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    Alan reacted to DaveW in The beauty of creation   
    Not very artistic, but saw this fella on my morning walk.
    Around here he is known as a "stumpy tail".... never could figure out why? 
    A kind of blue tongue skink. This guy is about 1 foot long (if he was straight), but they get about half that size again. He is a young adult at a guess.

    And this where I was walking:

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    Alan got a reaction from (Omega) in Clarence Larkin - The Spirit World   
    Thank you for your comment.
    I believe the same thing. It is very obvious that King David is speaking of meeting the soul of  his child in heaven; not beside the body of the child in a graveyard.
  3. Praying
    Alan reacted to (Omega) in Prayer for Jeff   
    Please pray for a friend of mine named Jeff. He has killed someone in the past (served his prison time). I don't know if he is saved or not now because only God can judge his inner heart. He prays for people now and seems to care more about them more than before. He is on Dialysis and only has lass than a year to live. This brings me to tears because I want to make absolutely certain that he is a child of God, and I want to see him in heaven. Jesus did not come for the righteous, but sinners to repentance. May the LORD have mercy on his soul and bring Him to Christ as his LORD and Savior.
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    Alan reacted to (Omega) in Clarence Larkin - The Spirit World   
    Some have suggested that the verse mentioned means that King David will be buried alongside his dead child. But I do not hold to that interpretation because we are condemned for NOT believing and a child or baby does not have the mental capacity to "believe", therefore they cannot be condemned.
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    Alan got a reaction from Jim_Alaska in Eternal Security vs O.S.A.S   
    Thank you very much for the article by Dr. Henry Ironside on the, "Eternal Security of the Believer." Dr. Ironside is more clearer on the issue.
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    Alan reacted to Jim_Alaska in Eternal Security vs O.S.A.S   
    Here is an article by Dr. Henry Ironside that outlines truth of The Eternal Security of  the believer. He puts this together in a scriptural and easy to read manner. Henry Ironside was a well respected and sought after preacher from the last century.
    I am attaching the article to this post. It is my hope that providing this will clear up some misconceptions and bring out the glorious truth that our God is able to provide a salvation that cannot be lost or taken away once it is given.
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    Alan reacted to (Omega) in Activity on Online Baptist   
    When I first joined OB, there were a lot of friendly and astute folks who knew their bible very well, and they contributed so much to this website, and I also missed them. I know that I have personally left several bible based website forums because they didn't want to here the truth. It was basically, "Don't confuse me with the facts, my mind is already made up, let me continue to stick my head in the sand.". I've noticed this type of mentality among MANY website forums.  And as a result, I left these forums. There are several reasons why some "Christians" refuse to be corrected in their false beliefs, and I believe that they are because of arrogance, or their mind is made up; or like others here have said in this thread, because of time. I am in several ministries, and I still believe that the Lord wants me to go out and preach to the lost FACE to FACE, or in person. One cannot grow in the knowledge of the truth if one is not willing to be rebuked by another forum member who has clearly showed their error using hermeneutics and exegesis. I use to believe that one can lose their salvation until a friend of mine opened my eyes showed me using scripture how I was wrong...this was almost 30 years ago, and now I have grown in the knowledge of the truth of the Word of God . Time is too short in this life to engage in debates with someone who has shut their eyes and closed their ears to the truth of the sacred scriptures. This website also use to have a chat section where folks could chat live here on OB, and for some reason, there were no dissensions, and the members would work out their differences. It's also difficult to tell if someone is raising their voice at you, or that you can perceive their voice inflections and their tone, so someone elses words can be misinterpreted as them being indignant towards you, or if they're trying to communicate in a friendly manner. We who are spiritual should restore such one in the spirit of meekness (Gal.6:1). I am now currently seeking more ministries to get involved in. As I said, life is too short, and we only have a one shot deal in this life, and how we serve the Lord in this world will result in rewards that will last for eternity, so we should make the most of it, and use our talents wisely. We all want to here the Lord say to us, "Well done, good and faithful servant." (Matt.25:45), when we meet Him face to face. I would encourage everyone on this board to engage in some type of ministry. Even the smallest amound of good works that we do for the Lord is significant to Him (cf Matt.24:45; 10:42). And again, it's either hearing these words from the Lord, "Well done faithful and good servant; or, thou wicked and slothful servant." Lets us use our talents wisely. I won't be posting too much here on OB, because I believe that I have other duties to fulfill in this world, and I want to make the most of it, because the ramifications are eternal once we enter the Eternal state.
