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    I LOVE the Word! To be progressively transformed more and more into His likeness is an incredible thing, and is greatly desired. This is my greatest interest!
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    All circumstances in life, even those of adversity, are opportunities to glorify our God and to prove His indwelling presence! I long to ever be grateful, to love, and to praise the glorious One who gave Himself for me!

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  1. Jim...we have a lot of cloth bags that we keep in both of our vehicles for shopping. We also have several plastic bags that we've ended up paying for because at times we've forgotten to take our cloth bags into the store. What I don't understand is...why are the stores now "making" us also pay for paper bags? It's pretty easy to "recycle" a paper bag! It doesn't make sense. Are we being taken advantage of? Sigh...
  2. Thank you so very, very much for praying for Dorothy and for me too, NN and Alan! It is a comfort to know that the Lord is being sought to sustain Dorothy's earthly life that she might be saved! She is finally starting to eat after almost two weeks in the hospital, and because she is showing some improvement it is hoped that they will be able to move her to the hospital here! By the way, the one thing she used as her "excuse" to hinder her salvation was that she had an uncle who was a Baptist preacher, but was an "hypocrite". Sigh... Today, another saved gal that loves the Lord is going to go down to visit Dorothy, and she has also requested prayer that she might be able to speak about spiritual things with her. Thank you again for praying!
  3. My heart is so very heavy with burden, but I'm thankful that I don't have to bear it alone. I'm so glad that I can cast all to the Lord, and that there are others joining me in prayer. For several years now, I've been the assistant to a local museum's curator. Not long after I started volunteering there, I shared the Gospel with her. Seemingly, nothing came from that...but thru-out the years I've been trying to say a little here and a little there, and to always live my faith. Every time I would head to work, I would lift her up in prayer. Now...it has turned into a very dire situation. In March she was diagnosed with lung cancer. She'd already had a 4-way bypass, and she has 7 "old fractures" in her back. Not long after she was diagnosed with the cancer, she contracted pneumonia. She'd had one chemotherapy treatment, but was then immediately whisked into the hospital because of the pneumonia. Hospice is now being discussed. I've been "storming" Heaven that the Lord would let her live long enough to be saved. It rather slays me. A Christless eternity. Please join me in praying for Dorothy. She is in a hospital about 80 miles away, and I just can't get down there to visit her as I'd like to, plus having been her assistant....now much responsibility has fallen on me at the museum. I beg of you to please pray for her very soul; her eternal salvation.
  4. Thank you so very, very much for sharing your testimony with us here at OLB! It is such a wonderful thrill to see how God has worked in a life! Also, every single time the Lord has worked in the life of a saved one (growth, victories, etc.) is thrilling! I LOVE to read or hear the testimonies of others! To see and witness in the life of another the genuine zeal for the love of and praise for God is a treasure! Your testimony was truly a blessing! Thank you!
  5. Thank you for your kind words, Alan...and those verses are just so fitting and applicable and encouraging. I long to take "advantage" of all of the sadness in my life with thanksgiving; to embrace it to God's glory, and to be used as a vessel full of compassion to bring comfort to others (at best, to point others to the greatest Comforter). As I mentioned in my testimony...all of the gaping and painfully empty voids in my heart left all the more room for God's love, mercy, and grace to fill! My precious Saviour has taken all of the wounds, and has brought great healing to my heart. Awww....but the gentleness of that wonderful peace, and the sweetness of that ever "hovering" joy has made all of my history worthwhile! Yes, I long to encourage others with how mighty and gracious and full of loving kindnesses our dear God is!! I could shout it from the mountaintops! I could whisper it in the valleys, and I can silently sing it in my heart! O what a Saviour!
