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    I LOVE the Word! To be progressively transformed more and more into His likeness is an incredible thing, and is greatly desired. This is my greatest interest!
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    All circumstances in life, even those of adversity, are opportunities to glorify our God and to prove His indwelling presence! I long to ever be grateful, to love, and to praise the glorious One who gave Himself for me!

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  1. The beauty of creation

    This was sunrise yesterday. We have 2 forest fires not far from us, and the smoke really changes the sunrise and sunset and the clouds. I took this shot about 6:45 AM as we took off to go for our 4 mile morning walk.
  2. The beauty of creation

    This is a local falls and state park that we never tire of going to. It is basically in our "back yard", so to say...and we do go in through the "back door"; an entrance for locals.
  3. The beauty of creation

    God's creation is amazing! I snapped this shot a couple of weeks ago. The second picture was one that I took last winter of the steeple of the church my father in law pastored many, many years ago..here in our dinky town.
  4. A Member Having Major Surgery Tomorrow

    I will be joining you in prayer for Debbie, and I will also lift up her husband and other lost family. I'm so glad that Debbie knows the Lord!
  5. An Eternity At Dire Risk

    We went out to see Dorothy on Thursday. The time was so close. I leaned over her for over 20 minutes soothing her brow, took my fingers and ever so gently "brushed" her hair, and whispered closely into her ear. I whispered to her several times. I spoke of my love for her, and I spoke of the love of Jesus. It was extraordinary how every time I said the name "Jesus"....she would make a soft groaning noise and try to open her eyes. I took note of it, and repeated it every few minutes. One time I leaned back after whispering of Jesus' love for her, and I noticed a huge tear under only one eye. That in itself is amazing! She was so dehydrated and emaciated; how was she even able to have a tear? A long while later, I whispered to her one last time and gave her a soft kiss on her temple, and told her goodbye. This morning, Dorothy passed away into her eternity. My heart is heavy with grief because I don't know if she ever called out to the Saviour with her need for salvation. She had heard the Word...the Gospel very clearly. She's gone now, but her husband and family are still here and ever so needy for the Lord. I greatly appreciate all of your prayers for Dorothy. Her appointed day arrived, and she is where she is. I just pray that the Lord would grant me a real love for others such that I speak of the precious Saviour more often and indeed, more boldly. Time is of essence. May we all not just speak of the glorious gift that He has given, but prove it with and by our very lives..."Let your light so shine before men, that they might see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven" (Matt. 5:16). Thank you all again for praying.
  6. The beauty of creation

    That picture was taken about 4 yrs ago on Belfast Rd. north of Standish. We got to see a funny thing out there. We saw a herd of antelope out a litle ways from the road, and shortly after we saw a good sized coyote on the hunt heading for the antelope. I'm an old softie and I knew what was going to happen, and I didn't want to watch. We kept driving along slowly until the fellas began to laugh. I looked over and began to laugh too. That ole coyote was totally skedaddling out of there, zig zagging here and there with a big cloud of dust following behind. That herd of antelope was grouped up and hot on the tail of that coyote! That was quite the sight to see.
  7. The beauty of creation

    Jim_Alaska lives on the other side of Mt. Shasta from us. The next picture I took right near Ukulelemike's neck of the "woods".
  8. The beauty of creation

    I snapped this picture close to home a couple of years ago. The hawk was sitting on the fence post but then when we got close it flew off. (Hmmm...having trouble re-sizing this pic)
  9. An Eternity At Dire Risk

    Yesterday, I went out to sit with Dorothy for about two and a half hours. I had prayed and prayed in advance that I would know and be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit and the wisdom and discernment as to what to say and what not to. Once again and with sadness, the doors were still closed to speak of spiritual things with her. How can that be? I so much desire that Dorothy would be saved! I am reminded yet again that the Lord loves her much, much more than I and is not willing that she perish. His thoughts and ways are also much higher than mine...and His timing and His way...are crucial. He is omniscient and I am very fallibly limited...so even though I was so greatly saddened that I didn't get to speak of spiritual things with Dorothy...I continue to entrust her to Him. Prayer is so very powerful, and to pray for a lost soul is immense. Aww, but for dear Dorothy and Billy to be snatched from the clutches of the evil one is greatly desired for, and sought through much prayer. I appreciate your prayers for her, and in His name...they carry a lot of "weight".
  10. An Eternity At Dire Risk

    Update: this morning my husband and I went out to Billy and Dorothy's house. An Hospice fellow and friend of ours, my husband, and Billy were going to fall a huge oak tree on their property. Hospice as well as the rest of us have been quite concerned about Billy, and so falling this tree was a way of distraction and a break for Billy to get out of the house for awhile. I sat with Dorothy. The cancer is rapidly ravaging her body. I sat there next to her for about an hour and a half. She talked with me just for about 5 minutes, and then she fell asleep. My heart is breaking for her. I watched her labored breathing. I looked at her face. She looks so frail. Indeed, she is. I felt so helpless and powerless for I couldn't even speak to her of my Saviour, but I prayed. I prayed and prayed. Tears hovered. O how the Lord Jesus does not want Dorothy to perish. He loves her so. Even though she is not totally aware, she is scared. This is a grief that is so heartbreakingly powerful; so unlike that of grieving for a loved one that is Heavenbound. Dorothy had sent me a card before she was hospitalized the first time, and she had signed it...."Forever Friends". Tears. I cannot see her heart, but from the outside...there is no evidence that she has seen her need for the Saviour. I so much pray even if by "the skin of her teeth or as by fire", that she would be saved...so that indeed, we could be "forever friends". Hospice "guesstimates" that Dorothy will pass on within the next couple of weeks.
  11. An Eternity At Dire Risk

