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    Alan got a reaction from Rebecca in The beauty of creation   

    We always enjoy viewing our feathered friends.
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    Alan reacted to Rebecca in The beauty of creation   
    It's almost worthwhile to get up at sunrise when living in the country.

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    Alan reacted to No Nicolaitans in Early church eternal security   
    him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out.
    I still don't know what the "forfeiting salvation" verses are that you're referring to?
    Did God draw you to salvation? Did the Holy Spirit convict you? How does this work? All that I can say is that if a person realizes and understands that they are lost, and there is something inside of them which is convicting them that they need to be saved...then God has drawn and the Spirit has convicted. I see nothing in the Bible stating what the drawing consists of or what the convicting consists of. Each individual who is drawn and convicted can only answer that for themselves. Some may have a deep conviction producing tears; some won't. Some may have a deep drawing that feels crushing; some won't. That's why I sometimes shudder when people "share their testimony". Oftentimes, people will share a testimony of what they "experienced". One of my early problems was hearing a man testify that it felt like a lightning bolt when down his back when he got saved. Things like this cause others to wonder about their salvation, because they didn't "experience" the same thing or something similar. I'm just going to be blunt...it doesn't matter one iota what Brother Joe experienced, or what Sister Sue experienced. It doesn't matter one iota what Brother Joe felt, or what Sister Sue felt. THERE ARE NO EXPERIENCES OR FEELINGS ASSOCIATED WITH SALVATION IN GOD'S WORD. IT'S ALL ABOUT FAITH AND BELIEF.  GOD WANTS YOU TO TRUST HIM AND HIS WORD...NOT WHAT BROTHER JOE SAYS...NOT WHAT SISTER SUE SAYS...AND NOT WHAT NO NICOLAITANS SAYS. HE WANTS YOU TO TRUST, BELIEVE, AND HAVE FAITH IN...HIM AND HIS WORD. Did you come to him? Did you believe in him (his death, burial, and resurrection)? If so, you were saved, and he will IN NO WISE cast you out. Christ is quite clear...if you eat (eateth) of this bread. There is no continuing action shown. In dealing with the Samaritan woman, she wanted the water that Christ offered so that she would never have to draw water again...he was that water. Christ used the example of manna, because that's what the people he was speaking to brought up. They brought it up, not Christ. Christ used their own example against them. Yes, the Israelites had to gather manna everyday, six days a week, for 40 years. For 40 years, manna fell from heaven. For 40 years, they had to gather it every day six days a week. Christ came once. ONCE. He died once. ONCE. He shed his blood once. ONCE. No going back daily, no going back year after year...he did it once. He offered himself ONCE for ALL. Salvation produces a change in the one who is saved. Our "wants" change. Was there a change in you after accepting Jesus Christ as Savior? Did the things you used to do (sin) bother you if you did them after salvation? Did you have new desires...desires to do things that were right instead of wrong? If so, Christ will in no wise cast you out. The Bible is clear; if someone "leaves the faith", they were never truly saved to begin with (1 John 2:19). It's not about forfeiting salvation...or losing salvation. It's about whether one was saved at all. If a person leaves the faith, it's because they weren't saved. Some people come to church for nefarious reasons...to get what they can from the church, to make connections, to be popular, to look good to others, to make someone else happy, etc... They might put on a good show for a while, they may fool the members, the preacher, and the community. Yet, after a while, they fade away and disappear. What happened was...they came to "the church"...they didn't come "to Christ". How do you know if you're saved? Were you drawn to salvation? Did "something" cause you to realize that you needed God...that you needed Christ?
    Were you convicted of your sinful state? Did "something" cause you to realize that you were a sinner and needed to be saved?
    Did you believe in your heart that the Lord Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried, and rose from the grave the third day? Did you believe that he did that for you?
    If you did that, you've eaten his flesh, drank his blood, and he will in no wise cast you out.
    Roselove, you, your flesh, and the Devil have you concentrating on everything that can cause you to have doubts instead of concentrating on Christ's incredible, amazing, and inexplainable sacrifice for you. Stop it...just stop it. Stop concentrating on what you think is wrong, and concentrate on what is right. Stop looking for loopholes, and start looking at Christ. You're in a battle, and I feel for you...I know what it's like. However, as I've said before, and I say it again...you have got to trust him and his word...and nothing else. NOTHING ELSE ROSELOVE...
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    Alan reacted to Jim_Alaska in Jehovah's Witness   
    I put JW's in the category of a cult. Cults always have distinguishing marks that are dependent on what they believe. For instance, cults always hold to beliefs that are drastically different from what  real Christians have held to for centuries. These differences are things such as; the deity of Christ; the Trinity; the Holy Spirit as a real person;  The  KJV as the Word of God.
    But probably the most telling indication of a cult for me is their refusal to use traditional word usage, and having to invent their own peculiar language or words. The JW's are good at this and take great satisfaction in changing the meanings of words and phrases. This is a tactic to confuse the meanings of real words and add to the mind control tactics of the JW governing body.
    I'll try to list a few words and phrases that they use that are drastically different from traditional Christianity.
    talk = sermon
    faithful and discreet slave = first this was their founder Charles Taz Russel, upon his death it became Judge Rutherford upon his death it then became the governing body. Faithful and discreet slave terminology is based on this scripture:  Lu 12:42 And the Lord said, Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his lord shall make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of meat in due season?
    witness = any time thy see the word witness in scripture they insist that this means Jehovah's Witnesses. This is how they supposedly date their origins back to Apostolic times.
    Kingdom Hall = Church.  You will never hear them refer to their Kingdom Hall as a church.
    Bible study = actually a study from prepared literature provided to every Kingdom Hall for every service.
    These are just a few, i am pressed for time this morning so will end with this observation. In recent times they have made use of computer graphics and actual produced movies.in their study and presentations in their services. A nominal JW will not study the actual bible, but will always turn to the JW website to watch these movies about books of the bible. Other presentations are of a graphical nature, such as cartoon type lessons on certain people, books and subjects.
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    Alan got a reaction from heartstrings in I've decided to join the Masons   
    Looks like you will make a fine mason.
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    Alan reacted to heartstrings in I've decided to join the Masons   
    .......so mote it be
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    Alan reacted to Jim_Alaska in Scientific Facts in the Bible.   
    The second law of thermodynamics, which science understands, is the death blow to the idea (or theory) of evolution and the "big bang", which states that everything was created by  some sort of cosmic explosion, which brought order out of disorder.
    In layman's terms the second law of thermodynamics says that everything tends toward disorder from a state of order. In other words things decay or decrease. This can be seen and understood by simple observation. Left to itself a fire never gets hotter, it always tends to get cooler and smaller until it burns out completely.
    Your car doesn't become newer than when it was built it decays over time. You don't get younger and more perfect with time, you get older and your body degenerates. Unless any matter is acted upon by an outside force it will degenerate naturally. Scientists know this, but still cling to the foolish idea of evolution, which states that things go from a state of chaos to a state of order naturally.
    So Alan is entirely correct in his observation that "the force necessary to create the heavens is not of the universe." This genders the question of exactly where the power to create the heavens and all matter originates. In our Bible we find the very simple answer in Genesis chapter one and verse one. "In the beginning God."
    And so it is that all creation can arrive at the conclusion, if they would, that everything that we can see was created supernaturally by a power outside of this universe, outside of time and not subject to any natural law.  The second law of thermodynamics then should be enough to convince anyone of the truth that David penned so long ago; " Psm 19:1  <To the chief Musician, A Psalm of David.> The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handywork.  2 Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge.  3 There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard.
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    Alan got a reaction from Rosie in Praise the Lord   
    Thank you for your testimony. Very happy to hear of the work of God in your life in leading you to salvation and to your growth as a Christian.
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    Alan reacted to WellWithMySoul in The beauty of creation   
    I have a little Canon 25x Digital camera that I use.  After I get pictures downloaded to the computer, I edit them a tad to try to enhance the colors...but that's all.  The picture below is a zoomed up shot of a forest fire plume.  I've seen lots and lots of plumes before, but never with "rings" around them like in the picture.  There was actually another forest fire off to the north and east and together they created a storm of their own even with lightning.