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    Alan got a reaction from (Omega) in Clarence Larkin - The Spirit World   
    The story of the rich man in hell, and the multitudes of people with him, should urge us to spend more time in warning them and seeking the salvation of their souls  in order to escape the lake of fire after the judgment.
    Larkin is clearly showing us that Hell is real and Heaven is real and that those who go to either place is conscious of his environment. Jude 22 & 23, “And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.”
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    Alan got a reaction from (Omega) in Helping the homeless and the indigent   
    Thank you for your testimony and work. It was a blessing to hear how you are helping the homeless in a practical and spiritual way. May the Lord bless and help you.
    As you said, there is a work for all of us to help others not only with physical help but help them for the salvation of the soul.  So often, there is a an underlying spiritual problem, or need, or sin, that is preventing folks from living a more fuller life.
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    Alan reacted to (Omega) in Helping the homeless and the indigent   
    I am elated that the Lord has given me tasks to aid the homeless and the indigent. At times, I would volunteer at food banks here in Oakland, an example would be the Alameda County Community Food Bank (ACCFB). This mainly consists of packaging food (perishables, can foods, meat, fruits, etc.). I also minister to the homeless because I was once homeless myself for over a course of 10 years, so I can understand their plight and suffering, living on the streets of Oakland and San Francisco. San Francisco is a hot spot for homosexuality, it is almost like a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, and ministering to them is an arduous task because sometimes preaching to them can lead to aggression and violent reactions; but I don't let that stop me. When I preach the Gospel to the homeless. I have a technique which is quite effective in ministering to the homeless. I would first ask them, "are you homeless?" If their answer is Yes, then I would respond by saying, "You know...I was homeless too for 10 years.", This piques their interest leading them to ask me how I got off the streets. I would then tell them about the awesome love of God and how he took a wretched drunk like me, and transformed me into a servant of the Lord. I would then hold their hands and pray over them if they desire. Works almost 100% of the time. I believe holding a persons hand in prayer is more effective than just prayer alone. There are also soup kitchens that are Christian based that I also volunteer at times. There is City Team Ministries here in Oakland, and a plethora of other Christian organizations that help the homeless that I volunteer at. There is no excuse not to minister to the homeless or those who are in need to be fed not just food, but the Word of God. As it is written: "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God." (Matt.4:4) This feeds their souls and incites their curiosity. This also leads to a discussion about the Bible, and we know that "According as his divine power hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness, through the knowledge of him that hath called us to glory and virtue:" (2 Pet.1:3).   There is NO excuse not to preach the Gospel to the lost, and that includes anyone who isn't saved; this also includes our family members. Charles Haddon Spurgeon once said, "Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you're not saved yourself, be sure of that!" For me, family members are the most difficult to bring to Christ. My family consists of 3 brothers, a half sister, and my mother and father. I have ministered to all of them, and I have seen them grow in Christ over the course of several years, and I thank the Lord for that. Only my mother and my 3rd youngest brother are not saved. My brother Andrew has been brainwashed and put through the wringer by his wife. She is anti-Christian. She believes the bible is sexist and absolutely despises the Word of God. But even so, I pray for her salvation because I care. But God has gave me a promise that He will save my entire family when all is said and done. I was encouraged to share this with my IFB brethren and sisters in Christ here on this forum by another forum member. If you do not have a ministry, I encourage to get involved in one, IF you have the time. We each have a Will that God has planned and purposed in our lives, and it is our duty to fulfill it.    God Bless, Daniel
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    Alan got a reaction from (Omega) in Clarence Larkin - The Spirit World   
    Maybe, if you feel led to do so, if you would like to tell us what kind of missionary work you do (I think home missions; among the homeless), please do so. As this thread is concerning an overview of Clarence Larkin's book, maybe you could start another thread concerning what you do?
    I am working on Chapter 12, "The Intermediate State" and will upload soon.
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    Alan reacted to WellWithMySoul in The beauty of creation   
    Fossilized dinosaur?  Naw!  This is one of many sculptured rock formations in a nearby national forest.  Truly!  God's creation is fascinating!