  6. I Was There I was there when this little baby girl was born. I saw that her mommy and daddy didn't really want her because they wanted a boy. The little girl was ever so lonesome knowing somehow that she didn't make her parents happy. She sat on the meat-market steps and watched the cars go by on the highway. She tossed pebbles and played catch alone with a little rubber football. As I watched, I saw an elderly gentleman come along. There were few words exchanged between the little girl and man, but somehow a lot was said as the man took the time to play catch with the little girl. She was like a shy little fawn, quiet, and never wanting to cause trouble for anyone. Animals brought the little girl comfort in her sadness, and she truly loved them. Curled up at night in her bed on the top of a triple bunk, she loved each of her little stuffed animals; not wanting any of them to ever feel left out or unloved. She'd pray for all the animals of the world and she would weep silent tears, as she pleaded with God to be merciful to them, so that they wouldn't suffer. She was indeed comforted imagining the stuffed animals loving her back. I can only imagine the size of the jar that God holds, full of this child's tears. I continued to watch as this little girl grew. She had Jesus with her, I knew, but I also knew she didn't feel like she was special even to Him. There were times when I'd see the young teenage girl waiting all alone, praying for the phone to ring, desperately hoping that someone might be thinking of her. I could see too, though I'm sure she didn't realize it, that she would always do her best to treat and love others in the way she herself needed to be loved. I was there when this young woman got married. I was there when her babies were born. The love she had for each one of them was such that none of them should've ever felt unloved or not special. She adored those children, and worked ever so hard to be a mom that would bring blessings to her little ones. She taught her babies all she could about her Jesus, and how He loved them each one as precious, valuable, and special beings...unique in their own way, with a special purpose and job that no one else could do. All the while, I could see her starving and so hungry to know that someone loved her. As I watched, I knew she needed to be gently enveloped and cradled in the arms of her loving Saviour, but I knew too that she didn't know how to accept that love. My heart broke as I watched her lonesomeness even though surrounded by her precious bundle of a family. I watched her pray for joy and peace, so that she could in turn give it away. I sat and listened as her fingers stumbled over the keys of the piano, and as she softly sang a favorite song of hers (Make Me A Blessing). There were times that she wanted to just be in Heaven because she felt her life was so empty of being a blessing. Through the years I knew she prayed for a miracle; a miracle from God that her life would be worthwhile for others. When no one else could see, I saw the silent agonized tears that she wept in the dark. Then one special day, near a holiday season, I have the very special privilege of saying that I saw that miracle tiptoe ever so quietly and gently down from Heaven and blessedly enter her heart. Even now I am stunned to remember how the miracle began seeping through her until it literally radiated out of her with rays like Heavenly sunlight. Her prayers were being answered as her heart and mind finally accepted the outstretched arms of her Creator God. What joy it gave me to see her allowing herself to be cradled and filled by His awesome, eternal, and perfect love. I could see too that she was beginning to find rest, hope, and purpose for her life as she realized that she was chosen and created and accepted just the way she was. As I continued to watch this miracle unfolding, I so much wanted to reach out and encourage and reassure her; after all, I had "skin on". So, after all those years of watching her, I finally reached out to hold her. As I began to wrap my arms around her precious frame, I was very surprised to find....HER arms around ME. You see, I was there, and she was ME! Through the windows of memory, I could finally see the way God saw me. I could see that all along He had wanted me whether anyone else did or not. So with the arms that He gave me and with His Spirit within, I hugged my heart ever tighter returning His love, with mine! I was there. - WWMS
  7. Praise the Lord! How wonderful that our sweet Lord has granted rain to you in your area! I love it! The Lord always responds to us in His time, and what a special joy it is when the answer is evident and visual! I had a whole post in this thread written last week on my tablet and went to submit it....but was booted out and lost the whole thing. I figured that the Lord allowed that to happen for one reason or another, but indeed I kept praying for your situation. I'm very glad that you arrived safely home as you drove through it too. What a glorious God we have! PS ... Dave, thank you for sharing about the dryness and fires in your area. We have forest fires here, but there are lots of grass fires in southern Calif. I will whisper prayers for you and for your area likewise with empathy.
  8. Rosie...several years ago I wrote in my own words the story (which I can't find in print) about the "Shepherd and the Lamb". It was in my heart to write it and it does not fail when I read it to have tears well up as I see the absolute love the Lord has for us with both the rod and the staff. What I wrote in my own words is too long for posting here...I think...but I would be willing to email it to you if you'd like?
