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  1. Major General Wingate was a good military leader. Wingate was raised a Christian, loved the scriptures all of his adult life, served as a British Officer helping the Jews in the 1930's, was a devout Zionist, and is loved by the Jewish Government up to this day. The military tactics that Wingate taught the Jews helped them overcome the terrorist attacks of the Arabs in the 1930's and up to this day his military tactics are a integral part of the military in Israel. His military tactics as a British officer in other areas in the World War ll theater are also noteworthy. Wingate was a devout Christian. He was raised in the Plymonth Brethren church and loved the Lord Jesus. After he died, his wife, Lorna Wingate, in the War of Independence in 1948, in an effort to help encourage the Jews in their intense struggle for existance, had Wingate's personal Bible given to the Jews. The Jews had previously known of the love, devotion, and military help, of Wingate. The giving up of the Bible to the Jews to show support for their cause was an great moral booster to the struggling Jews. The Bible is now on display in the museum in Ein Harod, Israel.
  2. Colin Powell also wrote a biography called, "My American Journey," (with a co-author Joseph Persico). For a secular book, I thought the book was worth reading. I would probably say the same thing about the, "My American Journey," book. Colin's leadership style, determiniation, planning, goal setting and the action necessary to reach your goal, made the book a good read.
  3. Very good article. Bro. Morris brings out some interesting facts about Uz, the land, the time element (history) in scripture, and Job and his possessions. Bro. Morris is very adapt at bringing out little known facts in the scripture, the context of the story, the location of the story, in order to show us (among other things), to make sure we know the context of the story before we assume there is an error, or discrepancy, in the written record of the scriptures. Some folks find error in the scriptures, or find a (supposed) discrepancy in the scriptures, due to the fact they do not understand the context of the story.
  4. I will pray for you. May the Lord bless you and keep you.
  5. Steve, I appreciate your pointing out to us Luke 12:36 and 37 I do feel they are applicable to the all of the saints from the beginning of the Church Age to the end. It is a fitting way of saying the time is 'at hand' to all of the saints. Alan
  6. Welcome back Celina. May the Lord bless your efforts in coming back in fellowship with the Lord. Very shortly after I got saved (in January 1972), while in the Air Force, I was temporarily (two months), stationed at Clark Air Force Base, Angeles City, Philippines. I forgot the name of the church I attended as I was only at Clark a short period of time and was able to only attend the church I found a few times. But, I do remember the love of the missionary and the fine fellowship of the Filipino church members. The Filipino Christians at that church were a blessing to me and my new walk as a Christian. It is our hope that the Lord will lead you to a church that will help your walk with the Lord. And, I do hope that our fellowship, and discussions, will together will be a blessing to us all. Alan
  7. Brethren, Brother Stafford is an antique furniture restorer. He has made some excellent videos on the correlation of restoring antique furniture and the restoration of the soul, after salvation, in the heart of the believer. I informed Brother Stafford that if he would like to add any of these videos to any of my devotions that he may do so. Brother Stafford infomed me that the videos are not copyrighted and also informed me that I may add them to the devotions myself. I want to thank Brother Stafford for using his talents for the Lord and graceously letting me use his videos to give a visual demonstration on the work of the Lord in the heart of the believer. The videos give a visual representation of how the Lord can restore, or recover, the abilities in the heart of the believer that the world, or Satan, took away from us. Just like David was able to defeat his enemies and recover all; the Lord can restore us to usefulness and give us victory in this life. May the Lord bless all of you. Alan
  8. Happy Birthday! 79 Years old is quite an accomplishment. May the Lord bless you.


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      Invicta, God Bless you on what is left of your day. Let me see GMT+4 here so that makes it about a half hour of Birthday left. If your like me you're already in bed unless you got a nap this past afternoon. Again, God bless you sir.

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      Thanks brothers.  Just picked up your message as we have been away for a couple of days and didn't take my laptop with me.

  9. Because some guy, in some government office, sitting behind a desk, decided to call them apartments.
  10. Mmmmmm! I love cookies.
  11. Do I win a prize? I'm waiting.
  12. Maybe its Greek?
  13. It's right handy to have an entomologist in this discussion.
  14. Amen! Thank you No Nicolaitans! "spoken," and "written," have two entirely different meanings. All one has to do is look at every word, look at the context, check out who said what to whom, why it was said (even Satan uses passages in the scripture Matthew 4:1-11), the custom involved (if any), and if it is a prophecy or not. There are not any mistakes in the Authoized Version, the King James Version of 1611 (any edition). Alan
  15. Excellent video on the transportation of water from the root to the top of a tree. The knowledge of God in the creation of trees is amazing! As a person dwells into the area of pure science; then he discovers that all creation is based on scientific principles. Therefore, evolution is scientificly impossible (science falsely so-called), and that the observable creation was made by the direct 'design,' of a designer. Alan