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    Alan got a reaction from (Omega) in The beauty of creation   
    Thunder Lake
    located in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

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    Alan reacted to HappyChristian in HOW OLD IS THE EARTH?   
    First, I don't believe there are any geocentrists on the board (I may be wrong), although there are creationists who are, wrongly, geocentric in their universe eye-view.  But what I want to address is "some nonsense about us not animals..." Now, it is obvious that you accidentally left out a word or two and so this clause is not self-explanatory. So forgive me if I jump to the wrong conclusion as to your intent. Were you saying that humans not being animals is nonsense? Because, I'm sorry to tell you (well, no I'm not) that, if that is your intent, the nonsense lies on your side of the court - we are not animals. Humans were created in the image of God, with a soul. Animals were not. Humans were given dominion over the animals.
    Just because we don't have to be blind to scientific facts, it does not follow that we have to blindly accept the unbliblical teachings of "science falsely so called." In fact, we are commanded to avoid them: 
    "O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called: Which some professing have erred concerning the faith..." 1 Tim. 6: 20, 21
    Believing in Jesus means accepting Him at His Word - and His Word is very explicit in teaching us that He is the Creator. 
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    Alan reacted to Ukulelemike in The beauty of creation   
    Sunset over the Sierras

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    Alan reacted to Ukulelemike in The beauty of creation   
    Not exactly landscape, but a recent trip lent me opportunity to take a picture at a famous site in the Nevada desert, Tonopah's infamous Clown Motel.
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    Alan reacted to (Omega) in The beauty of creation   
    That is a beautiful picture Alan. I live in a city that can get quite hectic at times. Someday I plan on visiting some of these places on this thread just to get away from the busy city life.
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    Alan got a reaction from (Omega) in The beauty of creation   
    Thunder Lake
    located in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

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    Alan got a reaction from (Omega) in The beauty of creation   
    Thunder Lake
    located in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

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    Alan got a reaction from (Omega) in The beauty of creation   
    Thunder Lake
    located in the Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri

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    Alan reacted to (Omega) in What are you thankful for?   
    Too many things to be thankful for. I was homeless for 10 years, living on the streets. I was very young back then. I would sleep on concrete, cardboard boxes, on the grass in parks, etc., getting drunk and getting into street fights. It was an absolute nightmare. Then the Lord delivered me off the streets through prayer and hope. I found a tract when I was homeless which cited Jeremiah 29:11-13, and it read, "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you. And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart." When I read that, I broke down in tears and literally felt the Love of God overwhelm me, and I knew that God had a plan for me from that moment on. My family thought I was dead because they haven't heard from me in 10 years. I was too ashamed to contact them and tell them how much of a failure I was. As I was wandering the streets one day, a man asked me, "Can I pray for you?" I said yes! He prayed for me to get off the streets and to be a testimony to others and minister to the lost. A month later, I had a job that paid quite well, and a year later, acquired a house. I bought a car, and got back together with my family, and now I am ministering to the lost. Another interesting fact is that my name is Daniel. On day I decided to go into a Christian book store to purchase a bible (one of the expensive ones that are bound with genuine calfskin leather), and the store also had these cards with biblical names on them. I found a card with the name "Daniel" on it, and do you know what verses were on the back of the card? Jeremiah 29:11-13. Coincidence? Obviously not. One day out of the blue, I prayed to God and asked to feel how much He loves us, and I felt a love for people to the point where I thought I was going to die, it absolutely consumed me. God's Love is absolutely all consuming. Revelation 4:11 states, "Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created." He created all things because it pleases Him that we can know Him, experience the journey of life, and Eternity in a state of absolute bliss that even the heart cannot comprehend in this world. Even if I can live for a Quadrillion years, owning everything this world has to offer, I would NEVER exchange it for my love for God, and getting to know Him personally. I feel His presence all the time as if He's there watching me. Every prayer having to do with the Will of God has been answered almost 100% of the time. Psalm 37:4 reads, "Delight thyself also in the Lord; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart." This is not to say that if we delight ourself in God, He will give us a million dollars and drive a fancy car, and a private jet. If one's delight is truly on God, then naturally the desires of our heart will be God centered. There are just too many things to be thankful for. Thank you Lord God Almighty for all your wonderful acts and your tender loving-kindness. You alone deserve to be worshipped. Maranatha!