  9. I'm still praying, N.N.! Thank you for posting the picture of the "trickling river" in your area. When we were in the drought situation here in northern Calif., and as Alaska Jim can attest to...on the volcanic mountain between us, one of the glaciers started melting underneath and it caused quite a mud flow. We have pictures of where that flow went over a small creek bridge and greatly widened the banks of the creek. It's all just so amazing to me, yet also quite glorious...to witness the vast power of "nature"...and that we KNOW the very one who created and is in control of it! I will continue to pray for your need for rain back there!
  10. Reading about these on-going trials that Attila has...can cause one to wonder "why". It follows that at least one reason why, and a very powerful reason at that....is that it's bringing many folks to our precious Lord in prayer for him. That is an honor and blessing to get to lift him and his family up! It is also a privilege to get to obey the Lord by sharing in the burdens too! That old wicked one would love to bring discouragement and defeat....but he's not even close to what our God is able to exceeding and abundantly do above all that we ask or think! May our blessed Lord Jesus Christ bless Attila greatly as he continues to do battle with his physical challenges!
  11. Have you had rain yet, N.N.? Out here in Calif., we had about 3 years of drought...so we understand your need for rain. Isn't it wonderful that our God knows just what you have need of? I pray that in His time that the Lord will send clouds full of moisture to wet the thirst of the land...and in the meantime, that you will be showered with many spiritual blessings!
  12. I had a whole two paragraph reply all typed up and it simply wouldn't send on this tablet. I tried to save it, but now I can't find the clipboard where it is supposedly saved. At any rate...my reply included my very sincere gratefulness to all those that prayed concerning my health issues and the outcome....Jim, Rosie, and Alan - thank you! Jim...I was saddened to read about the pinched nerve that you have causing the numbness in your lower legs and feet. I still haven't figured out why this time of our lives is called the "Golden Years" - physically speaking, that is, especially when one has been very active in life. I'm so glad that the Lord knows our frames; aw, but to have the same mind with the many experiences we've had - only with a younger body! I shall be praying for you, Jim. It must be difficult living in the beautiful area that you do, and be limited with being able to be out walking and enjoying it. If I can find my clipboard on this tablet, I will try to post my other response.
  13. The ultrasound and appointment with the cardiologist has come and gone, and I am absolutely rejoicing! After the testing, the cardiologist came in and told me that he had good news and bad news. My heart lifted and then it dropped! He told me the good news first. The circulation in my right leg gets an "A+", and the circulation in my left leg gets an "A-" (a slight reflux)! He said that I have the circulation of a nineteen yr. old! Yay! Then he got more serious and said that the bad news was that he can't help my feet. I have Raynauds Syndrome and neurapathy in my feet (the latter from all of the surgeries). I had already been diagnosed with those issues, and they are lifelong....and so I will continue to deal with them with much gratefulness that there aren't any added problems. The Lord responded very affirmatively to my prayers...and to all of YOU that prayed for me! Thank you!
  14. We have lots of family up in Washington including our two youngest sons and their families. We'll definitely be keeping an eye on the weather up there and praying for you, LuAnne...as well as for all of our loved ones. Our family members are on the other side of the Sound and farther south (Lacey, Dupont, Enumclaw, also Oak Harbor, and a couple of other little cities). We also have two sets of friends in Shelton. We just keep trusting our Lord, huh?
  15. Thank you N.N., for your response to my question. It was truly a very good response with applicable scripture that is encouraging to those experiencing similar situations. Indeed, it was very encouraging to me as I have personally experienced such on more than one occasion. The Lord has taught me and has helped me to understand how very important it is on my part to continue to be forgiving towards one who is embittered, and when in that one's company...to be kind, gracious, and loving regardless of the reaction. It can be difficult to follow through at times, but it is helpful to remember the countless times our precious Lord Jesus Christ had...and continues to have...rejection and bitterness directed at Him. Through these experiences the Lord has enlarged my heart with better understanding of His vast unchanging love, and He is the perfect ensample of how to respond to others who are harboring unsavory feelings towards me.