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  1. I don't personally think so. I had a desire to be , or live isolated since a young man. It was just a way of life that appealed to me. Consequently I spent a good part of my life in Alaska. I was not really isolated there, but it was isolated in comparison to what people who live in the lower states experience.
  2. Wonderful article. Written from the heart and profitable for anyone that suffers from, or has suffered from depression, or knows of someone that suffers from it.
  3. What??? no camp stove or propane stove for emergencies?
  4. No, not by both at the same time. It was just that there was the potential for both scenarios. It is interesting that people are always seeking alternatives to a firearm. I equate that to bringing a knife to a gunfight. Not very conducive to preserving one's life.
  5. fastjav, I am somewhat of the same mind as you in reference to second amendment rights, the need to carry at appropriate times and the general perception of why this needs to be where I live. But I also understand the reasoning of people like Dave W, who may actually live in places where these things are not an actual problem. I also recognize that there are places in the world that people can go about life in relative safety without the need for being armed. Are there exceptions to this line of thought? Of course there are, but everyone has to determine their own exposure to danger and either prepare for it, or choose to not concern themselves with the perceived need for self defense, as they choose. In my case I have always lived in areas that I have felt the need to carry for self defense, or protection from animal threats. the locations I have lived in all had their own distinct dangers. Many times these dangers overlapped, such as the need to defend against bad guys, as well as dangerous animals at the same time.
  6. Their organizational structure is very much compartmentalized. For instance I will list positions people hold within the organization. 1. The average JW: who will never miss a service, even feels guilty when sick and can't attend. There is a large majority of women in this classification. 2. The Publisher: This is the person than knocks on your door with the aim of putting literature in your hand and trying to get you to agree to a "bible study." 3. The Pioneer: This is also the person that knocks on your door, usually accompanied by a publisher and/or average JW in training. This person has applied to the elders and been approved to become a Pioneer. This is viewed as a full time ministry and all expense is born by the pioneer, they are not reimbursed nor paid in any way. 4. The Ministerial Servant: This classification is held only by men, they are the ones that pass out the microphones at meetings, do odd jobs like cleaning, running errands, visiting the sick, or anything of a menial nature that is below the dignity of an elder. 5. The Elders: These are always men who have shown a degree of leadership qualities over long periods of time. They have been recommended for the position of Elder by the other Elders in the congregation and approved for the office by both the Elders and the Circuit Overseer. These men are the ones that conduct the services by making sure that the guidelines of the governing body are followed to the letter. Usually one of them is assigned to record things such as, the performance of various parts of the services. They actually keep a written record of how the other people in the congregation are performing. This is critical for advancement in the local congregations. This is a critical control tactic. They record things such as: How the speaker holds his bible, how any speaker pronounces words, whether or not they pause in their reading at appropriate places, proper use of punctuation, proper posture. This is not confined strictly to platform speakers, but also to audience question and answer and bible reading. People are vocally praised at the end of their presentation for their proper use of these things. A detailed record is kept, listing exact numbers of home visits, numbers of materials passed out, baptisms, bible studies held, numbers of attendees at both yearly assemblies and conventions, and the progress of every JW. This information is made public as an incentive for every JW to excel in his or her ministry. 6. The Circuit Overseer: This man has an assigned "territory". He makes his circuit on a regular schedule, visiting every congregation in his territory at least once per year. His job is to make sure things are being done correctly, supervising the Elders, making sure that the rules of the governing body are being followed, writing evaluation reports to the home office. He also helps out with any problems that the Kingdom Hall may encounter. He is held in high esteem by all, almost to the point of being seen as an Apostle, although not called one. They are not paid a wage, but are required to demonstrate that they can be self supporting. They are afforded a very small stipend to help with travel expense. 7. The Governing Body: These are the men headquartered at what they call "Bethel" in New York. They are the ones that dictate all material used by all JW's. Design lesson and "talk" material, produce lesson movies and videos and generally run the whole show. At Bethel there are also servants that do the menial tasks like the printing material, videos, conducting tours of the facility. I could go on and on, but it would take quite a bit of writing time, which I don't have this morning. Suffice to say that they are a highly organized cult that is possibly the most influential cult in the world at this time.
  7. Another possibly over simplification is this: Whose salvation is it? The answer of course is that it the The Lord's salvation. It is not mine to lose once I have received it. Although "the Greek" can be helpful at times, once we start listening to what others say "the Greek" means, we are getting out of the plain meaning of Scripture. Here is one "for instance" that has no human addition to it: John 6:37 All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out. 38 For I came down from heaven, not to do mine own will, but the will of him that sent me. 39 And this is the Father's will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day. 40 And this is the will of him that sent me, that every one which seeth the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life: and I will raise him up at the last day.
  8. I agree with Happy Christian's request and would even add to it. In any editing of this reply I would request that you also remove the uncalled for accusation of a brother being "given over to a reprobate mind." This is totally uncalled for. This gets into the realm of unwarranted personal attacks. The following is a statement of purpose from this board's owner and will be enforced if warnings are not heeded: "This board is owned and operated by Independent, Fundamental, KJV Baptist believers. We are not interested in arguing or debating. This board is set up for IFB to fellowship and uplift our Lord Jesus Christ." Let's play nice.
  9. I'll surely put this on my prayer list.
  10. No, unless I am not understanding what you are saying, that s their official website and all their information and publications are listed on it.
  11. Potatochip, They do put that stuff on their website. It is here
  12. I looked over the features on the church directory section and cannot see anything that would keep the directory from working. I guess we will just have to wait and see if BroMatt can fix it.
  13. Many people do not think of this aspect of armed self defense. Surviving the Legal Aftermath of Armed Self Defense. 7-Proven-Strategies-to-Survive-the-Legal-Aftermath-of-Armed-Self-Defense-FreeReportGA.pdf
  14. When your life is on the line and seconds count, the less garbage you have on the firearm to worry about is critical. Just the thought of a long gun in a situation where you are waking from sleep and possibly having to negotiate room or hallway corners gives me pause for serious consideration. My choice for both home protection as well as carrying in outdoor situations is my Mitchell Arms Gold Series .45 ACP. For self defense I prefer one weapon that can be used both at home and away. Of prime consideration for me is the ability to fire from a position around a hall corner without exposing myself to an attacker. This is difficult to impossible with a long gun.
  15. I am not against these devices, I think the technology can be a big benefit if properly used. For me "properly used" would be for studying or possibly witnessing, as in soul winning. They can be a big help in comparing Scripture, as well as cross referencing and you can, at the same time, input your study right on the device. Using a printed Bible in church encourages others to bring and use theirs. One of the first things I remember doing as a new Christian is learning where the books of the Bible are. In this respect I think that this is a needful endeavor, much like memorizing bible verses. You get familiar with not only the book or verse, but also where it is located. Is the book in the front, between the front and the middle, in the middle, between the middle and the end? I can still remember memorizing verses and becoming very familiar with where the verse was located on the page. I actually had a picture of it in my mind which helped a lot in finding both book and verse. For instance, I use my computer almost exclusively for study and sermon preparation. This is not like carrying your device to church with you. But my Sword Searcher program as a definite step up from only having a printed Bible for study purposes.