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    Alan got a reaction from Eric Stahl in 2Thessalonians 2:7?   
    I have come to the same conclusion.
    The Holy Spirit resides in the heart of every believer in the church age. Even as we speak, the mystery of iniquity is working among the false religions of the world, the false prophets and false teachers among the churches (and all over the internet!), and in the heart of the wicked unbelievers.
    Once the Lord Jesus returns in the clouds as Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, the Holy Spirit will be taken away, "And then shall that Wicked be revealed." 2 Thessalonians 2:8 The anti-Christ will be revealed; Revelation 6:1 The Lord Jesus will destroy the Wicked one when He returns on the earth as portrayed in Revelation 19:11-21
    The Holy Spirit, in the lives of all the believers, hinder the anti-Christ from being revealed.
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    Alan reacted to (Omega) in The Existence of GOD   
    I must  apologize for the wall of text, but my computer is not working at the moment and I am actually using my son's gaming system, and it won't allow me to separate my words into paragraphs. The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God...(Psalm 14:1). The existence of God can easily be proven using common sense, (sadly which is not so "common") There are several theories on the Universe and whether it had a beginning, or came out of nothing (ex nihilo). First argument would be, did the Universe have no beginning? Is in infinite? Using logic, "infinite" is only a concept in the mind or in mathematics. But we know that the Universe cannot have an infinite regress because the Bible clearly states that God "created" the Universe. Furthermore, if there was such thing as an infinite "past", then we wouldn't be able to say that we are living in the "present" time, because there would be no way to measure time in infinity. A man by the name of David Hilbert demonstrates a good example of why the concept of infinity, which is different from "Eternal", is faulty. He states that if there were an infinite amount of rooms in a hotel which are all full, none are empty, and a new guest arrives at the "infinite" rooms hotel requesting a room, and the hotel owner moves the guest in room number 1 to room number 2, and the guest in room number 2 to room number 3, and so on. As a result, room number 1 would be empty, and the new guest would be able to move in. But all of the rooms were full before the guest arrived. And lets suggest that an infinity amount of guests arrived requesting a room, so the hotel manager moves the guest in room 1 into room 2, and the guest in room 2 to room 4, and 3 into room 6...moving each guest in the room twice his own to infinity. Any number multiplied by 2 will always equal an even number, and as a result, all of the guests end up in the even numbered rooms (e.g., room 2,4,6, etc.). The result is that all of the "odd" numbered rooms become vacant, and the infinity of new guests can now check into those rooms. But before the guests arrived, all the rooms were already full. Thus, the possibility of an infinite number of rooms cannot exist in reality; therefore, there must have been a beginning to the Universe because infinity is only a concept. The Universe consists of time, space, and matter, according to scientists; and whatever came before the Universe must transcend time, space, and matter. Some atheists would argue that the Universe came into existence from nothing, but out of nothing, nothing comes. Nothing can do nothing, and nothing cannot create something. Why does something exist rather than nothing at all? It could have been that nothing would exist and none of us would be here. The very fact that something does exist rather than nothing shows that there had to be a "choice" in making something exist rather than nothing. Abstract things such as the number 3 cannot make a "choice", only a conscious, disembodied mind that transcends time, space, and matter would have to be the cause of making the decision that something will exist. Therefore, it would have to be a disembodied mind which has all power is what it took to create the Universe out of nothing -- hence it would be God. Then there is objective moral value. Atheists would argue that there are no such thing as "objective" moral values. If we were to ask them if murdering their family is evil or wrong, they would reply with an emphatic YES. According to who would this be evil or wrong? the atheist's opinion? a majority agreeing that it's wrong? See...Atheists believe in "subjective" moral values, and once again, this can be proven wrong. Hypothetically, aliens from another planet can wipe out entire cities with their spaceships and eat people and say, "we believe that it is not evil or wrong to eat people and wipe out entire cities." They (aliens) would say to the atheists, "what makes our acts evil?, according to your culture?, it is not evil to eat people and destroy entire cities." And their "moral values" would be no less valid than the atheists, because the aliens subjective moral values are also based upon majority opinion. A man or woman can face a judge in court and say, "It is my opinion that murdering my family wasn't evil because moral values are subjective to me." The judge obviously would not take that as a valid excuse and pardon him. Thus, there would have to be a transcendent anchor point where "objective" moral values must come from. And lastly, the term Atheist is a contradiction in itself. How can they possibly prove that God does not exist? Did they search the entire Universe? What if God was hiding under a rock on a planet in the Pleiades, or on another Galaxy? Did the atheists check there? It's a fact that you can KNOW God and have a personal relationship with Him and His Son, Jesus. The Bible has absolutely NO contradictions, and scripture fits together like a perfect puzzle. When the teachings of the bible are applied to our lives, we can clearly see that His Word is true, and that we can get to know Him in a way closer to us than our family here on Earth. 
