supported still remains.
  15. My granddaughter

    Both you and your doctor should keep a close watch on this condition. Skin cancer is a malignant Melanoma and can be extremely dangerous if not caught in time and treated properly. Praying for you brother.