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    Alan reacted to Danny Carlton in Urgent, work needed   
    I find myself in a place where I have no idea how we will pay this month's bills. I've been supporting my family as a freelance web developer for the past 10 years and we've always had money coming in from somewhere, but my freelance clients have dwindled down to just a few and the website I was relying on as a financial backup also petered out and is now defunct. I know God will come through and provide, but the stress of times like this is always what's worse. So I'm asking for prayer for strength to trust in God's plan. He knows what He's doing, but it's very hard not to worry and fret over every little thing that I do, whether I'm doing enough, too little or too much.
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    Alan reacted to WellWithMySoul in The beauty of creation   
    We were driving out in the woods one day and came upon these free range sheep...guided by a shepherd and sheep dogs.

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    Alan reacted to Jim_Alaska in The beauty of creation   
    Here is a picture of the Chugach Mtns. in Southeastern Alaska. I took this almost twenty years  ago while I still lived in Alaska.

    This is what it looks like when you are actually up in the mountains. The lines you see in the snow are snowmobile trails. Big country and lots of fun. It can be dangerous because of avalanches in the spring of the year.

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    Alan reacted to DaveW in The beauty of creation   
    Great Australian Bight, taken today, 3rd October 2017 with my phone.
    On the way home now with an overnight stop, then 1450km tomorrow.