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    Alan got a reaction from Jim_Alaska in Clarence Larkin - The Spirit World   
    I do appreciate the additional information, logic, spiritual reasoning, Biblical references of both Jim and Omega.
    All through the scriptures, in both the Old and New Testament, and in all dispensations,  it is very obvious that the consequence of our sins, and the consequence of rejecting the salvation that God freely offers, immediately after death of the body, the soul of the unregenerate person, is in conscious torment, and will spend eternity in hell. 
    And, all through the scriptures, in both the Old and New Testament, in all dispensations,  it is very obvious that the consequence of a person having faith in the salvation that God freely offers is immediately, after the death of the body, the soul of the regenerate  person, is in a conscious state of bliss: heaven.
    Larkin clearly brought out that the belief, the doctrine, of 'soul sleep' is a falsehood.
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    Alan reacted to (Omega) in Clarence Larkin - The Spirit World   
    Bro Jim brings up a good point that there would be no point for Jesus' death on the Cross if their were no ramifications for the just and the unjust (1 Cor.15:16,17). As conscious beings that we are, it is impossible to think of non-existence after death. If we did not exist after death, we obviously wouldn't say, "I might not exist after death." As a living being that we are, and as a conscious being that we are; let us try to imagine non-existence after death. It seems impossible, because it's not true. The Word of God states that man became a "living" SOUL (Hebrew word nephesh; Gen.2:7) which means having a conscious, will, and emotions, etc.. The soul cannot cease to exist as the "Christian" cults such as JW's believe happens to unbelievers. They will counter argue citing Matthew 10:28, "...fear him which is able to DESTROY both SOUL and body in hell." The word for "destroy" is (apollumi) in the Greek, and it does not mean a state of non-existence. It means, "lost, or perishing"). If someone wrecked my car and said to me, "Sorry...your car is destroyed, I wrecked it.", does that mean that my car ceases to exist? and that there isn't even a scrap of metal left? Obviously not. It is in a state of utter ruin. All bodies will be resurrected and suited for Eternal Life or Eternal Punishment. It says it twice for emphasis by Jesus Himself that "their worm dieth not, and the fire is not quenched." (Mk.9:44,46). Worms, or maggots, feed on rotting flesh...now if their unregenerate resurrected body ceases to exist, what then do the worms feed on if the worms never die? It states that THEIR worm DIETH NOT. The worms never ceases to exist. And If their worm never ceases to exist, then the unregenerate resurrected body must also never cease to exist because the maggots would have to feed on something. Moreover, it's "their" worm that never dies. Jesus spake on hell more than he did on heaven, and that is because it is to warn us of the dangers and consequences of it, and because he loves us. All bodies will be resurrected (unregenerate and saved - Dan.12:2; Matt.25:46; Acts 24:14,15). In Daniel 12:2, the same word "everlasting" (olam) is used for "everlasting" life and "everlasting contempt", in the very SAME verse. The context is irrefutable. If everlasting contempt is not truly everlasting, then neither is life; but we know that's not the case. Atheists would argue the question, "what will life be like after we die? Nothing, it's the same as how you were before you were born." This is an erroneous  assumption. Before we existed, we had NO "conscious", but when God made mankind living souls, they were given a conscious. A very poor analogy on their part. We will live forever whether we like it or not. I recall several years back when I actually left my body,...don't know how it happened; but I saw my body sleeping on the bed, went outside and saw a package which was delivered to me. Now, I did not know it was there or had any idea when the package arrived, but when I awoke, the first thing I did was open my front door only to see the package on its side just as when I left my body. I also saw a tall figure that was all white and appeared to be glowing. I can't find this anywhere in the bible regarding this experience so I am uncertain as to why this happened. And lastly, God has placed the world or eternity in out hearts. (Ecc.3:11).