    My dinner is ready, but I'm just so thrilled...that I had to come online first to let all know that this afternoon....the Lord was indeed with Debbie!!!! She called to let me know that the Lord gave her a tremendous boldness and strength and she didn't mince words with Dorothy about salvation! Dorothy had, had some pain med and so was a bit out of it, but it was made plain to her that there is only one way to Heaven...and that's thru the Lord Jesus Christ! She said that she believes that Jesus died on the cross for her sins, but then she would ramble off to something else. However, EVERY single time....Dorothy herself would return to the subject of God and Jesus. Debbie doesn't know how much actually pierced thru to Dorothy's heart, but we both know Heb. 4:12....and that the Word "speaks for itself"; it stands alone, and needs no help from us (and morphine can't even deter the power of God's Word). I'm just so amazed at how the Lord answered all of the prayers....YOUR prayers....that Debbie would have that boldness. Dorothy cried a few times, so we know that perhaps combined with the Gospel that I had shared with her some time ago, coupled with Debbie's bold conversation today...that the Lord is working!! Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow! Please keep praying, dear OLB people, that both Dorothy and her husband would truly realize their need for the Saviour. O how exciting it is to see the Spirit working!!!
  12. An Eternity At Dire Risk

    Dorothy is home now, but is on Hospice. I talked to her on the phone today, and at times she had a little confusion, and she slurred her words a bit. She is on some heavy duty pain medications, which would explain some of that. My heart is heavy, except that I have great hope for Thursday. Thursday - the other gal, Debbie, will be going to sit with Dorothy for a couple of hours while Dorothy's husband goes to an appointment. We are both feeling the urgency to speak boldly now. For those who feel so led, please pray especially for Debbie this Thursday afternoon between about 1:00-3:00 PM PST. Please pray that the way would be paved without interruptions, that Dorothy and her husband would be receptive to the Gospel, and that Debbie would have all utterance to speak boldly. It's especially difficult for Debbie because her own mom passed away about 3 yrs. ago from lung cancer. I told her that I would be praying that she would be led so clearly by the Lord to be focused on Dorothy's need for salvation, that her own grief would not deter her. I am praying for her to have strength, and also peace as she tries to reach dear Dorothy. There is so much power in prayer...and though we cannot be gathered together...we can still be praying in His name, and our Lord will hear us. Thank you for joining me in prayer, and for your compassion.
  13. An Eternity At Dire Risk

    Thank you to all who have prayed for Dorothy! Orval, I also appreciate the encouragement to be more bold to present the Gospel again to her! Time truly is of essence, and there just isn't time to build anymore of a "rapport" with Dorothy. She was moved to the hospital up here thankfully, and so I went to visit her a few times...as did the other saved gal. It was interesting to experience the "closed doors" of time that the other gal and I had with Dorothy. However, the last time that I went to visit her...I went softly right thru the "door" and told Dorothy that I would love to share my faith with her!! She was very positive about that, though I'm not sure that she truly understood what I meant. She replied that I should "Go ahead, I'm faithful!" I also told her that the other gal shared the same faith as I did. I wasn't able to say anymore with Dorothy that day, but I certainly called the other gal and told her, "The door is OPEN!" Since then, Dorothy has been moved back home again, and I presume that she will be starting on the Hospice care. Please keep praying... I appreciate it very much, and YOUR prayers could be helping to make the difference in where Dorothy spends eternity!!
  14. No Plastic Bags Allowed

    Jim...we have a lot of cloth bags that we keep in both of our vehicles for shopping. We also have several plastic bags that we've ended up paying for because at times we've forgotten to take our cloth bags into the store. What I don't understand is...why are the stores now "making" us also pay for paper bags? It's pretty easy to "recycle" a paper bag! It doesn't make sense. Are we being taken advantage of? Sigh...
  15. An Eternity At Dire Risk

    Thank you so very, very much for praying for Dorothy and for me too, NN and Alan! It is a comfort to know that the Lord is being sought to sustain Dorothy's earthly life that she might be saved! She is finally starting to eat after almost two weeks in the hospital, and because she is showing some improvement it is hoped that they will be able to move her to the hospital here! By the way, the one thing she used as her "excuse" to hinder her salvation was that she had an uncle who was a Baptist preacher, but was an "hypocrite". Sigh... Today, another saved gal that loves the Lord is going to go down to visit Dorothy, and she has also requested prayer that she might be able to speak about spiritual things with her. Thank you again for praying!