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    Alan got a reaction from WellWithMySoul in Instrumental music   
    Enjoy some fine Classical Christian music.
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    Alan got a reaction from WellWithMySoul in The beauty of creation   
    The "Flame of the Forest Tree." in Chinese 「鳳凰木」

    Photo taken from my car in one of the roads near Tai tung, Taiwan
    The Flame of the Forest Tree is a beautiful tree to behold in full boom.
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    Alan reacted to Jim_Alaska in Promises   
    It is a concern that we,  as readers concerning God's promises, many times read "about" His promises, but fail to go back and actually read what the promises consist of. I have found it so beneficial to go to the actual promises mentioned in any given Scripture and study those promises in direct relation to the Scripture they are mentioned in. In times past I have been guilty of reading over the word "promises" and moving quickly on without actually looking at those promises. We miss a wonderful blessing once the promises mentioned are brought out into the light of day; they just bring the Scripture being studied alive.
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    Alan reacted to Jim_Alaska in Revelation chapter 19-22 Study.   
    Not on my end Alan, go for it!
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    Alan reacted to Steven Yeadon in Praise the Lord   
    I praise the Lord, the God of the Old Testament and the New, that He is leading me into His truth! It seems he has erased all the damage I did to myself by being a Moderate, Charismatic Christian for twelve years. I praise Him for leading me right and reversing my folly in this last year and change, since becoming a Believer. After so many years lost in sin and heading to hell when I died, He has saved me and I will prove true in my faith.
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    Alan reacted to Jim_Alaska in Topic Moved   
    I know that  have been continually blessed since I found OB and followed your postings in regard to properly understanding the grammatical context of various Scripture. It has really opened up my research and understanding of Scripture in its proper context. I am no grammarian by any means and do not have the educational background to ever be really good at it. But even my limited knowledge of grammar has increased dramatically when I see how including proper, accurate, grammar in my contextual study has benefited my studies.
    Thank you bro. Scott for taking the time to share your expertise with others, it has been a blessing.
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    Alan reacted to OLD fashioned preacher in New Forum Area?   
    Please indulge my story telling. It was around 2000 or 2001, another electrician and I were working on the new baseball stadium buildings and he had his CD player outside the building playing. He says, Hey Cliff, would you flip that CD over when this song ends? Reluctantly, I dropped what I was doing (after all, I was on the ground level devices and he was working on ceiling fixtures) and headed out there. Halfway there I hear him start to cackle, "Just messing with you man, they only have one side!"  Hmmn, maybe I oughtta crawl out from under my rock more often.
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    Alan got a reaction from Invicta in So today is my 10 year anniversary...   
    Congratulations for 10 years on OnLine Baptist !
    I also miss John81.
    I looked at Samer's website a long while ago and he is very active in the tract ministry. Samer's posts are enjoyable to read.
    Some of the conversations have been very thought provoking.
    Still enjoy a lot of the folks here and the fellowship.
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    Alan reacted to Salyan in So today is my 10 year anniversary...   
    ...of being on Online Baptist! Wow. Funny how an online forum can become such an integral part of one's life, and people you've never met can seem like old friends. (Look at me being all sentimental... ) In honor of the occasion, I've decided to do a 'Best (and Worst) of OB' list:
    1.  The time Alimantado mimicked JerryNumbers' username and started offering up JerryNumbers' vegetables! And JerryNumbers thought he'd been hacked! And Kitagirl banned Carl!I was up watching the drama unfold and laughed till I cried....
    2. Coming back to OB after a hiatus and wondering why Carl was talking like he was saved now... and finding out he was. 
    3. Meeting HappyChristian in real life!
    4. Becoming a moderator and learning to patiently (and, er, not-so-patiently) deal with drama.
    5. Being accused of committing treason in the 'Count to 50' thread. So much for the Commonwealth.
    6. Losing Annie...
    7. Samer and Rachel
    8. Finding connections to people and places I know in real life (sometimes that almost got me into trouble!)
    9. John81 and his 66,000 posts 
    10. Winning an OB mug!
    ...and if you understand all those references, you've been around for a while, too!

    Anyone else have anything they'd like to add to the 'Best of' list?
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    Alan got a reaction from No Nicolaitans in The beauty of creation   
    Hmmm? Maybe its one of the alien critters from the Planet X. According to the latest numerologist who, an ancient recently discovered original Greek manuscript states , that instead of hitting earth on September 23rd., Planet X side-stepped the Earth and in the process of side-stepping Earth 144,000 of these critters were deposited on the earth for 7 years. For further information please send me $666.00 for my latest book, complete with a set of audio tapes, to : World Religion Center; 666 Heresy Road; Babylon, New York.
    Alan (one of the two witnesses from Revelation 11:3)
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    Alan reacted to OLD fashioned preacher in The beauty of creation   
    Wow!! A Real Live Rev 11 witness? That's even better than meeting a Real, Live missionary. Cool, wait till my FacePlace friends hear about this. I mean, like, Dude, Dude!!
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    Alan got a reaction from No Nicolaitans in The beauty of creation   
    Hmmm? Maybe its one of the alien critters from the Planet X. According to the latest numerologist who, an ancient recently discovered original Greek manuscript states , that instead of hitting earth on September 23rd., Planet X side-stepped the Earth and in the process of side-stepping Earth 144,000 of these critters were deposited on the earth for 7 years. For further information please send me $666.00 for my latest book, complete with a set of audio tapes, to : World Religion Center; 666 Heresy Road; Babylon, New York.
    Alan (one of the two witnesses from Revelation 11:3)